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#FiMFiction Group

Greetings, /fic/. I have been assisting someone with building something meant as another sort of reviewing/author help group on FiMFic centered around helping those whom the pre-readers reject from Equestria Daily, and I felt that a group like this would interest you all. Some of these people would like reviews, and in general I would say the group needs more attention.


I in no way mean to offer an alternative to /fic/ or to replace such institutions as the Training Grounds, but I feel that should some of /fic/'s userbase assist with or use this group that all would benefit. Some people are intimidated by chan boards (or assume that they're all like 4chan, for whatever reason) so this place could be a bit more user friendly in some situations.

Please give it a quick look if you have time. I believe it's a worthwhile project if more interest could be generated, and very related to the focus of /fic/.
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>> No. 121546
File 134948460854.jpg - (35.21KB , 282x231 , _5a.jpg )
Sounds interesting, though I don't think anyone afraid of something as simple as a chan really has the cahoonies to take criticism.

Also, I'm sceptical of any reviewing done as an imperative. I can't imagine them being all too substantial. Extra eyes are always nice, but for the system to work, it really needs to be an organic community where each person wants to give back to it, rather than being forced to.

Then again, I'm not a reviewer, so my insight into reviewer ethic probably isn't all too valid. And these things take time, effort, and determination to build, so I don't wanna poo poo on it too badly.

The Ask a Pre-reader Anything thread should do well there, though, what with the archiving and stuff.
>> No. 121548
File 134948604251.jpg - (5.56MB , 4000x3000 , 114134 - ponies_in_real_life twilight_sparkle.jpg )
Well if nothing else, the group's forums prompted me to dig through my inbox and find an EQD rejection of mine from last November. It was much tamer than I remember it being. I'm not sure if I was just too nerve-wracked about submitting (probably part of it) or if I've just grown desensitized from hanging around with you jerks all the time :P Gotta give credit to the authors who pass through here nowadays though: we really dish it out now, but most of em push through. Good on ya.
>saged for tangent
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File 134977601307.jpg - (13.38KB , 244x207 , righto.jpg )
I was thinking today about this group, and the idea struck me: hey, this is a way to help the Fimfic community improve, which is the main complaint most of us have when the time arises. Joined and will lurk for a while.

Question, though: there are 3 fics in the "Please edit" folder. Are they still current, or just from a long time ago and nobody's cleared them out yet?

Also, a suggestion: seeing as it's EQD Rejects, could you have people posting their rejection letters, so that it'll make helping them easier?
>> No. 121771
File 134978683807.jpg - (1.03MB , 4070x2318 , 1347915690720.jpg )

I'm currently going through the first story in the 'please edit' folder, Pinkie Pie's Wonderful Flying Machine, but you can feel free to chime in if you want to. I'd welcome a second look at it/someone to point out where I'm being a numpty.

As for the others, the format's that the person who posts one of their fics into the folders is meant to edit/review the last fic that went in there. I'm not one hundred percent sure if that's happening or not, but I've got plans to defecate my opinions all over those ones too. They were added on the eighth of October, so... yeah, they're still current.

There is a thread for posting rejection letters, though at the moment I think that posting them isn't mandatory.

TBH, though, if you were looking to improve the fimfic community, I'd seriously consider extending some feelers towards TWE. They're both large and fairly well known on fimfic, so tying them into the work that /fic/ - and, in particular, TTG - does could work wonders.
>> No. 121772
This group, you mean?
>> No. 121773

Yep. That is the group I meant.
>> No. 121775
File 134979624910.jpg - (8.57KB , 89x150 , oh.jpg )
Reminds me of those groups on the FF.net forums that I kept a wary distance from, heh. Still, joined. Also, Flying Machine's gone through here quite a few times, hasn't it? Should be pretty clean by now.

