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so hi fic, I'm kinda new here (new to Pchan been a brony since 2011) and I want to know what you think of my little work in progress collab fic I'm doing with a friend. https://docs.google.com/document/d/15UXRADqeh0ctxzeyXcnnJT70h8Ti0dwKmrjpZ-webwU/edit?pli=1 It's a work in progress so there are some errors, and a few things maybe wrong with the continuity. But I'm just wondering if I got a good fic so far (Excluding the bad spelling and grammar)

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We aren't in the business around here of looking up your name to find everything you might have ever written and then trying to decipher from that list (however short it may be) which is your collab project. If you want anypony here to take any interest you're going to have to throw us a bone. Starting with a link to the story, and preferably a google doc with sharing enabled.
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my apologies, I forgot to add the link to the description. hell the disscriptions isn't quite done. let me fix that #feelsbad
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Oh, another tip. Type your message in a word processor with spellcheck, then copy/paste it over here. Folks around here cringe at poor proofreading.

The next thing I'm going to suggest is heading over to the training grounds ( >>126497) and making your story look all shiny and presentable by following this guide. [docs.google.com]
For the synopsis, don't try to get overly complicated, just put what's in the story. For example, if Rainbow Dash and Applejack explore the Everfree looking for Pinkie's lost bowling ball, write exactly that.

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