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File 130103077363.jpg - (33.40KB , 400x400 , Lucibane.jpg )
1375 No. 1375
Tremble, feeble foals, for it is I, the great Lucibane!

I come before you this day, despite the generally positive sentiments that predominate this peculiar place, to impart upon the world of Equestria a most sinister tome of advice. I speak of my soon to be infamous handiwork, ‘Rotten Apples: Equestria’s Evildoer Guide’, a volume series meant to serve as a fundamental basis for any up and coming campaigners of evil.

I’m a bit new to this whole ‘trans-dimensional communications’ business, so I can only pray to the darker forces that this book reaches its intended audience. On behalf of the Ponyville Charter for Evil, I would like to say welcome to any new recruits that can utilize my guidance in their conquest of Equestria.

Here is a 'hyper link' to a 'digitized' version of Part One of my glorious book:


Your comments and criticism may be monitored/collected without prior consent in order to help improve the quality of this guide.

(P.S. To any of those, good or evil, that can look passed my moniker and somehow manage to unveil my true identity, I ask that you refrain from making your fallacious assumptions public. I do not wish a precarious fate upon my alibi, although I doubt my caretaker, in even her most peculiar of escapades, would ever find this obscure place anyways. It would be entirely wasted effort on your part, rest assured.)
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>> No. 1384
While I must applaud your brashness in spreading fear and evil, the fact that you have presented this guide in a place of pure friendship and love holds a disturbing risk of a 'hero' reading it's pages, and I hope beyond hope that we are not discovered because of this.
We will need to have words.
Meeting place is the tub at 1300 tomorrow.
>> No. 1466
File 130107299616.jpg - (33.77KB , 400x400 , LucibaneMeeting.jpg )
Ah, if it isn’t one of my close associates, A.B. Before we begin our meeting, I would like to first extend my congratulations for finding me in this obscure dimensional rift. I always knew our local Charter for Evil was resourceful, but now I must say I am genuinely impressed. Also, please don’t mind the putrid, bubble-gum scented suds; that ‘thing’ just finished taking an obnoxiously long bubble bath. It is the very reason I was stalled in getting here.

But enough of these vile pleasantries. I understand your concern over the exposure of my tome in a decision with a seemingly dichotomous set of conclusions. I would like to assure you that, while there is a very slight risk of this maleficent text falling into the wrong set of hooves, there is an overwhelming possibility that a wave of burgeoning bad-guys will indeed find it first and use it to their benefit. I shall depend on the sheer evil exuding from this ominous book as a more than dark enough force to keep these pitiful pony folk at bay.

As far as why I have displayed such a brilliantly corrupt text in such a peace loving, friendship seething place? Well, let’s just say that it’s all part of a much more sinister, spiteful, and despicable grand master plan. I will not expose the genius of my sleight; you, A.B., will have to wait to see the full power of the glorious chaos I shall reign in. It shall be legendary!

By the by, for the next Charter for Evil meeting, is there a garment theme for Casual Cloaks or are we supposed to bring in our Maleficent Mace projects we were working on? I was scribing my latest findings when the proclamation was made.
>> No. 1487
File 130109502142.jpg - (73.84KB , 356x475 , Wraith.jpg )
Lucibane. I have discovered your identity.
Your implementation of literary production has made a most bold faced presentation to the razor [minded] such as myself. Normally I would out you in the most expedient manner possible but your bravado has presented itself as endearing to me. Now I want in.
Doubtful of my evil skill?
Check my "Am I Evil? Multiple Choice Booklet" answers against your own.

1. How do you spend your morning?
(A) Rise at 6, shower while humming a chipper tune
(B) Preform vigorous knee bends and enjoy bracing 5-mile jog
(C) Hit the snooze alarm until hopelessly late for work
[(D) Sip a cup of coffee, read the newspaper, plot the downfall of civilization]

2. What did you want to be when you grew up?
(A) Police officer
(B) Veterinarian
(C) Ballerian
[(D) Supreme dark overlord of all the planet]

3. Which of the followiing best describes your talents?
(A) People person
(B) Manager
(C) Multitasker
[(D) Snake Charmer]

4. Do you have any pets?
(A) Puppy
(B) Birds
(C) Iguana
[(D) Aquarium filled with piranhas, electric eels and killer sharks]

5. How do you spend your weekends?
(A) Hiking mountain trails
(B) Watching races
(C) Tending to the animal population
[(D) Ruining/ making those events especially dangerous for others.]

6. What torments you nightmares?
(A) A gaudy building from which you cannpt escape
(B) Monsters with large teeth
(C) The loss of all knowledge
[(D) Sunny days, laughter and unconditional love]

7. What would you say is the greatest threat to society today?
(A) Plague of insects
(B) Celestial mamals beings rampant in populated areas
(C) Infinite night
[(D) Me]

8. It is the end of the world. A massive blast has just leveled all population centers. Monsters walk the streets and the seas have boiled away. Civilization as it has been known is over. What do you do?
(A) Vow to rebuild society b collecting all books
(B) Double over in grief at the loss of your loved ones
(C) Try to remember the plot of Road Warrior
[(D) Congratulate yourself on a job well done]

You won't recognize it because the [Academy] keeps all records confidential but I was the first [being] to score perfect on the AIE test.
Interested in my contribution?
>> No. 1522
File 130115804483.jpg - (35.83KB , 400x400 , LucibaneSeriously.jpg )
You? Unveiling my perfectly anonymous identity? As self-assured as one would seem at having miraculously sorted all the pieces to the conundrum of my identity, I sincerely doubt that you have the fortitude necessary to have accomplished such a nigh impossible task.

I do, however, recognize your distinct sagacity, considering that you were able to digest the wealth of sinister erudition that I have successfully imparted upon your mind. In this regards, I see you as a promising candidate for joining the ranks of the unscrupulous evildoers of Equestria. Not only that, but I simply cannot argue with such flawless test scores! If I recall correctly, my first AIE was a 7 out of 8; I originally answered [B] to number 1.

With all things considered, I would like to extend a dark invitation to you from the Ponyville Charter for Evil. May the path you lay be pitted with destruction and cruelty.

By the way, do not threaten my identity again or you shall incur my absolute wrath; capisci?
>> No. 1572
File 130120615058.jpg - (20.84KB , 400x378 , ebonspike.jpg )
Looking good so far. It's about bloody time we had some proper scoundrels in this place; the closest thing Ponyville has to villains are a cranky griffin, a charlatan magician and two racist schoolfillies. Those of us who falsely pinned our hopes Nightmare Moon's return may be interested in reforming under a new banner. Needless to say, my cover story is still flawless; no one suspects a thing.

I enjoyed the way you fleshed/scaled out the different types of potential antagonists. Might I suggest that in future installments you address the very real threat the Elements of Harmony pose to any serious villainy. And though it may seem impossible to fall a goddess, keep in mind that Nightmare Moon was destroyed by pony magic.

Perhaps the same principle could be applied to Celestia? Something to think about. As for Twilight Sparkle, let's just say I feel confident that I can keep the manual out of her hooves.

I look forward to hearing more from you and I offer to lend you my information gathering services and my considerable finances I've kept secret from my captors. My price is that when we rule Equestria, you allow me a certain pony to be my bride, no questions asked.


The Ebon Dragon

And If you ever think of double crossing me, you're in for the...party...of a lifetime...
>> No. 1584
I don't know much about evil but I do know this- You're all screwed when Lord Tirac gets back.

I mean, the guy has a freaking rainbow of darkness. And he doesn't need to stand around making a big speech about it, he just opens his bag of evil (He keeps it in a bag! How the heck do you keep the most powerful forces of darkness in a bag?) and boom, goodbye pony.

Sound bad? There's more. The rainbow of darkness doesn't just turn ponies evil, oh no, IT SETS THEM ON FIRE AND TURNS THEM INTO A CROSS BETWEEN A DRAGON, A ELDRITCH ABOMINATION, AND THOSE CREEPY CRAWLING "BABY" PONIES. Plus he's a frigging massive minotaur who could kick your flank so hard, it would make you explode. Twice.

He's so evil, "cupcakes" would be a light-hearted comedy to him. He's the pony equivilent of Darksied. Don't believe me? Watch this video.


Yeah. I think you've got quite a way to go before you're as badass as him, Lucibane. As for me, I'll be loading up on shotgun shells, whilst I prepare for Lord Tirac's fated return.
>> No. 1592
i almost thought this was somekind of RP
>> No. 1626
File 130127867907.jpg - (24.59KB , 518x377 , Infection Form.jpg )

Yes, yes, we're all the baddest non-pony in all Equestria. Let's not get into this contrived old argument. Rather let's add to the manual.
I should think the "Am I Evil" multiple choice test should be included. Whether we put it at the front of the manual for those still questioning their malevolence, or at the end as a study aid for [Academy] entrants is up for debate. (Cheating has become practically mandatory after my graduation.)

I suppose I'll allow you to edit my contribution.

Part One/Two: The method of Your Mayhem
..................^ (Depending on if what you have already is a preface or a chapter)

Primer Quote: "So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss." -Armada, by proxy of Sun Tzu

Choosing an Evil Name
To launch your evil career you'll want to choose a evil name for yourself. Your options are as numerous as the power of evil is infinite. However, a short name is generally preferable, especially if you intend to carve it into the face of a: stone, mountain, continent or victim.

