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As some of you may have noticed, I’ve recently set up a group for /fic/ on FimFiction (link = http://www.fimfiction.net/group/198766/fic). The idea originally came up in the IRC as part of a discussion on declining activity on /fic/ (on both MLPChan and Ponychan), especially in terms of “new blood” and its introduction into the community. It’s true that /fic/ is a very insular community, and that we tend to be quite...intimidating to newcomers. It’s also true that even the “EqD rejects” tend to either avoid /fic/ due to reputation, or else out of simple laziness or lack of comprehension of the formatting of a ‘chan board. So, I made the group on FimFiction with the intention of making us more accessible to the fanfiction “public” (or, as Ion would say, the potato-less masses).

This thread is to foster ideas, planning, and general discussion as to the purpose, structure, and activity of a /fic/ group on FimFiction. If you like the idea, then welcome. If you don’t, then you’re welcome too—just make sure to tell us why you think it’s a crap concept. To begin, I’ll list a few facts and questions to start discussion off in here.

1.) The /fic/ community is quite small, isolated, and possibly shrinking.
Again, we can be quite intimidating, and most EqD rejections don’t even come here, let alone stick around after they’ve gotten their TG review. We also tend to lose quite a few reviewers to burnout, hiatus, or simple ascension (EqD).

2.) /fic/ (as a chan board) doesn’t have the best reputation or presence on the Internet.
The logic behind this new group, therefore, is to both increase people’s knowledge of /fic/ as a resource, as well as to raise awareness of our competency. This, hopefully, will also improve our reputations, as well as to attract writers who would otherwise be driven away by MLPChan and Ponychan’s infamy (and difficulty of use, which is evidently a major issue).

3.) The boards are quite, quite dead.
That’s not to say that nothing is happening, but business is much slower than it was before the move, and even before that, it wasn’t really much of anything compared to some other boards. The number of reviewers is dwindling, but so is the number of submitting writers.

1.) Is this a good idea? Are you supportive, apathetic, or openly hostile to the idea of throwing wide the doors of /fic/ to the FimFiction masses?

2.) Do you think this will work? If so, then what do you hope that it will accomplish?

3.) Would you prefer to have FimFic as an advertising board that hotlinks back to 'chan threads, or for there to be full-blown reviewing threads and communities on the FimFic group?

4.) Do you want your bio/thread to be posted and/or linked there? (If so, email me a bio and a link)

5.) Should we commission an artwork for the group header? Who should do it? What should it be of? Who should be included?

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>> No. 127720
As much as I groused about the group, I think your reasons for creating it are sound, and it's a good idea. I dunno how much it will actually influence the boards, of course. If anything, I could see /fic/ moving operations there (note that I have no idea how fimfiction groups work).
>> No. 127721
Well, I'm glad that you approve, at least.

Re: the questions, do you have any thoughts on how, exactly, we should go about executing this?
>> No. 127727
File 137041911882.png - (0.96MB , 3000x3000 , RainbowDash in a Santa Suit.png )
I support this idea.

I do not think this will work. But I have enough stories to review, so it isn't like it matters to me.

I would prefer that fimfiction's activities stay on fimfiction. Otherwise it is just an annoying advertisement.

I don't know what a bio thread is. Is it like DNA?

I drew this. I can draw things. That is a fact.
>> No. 127730
File 137042934032.gif - (0.99MB , 500x281 , Srqoj0vdpUCFcZqjJmsYTg2.gif )
Thank you for your input!

>I would prefer that fimfiction's activities stay on fimfiction
So, keep all reviews/etc isolated from what we have going on here?

>I don't know what a bio thread is.
bio/thread being shorthand for "your bio(graphy) and a link to your thread so I can post them as advertisement for your reviews on the group."
>> No. 127733
>So, keep all reviews/etc isolated from what we have going on here?
I did not say that. I really have no clue about the structure of either site.
>> No. 127810
Well I will say the /fic/ IRC is pretty active. And it's a fun place to hang out!
>> No. 128099

Whatever you say, dude. Too much lurking whenever I'm on.
>> No. 128644
Huh, did this group get deleted?
>> No. 128645
Meh seems so. What about the irc?
>> No. 128646
Yeah, after the group's creator kicked out all the other admins group activity pretty much stopped. The IRC's still active, though not as much as it used to be.
>> No. 128661
It's a good idea to reach out to fimfiction, but the real problem is ponychan's user interface. This place is unnavigable. I came here looking for the alleged ponychan fic reviewers and have been unable to find them. It's now September, and this is the second or third thread, and it's 3 months old. Threads are listed in an apparently random order, with all their replies cluttering up the page... no way to look for threads of interest unless you know what they're called... no login, no persistent user information, no way to find replies to your comments,.posts must be written in a tiny box... This UI makes sense only for tiny communities where everyone reads every post every day.

So I'd say there's not much point doing it unless somebody fixes ponychan's user interface, but it's so bad that that would be a huge task. Moving entirely to fimfiction is probably the better choice.
>> No. 128663
If you want to find a topical thread of interest, check the directory (>>128565). If you're looking for a reviewer, ask NickNack (>>128162) or send me email.

The order of threads is not random, rather based on time since last post in the thread. It's how most forums (including Fimfiction) sort their threads. The exceptions are stickies (which are always on top) and "sage"d posts (which don't bump their threads).

As far as your complaints regarding the look of the place ... I'd say that's mostly unfamiliarity talking. Fimfiction is actually more complex (I can expand on this if you want), but it's more understandable to you because it's familiar.

If you have any other questions, I can try and answer them for you.
>> No. 128665
>If you have any other questions, I can try and answer them for you.

Why would you organize the threads in the directory by name and not by type :I

Last edited at Sun, Sep 29th, 2013 13:33

>> No. 128667
File 138048722347.png - (389.26KB , 728x651 , 133192580617.png )
No particular reason. I can change it if you'd like. :I
>> No. 128672
File 138049003827.png - (150.35KB , 405x314 , spike132.png )
I just think it'd be more intuitive to arrange it by purpose, then name. All review threads together, all generals together, and any other category of threads together. Kind of like a mall directory, where it'd say clothing, sports, etc.
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