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No. 128266
#Reviewer #Normal #Crossover #Random #Sad #Comedy #Sci-fi #Shipping #Grimdark

I have a lot of reading experience and I want to try my very best to help some writers. I have given feedback for some pretty good writers, who had apreciated it.
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File 137826268974.png - (266.92KB , 500x477 , 197329__safe_rainbow-dash_image-macro_fanfic_spike-at-your-service.png )

[Shipping][Random][Alternate Universe]

Word count: 3,190

I haven't thought of a good synopsis yet.
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File 137841772360.png - (44.17KB , 232x200 , 136869394936.png )
My 'Ponyville for the Blood God!' short story was veyr kindly read by Nick! on here the other day and reviewed, it was a pretty crappy silly story but in fact the one I thought i did better in (which was not the case).

I wrote this the previous day, and it was my first piece of creative writing since school years ago, I didn't want to bother Nick! with reviewing another one of my stories (since he hated the other one haha).

This one was a lot more serious, maybe a bit sad?

I would appreciate a review anyways, both writing style and story, although it is very short.

The Moon's Mother

Word Count: 1675

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If either of you are watching this thread and still waiting, my queue is now 0/2, over in >>128162.
>> No. 128331

I am indeed, will post there!
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File 137879480637.jpg - (35.13KB , 600x375 , 130298924814.jpg )
Respect to this OP here guys. He messaged me a while back asking, "How can I be a better writer, a better reviewer?" in so many words, and I say, "Go to /fic/, do a thing."

And he does. Fkn good on ya Gren.
>> No. 128376

Respect indeed. Shall I post here?

You got a full plate, OP, or do you want more?
>> No. 128379
Not something you see everyday around here. Interesting.
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File 137907045221.png - (193.34KB , 1024x1024 , 135030400410.png )
Well, wish I'd noticed this thread ten days ago. Nonetheless, welcome. It's always nice to see new ponies around here, especially if they intend to stay. Reviewing stories will definitely teach you a lot, but don't worry if you're new to it. (I say this only because I don't know how new you are) Just give what feedback you can on the story, add some encouraging words, and you'll pick up the rest as you go along. Good luck to you, mate.

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