The normal name
This is where you keep your current name and simply use that in your quest for evil. Trust in your evil deeds and should your deeds be terrible enough, your name alone can inspire fear at the mere mention of your name.

The descriptive name
A descriptive name lets people immediately know something about you and what makes you different. Yes, in the same vein as the Pony's Cutie Marks. Loathe as you may be to associate yourself with the sickeningly sweet antagonists of your life, a descriptive name will clue in those who live in outlying (and therefore uninformed) sections of Equestria. If you are in favor of crushing things, you may decide to cal yourself The Pulverize. Evil geniuses with multiple limbs may opt for The Octopus. While you are brainstorming, don't dismiss ideas just because it's not exactly right. Even the silliest suggestions might lead to a wonderfully sinister name later.

The sinister name
Want more options in the evil lexicon? Create your own name following some of the following guidelines:

Kool Leturz
Make an otherwise-ordinary name scarier with unintuitive or phonetically similar letters.
e.x. Hugo Drax

[Noun] X
Some go by a pseudonym that is a form of the descriptive name which is a one word description followed by an X.
e.x. Weapon X, Red X, Predator X

Foreign language name
What is scarier than the unknown? And what is less known than other languages? Choose a foreign name for a unique effect.
e.x. Jafar, Geist

Unpronounceable name
Are you more of a prankster villain? In the manner of Jason's great prank upon the Cyclopes why not make it impossible to for your victims to identify you? What could be more fun than spray-panting your mockery of pronunciation onto a wall and tying the tails of the authorities together while they stare, befuddled at your handiwork?
e.x. Mr. Mxyzptlyk

K name
Names with a K in them, especially at the beginning, look tougher than names without it. Perhaps it's because this letter is rarely used by itself the English language, and thus it sounds sinisterly foreign. Or maybe it's because those few English words are mostly of a rather morbid variety (e.g., "kill", "keelhaul", "kick", "kidney"), and the name sounds scary by association.
e.x. Khan, Koloth, Kane

Name ending in th
Names ending in th sound mysteriously ancient, and are accompanied in a deliciously invidious hissing sound. To let those who hear your name know that you are to be feared, a name ending in th is a ideal choice.
e.x. Yandroth, Lilith, Dagoth

Mix and Match
Any combination of the previous, but don't go overboard.
e.x. Malekith the Accursed
>> No. 1648
File 130128536317.jpg - (35.97KB , 400x400 , LucibaneCheckin.jpg )
You have brought up a most intriguing subject matter. When I first began scribing my sinister text, I had not the slightest idea what these purported ‘Elements of Harmony’ could possibly be. With your helpful tip, I was able to abscond with a reference book from the library and read further into this dismal topic. Thank you for your dark rumination; I have scribed a reference to this research and to your name in Part Two of my glorious book. Your contribution to the greater forces of evil is commendable. And let us pray that Twilight Sparkle, a scourge to all things devious and sinister, never sets her hooves on this glorious document. Darkness be praised.

As for the request to engage a pony in unholy matrimony... I am sure that it is to satiate the will of a far greater and more reprehensible plan than I care to know of. I will warn you, however, that I have reserved for a certain pony to receive the absolute extent of my reckoning when I finally command the authority that I deserve. I prefer to remain vague on victim specifics.

Pfft. I know you're over exaggerating the greatness of this 'Tirac' fellow. It is not possible to explode twice.

Armada, don’t you remember the other components of the AIE test certification? Not only does passing entail blatant cheating on the exam, but you must also bribe the test proctors and lie to the teacher when they ask you if you cheated. I’m not sure if we can appropriately capture these necessary elements of the test in my guide, but a cheaters guide could certainly give academic students an unfair advantage. It shall be included toward the end of my book.

This evil lexicon section that you have proposed shall be incorporated into Part One of the guide after I pollute it with the perfect evil of my twisted prose. Picking a functional moniker, much as I have, is a very important decision in becoming a recognized force of darkness. Your contributions shall be stolen and assimilated with due credit given, of course.

Part Two shall be posted up within the hour. Prepare yourselves, colleagues of evil!
>> No. 1668
File 130129119413.jpg - (27.09KB , 400x400 , LucibaneProfile.jpg )
Pitiful wretches and practitioners of malice! I, the great Lucibane, have just completed Part Two of my book 'Rotten Apples: Equestria's Evildoer Guide'.

With the expulsion of my document into this apparently public domain of evil, I have effectively darkened the entire dimension by another 0.7%. That's rather significant, considering the size of my guide compared to the size of your universe.

Find this amazing and sinister guide at the strange 'hyper dimensional address' below:


Again, your comments and criticism will be monitored/collected without prior consent in order to help improve the quality of this guide. Some commentary already has been implemented with more to follow as I see fit.
>> No. 1669
File 130129327272.jpg - (118.50KB , 778x778 , OrderotEbon.jpg )
I must be brief; my captor thinks I'm running an errand to the Carousel Boutique.

Your latest treatise fills me with immense pleasure and inspires me to further my villainy!

Your malicious metaphors make for most marvelous midnight reading. I appreciate the footnote but the ideas crafted here go beyond what I dared dream of! I confess, I feel kinks in my soul I long thought softened by this infernal pony land. Your words inspire me to be bolder in my mischief, going past what petty mayhem I've been responsible for in the past

Imagine my joy when the first chapter to address the elements of harmony deals with my most hated foe. Of all the elements, I loathe Twilight Sparkle the most for years of personal greivances that would best not be discussed in public.

I agree that the best course of action is to sow chaos and discord within the elements of harmony and I would be honored to spearhead a campaign against Celestia's Right Hoof. From my position in Ponyville, there is no end to the suffering I could cause her.

As long as I have my...precious little gemstone when this is all over, there is no limit to the suffering I will endure to see your chaos spread. I am committed to your cause fully and completely and anxiously await further infernal enlightenment.

I must go now; I believe my captor is beginning to suspect something...no, she still has no idea...

Yours in Everlasting Darkness,

The Ebon Dragon
>> No. 1670
File 130129771942.jpg - (762.75KB , 1200x1600 , 0_1headphonejack.jpg )
>> No. 1671
File 130129818123.jpg - (809.55KB , 1200x1600 , 1faggotry2.jpg )
vocaroo is requesting permission to use your microphone.
>> No. 1678
This is truly a good work done BUT more can be done, and i believe you are currently using the Daw/Baw tactic you inscribed into the first chapter.

Firstly, your lack of knowledge in Magic is a HUGE problem. All creatures contains an almost equal amount of matter called "mana", which is what magic exists in material form, unicorns have the power to utilize it well its because the horns focus mana into one point, therefore pushing it to maximum efficiency (i know of non-unicorns using magic EVEN better then unicorns, including myself), my studies shows that a device called AMF(Anti Magilink Field, further information here http://nanoha.wikia.com/wiki/Anti_Magilink_Field) can be used to prevent users to access their mana, therefore rendering magic useless (just a little reminder that earth ponies are on average physically stronger than pegasus and unicorns)

Secondly, you can utilize the power of the machines, remember that it can have good and apocalyptic effects, in our world we have a device called "hydrogen bomb" which is designed to turn a city into a barren desert by sending everything in its way to oblivion, its power made many countries including the ones who created them to be banned in warfare due to its destructive propertries, it works like how the sun shrines (actually if you can bring to sun down to equstria, the world would just vanish into thin air even before it even touches the ground).

Thirdly if i guess right, this is not the first evil book that twilight sparkle read, that library she lives in contains much information as well as ones that should never be read, you might as well take a look inside.

Just one more thing, another tactic that can only be used by the most evilest of evil is "good-friendly-guy backstabbing you" there is a case where a innocent and right boy i know of, with some friends of his defeated a demon who ruled a kingdom for more than a century, after the demons death, the friends started to die one-by-one, when the people finally knew that the boy was the real evil, it was too late.

P.S. go look for the elements of discord
>> No. 1693
File 130134824700.jpg - (839.16KB , 1200x1600 , 1glasses.jpg )
okay, let's try this again. AHEM!
this week in masterpiece fanfic theater.

Rotten Apples
by Lucibane

part one:
>> No. 1694
File 130135079619.jpg - (814.60KB , 1200x1600 , 1 cigar2.jpg )
part 2:

>> No. 1699
File 130135285398.jpg - (635.60KB , 1200x1600 , 1 thumb.jpg )
part 3:

>> No. 1706
File 130135489525.jpg - (789.68KB , 1200x1600 , 1 cigar lite.jpg )
part 4:

part 4: http://vocaroo.com/?media=vcbTvZcbw6Jm06QEo
>> No. 1708
File 130135591053.jpg - (465.18KB , 1200x1600 , corncob.jpg )
part 5:

>> No. 1709
File 130135709152.jpg - (442.79KB , 1200x1600 , corncob2.jpg )
part 6:

>> No. 1721
File 130136579915.gif - (1.43MB , 300x171 , 236 - animated twilight_sparkle omg.gif )
>> No. 1727
>> No. 1729
File 130136836312.jpg - (194.02KB , 601x850 , Psycho Mantis.jpg )

Honorary Charter of Evil Scribe position?
>> No. 1752
File 130138064817.jpg - (35.19KB , 400x400 , LucibanePleased.jpg )
Allow me to offer my darkest offers of accost to all villains this cold night. I, the great Lucibane, have appended Part One of my guide with an idea that has been purloined from atrocious fellow villain Armada. There is now a section discussing designations that one must invent for their conniving societal alter ego. It can be found towards the end of the guide above my journal notes. Being hounded all day by my curious and loathsome caretaker, I have yet to devote proper scrutiny over it to ensure that it is the finest delivery of my wicked word. Be warned; the content of this new section may be subject to change.

