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Why are there no discussion threads on story fiction? All I ever see here are unfinished user-submitted fics being reviewed, I never see any pre-existing fics being talked about like a normal episode of mlp. Also talk about which stories would be best translated into comics.
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Probably because with all the fanfiction being written today, most people probably won't have read the things you want to discuss (or if they have, the stories are probably really short and don't have much to discuss anyways). Though if you want to discuss a story, start up a thread. Discussion's good.

Edit: Oh, hey. I still have part of my intended /meta/ post in Notepad. I'll paste it here.

The only reader-centric threads with active participation in /fic/ history have been about stories with lots of readers or a loyal following that posted a lot (like End of Ponies or TCB when it was still around). Here's my take on it:

- There are more stories being published today, through Fimfiction or... uh... well, through Fimfiction, than any time before.
- As a result, the stories I've read recently and the stories you've read recently--aside from the few stories that explode and get like ten thousand views in the first week--are likely to be very different.
- Due to the current state of pony fic--where short stories are much more common than long ones because it's much easier to get featured that way--if there's any story that you and I have both read, it's probably pretty short with not much to discuss.
- And so when I post a thread on /fic/ hoping to discuss a story, most probably will not have read it.
- And those who have read it might not jump into the discussion, or simply don't care enough about the story to say anything more than "I read it a couple days ago; the pacing seemed poor and I wasn't terribly satisfied by how the author handled the conflict."
- On top of all that, readers who want to discuss a story might have already done so in the comments section of a story on Fimfic.
- So threads discussing one story would be short lived if they don't sink to the back pages without non-spambot replies.

If you've got a story you want to discuss, start up a thread. Story discussion is good, and meaningful story discussion would be really great.

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Short answer: Because this board is dead as fuck.

Longer short answer: There were much, much better places to discuss stories than /fic/, even back in late 2011.

Longest answer: I definitely see the need / use for a place to discuss fics that isn't under an author's watchful eyes. A lot of people are afraid of saying something negatively critiquing a story, which can dissuade them from leaving comments. Or even, perhaps the story raised a question they want to discuss elsewhere, despite it not necessarily being on-topic for the story itself.

That being said... in order for a story's discussion to sustain itself, it generally needs a good amount of philosophical depth and popularity. Actually, screw the philosophical depth part of that. As long as a story's popular, it can sustain discussion.

Perhaps, then, a better question to ask is "where have all the popular stories gone?" There used to be a lot of (disgustingly mediocre) popular fics that captivated the fandom, produced their own sub-communities of artists and fanworks, and in general, were "things". Fallout Equestria was an excruciatingly long thing that got its popularity off being one of the first "Epic Length" things (that also copied and pasted the world from a very beloved video game).

Past Sins was a thing that hit on the 'story advertising" idea exceptionally well. It had regular releases back when each release got an individual post on Equestria Daily (exposure to thousands of potential readers). It had custom-made, movie-poster-like cover art (even though the ponies kind of look like dogs). All of that got people's attention, and it definitely had the vapid, shallow, cute hook that people in this fandom love to fawn over—look, it's little Nyx! And she's being discriminated against because she's black! (not implying that this fandom gives a damn about racial equality, but that's another discussion altogether)

My Little Dashie and The Conversion Bureau both hit on the fact that this fandom is, very much, grounded in escapism. One way or another, a lot of the grown-ass men or teenagers who watch My Little Pony, generally, don't like a lot of things in their lives. Both of them pose a very blunt rephrasing of the implicit question of "What if My Little Ponies were real"? This question is generally answered by the show with, "Well, they have cute little problems from time to time, but in general, it's good." With the "Ponies and Humans coexisting" stories, the answer is basically, "Ponies exist to make humans' lives better than how boring they were before." This reinforces a lot of fans' ideas that, "See, my life would be better if I were in Equestria!"

On a side note, I should read My Little Dashie with the assumption that "Dashie" is a metaphor for a 10kg bag of heroin. Same basic principle—escaping reality—but I wonder if that story would be any better / worse for pointing out how escapism is generally bullshit (though a necessary part of life, especially for gardeners). But I digress.

I'm not going to put Short Skirts and Explosions stories on the list of "disgustingly mediocre fics that are popular", because—even though I loathe writing styles as inefficient and boisterous as his—I can't deny their artistic merit. They're stories written well above a certain quality threshold, but by and large, I can't get into them when I feel like every sentence is just there for decoration. But, Background Pony and End of Ponies both garnered a well-deserved audience and a sub-community.

Now then. Of that list, I'd imagine I covered the biggest of the Fandom Classics. From what I understand, Fallout: Equestria's following is the largest fanfic fanbase, followed by TCB, followed by My Little Dashie, followed by Past Sins, and then End of Ponies and Background Pony. This list is roughly chronological, too—newer stories just don't seem to have the widespread appeal of the old stories. I mean, Background Pony finished in 2012. What's been the biggest story since then? The Life and Times of a Winning Pony?

My best guess is that the fandom is large enough to have divides between all the creative communities. And maybe I'm jaded, but I don't really get a cohesive vibe from this fandom anymore. There's just too many people, and Ponies are becoming to be old news—"Fanfiction? I've read enough of that, I think."

