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File 135853695009.png - (495.16KB , 900x860 , adventure_by_malkshake-d5eola7.png )
126200 No. 126200
#Single fic #Crossover #Random

So Jake starts narrating the story of how he, Finn, and Princess T-Rex ended up in Equestria, and their most excellent and audacious escapades, not just in the Celestial Kingdoms, but in all of planet Equis.


Feel free to comment to your heart's content. And remember to turn off your mind, relax and flow downstream have fun!

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>> No. 126222
File 135857773764.jpg - (229.41KB , 1400x787 , 132710119263.jpg )
You know, as much as we like to refer to the recommendation/request general. I think we should start allowing threads like this. I dunno. We're more of a workshop than a showcasing site, but we could at least discuss the atrociousness or grandeur of a story before sending the author packing. I wonder if we can't turn this board into more of a library than an editor's grotto. This could be the corner of the building where we discuss pony scribblings rather than shredding them or banishing them to the moon. Sort of a creative commonplace.
>> No. 126223
File 135858261162.png - (738.09KB , 1475x1560 , 24217 - Adventure_Time Finn artist-miketheuser crossover luna.png )
We have always allowed threads like this (I had one myself, back in the day, and the old EoP threads kinda count), but we like to warn authors that they generally get ignored. And I think there's been a bit of a drive towards making this a bookclub board. I read way too much ponyfic, so I'm definitely on board for that, in any case.

As for OP: I like me some Adventure Time. Will take a look at some point.
>> No. 126224
File 135858278202.jpg - (162.08KB , 1280x483 , 131932267000.jpg )
This is an author showcasing his story, not a user recommending it. Ergo, it doesn't fall under the Recommendation thread's purview.

Also, he did everything right. Even the tags. Gotta respect that.
>> No. 126227

Gee, thanks! I came to this site on a recommendation from a friend. I saw that things were kind of regimented, but, being a bit sort on time, just read the explicit rules and didn't investigate the unwritten ones. I hope I haven't made some faux-pas.

I suppose I should have specified I was the author.

EDIT: Should I have used "sage" in the email section for this kind of comment?

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>> No. 126229
File 135861361827.gif - (688.03KB , 250x163 , 2Q92a.gif )
>EDIT: Should I have used "sage" in the email section for this kind of comment?
I like this guy.
Eh, with how dead /fic/ is, I don't think it really matters at this point. As a general rule of thumb, though, use sage unless your comment significantly contributes to the thread's topic. Thoughts on a story, posting a new chapter, something like that.
>> No. 126230
>>126229 Okay, got that.

Also, dead? Why is it dead? Fanfiction saturation? Too many alternative verses? Too many origin stories for the Princesses? Do we have a thread for The Immortal Game?

Anyway, back on topic, I'm really looking forward to writing more of this story. Entering Equestria with an Adventure Time mindset... (deep voice) the possibilities are endless... :evilgrin:
>> No. 126231
File 135861831365.jpg - (29.05KB , 500x336 , DgD28.jpg )
People go to FiMFiction and EqD to get their stories, so showcasing here is a bit of a lost cause. /fic/ on Ponychan used to be geared towards providing reviews and general story improvement discussion, but the vast majority of the main contributors moved to MLPchan's /fic/ ( http://mlpchan.net/fic/index.html ).
>> No. 126246
File 135866071238.png - (117.96KB , 945x945 , Shrugpony Pinkamena.png )
We still have lurkers here, such as Ion, Azusa and myself, but Ion's right: most of us up and left.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 19th, 2013 22:45

>> No. 126249
File 135866942453.jpg - (185.95KB , 657x908 , tgvKR.jpg )
He's already made a review request on MLPchan :P
>> No. 126251
File 135868899369.jpg - (59.18KB , 325x488 , so-where-s-my-fucking-pony.jpg )
>>126249 What can I say, I'm the sort of person who listens when people give them advice. Writing is hard, so I'll take every step to improve.
>> No. 126252
File 135870596535.gif - (58.70KB , 733x500 , o92sl.gif )
Keep it up and I might give you a review. Unlike most other times I say that, it's a gift, not a threat (I tend to only give reviews to the shittiest stories when the author posts a thread along the lines of "Dis is mai 1 st stery plz reeview k thx bai").
>> No. 126255
File 135871475816.png - (97.37KB , 500x591 , IceKingCelestiaLuna.png )


You know, I wonder how the events of this episode will impact this story. I mean, discord has been enabled, and the Kingdom of Ooo is remarcably Discord-compatible. On the other hand, the Ice King might find that affection he so desperately needs in Equestria. Maybe we're looking at a permanent exchange? I mean, I'd love to throw the poor Ice King a bone; even the characters of his own show think he's a C-lister!

