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Hi, kids. Been a while. Can't even find my old ponychan alias code.
I come to you, hat in hand. I'm looking for help with some dialogue in a fic of mine. Specifically, I need assistance in translating Icelandic characters/alphabet into English phonetics, so my readership will 'hear' the right sounds.
Anyone here have some experience w/ Icelandic?

Thanks for your time!
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File 140039880169.jpg - (35.23KB , 604x363 , the-volcano-in-iceland[1].jpg )
>Pic related
Hey, why not try to do Egyptian hieroglyphics while you're at it? Oh, and maybe some Vogon poetry for that final flourish.
>> No. 130446
File 140042452953.gif - (319.57KB , 360x203 , IMsF2Y3.gif )
Wiseacre. I could probably do hieroglyphics more easily, as the phonics rules for them aren't so fluid. As for Vogon poetry? Some of mine might suffice.
>> No. 130448
File 140044151320.png - (23.72KB , 1250x249 , Google Translate.png )
To be fair, the remaining... 5 to 6 people still in /fic/ have developed all sort of weird abandonment issues.

Anyways, I know nothing about Icelandic, but hilariously Google Translate will do in a pinch.


The important part is that silly 'speak' in the corner.

In other, related news, who knew that there's an rss feed for /fic/? That's way easier to keep track of!
>> No. 130449
File 140044478676.png - (203.36KB , 644x427 , 132631865894.png )
I'm not really sure what RSS even is. I've always known that was there, but never used it.

As to the icelandic issue, sorry, but I'm very monolingual.
>> No. 130452
File 140046377424.gif - (1.05MB , 261x195 , n1dHZQ3.gif )
A whole acre of wise-ness, eh? I'm fine with that.
>> No. 130453
File 140046940554.jpg - (23.58KB , 500x381 , 1365910923355.jpg )
I've tried that, Minty. While I can suss out a few phonemes, others sound like 'pr' sometimes, and 'th' others. Thank you for the suggestion, though. I may have to just keep replaying it over and over and over again.

>semantic pedantry
>pedicure gif
Well played, Ion.
>> No. 130454
File 140047150977.gif - (700.43KB , 529x335 , vhjMQ02.gif )
Totally didn't mean to do that I am a genius, thank you for acknowledging it.

You might want to try hitting up Sagebrush. He's got a good grasp on accents and suchlike.
>> No. 130455
File 140047961685.jpg - (43.36KB , 540x517 , 133053485574.jpg )
Sorry about that. I hate posting on threads with little or nothing to add.
Like this http://h2g2.com/edited_entry/A2181557

The short version is that RSS is an automatic tracker. In this case, should anyone make the mistake of posting anything to /fic/, a little light flicks on so you know where it is.

Also good for tracking down all that spam.
>> No. 130456
File 140049343576.jpg - (17.20KB , 296x425 , tick.jpg )
Awesome, Minty. I forgot h2g2 even existed. Thanks bunches.
>> No. 130546
Just following up: I decided to go the straight Icelandic route, figuring anyone who cared enough would do an in-line translation or cut/paste. Results are here:
Larger story arc is, of course, here:

For those who remember, this is a collection of side-stories from the Order from Chaos/Justice/Hope trilogy.

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>Twilightsnarkle is alive
I just need one more revival and I'll claim whoever is doing it is jesus.
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