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128291 No. 128291

List your 5 favourite pony fanfictions.

You can list a top 10, but that's primarily reserved for those who've read and remembered lots of fanfics.

1. Friendship is Optimal
2. The Clothes Make the Mare
3. Man Vs. Equestria (Narrated by Bear Grylls)
4. The Third Generation
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>> No. 128294
File 137840491412.png - (164.29KB , 507x454 , I found it.png )
It's hard to pick out 5, especially since I may be stuck on the same writer.

1. One terrible Writer sadly removed all of his stories in a bout of... what?
He wrote comical clopfiction. Clopfiction so random that it left you in uncontrollable giggles. Twilight's Molestation Celebration is a favouite of mine, still to be found on Youtube. AppleJack/off, MMMolestation on Friendship express, Luna's safe word were all a really fun read.

2. Two peas in a pod by Blueshift. Most jokes have a punch line. So did this story. Most jokes have you already guessing what the punchline would be. this one genuinely took me by surprise. As much as the humour is not so high brow, this story felt really witty through it. Seldom have I laughed with a story as much as this one.

3. Short skirts and explosions delivered Background Pony. Sadly, not with as much skirts and explosions as his name predicts. 20 chapters of about 20 000 words keep you reading for a while. But I managed to relatively nicely read it and it was captivating. An emotional rollercoaster through the unlife of Lyra. A mix of Lovecraftian mythos and slice of life. This tale was a wonderful read.

4. 'The naked singularity' by Cold in Gardez. Another story that gave me what I love in fanfiction. An opportunity to laugh at the character's expense. this story was just funny and managed to pull the right strings that lead towards my inner immature teen.

5. Finally, an epic gore/grimdark fic. Cheerilee's garden by Unahim. This story is possibly worse than Cupcakes, bloodier than Sweet Apple Massacre and Rainbow factory together.
One redeeming quality. it reads nicely, if you have a strong stomach. It feels written by a person who tries to bring genuine slasher horror.
>> No. 128295
File 137840581055.png - (0.97MB , 900x810 , Scootaloo RoastingChicken.png )
Hmm, mine would be...

>1. Not All Who Wander Are Lost
>2. The Ambassador's Son
>3. Memories in a Bottle
>4. The Detective and the Magician
>5. The Three Whooves
>> No. 128303
File 137841928351.png - (1.73MB , 1012x780 , Jinx.png )

Disclaimer: I have never read most of the "fandom standards," like Friendship is Optimal and The Party Never Ended and whatnot. Which is just as well, because I want to offer some slightly "alternative" answers along with the standard ones anyway.

As such, in no particular order,

1. Everything that One Terrible Writer ever wrote. Ever.

2. Trixie's Magic Bit and its sequels, by Applejinx. This is kind of my personal thing. Some aspects of its writing are deeply flawed, the opening number is disorganized and an unfortunately poor hook, and the subject matter will make any sane person nope right the fuck out, but what this fic does right--convoluted plot, character study, impossible faithfulness to show flavor despite all the shit happening--is amazing. Pic is commissioned by me and depicts one of the events in this series.

3. The Contest, by Cold in Gardez. It's a story that shows how a powerful author like Gardez can create something simple, innocent, and fun with his skills, not to mention an example of a nigh-perfect show-appropriate tone.

4. The short stories that Short Skirts and Explosions wrote. His long ones are good, but unfortunately they are SO long that I count their insurmountability as a flaw.

5. Romance Reports. One of the fics that drew me into the fandom. I was thrilled by the fact that it was a mature drama that was very much about PONIES rather than just being a drama with ponies stapled onto it. The dissonance there (cute ponies crying and loving and fucking) fascinated me.


