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#Single fic #Shipping

Does anyone know where i can read loosening up by rainbowbob, i can't find it on fimfiction.
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A cursory google search reveals that the fic has been deleted from FIMFiction, and that the story in question is decidedly NSFW (specifically, it's a clopfic).

I'm afraid that, unless the rules of this board and this site have changed since the last time I looked, I can not provide you with a link to the fic even if I could find one.
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Whoa, hey there, Drags. Didn't realize you still hung out around here.

Dragon here is right. This board tends to be a little lax on the rules because our regulars have pretty thick hides and are very good at discretion, but clopfics (or sex for the sake of sex, to be more clear) are still a no go around here. Sorry, mate. You'll have to ask elsewhere.
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