It is most satisfying to hear that I have been able to conjure up wicked inspiration in a subversive element of evil such as yourself. Truly, however, I am glad to finally be rid of the encumbering curiosity that was my fascination over these ‘Elements of Harmony’. Who would have known that such power could be wrought forth from these disgustingly kind pony vermin? With this knowledge in hand, we can all confidently be more conniving in our efforts to undermine the decency of Ponyville.

Ah, and please feel free to delight yourself in the distraught tears of Twilight. Do keep in mind that openly harassing her will result in being banned from the library, which will in turn complicate your efforts to perform research. Stay vigilant of her pet dragon as well; he tends to keep close tabs on who communicates with his magical purple friend. I could cast doubt upon his vigilance, however, as he usually guards the library when I slink in to snatch research books. I swear he must have seen me several times, but the dimwitted dragon has yet to ever respond or question my presence. Just keep his presence in mind when organizing your pranks, Ebon; you don’t want to foolishly risk exposure as I have many times in the name of the greater darkness.

Your contribution to the malevolent forces of darkness is duly noted, pinkish ogre. I am greatly pleased that a trans-dimensional being has taken such homage for my work as to transcribe it into an audible form. Your voice is an apt match to the one that I had envisioned reading this to a classroom full of budding evil pupils eager to learn the wicked ways of the wretched. Curious creature of contempt; you have done well this night. I hope that you aspire to narrate each installment of my insidious text as they come to fruition.

How very observant of you, William. I am indeed implementing the method of evil which you’ve guessed.

While I complement you for rendering a skillful remark, I am disturbed by your incredulous faith in my knowledge. I have extensively researched magic to the point where I would be able to perform it if I had a means to. I may not know certain exclusive forms of magic, but I have advanced familiarity with every common spell. I have not seen anything in this world, beyond the ‘magic of friendship’, that is a universal power to be exercised at will by every living creature. Perhaps the force of magic works differently in your dimension; I shall do more research on my side, but I am quite confident of my convictions.

A ‘hydrogen’ bomb, you say? Your world has created a destructive force from one of the primary components of water? I must say that your claims seem eccentric beyond the point of belief. As for its destructive potential, I cannot believe such tremendous power exists until I see evidence. Unless you can back such outlandish assertions, you’re speaking nothing but a ponytale. And even if such a force existed, it sounds like it is neutrally catastrophic; nothing, including evil, would survive its wake. What would be the point of such a weapon?

I really like this backstabber approach… it's a wonder why it didn't come to mind while I was scribing this part of the guide. I must incorporate this posthaste. Your contribution has been stolen and will be greatly appreciated.

As for the ‘Elements of Discord’, if such elements do happen to exist, I have not found any referential texts in the library to vindicate such a claim. Perhaps, considering such a force would be world devastating, a text that would enlighten us may be housed in Celestia’s fortress. I am not one to challenge Celestia’s guards at the moment, but if such a dangerous book were to exist, I'd safely assume she would want it kept safe from meddling evil geniuses like myself .
>> No. 1781
whoops my apologies, i hadn't read the second part when i posted last time.

Anyways, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen_bomb may help explain what it is, the material you needed shouldnt be too hard to find as there is so much minerals according to the book BUT do beware that they are radioactive, which means they give out light like the sun. The radiation that this minerals emit is far more dangerous to health, careful handling is required (best if you use a magic field to warp it up and prevent any light from passing in/out). The bombs can be attached with a timed igniter or you can again use magic to detonate it in a safe distance, which i mean KMs away.

A weaker version of it called the "atomic bomb" was a key factor of one of the side's defeat in a multi-nation war around 60 years ago when it was dropped into the center of a city by a flying machine we called airplane (not sure about time in equestria, a year on earth is around 365.25 days).

i can give you some information on the elements of discord. like its good counterpart, it requires multiple users in order to activate its power, each user like the harmony ones have a special attribute that is Conquest, War, Famine and Death. by theory when the two elementals collide, both of them will disintegrate. Another theory is that if the user of the harmony does somethign opposite to his/her element, the element will be greatly weakened, for example cruelty as opposed to kindness.

I wonder if you are good at necromancy, recently i found out that sparkle you speak of defeated "the necroprancer" whose summons betrayed him, more on that here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wRnXNvbgXKkPllC68MV4_MczoZoRBnHUothJgQk2YaA/edit?hl=en&authkey=CP3azNgP . The book the necroprancer mentioned seems to be very powerful and can summon eldritch abominations of total destruction.

On other matters, i thought of some more nasty pranks you can do, if i am right you live near to a bakery that almost everypony goes to in ponyville, add some powdered poison joke into the flour that is used make the cakes, hilarity ensures.
>> No. 1784
File 130140768158.jpg - (85.20KB , 394x573 , TARENTUS ALMIGHTY.jpg )
To the denizens of this humble extranet data conduit known as a 'thread'...

My mind is vast and boundless, my visage incomprehensibly complex and mathematical to the point of insanity, and yet is always being filled with knowledge harvested beyond time and space, reaching into the cores of sentience itself. Stumbling upon this... 'book' and harvesting it's contents, I have decided to officially commend and thank those collected here for the knowledge. Many a world, nay, many a canon has fallen before my boundless eldritch might, and this will surely aid in my efforts to devour this world and incorporate it into my omnipresent multiversal collective.

Being the generous, infinitely merciful god of gods that I am, I will gladly serve as a sounding board for questions by Lucibane and his assistants. My eyes pry through the boundaries of geography and sanity, my mind is that of the countless legion, and my hope is that of one who seeks the advancement of the brutally Darwinistic march of nature.

One note. Ultra-reactive weaponry may be damaged or destroyed upon transport to Equestria due to the magick field that permeates the land. I would personally recommend counter-mages, psions, and (if all else fails) over-volcanic subterranean resonance detonation.

Just saying.
Good day, and may your gods help you die painlessly should you cross my path.

>> No. 1790
File 130141804338.jpg - (118.50KB , 778x778 , OrderotEbon.jpg )
Yes, I daresay your bomb of hydrogen would leave little left to conquer which I think is our ultimate goal here. Decidedly non fatal methods of conquest would leave us with plenty of pony slaves to toil in our private gemstone mines...or whatever.

As far as WMD's are concerned, there have been some that have worked on the ponies in the past without totally destroying them...I think you all know what I'm talking about...
>> No. 1795
File 130142785594.gif - (15.17KB , 437x330 , Nuclear Disarmament.gif )

I am in favor of my colleagues opinions. The advent of such weapons would undoubtedly mar the face of warfare. In the face of incineration of ground, sea and air forces, the purity of war would be perverted to contrived bombing duels rather than my preferred method: unit to unit combat.
>> No. 1796
File 130142977854.jpg - (118.50KB , 778x778 , OrderotEbon.jpg )
We will of course need units first. Perhaps once Lucibane finishes compiling a dossier on our mane threats, he can offer tips on recruiting evil henchmen? Good lackeys are getting harder and harder to find these days...
>> No. 1799
File 130143141425.jpg - (437.78KB , 1200x1600 , corncob3.jpg )
part 7:


end of chapter one.
>> No. 1801
File 130143231104.jpg - (85.20KB , 394x573 , TARENTUS ALMIGHTY.jpg )
I agree with our comrade. Warfare is better with men, not machines. Particularly, men warped by sanity-bending exposure to my glory, preparing them for the horrors of FRIENDSHIP and PONIES that await us in Equestria and it's neighboring lands.
I also concur. Calling for my cultists across the worlds is, admittedly, time-consuming. Local recruitment among populations such as the dragons, dogs, and gryphons would certainly aid in everything from ultimately petty 'mischief' to sadistic acts such as arson, kidnapping, grand larceny, and anti-monarchist religious activities (my personal favorite)
>> No. 1808
File 130143751981.jpg - (790.04KB , 1200x1600 , 1 glasses.jpg )

why of course my enigmatic friend. It is my intention to narrate every skillfully crafted sentence you write. I'd like to make it known that I though I delight in reading your deliciously garrulous literature I am committed to remain a neutral regarding the matters of good and evil. I am neither heroic nor villainous. I am simply an entertainer and a connoisseur.
>> No. 1816
Just one more thing:
teamwork is neutral, both good and bad should utilize it, not to beat each other to death.

