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Is there any MLP FIM ballbusting/cbt fic out there? I remember seeing one about Shining Armour but I can't seem to find it anymore.
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nope, can't think of any
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That one fic about Estrus (I think that was also the title) has a nice little flashback story about a P.E. class lesson in Rainbow Dash's childhood that involved ballbusting. I think you'd like it.
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Dude... you are still around? And talk about ballbusting? Neat. I just need two more people to reappear and everyone who I remember enjoying being here will be back. Well, of people who can still come back, I mean.
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Thanks for trying!
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Rocky Road starts off with the titular character getting his nads pressed from the third dimension to the second. Early fanfic in the fandom, I remember it being decent enough read and a brief skim of it now hasn't changed that opinion.


Have at 'er.

Oh, and after the first page it goes male/male shipping, FYI.

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I show up from time to time just to see how things are. I mostly help pitch in with pre-reading for close friends like NickNack every once in a while (though that doesn't necessarily involve coming here). So yeah.
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