As a matter of fact, being immortal, he might even be able to actually find himself a legit Princess, one who has just as much trouble socializing...
>> No. 126311
File 135915373238.gif - (289.51KB , 500x278 , FreakDeer.gif )

I see that my LuNice Quing idea is leaving people rather cold... guess I'd better throw that traumatizing thought in the vault... aaaand it's gone.
>> No. 126330
File 135937096568.jpg - (49.58KB , 457x244 , news-generic-shipping-wars.jpg )

I have posted the story on fimfiction, and reworked the description, giving a more precise idea of where I intend to go with this story. Here:

The AT cast wrote a self-insert collab fimfic. They all had their own ideas on how it should have gone. These ideas weren't compatible. Beautiful, messed/up, utter chaos ensued. From that primordial soup rose something viewtiful.

I also gave it a new title: "Fim Fic Fight!" I'm still not sure if catchy or just stupid.

Also, I'm rather chagrined by the lack of views and reviews.

Edit: sorry for the doublepost. I thought pressing "cancel" before the post was finished sending would allow me to edit it without having it sent. I was wrong.

Last edited at Mon, Jan 28th, 2013 04:05

>> No. 126333
File 135939700632.jpg - (184.62KB , 1024x768 , Viewtiful_Joe_full_283248[1].jpg )
>From that primordial soup rose something viewtiful.
>rose something viewtiful
>> No. 126343
File 135947754955.jpg - (124.23KB , 1440x810 , IWasSuchAToolMacro.jpg )
>>126333 Well, tt's an Adventure Time fic, so one should expect a globawful amount of made-up words. And sexual innuendo. And references to drugs. I didn't come up with THAT one, that's from the Viewtiful Joe games, but I love to pimp it whenever I can, aaaand this doesn't seem to be the right time for that... as usual.

Regardless of your intent, the very existence of your message makes it clear to me that some people might infer from that description that I cannot spell.

Of course, to reach that guess, they'd have to believe I'm not even skilled enough to use a spell-checker and make "Rouge Angles Of Satin" mistakes like the AVERAGE newbie. Spell-checkers are such a basic precaution that, when meeting blatant nonstandard spellings, there's a pretty good chance they're intentional. But I suppose there's enough fanfic writers that are worse than the average newbie, that it can be hard to tell.

So, when using my beloved "viewtiful", the loss (some readers thinking "this writer is an EXTREME idiot, let's ditch this story" or worse, "this writer is trying to be clever in a way that will have him mistaken for an extreme idiot, which makes him even MORE of an idiot!") outweighs the gain (some readers thinking "LOL, that was clever and funny, let's see if the whole story's like this!").

TL;DR I'll go and correct that pronto.

*sigh* There's still so much I need to learn that, effectively, I truly AM a fool...

Also, Viewtiful Joe rules, but I think Metal Gear Rising is about to be even more viewtiful. Forgive my heresy. :P

Last edited at Tue, Jan 29th, 2013 09:44

>> No. 126344
File 135949326120.jpg - (766.43KB , 1024x768 , ViewtifulJoe[1].jpg )
What? No, it's fine. I just wanted to post that after seeing "Viewtiful".
>> No. 126345
File 135949447167.jpg - (3.40MB , 2681x3568 , LumpySpace.jpg )
>>126344 Gotta love that chiaroscuro. So stark! So dynamic and dramatic! Compare and contrast with Adventure Time's flat, soft, rounded art (to the point that often people have no joints in their limbs!), and the incredibly cutesy way in which some outright DISTURBING things are depicted. It's like a graphic kid-friendly variation of American Psycho; everything is treated as normal and casual and unremarkable and quite often that everything either makes no sense or is horrifying if you even stop to think of it.

Maybe the ponies wouldn't freak out after all, if they're surrounded by people who act like everything that's going on is perfectly okay and not PTSD-worthy.
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