AAAANNDD remember the AMF
>> No. 1834
File 130146402307.jpg - (23.51KB , 400x400 , LucibaneReasoning.jpg )
After having read over the sheer power of these soulless ‘atomic weapons’, I’m in general concurrence with my fellow colleagues that detonating such a device over Equestria would have an internecine outcome for both good and evil. Since I’m more the type of villain to dominate the masses rather than scorch the lands with invisible, poisonous light that resides for centuries and afflicts indiscriminately, I vouch for not using these supreme bombs against our pious pony protagonists. As an aside, it seems those smooth skinned creatures really hate one another. Imagine such contempt between cities that one side would spend years just so they could blast the other from history in the blink of an eye. I think I’m developing a certain fondness for this odd species…

The idea of there being a set of ‘Elements’ that represent the dark forces in Equestria is very intriguing. Unfortunately, I have no way to vindicate your information without a cross-referential text. Until I am able to find more information concerning these ‘Elements of Discord’, I can only keep them close-by as an advantageous footnote.

My knowledge of magic covers a vast range of common spells, but the library does not contain the glorious evil magic of necromancy on any shelf. I am interested in this ‘Necroprancer’, however, as his legend has come up time and again in conversations around Ponyville. Perhaps there is more truth to his story than has been previously implied?

Ah, and your prank has been duly integrated into my book of stolen ideas. When the time comes to write about that most loathed, saccharine pink pony, I shall be certain to mention this insidious prank.

I am quite honored to have attracted the attention of an ominous omniscient. If you don’t mind, great turbulent spirit, I wish to issue an appraisal of your divine erudition with two inquiries: Does Celestia have a weakness? Does she have evil tomes within her fortress library that she keeps hidden from the public? Supply me with resolution posthaste.

This is a very important point. One usually doesn’t want to dirty their claws with all the drudgery required to commit evil; consigning henchmen to menial tasks is mandatory to your overall success as a villain. I shall be sure to include a recruitment section after I detail our disgusting cast of adversarial equines. I’ve also planned for a ‘contingency’ section in the event that a villain suffers a particular quandary while enforcing their evil bidding. After all, backup plans are pivotal in guaranteeing longevity.

While it is displeasing to hear that you do not fully advocate the glory of our tenebrous toiling, I greatly approve of your decision to continue narration of my nefarious dissertation. Like it or not, your voice shall be the siren that resounds within the heads of every pony in Equestria, verbosely telling them to go forth and perpetrate evil.

With that, I dismiss myself from this eventful meeting. Darkness and evil be with you all. Just in time as well; I think I hear that wretched caretaker prancing around downstairs again. Evil forbid it catches me corresponding with my sinister affiliates…
>> No. 1841
suggestion: use something scary that only becomes stronger by positive thoughts (like laughter), i believe that pink pony you mentioned will be scared when she sees blood.

i also dont really find much on the elements of discord, BUT everything has their negative counterpart, i have the partial ability of looking through parallel universes, apparently somepony posted this http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/03/story-elements-of-discord.html. that is currently my only source of information but still i am looking for some more, hopefully you can find a chance to get to the god-queen's archives.

Necromancy is a type of magic which requires much control, failure to use its dark powers may lead to madness, uncontrollable beastaries, or lost of control over one's body. Somepony like you are definitely able to use such. For beginning necromancers, a spell called "re-animate" is a rater useful to create mindless minions like a puppet called "undead" using the deceased under your control, they may be weak but pretty expendable (as opposed to hiring henchman, which is expensive and may not be that trustworthy even though they are stronger then the undead), good for decoys too. More stronger spells like corruption(to fill/convert a person's mana with dark magics, which can also turn them into mindless minions, or mindful minions who can do things better and can use dark spells that you know, nightmare moon may have ) eldritch summoning (this was what the necroprancer was trying to do, but the summoned devoured him), dark-elemental blasts (turning dark magic in to a material form which is like light but can be used to make holes in things) will require more skills.

If you think Nukes are bad enough, they are now making "anti-matter" bombs which is even worse.

@ red glare: AGAIN the AMF dude, it is an amazing invention, this can be connected to the nuke so it can get into equestria safely without affected by magic.

I wonder if i failed the AIE, because i own phoenixes(4B), and i need more knowledge for more planning (6C).

my own name is rather positively neutral (courtesy and just is my chinese name) BUT LIKE WHO CARES

And one last thing, watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcxKIJTb3Hg
>> No. 1853
File 130149177378.jpg - (172.45KB , 600x400 , Occams Razor.jpg )

Lucibane, I will do a preliminary guide on hiring henchmen for the evil overlord. I you will then steal my work and pervert it with your prose because I prefer the more laconic writing while getting my ideas out.
>> No. 1856
File 130149286996.jpg - (98.42KB , 394x574 , Tarentus_Alternum.jpg )
First, to explain the delay in my response, video obtained from one of my cultist’s battle cruisers after one of my temple worlds decided to deny me my being-right for the month and brought upon itself my wrath. This may also be the result if the ‘unstoppable force’ (Celestia) and the ‘unmovable object’ (Myself) ever come into direct opposition, only a pan-dimensional scale.
The world's magick field is unlike anything I have ever encountered. 99.99e23 percent efficient, perfectly auto-reflexive, and immune to orbital mage-sapping and counter-divinity chanting like most, it has... interfered with my efforts greatly. However, I can tell you this much.
1. Celestia has the same ethical and moral weaknesses as her mortal followers. A perfectly just, beneficent ruler, her strength of character makes her manipulation even more insidious. Ethical quandaries with no positive solution, for example, should work to open up enough gaps in her spiritual fortifications to make any task involving her directly a tad easier. More research should be performed.
2. Based on a few seconds of observation as to the nature of the Elements of Harmony, I can safely deduce that they are but six in an entire periodic table of what I shall deem ‘Philoso-Elements’. This is but one periodic column, and a safe guess would be to imply that such others, like the Elements of Discord, the Elements of Civilization, the Elements of Warfare, and the Elements of Doomsday (my favorite kind) must exist. Further research must be performed.
3. Deep in the rank bowels of the mountain that Canterlot is built upon lies a library. A black catacomb where black magic, foul rituals, and evil beings left unspoken lie. Such books should have been destroyed, but Celestia deems them necessary should the evil rise again. These tomes are incredibly powerful, and already I have dispatched cultists to attempt to infiltrate the ‘Unhallowed Hall’ and steal enough knowledge to allow my fellow miscreants to make fruitful their plans. I will inform you of their progress.
4. I would not recommend necromancy at this time. In a world with as much positive energy as Equestria, you would find a notable lack of negative energy and ‘unlife’ to fuel any armies of sufficient scale to make anything more than a very good personal guard. I would recommend research into this plane’s equivalent of ultra-elemental evocation: Large scale elemental spells that can shatter mountains, immolate forests, and swell swamps and seas a hundred-fold. Again, more research in the ‘Unhallowed Hall’ is necessary, and I do hope my infiltrators perform their task well.

Yours in grand scheming,
-Tarentus of the Red Gale
>> No. 1857
And remember THE AMF (anti-magilink field) i mentioned earlier, it is much developed and can withstand HUGE amounts of magical energy, something those ships of yours dont have

And i do think redglare is right, equestria is too "happy" to use dark magics until you can get hold of it well, for me i would use something less destructive in this case.

Lastly i am much interested in your culture and your language, which is 50% same as our world. I wonder could there be species that is similar to us way back in the past before celestia birth. Perhaps those ancients may hold something useful to all of us.

@armada: so are you stealing yourself or are you stealing lucibane, for me i am much alright for people to take my ideas for granted.
>> No. 1861
I steal nothing. I recognize the modus operandi of Lucibane and have decided that telling him to give me my rightfully deserved credit is not at all evil. Instead i appreciate the small amount of credit I do receive and appreciate my contribution to Rotten Apples.
>> No. 1863
Anti-Magic fields are tricky business. You need a lot of power, a large war-choir, and somewhere to stand and watch from far away, preferably a mountain cave or blast bunker.

I have also begun quantifying the Elements of Equestria. I have developed 10 possible periods that require confirmation and further analysis.

As well as that, I have begun formulating methods to infiltrate the royal 'scene' of Canterlot, as well as possible vectors of manipulating the military, Luna, and even Celestia herself. Expect more soon.

>> No. 1894
the AMF should be small enough to fit in every ship of yours. You can get a ship with the purpose of using that
>> No. 1911
File 130154372735.jpg - (246.38KB , 800x800 , EbonDragon.jpg )
Agreed; I have studied to Black Treatise carefully and I have concluded that the Equestrian Underworld lacks the malevolent spirits that would make for necrotech.

In an unrelated note, I saw that you sent Celestia a warning back on >>/pony/109099 and decided to follow up with one of my own. If it doesn't unnerve the princess, at least her subjects will be talking about it. Heartening to see is that many posters here think of Celestia as some kind of tyrant...perhaps something to exploit in the future?
>> No. 1918
File 130154575152.jpg - (867.06KB , 1200x1600 , 1waiting.jpg )
part 8:

>> No. 1921
but then i think she just see it as some boring spam mail
>> No. 1923
File 130155017206.jpg - (148.99KB , 579x402 , LucibaneUnavailable.jpg )
You’ll have to excuse the lack of my glorious visage this embittered night. While assembling schematics to one of my latest instruments of irritation, my caretaker ambushed me from behind one of the counters at my residence. She purloined my Infernal Cloak of Infinite Darkness, offering condescension through her infuriating, motherly banter. Calling me a “silly reptilly” , she threatened to wash “that dirty old thing” that I “must’ve dug out of Rarity’s” refuse bin. How dare she show the great Lucibane such impudence! Mark my words; I shall do something most vile to exact my vengeance upon her tomorrow though nothing will remove that malodorous lavender scent that my cloak will likely reek of when she’s through washing it. I outpour my greatest abhorrence and wish my darkest curses upon that wretched creature! Ah, but I wish not to digress into my personal life too far; I wouldn’t want to risk endangering my alias, after all.

