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Fillies and Gentlecolts of /fic/

I'm rather new on the MLP Fiction scene and I've been wondering about a recent story I've completed. I see a lot of other authors having their works looked at by Pre-readers and I thought that perhaps I should look into one too.

I've perused a few of the ones posted here, seeing some that would fit the bill, the only problem I have is the whole 'word count' issue.

You see...my story, after all the writing and editing I did on my own, came to almost 130,000 words, YIKES!
I'm not sure even Twilight would take the time to...wait...never mind.
Tbh I think for the moment only SHE would be the one willing to dive into a deep challenge such as this, but seeing as she's more or less fictional, I'm left at a loss.

I'm not trying to self promote my work, more for the matter I'm trying to find those who would be interested in helping me refine my work and see what things I could/should change and how to go about doing it. 130,000+ words for a story seems like one heck of a read and I'd be honest, I wouldn't want to reach THAT many words again for the second or third story in the series I'm doing.

However, I don't want to belittle myself either, that's one heck of a feat and I'm quite happy how much I was able to create within a few months.
The fact still stands that I need help, and I'm looking around to see if anyone or anypony would be able to do so.

If you wish to check my story out, you can find it on FimFic: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/57813/mind-of-matter

And...don't let the username scare you, I'm not a creep...and I know what I'm doing here.

Thank you.
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File 136002970020.png - (135.03KB , 268x209 , no.png )
Take a look at >>123480. It contains a lovely set of links, guides, and submission forms to find you, yes, you, your very own reviewer.

I'm not saying you won't get a bite here, but it will be slow in coming.
>> No. 126470
Every little bit helps, i much appriciate it.
What i really need is someone else to discuss it with, to bounce ideas, to see how the characters play out and if the story floats. Its far more rewarding when another individual is able to sit down and help you hammer out something.

Working by yourself just gets lonely sometimes, plus, a second Op never hurt.

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I don't recall any reviewer that actually went and sat down with people to discuss their story ideas rather than review a story and carry on (well, except one guy, but I think he is gone), but maybe hanging in the /fic/ IRC you might get what you need.
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File 136003397128.png - (102.36KB , 469x600 , 134965764320.png )
>Its far more rewarding when another individual is able to sit down and help you hammer out something.
I'd be your guy if I thought a little more highly of myself. I don't mind signing up to be a long term prereader -- I even have a thread dedicated solely to prereading -- but I wouldn't want to call myself the author of the result.
>> No. 126474

Hrmm, I'll do that, see what I can find, the only issue I've had with IRC is they tend to be empty most times.

I'll give it a try.

Tbh, you don't have to think highly of yourself to do it, just wanting to do it, the interest to, that's enough.

Personally, I wouldn't mind what kind of person they were, if they were pro or just starting out; if you have a lick of sense and a desire to see something grow, then that's all you really need.

My only concern is if you're interested in reading the 130,000 word monster I already wrote, give an idea of what I can do.
>> No. 126475
File 136003471455.png - (294.98KB , 960x960 , 600058_363791057019694_1692359153_n.png )
>if you have a lick of sense and a desire to see something grow
Son, you just described the entire population of this board.

I'd be glad to help you out, but 130k is a little outside my comfort zone. That's not a no, but that's like asking me to eat an entire six foot superbowl sub sandwich by myself -- it's going to take a while.

>don't let the username scare you
Bitch please, I'm from the internet. Besides, mine's worse.

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>> No. 126477
Haha, alright alright, then I won't ask you to read the whole thing, at least a few of the chapters I kind of prided myself on doing.
They are: 3, 5, 7, 9 and 13

If you at least check those out, you should get a good idea of how I do it, the only bigger issue I have is that I'm still working on Story number 2 and thats taking a tad longer to work on. Being able to chat with someone about the ideas I have and trying to keep it set to a few chapters less than the first is what I'm trying to do.

If you're willing to pursue the chance of being a long-term pre-reader, would you be willing to chat on Skype?
>> No. 126479
File 136003565405.png - (128.34KB , 350x397 , 135978331135.png )
Skype's in the email field, since we both seem to be online right now.
>> No. 126480
Done and done.

My username should be the name you see, thought its Silver_wulf1

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