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Let's talk about characters and alternate dimensions. We brainstorm and judge if the ideas would work.

Twilight Sparkle - A combo between a mischievous popular girl and a merciless badass that wouldn't say no to taking over the world. Would this mixture work?
Applejack - Antonio Banderas
Rainbow Dash - Peter Pan
Pinkie Pie - I'd change her color to a darker pink and make her a pegasus, give her more moments, and turn her into Deadpool.
Rarity - 4/10 playful, 6/10 mature, able to kick ass, kind of a James Bond.
Rose Dust - A powerful fairie earth pony that later gets wings. Not sure which personalities to give this one.
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>> No. 122838
File 135084480213.jpg - (21.05KB , 359x479 , HH5x7.jpg )
Who the blinking fuck is "Rose Dust"? And why is Fluttershy absent from this list?
Rose Dust ate Fluttershy!

But seriously, this would fit better in the Story Forge or Character thread.
>> No. 122852
File 135085313793.gif - (34.57KB , 240x200 , 13253464575756.gif )
>not knowing who Rosedust is.
She's the original Posey, which is the original Fluttershy.
>> No. 122853
File 135085357008.jpg - (112.60KB , 620x493 , pxkxz.jpg )
So twice removed. Why am I expected to know this?
The only original-gen ponies I remember the names to are Applejack (hurr hurr) and Firefly since she's a common fanfic character.
>> No. 122856
Um... Rose Dust and Posey are two completely different characters. Apart from a reasonable similarity in colours and being G1, they really don't have anything in common.
>> No. 122903
Decides to ditch the dresses and become upper class by acquiring huge wealth, which can then be use to buy influence and prestige. Quickly becomes a John D. Rockefeller-esq mineral magnate at the head of Equestria's largest gem mining conglomerate, in which she employs 95% of the equestrian Diamond Dog population and both of Pinkie's sisters.

>Pinkie Pie
Instead of settling in Ponyville, she decides to try and bring smiles to all Equestria, and hits the road. Eventually, she ends up in a performing duo as the wise guy to the Great and Powerful Trixie's straight man. Wears a hat covered in bells.

Decides that her family's needs are best served by staying in Manehatten. She ends up using her social graces and connections in the business world to help revitalize the ailing family farm. Uncannily good at math.

>Rainbow Dash
Instead of idolizing the Wonderbolts, Dash grows up wishing to follow in the hoofsteps of her hero, El Corcel, and become the greatest pegasus luchador who has ever lived. Still has a thing for colorful spandex costumes.

Fluttershy just wanted to sing nice songs about nice things. You know, Sapphire Shores ponypop sort of stuff. Unfortunately, the only job she could find was as the terrifying frontmare for the death metal band Detrot Metal City, in which her vast stockpiles of frustration and repressed childhood rage were an unexpected boon. She is conflicted over the odd direction her life seems to be taking.

>Twilight Sparkle
Through an unusual fluke of genetics, Twilight was born an earth pony. She grew up to be a very talented scholar and historian, who decided to go to Moondancer's party and actually had a pretty good time.
>> No. 123068
File 135104680947.jpg - (13.43KB , 300x300 , 296642-ethereal_mug_shot_large.jpg )
<These are all lovely.>
>> No. 123365
>Twilight Sparkle's backstory
Luna and Starswirl had a child, which Starswirl sent into the future and Twilight later gets adopted by Celestia.

>Pinkie Pie
Used to be the captain of a flying ship and a water ship.(Jack Sparrow)

Revives Twilight, but gets turned into a water spirit inside a pond in the everfree forest.

>Rainbow Dash
joins a couple of teams: first is the Blue Angels(Wonderbolts), then the Comet Chasers(Pegasus ponies in space and high altitude), Luna's Shadowbolts, Sky Knights(Elite war squadron). She eventually decides to join the sky knights.

Also the earth ponies take over the Everfree Forest with the help of Luna and Fluttershy.
>> No. 123397
All right, I've got some AU characters. Near-future setting in which show-canon happened 1000 years ago. Touch of cyberpunk.

>Twilight Sparkle
Named Daybreak. Tenured professor of magical history at Canterlot University.

Named Ironwood. Makes her living from an indoor farm. Lost one front leg in an accident, got by with just a prosthetic for a while, but eventually decided to get cyber-arms, which help her operate the equipment and get by without hiring full-time help.

>Pinkie Pie
Named Fuchsia. Owns a bakery that's right on the original site of Sugarcube Corner.

>Rainbow Dash
Named Spectrum. Ganger/Shadowrunner. Has extensive cybernetic enhancements, which makes her a highly desirable mercenary who commands a high price. However, the original reason for the cybernetics was so that she could use them to protect a gang of street kids. Cybernetics inhibit magic, so she can't fly, but her original flight was so powerful that she still manages to leap and glide.

Named Victoria. Famous singer who moonlights as an information broker and a handler for mercenaries like Spectrum. Is very pro-corporate and thinks that social programs and organized philanthropy are doing real good.

Named Flicker. A shaman who lives in a quiet suburb where the Everfree Forest used to be. Talks to ghosts, seen as a creepy cultist by everyone except her own little community.
>> No. 123410
File 135155995447.png - (33.29KB , 800x250 , angry_surprise.png )
>forgetting Surprise
I've been posting Surprise non-stop for 8 months now. Now you've gone and made her angry.
>> No. 125083
>> No. 125086
File 135421708068.jpg - (69.62KB , 500x395 , 135006952569.jpg )
Hey there, IPP. Long time no see.
>> No. 125088
That post is one month old...
>> No. 125091
File 135424706759.png - (114.23KB , 319x466 , 181309_336031333139585_1404126637_n.png )
And once again the obscure yet completely visible time and date stamp eludes me. A shame; I miss IPP.
>> No. 125516
I was toying with the concept of mirror universe for quite a while now. Since I was influenced with Star Trek Mirror universe.

>Twilight Sparkle

The apprentice of the Pitiless Sun. Her "friendship" consist of collaboration with other like minded ponies to manipulate the princess' subjects to follow their bidding. Also she secretly trying to find a way to topple her mentor and took her power.She never fully trust anypony and willing to sacrifice her fellow allies to reach her objectives.


Part of the unscrupulous land owner family "The Apples." They own and monopolize most of the farmlands and use slaves. She love to use lies to gain more lands. She and the rest of the Apples are allied with Twilight Sparkle since Twilight need the Apples crime network for her plans and Applejack want a share of power when Twilight came to power.

>Rainbow Dash

A well known coward among the pegasi. She never gain Sonic Boom but she's very manipulative instead. She work as Twilight's secret second in command because of her snake tongue. She can persuade somepony to follow her bidding and left him/her to take the blame when she had enough with him/her.

Note: Starscream Dash

>Pinkie Pie

Pinkie is a mercenary/assassin. She hate everybody and only follow the highest bidder. Twilight notice Pinkie's premonition skill and hire her for assassination jobs.


The head of Equestria's Royal Treasury Chamber. She's a corrupt and greedy pony that keep swindling bits to her own personal account. Twilight found out about this and use it to blackmail Rarity so she will help her allocating funds for Twilight's personal missions.


A beast master who enslave animals with her stare. A part of Equestrian Royal Army she led her beasts to war. She also torture ponies with her stare.

>Pitiless Sun

The tyrant Princess of Equestria. When Princess Luna tried to rebel against her a thousand years ago she rip her apart and put her head on a pike and use magic to preserve her head so it will not rot for months.

>Princess Luna

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