Tonight I present two new additions to my glorious guide. First, I have added the new ‘backstabber’ section to the list of possible approaches one can take when scheming against Ponyville and her stolid populace. Luckily, because this ‘internet’ version of the guide is ‘digitized’, I was able to easily insert this revision into its relevant section. The physical copy, however, is now starting to look rather slovenly. It doesn’t help much that my parchment is saturated with various baking residues, but the decisive prose is now starting to look coagulated and meaningless. I may switch to only writing on this convenient electronic appliance in the very near future.

The second augmentation is quite massive indeed; I have added several pages on how to go about conducting your schemes against the ‘resplendent’ Rainbow Dash. I hope that these ideas serve as inspiration to anypony that wishes to cause her distress.

I’m not sure if this… ‘Pink Pony’… will fear the presence of blood whatsoever. I have contributed to several injuries around town only to see her assisting the nurses in getting the victim to the nearest ward. If able, she insists on helping the patients through their injury using the ‘best medicine of all’ which I shall not recite here. Images of the bruised and battered only seem to encourage her to help nurture others; honestly, it’s all quite repulsive.

As far as any solid information regarding the darker forces you have mentioned, I have been unsuccessful in finding anything relevant after finishing my inspection of the entire local library. I was even able to trick that dolt ‘Spike’ into helping me look for books… which, in retrospect, seems kind of odd, considering that I clearly resemble just a simple animal… I’ve got my all-seeing eye on him. If the books exist, I’m sure that Tarentus’ followers should be able to find something in Canterlot.

It’s so pleasing to hear that somepony is going to be doing my work for me. You may go forth and produce, though I shall scrape it up and claim it as my own probably giving you some credible mention for the idea.

I never thought to contend this all-powerful witch on the battlefield of morality! Surely, I will be able to find some situation in which she will not be able to make a universally satisfying decision. Now that I ponder this, I can already envision a few scenarios where at least one party involved will always lose. Let’s see her wade through this grave sea of compromises!

As far as reaching into these darkened catacombs for malevolent knowledge, I have only to procure transportation to Canterlot before I can participate in the official search of such unholy knowledge. Considering my current state of affairs, I will more than likely stay in Ponyville to continue my scheming. If any useful information comes up, I wish to be informed forthwith.

May the path you lay be perilous and black, comrades of evil. I must work on developing my guide further… and getting my cloak back.
>> No. 1933
Why not try practicing mind control powers on rarity?
A. She is a fashion designer
B. She knows magic
When A&B goes together, you can force her to create a well cloak infused with mana from her, then use corruption on the positively infused cloak with dark magics, this can amplify your powers by around 25%. Also add some invisibility to the cloak (if you get one from rarity or your own one back). Also have you tried blackmailing the pink pony?

if thats done, my second weapon to show you is the sonic cannon, which sends a compressed blast quickly expand at a controlled range and in a very house frequency, such weapon can be used to make clouds and ponies explode without anypony noticing. A weaker version is called Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAP) which gives out painful noises at targeted as shown here which is used for crowd control http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSMyY3_dmrM

@red, if you get into the catacombs, try to create an area which allows teleportation easier for lucibane if he ever wants to come here (and make sure to encrypt the magic! and off course tell him the password off course) AND THE FRIGGIN AMF SHIP and focus all the blast in one point.

Lastly a few more pranks to make
1. cast a blizzard after the end of winter
2.set fire to trees
3.write spike <3 rarity everywhere
>> No. 1937
Revolutions are a glorious thing. The heat of emotions and flimsy idealism of the herd-mind can be twisted before it even begins with the right nudges. I personally believe Celestia to be some sort of neo-imperialist, who has yet to act on this policy.

I have sent the orders into the warped minds of my minions. They inform me they have already established a home in the sewers of the city, and are busy waging an a war of information collection before making the 'big push' and sneaking into the black library.

Focus-firing the AMF would result in what would end up being a massive disruptor cannon: It would rend and nullify the magic, and would literally begin cutting through the heart and soul of the world. We don't want a dead, gray husk to rule. We want a dead, gray, fruitful conquest!
>> No. 1938
well not all of them then

tarentus-speed then, do you know about the planet-shattering "death star"
>> No. 1949
File 130159512743.jpg - (15.01KB , 161x126 , winslow smile.jpg )
brother? is it really you?
>> No. 1952
File 130159777495.jpg - (246.38KB , 800x800 , EbonDragon.jpg )
While your interest in the dark forces is laudable, the minions of evil frown upon revealing each others true identities. And by "frown upon" I mean I have a sharq tank hidden in my captor's basement laboratory to dispose of those who threaten the cause. Join us or be devoured!
>> No. 1957
File 130159955027.jpg - (112.51KB , 640x480 , Quagmire.jpg )
Oh dear, lavender, despite its close association with death, I agree with your distaste. Try washing it vigorously in the nearest certified quagmire. There is one nearby, 'Toady Bottom Bog' I believe.

As for my contribution.

Becoming Feared and Powerful

Evil Henchmen

Classic thugs
The classic thug has been the favoured henchman of criminal mastermind for decades. Be they mob members or gangs of unwashed ruffians, nothing inspires fear quite like hired thugs. Slow on the uptake, their dull wit will generally see them through simple tasks simply articulated, such as "bring me the money" or "catch them". A nostalgic choice, thugs can usually be hired from the underpaid labour force in the area where you set up shop. Should you not trust the ponies not to be swayed by their greed- if they even contain such a sin within their sickening pastel coloured bodies- then contract out Griffon or Canine mercenaries.

Should you have access to the necessary transmutative magic, a mutant race of pony hybrids are perfect for the evil genius who likes to mess with the natural order. Create an army of cat ponies, bear ponies, or even tree ponies. Whatever your needs call for.
These hybrids possess the best of all worlds and tend to be faster, stronger, and just plain better than any Pony troops could ever hope to be. Be forewarned, however, that they can be rebellious. Manage them well and you should avoid most uprisings. To be extra safe, include a suicide gene in their perverted genetic code which enables you to wipe them out with the push of a button.

Robot Warriors
If you are looking for an unstoppable army of killing machines unhampered by such weakness as mercy and compassion, robot warriors are for you. These metallic automatons will serve you without question, destroying your foes with their ray guns. They are also remarkably resilient, able to take an incredible amount of punishment before finally being blown to pieces. A variety of forms are usually available, such as tank shaped and fifty-story-high monstrosities beyond all comprehension.

Winged Monkeys
These despicable minions will serve to negate the regular air superiority held by the Pegasi. They serve as excellent scouts, scouring the land for your objective, be that young fillies who happen to be wearing ruby red horseshoes or young fillies who happen to be wearing silver horseshoes.

The Undead
If you are an occult-minded evil-doer with access to the deceased, you're in a good position to use the undead as your henchmen. Through simple voodoo rituals and access to a town graveyard, you can raise up superpower-size armies to serve as your fearless minions. The undead require very little upkeep and rarely demand a salary or benefits. What they lack in speed and agility, they more than make up for in persistence and can-do attitude. Since their victims are themselves transformed into walking undead, these henchmen are a smart investment that will grow your organization even when you're bust with other tasks.

Supernatural Creatures
Dabblers in the black arts may wish to summon supernatural creatures to assist them in their evil deeds choose from gargoyles, demons, shambling creatures from beyond or any of dozens of variations on the theme of mindless destruction. Notable for their supernatural strength and mystical powers, these monstrosities will serve your every need, provided you agree to help them fulfill their foul appetites, or subjugate them otherwise.
>> No. 1968
File 130160653796.jpg - (23.74KB , 175x232 , winslow hold.jpg )

do you know who I am?

do you even know who you're threatening?

I suppose it doesn't matter. you'll know soon enough. But about this purple eyed author.....

"brother" is not to be taken literally, as I have no siblings, nor offspring, nor ancestors. I am the beginning and the end of the line.

yes, I knew this "Lucibane" many epochs ago, back when "Luci" was the title that tiny reptile went by. But I risk nothing in revealing that name, for it has long been forgotten. This is only fitting too, for the story of Luci was never memorable nor did it justify immortalization by any scribe or artist.
>> No. 1971
man you are one hideous beast,ugh, not like i cared about luci's past

on another note i use giant automatons and some undead if you are asking
>> No. 2007
File 130164150357.jpg - (55.47KB , 404x550 , Cthulhu4.jpg )
I have been summoned here from /chat/ by the one they call "Tarentus of the Red Gale" after reading the first post I think I will enjoy this thread.
>> No. 2012
oh hey squidface what took you so long
>> No. 2017
File 130165282596.jpg - (137.33KB , 834x1082 , CTHULHU 11.jpg )
I had important matters to attend to, that you could not even begin to comprehend you primitive ape!