God, I miss him. I miss the one about Mac x Rarity and I don't think it can be found anywhere. Applejack/off was also amazing and I think it's gone. The good news is that I rescued MMMolestation on the Friendship Express! Find me on Fimfiction (TacticalRainboom) and it's in one of my blog posts.
>> No. 128312
File 137847531937.jpg - (102.45KB , 575x726 , Pinkie's OTP #4.jpg )
I remember when Twilight's Molestation Celebration was read in one of Bleeding Rain's fanfic readings. Both him and most of the viewers (including me) was... is frenetic the right word for this?... as the story progressed, and I think he gave up around halfway through.

So I guess it's an acquired taste.
>> No. 128318
File 137861609955.jpg - (505.52KB , 1300x1100 , 133618560810.jpg )
Oh, hey, a new face.
Well, actually, I know you already, but I haven't seen you around *here* before. Welcom to /fic/

>tfw I read those two in Rainy Readings... which is on an indefinite hiatus, and may or may not ever start up again.

I'd have to say my favorite, by far, unquestioned is "Black Equinox" by J-Dude. Fantastic story, brilliantly built, paced, and told through several perspectives. I've been following it since I picked it up in the training grounds at a mere 33k words.

Anyway, my top 5

1. Black Equinox
2. Rainbow Typhoon
3. Vanilla Twilight
4. Background Pony
5. Why Am I Pinkie Pie/

Hey, another of my reading video fans.
>Cheerilee's Garden
Haven't read that yet. Was planning to, but I'm cautious after having been told that Sweet Apple Massacre was a good read, and then making the mistake of actually reading it.

Hey, I don't mind a bit of sexy humor every now and again, but pornography like that just unsettles my stomach, and doesn't taste right either. Trixie's Magic Bit is better, and I don't even enjoy that story.
>> No. 128321
File 137864103868.png - (100.03KB , 372x341 , of course it is.png )
I think Sweet Apple Massacre was one of the stories that grossed me out. I once read "Don't move a muscle" not long ago and in the same way the author tries to force disgusting gore/porn and has no intention of actually telling a story.

Cheerilee's garden has without doubt a very gruesome macabre taste when it comes to gore. It gets drawn out long and you're likely going to have to sit and watch your favourite character suffer a medically-none accurate terrible demise (I include Scarlet Harvest into the story).
Yet, the writer does have an eye for the big game, the methodology. It doesn't describe a single murder, but an entire plan and parts of the psyche involved.
Aside from that, especially in Scarlet harvest, the characters (beside Cheerilee) tend to stay relatively close to their canon selves. The melodramatic ending does force a few things on Equestria society, but eh it can be a bonus to take with it.

It's just completely wacky and hilarious and doesn't take itself and the sex seriously at all.
I dunno, I really love crazy stories like that.

less explicit, a lot of great fanfics in my book tend to be of the crazy style. Stallions on Strike and Princesses don't potty come to mind.
It's a style of fanfics that I love to read.
>> No. 128322
File 137864237901.jpg - (13.31KB , 201x192 , I'm laughing well.jpg )
I tend to love badly-written humour crackfics. TV Tropes' So Bad It's Good page has fantastic stories for Indiana Jones, Seinfeld, The Illiad, and SSBB, among others, but it's difficult to find pony stories of this kind due to the way FiMFiction works. I'm also fond of short crossover stories.

I was actually just dropping by here this week to test out a topic opening of /fic/.

>tfw I read those two in Rainy Readings... which is on an indefinite hiatus, and may or may not ever start up again.
Welcome to my world. Positively tried to do her his annual Challonge this summer... only to give up halfway through Round 1. Depending on whether he gave up due to long-time pressure or the Cake twins, I plan to either:
A) Make a Challonge Premier League on Ponychan myself and run it over the course of a week when I'm done with the PES team, or
B) Do a public violent revenge against the twins (but with ketchup and MS Paint cutouts).

...is it a bad idea for me to talk about this when Positively is nearby?

