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hey everypony, i'm looking for some pro tips in writing a NSFW ship, such as how fast should it progress and escalate, how much dialogue and/or monologue it should contain
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A story should progress as quickly as it needs to, and no faster. The dialogue should promote the story, and not vice versa. Escalation is a matter of scale, and thus, will require an understanding of the characters' surroundings, needs, desires, and motivations.
Good luck.
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> such as how fast should it progress and escalate

Fast as the story dictates. It depends on how important the NSFW is. Also if it's pic related.

If it's pic related then how many fetishes you're catering to. Also if it ends with a bleeding corpse in the rain.

Probably should avoid mentioning the Wonderbolts entirely, that's just side tracking your story.

Who's the main character actually? If it's OC, then you have to build up their character as well. Or not, people might not want to even bother with it in the end.

I think the correct answer is Orange to the fourth.
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