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lets write a fanfic. ill start.
title: Why the long face brother?

Twilight was working in the library as usual when she heard a loud noise from the other room, she knew it was her brother Shining armour who was sleeping in the library during his visit to ponyville.
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>that image
>what the fucked-up fucking fuck
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File 138101177568.jpg - (25.34KB , 563x434 , 4034_yeahhhhh.jpg )
Nothing wrong with the image, since he is a horse he is likely to have

( ••)
( ••)>⌐■-■

A long face.
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Twilight sat upstraight, images of the old equestrian wars shifting through her mind. "Nightmare Moon!" was the first thought that she decided to settle on. A thought luckily burrowed fast enough. Surely, Celestia would have let her known if anything were addling the mind of her sister. A second more alarming thought came to her. Assassins! Her brother is the consort of the Crystal Princess and he's on his stay here without the proper entourage of body guards. Twilight decided to rush to his aidas the door flung open and a frenzied Spike rushed into the room.

"IT'S TERRIBLE, TWILIGHT!", he exclaimed as he ran up to the stupefied pony and he pulled Twilight close. "It's your brother! He's..." He allowed for a dramatic pause, "making an omelette."
Twilight frowned. "What?"
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You made spit out my coke! I hate you :D
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