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Months ago I asked Nick Nack to review a story that I'd written. In Nick's thread, Seattle volunteered to help review the story instead. I agreed to that, and the result was that he reviewed the first of two chapters, quit, and Nick reviewed the second one.

I've had a discussion with Nick about the second chapter, but I couldn't get a hold of Seattle. It's been a while, I've neglected the fic, and I wanted to try and get a better grip on how to fix it. Right now I'm not sure if I should try to reach Seattle again or get another opinion on it.

Review post is at >>128900 if you're curious.
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>> No. 129311
File 138695764014.png - (64.43KB , 580x551 , 26002__suggestive_blushing_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice.png )
As far as I know, no one's seen Seattle in ages. I never knew the guy especially well, though.
>> No. 129312
File 138697899799.png - (363.80KB , 1280x1024 , 40911 - artist echowolf800 pinkamena_diane_pie pinkie_pie.png )
Seattle's a bit of a mystical unicorn around here, and not in the my little pony sense of the term. He shows up on occasion for one, brief, shining moment, then vanishes back into nonexistence for vast and indefinite amounts of time. I think that thread he held the summer of 2012 was probably the longest he's ever stuck around. All the same, good luck on your search, but don't be disappointed if you can't find him, because we can't either. Well, I shouldn't speak for all of /fic/ but I certainly haven't ever found him when I wanted to.
>> No. 129317
Isn't seattle a place in washington state in the US?
>> No. 129318
File 138699298973.png - (694.56KB , 900x900 , Hello Seaddle.png )
He also orbits the planet
>> No. 129319
I'm pretty sure the planet orbits him.
>> No. 129320
File 138699789020.png - (343.42KB , 900x836 , ascending_light___ingress_x_pony_by_bufbaf-d5r6fom.png )
Maybe it's because I introduced him to Ingress and he's gotten really hooked on it?

Nah. I have no earthly idea where he is / what he's doing and I don't think anyone does.
>> No. 129321
File 138704069366.png - (186.29KB , 600x338 , A7eriaeCAAEs0r7.png )

If you ever find him, chain him up and drag him back here

Um, I mean, wish him good luck with whatever he's doing.
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