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No. 121676
#Author #Sad #Grimdark


That's chapter one. Once the second one's up on dA, the first one's description will have a link to it. :3 Enjoy!
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File 134965558161.png - (267.94KB , 530x529 , 132898949460.png )
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File 134965764320.png - (102.36KB , 469x600 )
Welcome to Ponychan's /fic/! If you want to showcase your fic, please follow the guidelines listed here:


You're missing a synopsis and author name.

Also, the #author tag is specifically for discussion of an author's collection of works.

Also also, given that you've only written one chapter of what I'm assuming is a multi-chapter work, you may want to check out one or more review threads here on /fic/ instead of showcasing.

Finally, we do have rules against gory or explicit material being posted on Ponychan. Just something to keep in mind.
>> No. 121681

I've wondered about that. While the line with sexual content is pretty clear cut, the only way someone could be offended by objectionable material with such a subjective qualifier as "graphic violence" is if they went and read it, and then hated it so much that they wanted to report it. If graphic violence is tagged, then, shouldn't it be okay? Because the guidelines are not very concrete, and frequently bent anyway?
>> No. 121683
File 134966399562.png - (491.32KB , 800x600 , 73c74aaddec21499815cfb664feaeccb.png )
Tac makes a very good point: most ponies that would willingly open the document probably wouldn't report it. Although, most reviewers on here wouldn't willingly open a story with gory content, or foalrape. >.>
>> No. 121684
Although, most reviewers on here wouldn't willingly open a story with gory content, or foalrape. >.>
You missed the days when Kim was still reviewing.

Well, we wouldn't (or at least, I wouldn't) if we knew what was in it, but the thing about those sorts of stories is that it usually isn't printed in bold letters on the box it arrives in.

If you want !!Pinkie to answer this, you should report it or Email him. I don't think he casually browses /fic/ that much.
>> No. 121685
File 134966484520.jpg - (182.57KB , 900x913 , bored pinkamena.jpg )
Well... It wasn't good... but it wasn't entirely horrendous either. Finish it, make it less telly, less paper-thin, less contrived, add some depth to the characters, and make it less wooden, and I might consider giving it my approval.

Not constantly, but I think he pops in at regular intervals. Likes to call himself the unofficial mod of /fic/, or so he said, once.
>> No. 121691
File 134966553781.jpg - (243.48KB , 936x1300 )

This is true... it is kind of a gray area and, unlike images, it takes a bit more effort to see the contents of a fic and whether or not it's over the line.

I suppose some leeway on fics like that would be okay, but we do need to draw the line somewhere... would you folks consider it worthwhile to help us hammer out where, exactly?


Not casually, no, but I do my rounds every day and am the one who handles /fic/ reports more often than not.

I did browse casually at one point, but stopped around the time I picked up my own writing again.

Also, I'd been typing this up for the past 15 or so minutes. Also also, I really ought to make sure I'm actually logged in when attempting to modpost. Silly me.
>> No. 121692
File 134966580701.gif - (801.48KB , 499x260 , 132208086708.gif )
I think it'd just have to be a case-by-case basis. Obviously nothing on the level of Cupcakes, but one must be mindful of artistic merit and license, not to mention the type of violence in the story. It's possible to break someone without leaving a mark on them (Chinese water torture being the classic example).
>> No. 121732
File 134970942620.png - (358.19KB , 885x960 , 557179_363793367019463_773534541_n.png )
>would you folks consider it worthwhile to help us hammer out where, exactly?
For !!Pinkie mod? Absolutely!
For anypony, really, but... meh.
As Ion said, it's really a case by case basis, and I'll be honest, I'm kind of a fan of that type of fiction, so I only really report anything if I think it's unnecessary or overly gorey. We're all in this together. It heavily depends on the story, but I'll see if I can find a spot to draw the line for you. I'm sure everypony else will do the same, but I don't want to put words in their mouths.
>> No. 124398
File 135227897821.png - (535.87KB , 900x900 , Party Snake.png )
Good enough place for a test, unless I locked it...

Yup, it's here too.
>> No. 131132
File 141526697017.jpg - (38.38KB , 800x600 , Jeff x Pinkamena.jpg )
best fanfics i just love the drawigns you all make about me and jeff cna you make us some more?
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