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#Single fic

inb4 banned for single fic review thread. This clearly isn't one right?


I have been working on this fic for over a year now, I've been putting it off for this long. Quite a few people want me to finish it but I have literally no idea where to take this. It wouldn't be my first story however, it would be my first pony related story so it is a bit daunting.

Any criticism, direction suggestions and advice on writing in a pony situation is more than welcome.

and yes... It has Hitler in it.
any suggestions that he goes on a geoncidal rampage will be laughed at and ignored

Pic unrelated.
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Hello, and welcome to /fic/!

I'm a little torn between the "activity" benefit and the "organization" problem that this thread poses (which you yourself mentioned), but I don't necessarily care about the rules enough to narc on this thread. I'll also offer you this: if you don't have any luck finding a reviewer in this thread, feel free to post your story in my thread, located thusly: >>128162.
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