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#Discussion #Normal

An experiment / a fun dance of the fingers / on top of keyboard.

A verbose story / With a restricted word count / Like a short, beige thought.

DIalogue written / in manner identical / To the exposition.

First five syllables / Then seven in this here spot / Then finally five.

Coun-ting Syl-la-bles / Sounds si-mi-lar to stut-ter / You now rea-lize this.

Perhaps I will go / And make this a thing right now / Or maybe I won't.

Refrigerator / There, no need to make the joke / Refrigerator.

Pinkie ate cupcakes / But to not too much surprise / They were crack crusted.

Check your syllables / Use this helpful link I put / Under this haiku.


Any volunteers here? / I would like to see your part / Making this happen,
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>> No. 126254

Initial poster
frolicking with his ponies
Probably likes men.

English syllables
are alien to haiku
It just should not be

haiku in long chains
Are even less true to form
why write a meta-poem?

oh and also you miscounted "exposition"
>> No. 126256
File 135871489108.jpg - (33.01KB , 598x583 , 129055777178-(n1290755403139).jpg )

Why so cynical? / Why do you ask "Why" should we? / Instead of "Why not?"

Why did you say that? / Was calling me gay needed? / Definitely not.

This is behavior / Wholly unnecessary, / Eat some soap, will you?

Haiku is a poem / Not restricted to japanese / You are short in sight.
>> No. 126258
>haiku in long chains
>Are even less true to form
>why write a meta-poem?

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