Last edited at Sun, Sep 8th, 2013 05:14

>> No. 128333
File 137867059936.png - (598.77KB , 1000x1000 , Noir.png )
I'm not sure that /fic/ has any sort of official welcome committee, and I'm not generally outgoing towards new people, but regardless, welcome to this board, and I hope you find your stay enjoyable.

I generally don't like to participate in "rank your top stories" threads, since I don't generally go out of my way to read fanfics, which makes my personal list filled with a bunch of fics from 2011 and "review fics that didn't need as much work as the other ones".

However, I would find this thread slightly more interesting if you asked for analysis of why the fanfics are peoples' favorites. Do they like the idea? The execution? My cynical side says that more people are a fan of the ideas behind the story rather than the actual writing in them (look at Past Sins, My Little Dashie, and Fallout Equestria), which almost raises the question of whether or not it's important to write something poignant or to write something well.
>> No. 128335
File 137869681701.png - (492.28KB , 2560x3000 , 376998.png )
Wait, OTW removed his stuff? Aww, that's a shame. Maybe it was over too many people getting butthurt or something.

Also this, I don't think it's really necessary to rank them. Same goes with albums. Anyway, I do consider these to be my top-three, but the numbering's not important; they're pretty much interchangeable for me.

1) The Star In Yellow by Blueshift, which was quite the read. Quite predictable, but I think that's besides the point. Anyway, he did a good job at making Twilight go off the rails without breaking character, as well as adding a sensible gray/gray morality situation with a feeling of nostalgia.

2) The Glass Blower by Cold in Gardez. Lots of really dark imagery, and amazing use of language. I'm not sure if the author even meant to surprise his audience with the protagonist's living analogies, but they wowed me.

Even more commendable, I would have normally found some slow-paced, Victorian romance to be gross, but he definitely executed it well enough for me to find something out of my comfort zone amazing.

3) My Little Pony - Hospice by Cudpug. Definitely receives some major bias from me, with The Antlers - Hospice still holding the position of my favourite album. The plot is relatively straightforward and predictable, but I love Cudpug's subtlety in both the romance, and the sadness aspects of it. There is no hugboxing, but no pointless romantic melodrama. So refreshing to have romance without an overdrawn undying declaration of love and all that bullshit. Likewise for the sadness part. Which is even more amazing, since, Hospice and all. Somehow, he takes an overbearingly sad situation, and doesn't make it all hammy in that regard. Good on him.

It has it's ups and downs, though. While I think Cudpug is pretty awesome at manipulating language, sometimes he overdoes it. I think a few of his lines even compare to something that Peter Silberman himself would have put in the Hospice album, no lie. Though other lines are just really cheesy and unbelievably overdramatic (in contrast to the plot's subtlety). In addition, his rather interesting unnamed protagonist is well written (despite edgy), though the author has some trouble keeping his character consistent.

Anyway, just three, because nothing else really comes to mind for me. Used to read a lot more ponyfic.

Last edited at Sun, Sep 8th, 2013 20:21

>> No. 128338
File 137871185757.jpg - (27.35KB , 406x408 , Another desperate smile.jpg )
I was aiming for a very simple thread that demanded almost nothing from the posters and that didn't necessarily need several paragraphs to enter. It was simpler and more entry-level that way.

Maybe I had some rather /oat/-ish expectations for this, as I expect(s/ed) this to end up with a fic discussion, or maybe even a derail (There was a derail in here, but the three posts in the derail were deleted).
>> No. 128340
File 137872198733.png - (138.11KB , 507x454 , I like how you think.png )
> The Star In Yellow by Blueshift
Heh, I keep finding myself stuck on some fangiction. I have initiated reading a few chapters of the original FO:E and have been stuck on reading Crisis: Equestria. Not that they are bad pieces of fanfiction, just really long.
But my current plan is reading through Blueshift's stories. I hope it pays of with pieces of really fun comedy as well as some earnest stories. I did like his short Trixie^6 story.
The star in yellow should be my upcoming read. In fact, I think I'm gonna start it now.

