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Cliches. We see them everywhere, and frankly, I hate some of them.

However, they aren't always bad. So I want to know, what are some cliches/tropes YOU love to see in fanfiction?

Picture is me when I see some of the cliches I hate.
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I'm not 100% sure?

Cliches can be done well. Half the reason I hate the ones I do is because they're not.
People assume the reader agrees with them. Shipping is the worst at it. The raw amount the reader is expected to take at face value is obscene, but it happens in other genres of course.

Of Course Fluttershy's into Big Mac, or Celestia's Evil, or something of the like. It's all tell, no show with some of the cliches.

Show me Fluttershy Into Big Mac, or show me Celestia eating babies, and I'm fine. Assume I agree with you and we're in a different situation.

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>> No. 127784
Off to write a story where DroneMac impregnates HiveMotherFluttershy whose egg-scions are consumed by a lurking Celestia in an attempt to keep her youth.
It'll be a best-seller.
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Ending it on a high note.
A challenge which the character solves in an unpredictable way.
Catering to the viewer's pleasure, rather than trying too hard to make the characters realistic to each other.
Using a bunch of tools/gimmicks if inside a themed episode, like snowball battles and snowboarding, in a snow/christmas episode.
Using a dream/dream sequence or storybook in order to make a believable over the top episode, but also give a hint that it perhaps wasn't a dream(e.g. the protagonist finds a picture in his pocket after he wakes up)
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