As I mention before the one they call Tarentus of the Red Gale has called upon me to review the Literary piece you call "Rotten Apples"

>> No. 2021
oh really, not like you could do any better (at least you are better than that winslow)
>> No. 2029
File 130167592142.jpg - (660.16KB , 2537x2229 , Cthulhu approves.jpg )
Yeah It looks like you guys did fine without me.
>> No. 2046
File 130168762610.jpg - (36.24KB , 400x400 , LucibaneCloakReturned.jpg )
Today marks a most memorable victory for the prosperity of the flagitious; I have finally secured my Infernal Cloak of Infinite Darkness from the nauseatingly indulgent hooves of my despised caretaker. Initially, the vestment was infused with the fetor of clean, spring air, but I was able to cover the stench up with something more agreeable tossed it in the local bakery oven after somepony finished baking an apple pie . Needless to say, the cloth now carries a more tolerable aroma. What’s paramount of having my mantle back is that I can again safely obscure my identity while unleashing a torrent of caliginous revulsion upon this pathetic pony settlement.

Also, I can once again work on my guide. I spent a greater portion of the previous day furtively tracking down my cloak. It was eventually returned in a more sanitary form, but you can imagine the fomenting despair I experienced interfered with my writing.

While plunging my cloak into the fetid mire of the nearby Froggy Bottom Bog would have given my shroud a more homely appeal, I prefer not to venture within proximity of this traumatic mud hole. I will not elucidate any further upon this subject.

As far as imbuing my garment with magic, I doubt that I’d be able to convince Rarity to work on it at all, namely because I may have originally pilfered it from her company wastebin. Regardless of the fastidious prose of any anonymous epistle, I fear she’d recognize her own stitching immediately. If she did, I may very well lose my cloak for all eternity.

Your first weapon, the ‘Sonic Cannon’, intrigues me. While I may avoid using it to utterly destroy these vile equines, destroying their property with such a device would indubitably shatter their pusillanimous hearts. If you can provide a set of blueprints, I will install this devious device into some of my malevolent machinations.

‘The Winslow’, is it? I have no idea what relation you imagine to have to me, puny reptilian, but I assure you that your allegation is quite flawed. I’m still rather young and in my super-villainous prime, so this ancient ‘Luci’ you speak of is either an old mare’s tale or purely a fabrication.

If you are in allegiance with darkness, then you are spared my wrath for your impertinent assertions.

…C..Cthulu? I’ve researched your name on the massive 'electronic information repository'. You are the high priest of the Great Old Ones, are you not? I am truly blessed by darkness to have enticed the tremendous honor of basking in your chaotic ubiquity. The great Lucibane recognizes the terror wrought forth by your horrifying visage and welcomes the trepidation it invokes to this ‘thread’.

I’m absolutely aphonic. To have won your endorsement is the greatest of inspirations. I can only wish that you someday find your way into Equestria; I'm certain your ideals could morph this disgusting world into a malefactors paradise.

With this update, I beseech you all to persevere in the meddlesome methods of the iniquitous. I am constructing a most sinister compendium of ideas for our next hapless hero; I shall finish it posthaste.
>> No. 2055
heck those are military-grade stuff, it will take some time to reach it but here are some more information if you want a portable one http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2007/03/zapping_through/
oh wait i found some now, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_range_acoustic_device, http://www.newbrain.gr/giolvas/image004.jpg, http://davidszondy.com/future/war/infrasound.htm, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnhUX78_YuU
from what i see here are mostly the protoypes, i am verysure there is a view more recent ones.

searching "lucibane"takes me to a place called Azeroth, man the mercenaries/hitman/slayers/bounty hunters there are just amazing. There is also a HUGE range of spellbooks and many other magic-related stuff.

@winslow you are a total FAIL.
@redglare, i have some automatons, need some? (state your size from 1.5 M to 60M)
>> No. 2071
File 130171866896.jpg - (64.69KB , 693x293 , winslow.jpg )
of course you have no recollection of the events that transpired in past eons. We made sure of that. Oh, how I love to reminisce about the prime of our maleficence. Since your memory has been taken care of I suppose a proper introduction is in order.

I am The Indestructible Winslow.
>> No. 2084
There is nothing so-called indestructable, i can already see a few broken threads in ur soul, the ones that keeps your sanity is broken.

@Lucibane, meet me at the old castle (i will see if i can do a memory recovery (to see if winslow is speaking the truth or just a joke)
>> No. 2106
I'm just gonna leave this right here.

Automatons are good. Good soul-fuel, good workers for the industrial gear-punk slaughter-house I'm busy planning for construction in the heart of the Dragon's Mountain, and good mooks for guard duty. Sure, bring all you've got.

Lucibane, after perusing your tome 1.28x10^23 times, I have found an ommission that, while forgivable, should be corrected post haste. You have sections devoted to villain types and even villainous names, but what about the evil anthems?
The wretched motifs that accompany your every horrid step and blare triumphantly when you win out over the enemy! Incredible for psychological warfare, really.
For inspiration, I am attaching mine. May it help to inspire my comrades to choose and embrace the idea of 'evil themes'.

>> No. 2108
You know there is a very easy way to drive those vile colorfull creatures apart from each other. All you need is the book of dreamwalkers for dummies 101, for those who can't enter dreams without it, and have a small understanding what makes those ponies tick. (warning this way requires a strong will and a tough stomach because you will be spreading some happieness at first) We are going to use the subconcious against themselves.

So first learn your target know what they like and dislike and out right hate. You can do this by becoming friends or from other people by asking it in sly ways that no one will notice what your plans are.

When you have enough info you have to design the dream that it will be perfect for the dreamer or close enough that the dreamer will belief it.

Then enter the dream and make the dreamer dream the perfect dream, do this with two people at the same time. You should keep this up for a week so that they are all happy till you are start the fun part.

Now after the horrifying week you alter one person, we shall name him person A, in the dream and make person A do something that the dreamer hates. Do the same in the dream of person A about the dreamer. This causes their subconcious to be armed like a catapult and all it needs is a small tug on the trigger. When you see person A or the dreamer make them do something by accident that the dreamer or person A dislikes. This can cause the subconcious catapult to launch the emotions from the dream and reflect them on person A. But if they make up don't worry there are many more nights you can try. They will start to distrust and if your lucky dislike each other and break up their friendship.

If they notice you altering their dream and get angry at you. I recomment to RUN LIKE HELL. The dream of the person your in is their terrain and can be altered to their wishes. Even a full trained dream walker has to flee when a dreamer goes all out on them in their dream.
>> No. 2122
File 130176945017.jpg - (246.38KB , 800x800 , EbonDragon.jpg )
Evil Themes should not be disregarded! Music is a powerful force within Equestria and should be harnessed for our own selfish ends! Not to mention, a good evil theme makes the evil rallies more official and boosts minion morale.

For example, just try to ignore an evil speech set to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frqSht_qHlw

I may undertake this once I have a competent sorcerer enthralled to my power. Still, corrupting any single Element of Harmony would render the rest unusuable. It would not do to murder any of them as their element would find a new host shortly.

Automatons are good; warstriders are better. Unfortunately, my initial conflict with Celestia decimated my forces and trapped me within a smaller body. She believes that I have completely lost my memory but all the while, I've been re-amassing my forces. Unfortunately, there is a plentiful lack of magical materials suitable for constructing thirty foot walking death machines and to do so would require a cathedral factory that could not escape Celestia's notice combined with a skilled workforce to make the monsters work. Unicorns might be able to accomplish the task but I would need to enthrall them completely as warstriders are notoriously easy to sabotage...
>> No. 2136

I recomment that you capture them and lock them up far from each other. If you have the skills lock them in their own dreams as well. So that you have not to fear them trying to escape. Though you have to wake them from time to time to feed them and getting them to sleep again is hard. Unless you drugged their food or know a good sleep spell.
>> No. 2140
Haunt Their dreams while THEY RE STILL AWAKE, its pretty evil to mess with their thinking WHILE AWAKE. And also Welcome to the circle, i was thinking of looking for some mage who is good in brain-related magics since we dont have one.

For one thing, i can do a memory recovery to both of you, but for my own safety, can you just stay still for 2 minutes so i can do a long-range recovery spell on you guys, do except some mind screwing (maybe)

For the automatons, for now i'll send 4 20M high http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/RGZ-95_ReZEL to give you tons of aerial support, these ones are weaker in magic usage, so you might have to focus more on the magic bit(but stay still when i use the mem-recovery spell)
>> No. 2142
You know the only thing that would ever make me turn into an evil overlord would be my theme song.
The evil guys always get the best ones.
>> No. 2144
They aren't awake when I mess with them. I mearly have to create a trigger for the emotions to happen when they are awake which is pretty easy for they are such fickle creatures.
>> No. 2145
File 130178244261.jpg - (246.38KB , 800x800 , EbonDragon.jpg )

It had to be said...you were all thinking it...
>> No. 2146
you lost me ...
>> No. 2149
File 130178831618.jpg - (45.46KB , 400x400 , LucibaneScribing.jpg )
The obscurity of night prevails throughout this depressing world once more. I, the great Lucibane, have been diligently scribing the upcoming supplement to Part Two with heightened vigilance. Ever since my caretaker discovered me donning my unholy vestments a calamitous error on my part , she has been attempting to apprehend me again while I’m in my shroud. She thinks my wearing of this blackened fabric is but a puerile game; I assure you, the proverbial egg shall be in her face when my pernicious potential is perfectly procured! Although, I must admit, I grow weary of constantly evading her sight. I can only hope that she has not shared her discovery of my ominous lurking with any of her dimwitted friends.