Derail was reported.
I hope you took your lesson from it before it got deleted.


I'm a cheap reader. I'd rather take a short story than a story that's really long. Also mostly I prefer stories that make me laugh. Good humour and a tablespoon or 6 of randomness make for an entertaining story.

Why did I enjoy background Pony then? Well the story brought mystery and a lure to read it out. I liked that in that story. it gave you something to long for. It played slice of life episodes with a curious mythology that developped itself more and more as time moved on.
I guess longer stories, to me, should have something interesting that can captivate the reader.
As well as a semi dependency on the show's universe. I don't like stories much when they paint an entirely different Equestria, especially overall. Cross overs so far have not really appealed to me if they're not intent on creating comedy.
Well, the third generation was enjoyable since it were ponies all the same.
>> No. 128341
File 137872275382.jpg - (152.43KB , 576x897 , Pinkie's OTP #2.jpg )
I don't really follow specific authors, at least not within the pony fanfics. When it comes to pony fics, I browse FiMFiction once every other month or whenever you have a fanfic assignment thread.

Yes, I do remember reading your last post before bedtime that I could just as well do what we talked about, but I never got a chance to reply any further to it. So I figure we won't talk about it further here.

A fic has to be humouristical if I shall read it well, but I don't believe that Comedy-branded fics actually are funny. So it's very limited what I like to read.
>> No. 128345
File 137873691548.png - (508.36KB , 576x1141 , OTP.png )
Oooh, there's also something to say for cute funny stories.
Like ...But the kitchen sink (Dubs rewatcher) and I just broke my not-Pinkie promise and read How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bon Bon(Presspass)
They're not too invasive and have a huge charm about them.
i'd definitely want to read such stories more.
>> No. 128352
File 137878123776.png - (193.34KB , 1024x1024 , 135030400410.png )
Different culture, I suppose. /fic/—or at least the old /fic/—doesn't/didn't tolerate derails. Honestly, this place could use some /oat/ish flare. It's grown so stale over the years two and a half years it's been here that there's very little life left in it. If it means anything, I really like the spark you've brought to /fic/, and I hope it can be kindled gently into a glowing fire.

>Derail was reported.
Yep. Like I said, /fic/ dislikes derails. I wish they'd think more like /meat/. A derail can be fun from time to time, if contained.

>I'd rather take a short story than a story that's really long.
I had the good fortune to catch the only two long pony stories I've ever read, back when they were below 50,000 words. I caught Background Pony (now at 432k words) at 18k, and Black Equinox (now at 175k words and growing) at 33k. They're easier to digest when taken in small, slow bites.

This. all of it.
>> No. 128353
File 137879334838.png - (135.43KB , 630x564 , 1d7.png )
How the hell does one derail a freeform thread?

>has not read thread, just can't not comment on the incongruity
>> No. 128357
File 137880035492.jpg - (22.47KB , 287x392 , Looking sentimental.jpg )
That's why I'm trying my best here, as this candle could always become something big. A place with only reviews and no fun makes /fic/ a dull boy. You could always try to increase the spark flare yourself if you have any random fanfic topics yourself, like "Which sites do you find pony fanfiction at", or maybe "Playing fanfics in reverse" if you know about the old "Playing episodes in reverse" synopsis threads where the events of an episode is written in reverse order for humour.

Easy. You stop talking about fanfics at all and instead discuss Challonges with the guy who used to run them.
>> No. 128359
File 137881339314.png - (69.33KB , 251x223 , pinkie want also.png )
Granted, the derail went somewhat far off topic and wasn't very inclusive.
I'm already happy this thread doesn't get reported for not being review/writing.

> I had the good fortune to catch the only two long pony stories I've ever read, back when they were below 50,000 words. I caught Background Pony (now at 432k words) at 18k, and Black Equinox (now at 175k words and growing) at 33k. They're easier to digest when taken in small, slow bites.

