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I enjoy listening to other people's readings of various fanfics, and I was interested in doing some recordings myself.

I'm not sure what people are interested in hearing, other than fics that have been read many times over by people more talented than I, so I figured I would start a thread where people can post requests, and people looking for ideas can do readings for any that pique their interest.

So tell me /fic/, what story would you like to hear today?

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File 139894417875.jpg - (34.61KB , 403x287 , Amethyst Crystal Skull__ Quite Awesome.jpg )

I will suggest this one.
It's long, so I'll only ask for first chapter. Of course, this is my story, so this is kind of a shameless self-promotion, but I really am interested in hearing your interpretation on it. However, if you are violently opposed and/or allergic to such self-promotion, you may pass this by without comment, and I shall sit here on the curb with a sparkling smile on my face while eagerly awaiting the illustrious results of a painstakingly prepared and recorded version of pony words for years to come, slowly growing old and heartbroken, living off the passing charity of fieldmice and barley. Conversely, you could tell me 'no,' and then I shan't sit here on the curb with a sparkling smile on my face while {see above}.

Anyway, that's...all I have. Enjoy (or not, as you will)!
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I second this story. The first arc is awesome spec-ops stuff; I'm not sure yet where I stand on the second arc (since it's not finished yet).
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File 139950218173.png - (363.80KB , 1280x1024 , 40911 - artist echowolf800 pinkamena_diane_pie pinkie_pie.png )
I used to do this thing, but I lost interest in it eventually.

I don't have any strong preferences, but these two usually have good taste. I'll throw in a third for this
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