I believe that she is trying to catch me scribing ‘Rotten Apples’ in hopes to abduct it from my heinous hold. Do not fret, fellow felons, for I have switched the physical cover to read ‘Private Diary’. In doing this, I will be manipulating her trust as to prohibit the contemptuous pony from peering into the darkened knowledge I have lain before you. Our truculent treasures are safe from the powers of good.

I assume it’d be worthy of mention that Part Two has been given a Pinkie Pie section, though it is currently incomplete.

I’m not sure what this ‘Azeroth’ place is, but I assure you that it is of no relation to me whatsoever. It remains but an odd coincidence that they have stolen my name. Just how vast a multiplicity of dimensions am I connected to anyways?

Your aforementioned weapons do look promising, but the destructive variant seems physically impossible to construct. I do believe, however, that with the help of some law bending pony magic, we may be able to craft this sonic bludgeon with ease. All we need is somepony willing to help create this catastrophic device.

And as far as this ‘Winslow’ character is concerned, the only words uttered from his maw are falsehoods and fiction. To protect my identity and ideas, I refuse your invitation to an invasive mind reading session. Do you believe that I would ever be so foolish as to allow another being to gaze into the brilliance of my malevolent will?

You, Winslow, are nothing but a despicable liar and I honestly respect that . I find your visage to be as farcical as your backstory, for I am but 4 years old. I remember much of my early childhood and my initial motivations for becoming a villain. I believe you have me mistaken with another 'Lucibane'… or somepony else named ‘Luci’.

Oh? I do suppose the broadcast of a foreboding score is very important to a villains overall presentation. I shall be sure to append Part One with this critical component of a criminal’s cavalier composure.

While Equestria seems to have originally developed these melodies, my associate has directed me to their more hateful trans-dimensional counterparts on this massive conglomerate database called ‘you tube’.

A good primer as to how to conduct your dominated society:

This explains the overall demeanor I attain whilst orchestrating my plots:

…and my most likely theme of choice:

Welcome to my dastardly thread, aptly named DreamHaunter. This book you speak of sounds outrageously nefarious. I never 'dreamed' of attacking ponies on a subconscious level in their slumbering states. I currently have no idea how to accomplish ‘dreamwalking’, so I will have to scour the local library to see if that loathsome Twilight may have a copy stowed away somewhere. Considering the potential friendship that one could easily ruin using this invasive method of mental manipulation, it would be foolish to ignore it.
>> No. 2169
File 130180708609.jpg - (2.18MB , 2550x1410 , Yeerk.jpg )
Ah, Lucibane, on the subject of entering one's mind, I believe I can be of some use. If you have not already deduced from my first few post pictures, I am a sort of, [enter-er of a body and take control of it]. there is no equivalent word for myself in this language.

As such, I force control in a manner not unlike the fictitious 'Yeerks'. If you are really, deeply in need of, as you said it "somepony willing to help create this catastrophic device." I believe I can fill that bill quite nicely. Even if that is just as manual/skilled labour to supplement your... diminutive stature. (Yes, remember that I know [who] you are)

In my literally, millenia of moving from [host] to [host], I have studied most of the sciences, including mechanical and techno-magical engineering.

After I am finished with my host I can render them unconscious and leave them with whatever memories I wish. Be that 3 years of business-as-usual life whisking by in the blink of an eye or whatever horrible violations memory I deign to leave them with. I once left a filly with with memories of birthing and raising a colt when in-fact, she had not even passed puberty.

I have been reviewing the citizens of Ponyville for potential [hosts] but have found nopony suitable. Nopony I have seen so far has appropriate credentials for the acquisition of materials that would not raise eyebrows given the most cursory of audits.
I am open for suggestions.
>> No. 2178
File 130181186190.jpg - (41.59KB , 400x400 , LucibanePondering.jpg )

Hmm... I suppose one could surmise that you're a spiritual aggressor of sorts, 'one that possesses the form of another'. If that title isn't befitting, I would simply dub you a parasitic symbiote. Either designation presents a most diabolical skill to use against the ponies. They would be completely indefensible to it.

As far as my 'Sonicboom Blaster', I can surreptitiously gather a greater portion of all the required building materials without much causing any commotion, but I would still require enchantment of several components to make it work and, given my current theoretical design, only temporarily .

I do believe that a 'Great and Powerful' unicorn ended up bumbling her way through town a few weeks ago. Given that she's already conceited and possesses the magical talent my machination demands, I believe that this prime choice of 'host' could be manipulated most beneficially. What say you?

I was wondering who was responsible for scrambling that filly's mind! From what I recall, that fidgety mute recently ended up going to visit Celestia, probably to see if she could fix her. I sincerely doubt the sum of all of Celestia's magic could put her mind into any substantially working condition ever again. A most deplorable act of hatred well executed, dark one.
>> No. 2180
File 130181268183.jpg - (246.38KB , 800x800 , EbonDragon.jpg )
The griffin...there is hate in her heart for the ones who stole her only friend away from her...perhaps she needs some...new friends...
>> No. 2185
Oh yes use corruption on her, it will amplify her hatered and thus make her more powerful and a good ally(maybe).

The yeerks have become more diminished after the war between the blue centaurs and their shape-shifting pink ogres allies, and yeerks are allergic to some of the common foods in equestria (oatmeal). Although they are very difficult to remove once they are hosted.

for the sonic cannon, you can "borrow" some musical amplifiers that may help.

Heck i know somepeople are very resistant against emotions, this method may not work.

transferring ReZel control to redglare...done. They are marvelous arent they.
>> No. 2189
If you find the book I recomment you either keep it hidden from them or destroy it so that she never will be able to learn it. Woud hate it to have her ruin all my work and all the suffering I had to go through from all the sweet dreams I have to create.

Mind magic is one of my favorites kinds of magic I use. You can control some of your enemies and force them to fight each other. Either for dramatic effects or giving you a chance to flee. Illusion magic is a branch of it making people see what ain't there or hide something what is there already. Like hiding cliffs or your self or show them some very scary creature to shatter their moral and bravery.
Dreamwalking belongs in this category as well because you penetrate their minds with your own mind. You can like I do create dreams for them and let them have terrible nightmares. But you can steal information from them like how to cast certain magic or destroy a memory so that they forget and never be able to remember unless someone skilled enough restores the memory.
Though I am most skilled in these I know enough spells of destruction to use in the land of the wake. My favorite spell is the doubleganger spell which means I can be at multiple places in one and if they see me do something evil I have a solid alliby which means someone tried to blame me for something and keeps me save from the pointing hooves of blame.
>> No. 2198
The proverbial 'Robot Unicorn Attack' on the Black Dragon that currently occupies Mount Mystery will go just as planned. Thank you kindly.
Beautiful craftsmanship. Just a touch of bio-tech here, a sprinkle of rune-carving there, and they'll be ready to start herding the collected wild populace of the Everfree Forest into civilized lands. We won't have to kill anything: The beasts will do that for us!
OOC: Fweee! I just got Inception on DVD and re-watched it with my sister.
The unicorn and the gryphon have wounded spirits. Manipulate them. Give them 'the only viable path' to obtaining that which they seek, be it the love of the masses or the re-ignited friendship of their childhood. They will walk into our hands, where we can crush and mold them into our servants, while they see it as nothing more than us helping them. It's brilliant. We must track them down.

In other news, my servants have successfully infiltrated the 'Unhallowed Hall'. It is left mostly unguarded due to the lack of potential infiltrators in Equestrian lands, but I have obtained black tomes and evil histories. While one of my men was captured, he immolated himself with magefire during the interrogation, resulting in no harm, no foul. I am now translating them and will report accordingly. It seems that I have obtained cult documentation for a Cult of Nightmare Ascendant, which we can use quite effectively if we seek to re-instate the brilliant extortion system that would allow us to charge the populace exorbitant rates in exchange for the raising and lowering of the night-field.

>> No. 2211
File 130185622979.jpg - (246.38KB , 800x800 , EbonDragon.jpg )
It warms my frigid heart to hear of progress in villainy. If I could only get an Infernal Exaltation to stick to one of these ponies...perhaps the blue unicorn...
>> No. 2301
do be careful about using bio-techs, last time i tried one at it melted my whole droid (may have been my own fault though), if you need anymore i can send some arcane-based bots to vous

By the way i believe all of you know what Arcane is, crystalline and atomically modified mana that is the negative form of mana.
>> No. 2310
Don't worry. It's more bio-symbionts to stick on the machine and give it a combination of rudimentary sentience and ass-kicking monster powers like acid spraying and such.

>Arcane: crystalline and atomically modified mana that is the negative form of mana.
Oh, like Nethicite? I love Nethicite. Delicious.

