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No. 126853
So I just finished Fallout Equestria, finally.

95% of it was distilled awesome. I'm still mad about certain events surrounding SteelHooves in chapter 39. And the ending was absolutely SOUL crushing. But I finally got it finished.

It's one of those things that, when you finally finish it, you just have no idea what to do next. What do I do next?
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>> No. 126856
Get a girlfriend? Seems like a good option as any.
>> No. 126865
>> No. 126866
File 136198943854.gif - (3.98MB , 260x222 , abd-266.gif )
Read End of Ponies if you want another fix of post-apocalyptic uber-long-fic.
>> No. 126948
File 136263173168.png - (41.95KB , 500x355 , 136055332702.png )
Start reading Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons.

And the ending was absolutely SOUL crushing.

I cried. Oh Lord how I cried.
>> No. 126954
You mean the ending of Fo:E, not the ending of FoE:PH, right?
>> No. 126957
You could read: Fallout Equestria: Pink Eyes.

It's adorable, tragic, a little heart warming with some comedic elements.

I guarantee your feels will feel like they got hit by a low orbit ion cannon.
>> No. 126958
File 136271192507.png - (218.78KB , 640x443 , 1348757737804.png )
yes. Also PH is still ongoing.
>> No. 126959
>Celestia's solar-flaring orgasms!
>Luna shitting moon rocks!
>Fuck me with Celestia's forehooves!
>Fuck me with the sun!
>Fuck me with the moon!
>Oh fuck me with the moon. Moon, sun, both of them. Rape me hard.
>Celestia clop my clit with a hooffull of sunfire!
>Luna rape them with Her horn!
>Celestia's solar-flaring mareheat!
>Luna's tidal mareheat!
>Luna clop me with Her wings.
>Luna-eclipsing orgasms!
>Celestia rape your femoral artery with the burning sun if I can’t even take simple instruction from myself! Do I have no fucking self control?
>Oh no. No. Celestia rape me with a solar flare, no.
>By the ballsacks of a thousand star-devils*
>Celestia lick me like she loves me!
>Luna spank my withers!
>Luna shove my femoral artery full of moonrocks and call me home.

Quality storytelling, right there.
>> No. 126960
Funny... I've been catching up on Homestuck at the same time I've been reading Fallout Equestria. Well, and Song of Ice and Fire... I don't really like reading things that aren't epics.
>> No. 126966
Read something better.
>> No. 127001
EoP isn't finished, and it may not be finished for many months. I sad.

It takes a great investment of time to read but is very grand and wondrous. Too bad it hasn't been brought to a satisfying conclusion yet (although even if the ending were Dredgmane, it would still be an awesome story). But hey, the author will do what he will do.
>> No. 127002
I've not read EoP yet (and I will read it soon), but could you tell me what are the biggest differences between EoP and other post-apocalyptic stories? Its length, its prose and the "philosophical" things put aside.

Edit: If you mention "epicness", please tell me what do you mean by that word.

Last edited at Wed, Mar 13th, 2013 08:52

>> No. 127015
File 136324254128.jpg - (87.37KB , 500x667 , oIC6Lf8.jpg )
It intersperses the (excellent) action with longer slow bits. For some, this fleshes out the world and makes it almost a living, breathing entity. For me, it caused drowsiness and advised me to not operate large or heavy machinery while under its influence. Not for everyone, but you won't know until you try.
>> No. 127856
I have never read anything.

Is Fallout Equestria really as good and/or bad as people keep telling me? Because I'm getting amazingly mixed messages about this.
>> No. 127857

>Is Fallout Equestria really as good and/or bad as people keep telling me? Because I'm getting amazingly mixed messages about this.

Yes, it is.

Last edited at Sun, Jun 23rd, 2013 16:02

>> No. 127891
File 137234466466.png - (141.10KB , 287x330 , 5.png )

I used to wait for each new update on EqD concerning it religiously, and set aside an hour, usually with dinner, just to enjoy it.

One of the best memories about the fandom I have, so at least for me personally, yes, it's the shit.
>> No. 127937

I'm not here to defend FoE, but why do people get so bent out of shape about Pip's, er, "creative" swearing? She's a young teen IIRC, and have you ever HEARD the way some ninth- and tenth-graders talk? Original and crass swearing is used by a number of people that age as a way to differentiate themselves--it's part of becoming your own person, and all that jazz. I thought the swearing was perfectly in-character, and offered some insight into Pip's emotional maturity level. So why is THAT the part that people love to harp on?
>> No. 127939
Because the actual bad parts are more difficult to explain and require you to show you actually know shit.
>> No. 128863
you could buy it. someone just listed a copy on ebay. it showed up on my ebay feed thing
>> No. 128864
You could do what I did and start writing spinoff fics.

Granted, there's a whole fuckton of those already and I've seen people bitch about that, but if you want to do it, who gives a damn?
>> No. 128866
Who dredged this up?

This is now my favorite post on /fic/.
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