On a tangential note, poking around the multiple layers of folders, /fic/ really does have quite a bit in terms of organizational development (if not organization itself). There's a thread directory right at the top of the page that branches top-bottom rather than side-to-side, GDoc guides to navigation, and spreadsheets galore (all hail Demetrius). Hmm.
>> No. 121780
This makes me wonder why doesn't the whole group of the TTG move to fimfiction. If this threads says anything, they need it, most people are there, getting private messages is so much easier, and I haven't seen anyone do anything here which they can't do in the TTG (maybe except be anonymous, but that only encourages screaming).

So, why doesn't /fic/ move there?
>> No. 121782

Joined just for the sake of solidarity.


Fimfic's support for groups is shit. They're seriously a little side feature that's not well documented, not well integrated...

I have no confidence in this group's ability to reach people who want help. Even if we were to all move to the existing (and quite large) group that's about editing and helping, I still wouldn't have much confidence.
>> No. 121784
File 134981224067.png - (453.68KB , 900x639 , 1347914903169.png )

Ah. The good old "let's migrate /fic/ off ponychan" discussion. I've always wanted to get involved in one of these. Though I thought you guys were all waiting for gumii before abandoning your ship-that-isn't-sinking?

The main problem about moving that I can see - as an outsider who uses /fic/ occasionally - is that there's no real impetus to move. Everything that could be done on Fimfiction is already pretty much covered here. The main problem with /fic/ is that not enough people use it and most of those that do use it to polish fics up to send to EQD. Moving to Fimfiction isn't going to change that problem or make it go away; there's already a lot of reviewing, editing and proofreading groups over there which languish in obscurity. Trying to replicate /fic/ - or even just TTG - on Fimfic isn't a solution to the problem at hand, in that it won't suddenly alert the fanfiction community at large to the existence of TTG & /fic/, or make them easier to find. Advertisement is not accomplished by simply moving to a new place.

However, I will admit that I'm still not one hundred percent sure why some members of /fic/ view TTG as some sort of cancerous boil that needs to be cut off and hurled into the trash. If someone could enlighten me on why they're so keen to get rid of one of the few things keeping /fic/ from being a ghost town, I'd be glad to know.

Besides, if you think /fic/'s got it bad in the 'well known' department, try working with SALT for a while.

Also, sage because this has nothing to do with Vimbert's original topic.
>> No. 121786
File 134981470038.gif - (656.00KB , 160x96 , h0rx5.gif )
Because it's still not a particularly good system. PMs and registered users are the only thing on offer over there, and the former is what Emails exist for (not to mention that I loathe their PM system since the overlay message box doesn't let me copy/paste from the other person's message. Easily fixed by having it open on two tabs but it's just one of those stupid design decisions that serves no purpose).

You seem to have missed a rather important distinction. The TG is /fic/. Where the TG goes, /fic/ goes. The TG is why most new people come here. No one "wants it gone", they just want it in a environment that is more conducive to its purposes.

The reason why some people (including myself) were in favour of going to MLPChan is that the site's features are more robust than PonyChan's (post editing, collapsible spoilers so you don't get huge text walls for reviews, more lax on mature content for those writers that want to let loose, not the target of constant DDoS attacks that threaten the stability of the site on a regular basis, doesn't deal with the amount of spambots /fic/ keeps getting hit with, an admin that doesn't disappear for weeks at a time or take several months to vet a sticky update...).

Back then, though, Gummii was apparently on the horizon, so the thought of moving and then moving again didn't sit well. Now, though, Dem doesn't know when he'll finish it since he's going all-out with it. When--and if--it happens, the features he's told me about sound pretty cool, but chances are it's going to be later than sooner. I'm almost tempted to propose a move to MLPChan myself now. I mean, for one person it'd barely be an hour or two job of copy/pasting every major thread and remaking it on their site.


Instead of us going to them, why don't they just send their people to /fic/? We're the bigger of the two, I should think, and /fic/ can play host to a far wider range of discussions than just one-on-one reviews. If they're afraid of the big bad Ion-Sturm then just tell them that taking five minutes to read the sticky is all they need to do.

>there are 3 fics in the "Please edit" folder
>A folder for people to dump their stories for other people to fix it for them
Wrong wrong wrong.
>> No. 121787
File 134981781291.png - (539.45KB , 3467x1982 , 131265735873-1303272174253.png )
> You seem to have missed a rather important distinction. The TG is /fic/.

