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I'm thinking of writing a pony fanfic but I want to know if the concept has already been overused.

The story has Celestia revealing the true origin of Spike, how long ago before ponyville existed there was this giant black dragon who was pure evil, caused unstoppable destruction and forced the princesses to send their entire army against him.
They were unable to defeat him, and the dragon almost manages to destroy both princesses, but at the right moment, Celestia uses the Elements of Harmony to encase the power of the Dragon and it results in the egg that end up becoming Spike.

The story then has the characters dealing with the fact that the evil side of Spike is becoming stronger, and Twilight has to decide how to deal with this, Will she choose to end the evil inside Spike by killing or exiling him? Or will she try to help Spike keep the evil inside him under control?

Suggestions and critiques are welcome.
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Your first story probably isn't going to be very good. Just try to have fun with it. Don't worry about making something that you want to show to other people until you know that you like writing.
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