So, I guess my long-ass answer, summed up in a sentence: The golden age for ultra-popular fanfics is over. It was... something... while it lasted. And now's a good chance to test your mettle as an author—do you still want to write if you're not going to be a "thing" in the fandom for it? But without hugely popular fics, the odds of holding discussion outside of their specific containers grows very, very slim.
>> No. 130276
Because we suck.
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File 139879139100.png - (215.75KB , 1280x720 , 134493987606.png )
Beware the negativity police.

> If you've got a story you want to discuss, start up a thread. Story discussion is good, and meaningful story discussion would be really great.

Include a link too. People still read those blind links to Cupcakes 3: the Cakening, so if you want people to discuss a story, tell them where it is.

> Longer short answer: There were much, much better places to discuss stories than /fic/, even back in late 2011.

This is true. Back in the beginning, people used this board to throw 'Here's my story, go read it' pretty frequently. It made the board a mess, with the unintended reaction that if one of the members read the story, and wrote out a review, the poster could delete and remake the post, blowing out 3-4 hours of work.

EqD became the center point of story discussion and advertising, and this board stagnated until becoming better defined through the work of individuals intent on saving everything and organizing.
We began fixing things EqD would reject, which was really the high point of the board.

Now everything's different, we're spread to the four winds, and this board is slower than molasses. But the only way that will change is if people post.

So if you post it, they will come.

> And maybe I'm jaded, but I don't really get a cohesive vibe from this fandom anymore.

To be fair, I never got that vibe. It was the thing that drew me in. Also to be fair, when I log into tumblr, I get to see both sides of pretty much every arguement in relation to the fandom.
>> No. 130381
File 139950279671.jpg - (72.61KB , 900x752 , 1478930_689662264392230_300075457_n.jpg )
Speaking of, I still haven't found a working link to the original, where apparently Apple Bloom is in on the whole thing. Now, having done some digging through /fic/'s old catacombs, I know that you personally have read that version. Do you happen to know where I might find a copy? Does it even still exist? Sorry for being pushy, I just really want to read it. Cupcakes was a great fanfic for what it was, and it was my favorite pony story for a good while (before I stumbled in here). If there's more, I'd really like to read it.
Or you could just ask SgtSprinkles himself

Or I could just do that. If I don't hear a reply, I guess I might do that.

>this board is slower than molasses. But the only way that will change is if people post.
Aint that the truth. I don't even sage my posts anymore so the front page will keep changing, and people will see that there's activity here. And I go out of my way to respond to anything I might have input on. If people can see that this board isn't what it's reputation became, we might have a chance.
That's my take, anyway.

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>> No. 130403
File 139982012289.jpg - (22.99KB , 383x315 , pic-src-1345289793162.jpg )
> Speaking of, I still haven't found a working link to the original, where apparently Apple Bloom is in on the whole thing

I don't think I'm allowed to link the thing directly.
However I can walk you through finding it pretty easily.
If you google "Cupcakes Original" you'll get a link to the creepypasta wiki. I can confirm with about... 95% accuracy that that is, if not the original, it is the closest currently available.
>> No. 130404
File 139982200012.jpg - (97.71KB , 600x773 , mlp___two_sides_of_pinkie_pie_by_tehjadeh-d4ht4gd.jpg )
>I don't think I'm allowed to link the thing directly.
That's fair. Thanks for the tip, that was just as delicious as the first time, and even more so with those last hundred or so words. You're right, it adds sooo much to the story.
>> No. 130405
File 139982405954.png - (64.86KB , 507x424 , 132654908791.png )
> You're right, it adds sooo much to the story.

I know right?
It changes the entire story, from "Why would Pinkie kill Rainbow Dash" to "Something's Wrong in Equestria".

To many people and revisions focus on the acts going on. Murder, torture, insanity. The fact that the common version ends with Pinkie 'making a friend', just makes it seem like Pinkie is insane.

By adding that extra scene, where she's training a student, the whole thing gains a global sense of darkness. Sure Pinkie is insane still, but it's an insanity common enough that other people are helping her.
It could mean that the Cakes are involved too. It could mean that Pinkie was trained by someone else. It means she's good enough that she hasn't been caught, and is training the next one to be good enough to not be caught. It could go all the way up, where it's a well known, but secret practice.

The Murder-Torture combo is worse because there isn't malice in Pinkie's actions. She believes that she's helping.She's teaching Applebloom to help in the same way.
It's not that Pinkie is a vicious murder who wants to kill people. A magical, seemingly impartial system came to the conclusion that Dash's time was up. There's implication buried in that.
There's a hint that by not performing 'Cupcakes' things will get worse for everyone else. Like a ritual sacrifice of sorts.

But I do like to read into things.

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>> No. 130407
File 139987236982.png - (76.09KB , 351x318 , 132631855510.png )
Yeah, I totally get the same feel, especially the way Pinkie mention's Gilda's number never came up, or that she was so excited that it was Dashie, as though she didn't really have a say in the matter. Or How she's okay handing it off to Apple Bloom, saying she forgot. This indicates that while she enjoys doing it, it's being done for a reason, which is supported by the line 'this one'.

The whole thing reminds me of the loom from Wanted.
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