Really? I'll admit that I do see TTG and /fic/ as being separate things: I use /fic/ to refer to the board and TTG to refer to the thread within the board. By the sound of your post, I'm guessing that /fic/ is usually used to refer to the community. If I am mangling the commonly held vernacular round these parts, then I can only apologise for my misinterpretation.

As for why they're not sending their people to /fic/, I gave a link to /fic/ to the group mod back when I first stumbled across it. It's been safely nuzzled on the group's front page for some time now. I'm not sure exactly how many people it's directed here, but I don't think fear of you swooping down like a fury wronged is what's stopping them. It's more likely the distrust of chans in general, and the urge amongst Fimfic users to keep fanfiction within Fimfiction.

If you were talking about why aren't the reviewers being directed over here, then that's mainly because there aren't any. It's not a reviewing group; it's more just a group of people who have been rejected from EQD and want help in trying to get in that's located on Fimfic. Things like directing people to /fic/ get included within the 'help' part of that.

And just to justify the sage, if Ponychan doesn't offer what MLPchan does, then what is keeping you lot here?
>> No. 121789
File 134981973162.png - (232.05KB , 900x867 , rarity__the_black_mage_guardian_by_halotheme-d5h53ej.png )
The TG brings people in. Everything else kinda revolves around it. Reviewer threads were made by people that wanted some more independence, discussion threads to remove headcanon debates so that it can focus on its purpose, the PR thread for people wondering about getting onto EqD (or Nic Cage) since many are in the TG to get onto EqD. All roads lead to the TG in one form or another. It's how we bring in fresh blood for the board.

Ehh, then that's their problem. If you can't follow a hyperlink and ask somewhere else after investing a few minutes of your time, then you don't deserve to have someone toiling away at your story for hours as they point out every niggling mistake you made.

Ahh, okay.

Comfort, familiarity. I honestly can't think of any reasons that were levied in the old discussion thread besides "But we're already here."
>> No. 121836
File 134984678606.png - (331.35KB , 830x960 , what.png )
>All roads lead to the TG in one form or another
>Lack of semi-disturbing gif, likely of a whirlpool or quagmire.
I had grown accustomed to your gifs, although that pic almost justifies the lack of one.
>> No. 121841
File 134986466382.jpg - (77.87KB , 430x320 , suwako_cirno_thms.jpg )
>It's more likely the distrust of chans in general
This is a very good point. There are just some people who get irked by the concept of chan boards, an acquaintance of mine whom I respect being one. In his case, he did a course in website design, so something-or-other just unnerved him. Whelp. Doesn't help that to the uninitiated, chans mean 4chan and /b/, which says it all really.

Because >>121782, because the system here is, atm, the best (again, glory to the spreadsheets), and because pretty pictures.

>Comfort, familiarity. I honestly can't think of any reasons that were levied in the old discussion thread besides "But we're already here."
Yep, this as well. I'm pretty sure there's some psychological theory behind it, but until researchers turn their focus to the digital world, that theory won't get a proper name.

Personally, I also prefer chan posts to Fimfic's comments if it came down to delivering reviews via post (rather than in-doc comments). Maybe it's the lightly-coloured background, or the compactness compared to fimfic's text boxes, with have a wider margin, or maybe it's that your review post is nestled with other review posts rather than hugboxes and "dis gunn b gud" gifs. Feels more like a workshop than your comment in a sea of white "followed xoxo"s.
>> No. 121847
File 134987690555.gif - (903.79KB , 500x256 , 02.gif )
>Lack of semi-disturbing gif, likely of a whirlpool or quagmire
Something like this?
>although that pic almost justifies the lack of one
Don't like Lulu of Final Fantasy fame?

Yes, the general environment also plays a role, I suppose. Hard to feel like you're making a difference there when you can click almost any random story and be presented with something that defines "Terrible" in a new and not-so-exciting way.
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