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#Discussion #Sad #Shipping

Well over a year later, I've finally read The Games We Play, and I'm so overcome with good feels that I feel the compulsive need to talk about it.

Spend 10 and a half hours reading the story and a lot of comments at the end of each chapter on fimfiction. I feel so melancholic and just plain desperate to talk about what I just read, I just can't shake this feeling I'm feeling right now. This feely feel.

Pinkie/Pinkamena fan, so most my feels are probably pure bias anyways, but it was such a rollercoaster of sad and happy over and over! Dear Celestia, I am far too late with my hype for this story...
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I quite liked this story when I read it and it remains among one of my favorite MLP fanfics. I enjoyed how this story dealt with it's themes of identity, and the disconnect between the mask we show the rest of the world and what lies beneath that mask. Rainbow and Pinkie were great choices for characters through whom to explore these themes, and the story fairly plausibly expands upon their cannon portrayals. It's definitely within Rainbow's character to become so obsessed with the "game" aspect of her relationship with Mare Do Well, and Pinkie being burdened by the expectation to always be happy is a very interesting re-interpretation of her character.

My favorite scene from the story was when Rainbow went to Fluttershy's cottage and Fluttershy finally coaxed Rainbow into telling her about MDW. It's a very powerful scene, important to the plot and Rainbow's character development, and it's executed really well. The dialogue in that scene was well written and memorable, and the character interactions were great. In other words, my favorite Flutterdash moment in a fanfic comes from a Pinkie Dash fic.

That said, the story did have some flaws. You could tell that the author changed the focus of the story as she was writing. At first, the author really emphasized the mystery aspect of the plot, but as the story went along, it became much more focused on the characters and the central theme of identity. The mystery aspect somewhat hampers the fic as it prevents the author from delving more deeply into Pinkie's character. Despite it being obvious that Pinkie is MDW less than halfway through the fic, the author stubbornly maintains the "mystery" and even keeps trying to throw the reader off the scent. I feel as if the story could have been improved if the author made the decision to reveal MDW's identity to the reader earlier in the story. The big unmasking at the end would still maintain the same suspense because at that point, the reader doesn't care about who MDW is but how Rainbow will react to the discovery that Pinkie is MDW.

It also seems like the author thought up a few important plot points halfway through the fic. For example, that Rainbow Dash had confessed her love to Fluttershy in flight school but was rejected makes a whole lot of sense in interpreting her character and actions throughout the fic (it really explains why she's so reluctant to reciprocate Pinkie's advances), yet it was revealed very late in the fic and seemed to come out of nowhere. Indeed, it seemed to clash with some earlier scenes (for example, when Rainbow chose to kiss Fluttershy in the game of truth or dare). Of course, as with the change in focus of the fic from a mystery story to a character-driven piece, these are likely the result of the story being written serially. A re-write of the fic could definitely fix these issues, tighten it up, and improve it greatly.

Nevertheless, this is definitely a fic I would recommend.
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