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Found this Vault interview on Fimfiction, thought you guys might find it funny/insightful:


Pic unrelated.

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File 136076329816.png - (49.25KB , 500x348 , mukyu_2.png )
I concur. Amit strikes me as a more verbose, literature-based and less self-depreciating SS&E.

>pic related
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File 136078240409.png - (214.35KB , 625x555 , Twilight131812846561.png )
>Sisterhooves Social and Explosions
>> No. 126624
I never liked amit too much because he is a clear example of the fool who read too much and thinks himself smart (I have yet to see him claim he is wise) to the point he becomes a sort of parody of himself. Add to it that his story are acceptable at best and you get a guy who clearly needs to get kicked in the balls so the good qualities he has actually shine.

That is actually interesting, if it wasn't for the fact Amit writes less than SS&E and just throws concepts that he knows most people will be unfamiliar with. Amit aims to bring the spotlight to himself, while SS&E likes better to rain fireworks upon everyone. That said, I don't like SS&E writing either.

That sounds like an awesome episode.
>> No. 126625
File 136078879581.jpg - (8.63KB , 234x216 , 234892348-09.jpg )
>> No. 126626
This needs to be the prompt for the next writeoff
>> No. 126634
I'm with this guy. Amit is undeniably widely read and not an idiot, but I can't read more than one of his paragraphs without wanting to smack the smugness out of him.

Apparently he is only sixteen. Fair enough, I was an ass at that age as well.
>> No. 126637
I don't mind the smugness at this point, the false sense of scholarship is even denser.
>> No. 126639
Oh man, looks like you made her summon the hugbox:

>> No. 126641
Eh, that doesn't seem like summoning the hugbox that much. Amit asks for people to say what they dislike, after all.

...Of course, this is Fimfiction we're talking about, so a hugbox appeared anyway.
>> No. 126656
Did she just check my grammar on a imageboard post and dismissed my points because of it? No wonder my friends said Chayotance was an unrepairable dick.
Edit: I take that back, Chayotance is crazy and I want to stay as far away as I can now.

That aside, people that like you are the ones who will get notifications about this, so it is only logical that you will get only people like that commenting on it.

In any case, that whole thing just goes further to prove my point. I do love the whole discussion, where everyone seems to be trying to write longer than the previous person for ... reasons, apparently, I am presuming showing off, but I can't be quite sure with the sort of shit piling up.

By the way, hi Amit, didn't know you spend your time looking around for pockets of people talking about you. Care to write something good?

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File 136091326155.jpg - (62.51KB , 500x558 , image.jpg )
>I am presuming showing off
I understand monkeys and untrained dogs view most human action as a show of dominance or submission but sometimes human beings like to do things like write paragraphs about Ramasamy Periyar for the fun of it

fucking love periyar man

badass motherfucker

>Care to write something good?
pic related
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