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So I'm writing this fic (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/100260/lunas-dawn) and shorty before writing it, I came across the headcannon known as Herd Theory. The way it's presented in the Leroverse and "Fireflies" is really interesting and cool and justifies the stallion-to-mare ratio in a compelling, complex way.

But it's kinda fetishy.

And I don't intend for my fic to be a clopfic.

So, in your opinion, is it -too fetishy- for a non-clopfic? Am I going to turn a lot of people off from the story if I include it?
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>The hell is "Herd Theory?"

In all seriousness, I don't know what "Herd Theory" means, which is something that might add to the discussion of whether or not it is "too fetishy" for a fic premise.

So, blinded as to what "Herd Theory" is, I'll mention that it's possible to write a story about sex, with sex as the main premise, without being porn. Obviously, it's possible to write a story about sex with sex as the main premise that is porn (I believe that's the point of The Romance Reports); so the difference really lies in what you're showing / displaying to the reader.

Are you talking about a romantic evening together between Applejack and Rarity, where the two end up in bed together? That's a lot different from describing the way Rarity arches her back into the mattress as Applejack's tongue plunges deeper inside her.

So really, you can write about how ponies handle the drama around their sexual encounters, or whatever you want to do with "Herd Theory". As long as you don't include any explicit, graphic sex, you're probably not going to cross the threshold into "porn, erotica, and all the weird places in between".
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File 138119020326.jpg - (17.58KB , 427x391 , trixie.jpg )
What is Herd Theory?
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Equestria is strongly matriarchal because mares vastly outnumber stallions.

Gender roles are reversed because mares vastly outnumber stallions.

Mares have a lot of inconvenient, protective instincts towards stallions because there are so few of them.

Basic social unit in Equestria is a "herd", a polygamous grouping of a handful of mares and usually 1-2 stallions.
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Ask Star Sparkle is a tumblr blog that explores this pretty well.

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File 138119282027.jpg - (34.04KB , 500x281 , aj-s1e15-small.jpg )

This does not seem fetishy. It's just like the system wild horses already have with reversed genders.
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... er, i mean it is the system wild horses have, with the same genders.
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Yeah, that's not really fetishy; that's just a story about polyamory.
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