It's a good thing that most stories that are really long are cut up into episodic chapters that are well readable in an hour or 2. It's easy to find some time to read 2 chapters and then move on doing other stuff for a while without losing the momentum of the story.

I do hate to read stories that are unfinished in the end. Especially should the writer take a long hiatus to finish it.
The third generation was a great story to read, for example, but noticing it's still labeled unfinished deters me from continuing it.
Especially with these adventure stuff. Had background pony been unfinished, I would have been gravely disappointed.
>> No. 128365
File 137885442762.png - (225.74KB , 638x448 , 132632137267.png )
Yeah, I kind of feel bad about my own stories being on hiatus. Some of them were simply not thought out enough, and died off from lack of inspiration. Others I simply don't have time for, or can't write with enough quality to allow them to be seen. I've got two I'm really hoping to finish right now. I hope my readers will like it.
>> No. 128368
File 137887884512.jpg - (43.06KB , 533x440 , We're so much better than Backstreet Boys.jpg )
I've also been writing a story that I never seem to be able to finish, a Friendship is Optimal tie-in told through the perspective of a British gaming journalist's news articles. Despite only being about 5.6k words, and only having a thousand-or-so words left before finishing it, and that it was started in January, it's yet to reach a conclusion.

The sudden long break in The Third Generation put me off too. I remember I read a lot of stories last winter, including one where Octavia becomes a robot (Melodia Apparatus?), one Saints Row the Third crossover, and a Top Gear crossover (Top Gear: Worst Diplomats in the World), all of which spent months on end before releasing new chapters, to the point where I gave up them all.
>> No. 128378
File 137899274125.jpg - (307.53KB , 1024x722 , comm__russian_literature_is_magic_by_paulina_ap-d6bhda7.jpg )
1.) Night's Favored Child
2.) White Box
3.) Romance Reports
4.) Yours Truly
5.) Mood Wings

Only hard one to pick was the fifth slot. The rest were obvious choices.
>> No. 128388
Not necessarily in order:
1.The Things We Leave Behind
3.Background Pony
4.Flight of a Pegasus
5.(This one isn't actually done yet...)The Pokemon Crusaders
>> No. 128503
File 137990569883.png - (88.67KB , 320x348 , that's cute.png )
I did at mast and read a Star in Yellow by Blueshift and it was a story a thoroughly enjoyed. Especially setting up an adventurous premise, sparks of mystery and coating it with a great sense of humour and an adorable charm.

I don't think there was anything in the story I had a real issue with and any trail of OOC by classical chimes was a welcome tone to the story.

Can make my top 5 list easily.
>> No. 128504
File 137991740637.png - (181.15KB , 1024x1361 , spike_is_smiling_vector_by_pony_berserker-d5phgca.png )
1.My Little Caboose: Blue is Magic-http://www.fimfiction.net/story/14163/my-little-caboose-blue-is-magic
2.The Great Brony Migration-http://www.fimfiction.net/story/21227/the-great-brony-migration‎
3.Living the Good Life-http://www.fimfiction.net/story/72650/living-the-good-life‎
4.Humans Assemble- http://www.fimfiction.net/story/38587/humans-assemble‎
5.My Little Dashie- http://www.fimfiction.net/story/1888/my-little-dashie‎
6.For the Ones we Love- http://www.fimfiction.net/story/20950/for-the-ones-we-love‎
7.Live by the Creed- http://www.fimfiction.net/story/47456/live-by-the-creed‎
8.Choose Your Own Adventure: Brony Hero of Equestria- http://choose-your-own-adventure-brony-hero-of-equestria
9.My Little Arkham- http://www.fimfiction.net/story/19978/my-little-arkham‎
10. A Dream- http://www.fimfiction.net/story/13723/a-dream‎
Those are all the fics I know. They're really good.

