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Hey folks. I'm here to do a bit of shameless self promotion -- really, it's the best kind of self promotion. I have a few different stories up now so I figured, why not make one of these fancy author threads. Let's get started shall we? Here's my current works:

A Visit From the Princess:

Princess Celestia takes a day off and visits her favorite student. Drunken hijinks ensue.

Tags: Slice of life
Starring: Celestia, the mane 6, and the CMC.
Status: Complete


This was the first fanfic I wrote so it is rough around the edges, though people seemed to like the ending for it.

Blue Acres
Big Macintosh is hiding a secret and Dash thinks that she knows what it might be. Will she figure it out? Will Macintosh admit the truth? Will Applejack stop thinking that Dash has a crush on her brother? Will I stop asking bad, soap opera questions? Read to find out.

Tags: Romance (m/m shipping), slice of life
Starring: Rainbow Dash, Big Macintosh, Blues (also known as Noteworthy), and Scootaloo
Status: Complete


This has been my most successful story so far in terms of faves, views (easily crushing the others in this category), and comments..

Twilight masters a new spell, one powerful and old, that allows her to peer into other realities. They give Twilight and the others a chance to see what could have been and what may still be in their own dimension.

Tags: Slice of Life
Starring: Mane 6
Status: incomplete (1 chapter up. Not sure if I'll continue it but the current chapter is a self contained story, as will any future chapters in it)

Basically, I wanted to see what the mane 6 reactions would be if they got to see other versions of themselves from the fandom and just random versions that I could come up with.

Remnant of a Nightmare
In her latest bid to impress Celestia and to continue her research, Twilight tries to map out the Everfree Forest. Along the way, she finds out that some things are better left undisturbed or to at least bring others with her when doing dangerous research.

Tags: Dark, slice of life
Starring: Twilight and Spike.
Status: incomplete (2 chapters are up)

I think that this is my best written story so far. And I'll try to avoid doing too many Twilight references, other than the obvious of it being a vampire story starring Twilight.

Future projects and ones that I can't directly link from here:

Kinds of Love
Cadence has become envious of other kinds of love and rather curious on what it feels like. She's figured out a way to experience it, but now she needs to get Shining to agree and hopefully keep an open mind.

Tags: Romance, clop
Starring: Cadence and Shining
Status: incomplete (one chapter done).

Basically, gender bending clopfic. I can't directly link it on here but It'll be on my fimfiction account when it finally gets approved, which seems to be taking a while. I submitted it about three hours ago and it still hasn't been approved. If it takes too long, I'm going to revoke the submission so that it doesn't end up being approved in the dead of the night when no one is on.

Fallout Equestria: Stable Crawler

Ten years after the end of Littlepip's journey, the NCR is still have issues with finding a permanent power supply. They end up hiring the heroes of the story, Ember (a prostitute from the cloud city of Las Pegasis and point of view character) and Alpha (a green alicorn.)

I did have a couple chapters of this up at one point, but I took them down because honestly, they weren't that good and I wanted to restart the whole thing.

Untitled Octavia X Rainbow Dash shipfic
Octavia has just gotten out of a bad relationship and is quite depressed. Her sister, Pinkie, tries to hook her up with Dash. Octavia tries to get over her personal hangups and give the relationship an honest go, but it's pretty rocky. Also, best title ever (I suck with good titles at times but I'll make sure to come up with something good for this).

Last edited at Sat, Feb 2nd, 2013 21:55

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File 135985037201.jpg - (51.24KB , 500x375 , The-Critic-Gracie-Productions[1].jpg )

This review was based on the sum total of you not closing your Bold BBCode tag.

Welcome to /fic/. Have a nice day.
>> No. 126418
Dammit. I knew I was going to mess up one of them.

In other news, Kinds of Love is posted. Can't direct link it because of the rules, but it's on my Fimfiction account.
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File 135986031162.jpg - (4.71KB , 115x169 , 6.jpg )

psst... You can edit your posts, yo.

Seriously, just check there at the bottom right, next to "reply" and "report".

Oh, and /fic/ is a bad place for shameless horseing. Not enough people to advertise to. Old /fic/ is even worse. Just a thought.

On that note, have music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U1aUt7kd8M

Otherwise, welcome, and don't feed the rabid attack hounds.
>> No. 126421
Right. I'd only let me do it from the main /fic/ page.

Anyways, that one story that I can't post, Kinds of Love, got on the featured section. Fuck yeah!
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