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I mean, seriously, I've searched pretty much all over FIMFiction looking for fics of them, and I gotta say, I've struck gold on a few, but that's not enough for my feels! Even as a side pairing, I WILL TAKE IT. Just pwease. Give me all of the Rarijack y'all can find. I don't care how long, how short, how sad, I DON'T CARE. I just really, really, really like Rarijack and I need more of it, because it's so just perfect /)^3^(

*ahem* Forget I fangirled right there. Just hand me all the Rarijack fics you guys can find. Please?
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Hey there. Don't mind the locals, they have their uptight way of running things that requires you to post this in the reccomendation/request general instead. I'd just do it if I were you. Second sticky to the right, and straight on through the link.
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lrn 2 google Seriously. I just typed in "rarijack site:fimfiction.net". Why is that so hard?

If you want actual recommendations, see >>121064 and post in there. But! Very important, see >>112263. There's a prize inside!

SPOILER: The prize is knowledge.
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