Last edited at Sun, Sep 22nd, 2013 23:28

>> No. 128506
File 137992649258.png - (580.60KB , 764x754 , 2dd0c16ceaa2362be0b8ddda41cc6b2e.png )

Oh you poor lost soul. Thank goodness you found us.


Read, my little pony. Read, and discover the world of fanfiction that you have been missing out on this entire time...
>> No. 128509
File 137994732593.png - (675.90KB , 1000x836 , 237526__safe_scootaloo_derp_50f9f8cd7f123bac65000153.png )
Dude... Look at his pick for number eight.
>> No. 128516
Sure is conceited in here. "No, you can't like what you like. You can only like what we like."

Why did this need to be posted here, in this thread?
>> No. 128517

I was just about to say that Brony Hero In Equestria is actually pretty damn good. Or, not good, but fun and a good idea and crafted with love. It's an actual CYOA, full of stupid humor and parody.
>> No. 128519
>"No, you can't like what you like. You can only like what we like."
While I will agree that I hate it when the users here post crap like that, >>128504 said that he has only read ten stories, and Tactical just suggested a few more for him to read.
>> No. 128520
File 137996971553.png - (140.36KB , 507x454 , swingy.png )
It's a bit of playfulness, I assume.

Don't take it too heavy, though.
>> No. 128526
File 137999332390.gif - (1.35MB , 360x360 , Pinkie-pinkie-pie-29355664-360-360.gif )
I know right? The story itself is actually decent, but the author... I find this hilarious.

>> No. 128556
File 138015186400.jpg - (1.54MB , 1792x1588 , image.jpg )
1. Simply Rarity
2. Rest Stop
3. Swing (Gentleman Creeper)
4. One Day, They'll Throw Flowers
5. Octavia Takes the Bus
>> No. 128582
I have a ton of fics of know. I'm fine
>> No. 128587
File 138034192082.gif - (76.95KB , 450x450 , 258926__safe_derpy%252Bhooves_animated_muffin_gif_pointy%252Bponies_artist-colon-mrponiator.gif )
1.) Background Pony (shortskirtsandexplosions)
2.) The Powers of Harmony (CyborgSamurai)
3.) Harmony Theory (Sharaloth)
4.) Contraptionalogy (Skywriter)
5.) The Best Night Ever (Cap'n Chryssalid

[Edited because remembering thingses]

Last edited at Sun, Sep 29th, 2013 06:58

>> No. 128647
1) Night's Favored Child
2) The Best Night Ever
3) The Flight of the Alicorn
4) It Takes a Village
5) At Home on the Range

Why, yes, I /do/ like adventure stories. How'd you know?
>> No. 128688
File 138050188772.png - (197.61KB , 507x454 , you can't be serious.png )
And then I stranded on Life is a Lemon.

This one goes in my, if not as my all time favourite piece of fanfiction so far.
I expected it to be a crazy story with a comical premise and got so much more. A scary story at moments, with a mystical weirdness, not relying on typical horror touches. Nicely written development and oh so very touching.

This is a style of fanfiction that I will want to read more of.
I may be saying this in the throes of just having read this. But dang, I'm really moved.
This is the first fanfiction to really do this to me.
>> No. 128747
File 138058645575.jpg - (737.07KB , 600x6261 , spoiler.jpg )
1) Waking Nightmares - KnightMysterio
2) Mirror's Image - EvilPresident
3) Thirty Moons - MythrilMoth
4) Past Sins - Pen Stroke
5) All American Girl - Shinzakura

All of these are my favorites of favorates but Waking Nightmares is sooooo boss. It's very engaging, has twists and turns, and it's just awesome. It is an amazing read, and I personally think it's one of the best if not the best MLPFIM fics ever. Though I really need a top 7 list instead of a top 5...

Last edited at Mon, Sep 30th, 2013 17:22

>> No. 128767
File 138076272510.png - (460.12KB , 455x519 , medicshy.png )

idk what's going on here, but I've stolen this for my own use.
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