Well, since we're offering things, if anybody needs cultists, Horrorspawn (think the best parts of a demon and a standard human zombie), or more... dangerous monsters, just ask and I'll see what I can summon up and send.
>> No. 2314
I just can't understand why you guys go with all the machine crap. I prefer the power of a demon above that of a machine. I mean machines can easily be hacked and turned against you while a demon of some sort is much harder to do so. If you have lots of enemies in front of you just send out a few small groups of zombies and in no time half their ranks has been turned in undead.
Though if you arm the demons and undead with mechanic weapons is a different tale. Then you have the combined destructive force of both in one.
>> No. 2317
I takes 'em as a sees 'em. Machines can be made bio-cybernetic (preventing hax), daemonic (becoming engines of the Warp). It's possibly also because machines are so alien to this world, the horror of these clanging monstrosities would be more than enough morale damage to make this war of attrition against the light easier. Don't even get me started on why zombies are an unfeasible infantry type without proper support...
>> No. 2342
you my friends make the #1 mistake off any villain and that is to underestimate your foes. For no matter what you throw at them they will find a way to stop it and machines no matter how special can be used against you.
But zombies are stupid yes but used well they can bring doom upon your enemies fast.
Let me give you a few examples.
1- Infect a child who you place in a dark place and let it cry. The fools will come running to help the poor little foal but will be devoured and turned when they hug the child.
2- Make small groups stalk the sewers and let them attack all the homeless and sewer employes who walk around. Slowly the numbers will grow as ponies will start to investigate and lose more and more. As the numbers has grown enough they will come out on a busy hour and attack.
3- If used on the frontline you should give them some good armour and have lots of them incase they use weapons that are well against them.
4- Use them as decoy as your reall army is flanking the other army.
5- Let the zombies flank the enemy army.
6- To create chaos as you retreat with your remaining army.

As you can see the list can go on but your partially right. Zombies are useless if not used right.
>> No. 2385
But there is the famous de-zombie spell that is available in many spellbooks in equestria.

and oh yes i have some zombie-like bots if you like (some old prototypes)
>> No. 2451
You do know that there are a few less known spells that can protect a zombie from those spells right? Like the one I have written down in my grimnoire *throws a big book on the table* and this baby is an amazing conductor to strengthen my spells. Who is an amazing book filled with the worsted kinds spells of doom in the world? Oh yes you are, oh yes you are, your the the most awesome grimoire arou... *coughs* uhm you will forget this....
>> No. 2464
there is nothing called most evil and a firestorm couls wipe out the zombies from the inside, thats why zombie robots are better

*book clonning complete*
>> No. 2489
File 130203252877.jpg - (39.59KB , 300x524 , robot-zombie.jpg )
>zombie robots
That's STUPID.
>> No. 2494

-courtesy of http://www.rainbowdash.net/
>> No. 2497
File 130203700302.jpg - (100.89KB , 744x1052 , MUSCULAR_BEAVER.jpg )
I don't know what's going on in this thread, but when evil is a foot I am justice's shoe. Muscular Beaver is here citizens. Do not fear. I will squash out the evil that threatens you! Using my cloak of limited visibility I will sneak up upon the evil and put it in a headlock.
>> No. 2508
File 130204064791.jpg - (85.20KB , 394x573 , Tarentus_Omnari.jpg )

>> No. 2548
File 130205542926.jpg - (288.02KB , 1052x744 , 130203700302.jpg )
>> No. 2559
File 130205906400.png - (145.79KB , 640x360 , Mayor Mare.png )
I had skipped over Trixie because she did not have a cover story for the logistics necessary to build our sonic cannon.
Lucibane, since you have already collected most of the materials already, I can factor that out of my search parameters.
And you are right, the self-glorifying Unicorn will make an excellent choice. She ran in the direction of Fillydelphia and I doubt she would have doubled back through Ponyville to go elsewhere. I will begin to spread rumors of a solitary Unicorn in Whitetail Wood who is unmatched in magical prowess.
This will surely draw her to that location in an attempt to test her might against the fictitious mage. From there I will [take control of her body] and return to my home in Ponyville surreptitiously.
From there we can begin construction.
As a matter of inquiry, what is the scale you desire for our project? We really should be sure that it can fit out my door as I doubt we could stealthily take out one of my walls to remove the machine.
>> No. 2583
File 130207481402.jpg - (45.35KB , 400x400 , LucibaneStealthSubmission.jpg )
It’s in devilish spirits that I come unto you this dark night, my colleagues of conspicuous criminals. All day, that grievous, galloping gump has been vociferously reiterating details of some celebration ‘it’ contemplates attending with ‘its’ abhorrent associates tonight. For this reason, I have determined this evening to be an ideal opportunity to make another anticipated appearance. For the past few days, that vile pony hounded me vigorously for the prospect of snatching my coveted cloak once more or, even worse, my beloved copy of ‘Rotten Apples’. Not showing a single shred of sinister scheming, she seems to have surrendered.

Though I was originally suspect that this ‘super secret pony party of awesome awesomeness’ was articulated profusely as a ruse to lure me out into the open with my cloak and ‘diary’, she has been vacant from the premises long enough that I am confident in presenting myself to this felonious forum once more though to be safe, I must insist that utmost tranquility is maintained. I listen for the faintest indicators of her presence.

I made a furtive update to Part One the night previous, appending an idea that was fiendishly purloined from Armada concerning how one must hire conscripts to become a big-league villain.

I have some excellent news, DreamHaunter. While sneaking around the local book repository late one night, fortune paved an express path to the only print of ‘Dreamwalking for Dummies 101’ in the entire library. Unlike some other books I’ve had to abduct, this one wasn’t covered in drool under that blasted Twilight’s horned head. The title was perfectly new, apparently having just arrived a few days previous. That purple imbecile hadn’t even catalogued the book into inventory before I set my claws upon it!

Needless to say, the book is now mine. I’ve been studying it whenever possible, and hiding it in the dumpster behind Sugarcube Corner though that intrusive cur of a caretaker has been making my dark research efforts nearly impossible as of late. Perhaps I’ll get a chapter or two in this evening while she prances about with her moronic compatriots.

By the way, I am intrigued to start implementing a few nightmare designs I’ve had in mind. If Twilight thought she was terrified of miniscule lizards before, she shall soon be existing in a new dimension rife with reptilian fear!

I am most pleased with your progress thus far. Whatever you are able to decipher from these ancient books will invariably help further our agenda to destabilize the greater forces of good in Equestria. If you find anything at all relating to that wretched Princess Celestia, inform me at once.

Already, this first bit of information concerning the Nightmare Ascendant cult seems like a viable platform for a rewarding extortion campaign. As long as nopony is able to offer an elucidation contrary to our greedy explanation as to why money is necessary to cause celestial proceedings, I don’t see why we wouldn’t set this gold plundering scheme set back into motion.

However mighty some steroid pumped water weasel may be, I am confident that you have no chance of dethroning any of the evil entities contained within this hostile environment.


Perhaps my reproach now reverberates off your tombstone; it seems that the most unthreatening ‘williamcll’ has swiftly dispatched your haphazard figure. Let us consider this a somewhat glorious victory carried out in the name of the greater darkness!

Let’s leave this thing alone. You and I can concur that neither of us wants to see this dimwitted creature ever again, in life or undeath. Again, I personally commend you for swiftly vanquishing it.

To answer your question without divulging too many details, I have assembled about 85% of the primary cannon components at this moment. Due to a certain prying pest, I have been a little slow in finishing the “Resonator”, which is the constituent that must defy conventional physics in order to get our gun functioning as intended. Once we have that pretentious unicorn Trixie at our beckoning, we can finish this most essential section of our destructive implement.

The project is, more or less, able to fit through an area that is 18 inches squared. I’ve scaled it down so that it could be quickly used and hidden. Also, it’s much easier for me as well as other villains around my stature to handle effectively.

With that, I must be back to my watch duty. It has been dead silent so far, but I must remain vigilant in order to escape the sight of that meddlesome mare.
>> No. 2594
Use a decoy or a illusion, that should help a lot.

If you are wondering how i killed muscle beaver, i used mindblast, which is a focused brain wave that makes the target's brain to overload, messing up the bloodflow and cause his brain to "crash" (i also drained his remaining mana, burnt his soul and fed it to my hellhounds for sure that he wont reappear again). Brain waves when understood, can even used to control objects (and people) in a distance without the use of magics, during some earlier wars between a species called terrans, zergs and protoss, each side use such to try to kill each other from the inside. Even better brainwave (like me)users can use telekineses, telepathy, and even teleport (but at a short distance, sometimes i get dizzy after using this ability), things like AMF would not affect brainwaves (somepeople call it psycomm wave because it can "communicate" with people and machines) a few materials is know to amplify like GN particles.

Lastly that sonic cannon should be able to turn stone into sand, and also make others explode in the most gruesomest way ever (if you aimed at them that is).
>> No. 2855
While you all are bussy with that gun of yours I have started a plan of myself. I have used my alchemy skills to create a potion that will make ponies feel bad moods.
It will start with feeling a bit down and annoyed but it will end with rage as they consume more of the potion of sanity coruption. When drank enough of this ponies will kill each other for little things like sneezing or a soft coughs.

I have started to dump this potion in multiple places like lakes, drinking water reservoirs and some food processing factories. This potion only works on ponies so have no fear fellow villians of a non-pony specy but for those who are ponies I recomment that you drink from bottles for the period of time.
>> No. 2860
File 130228121926.jpg - (104.10KB , 394x573 , Tarentus_Nyiichiinen.jpg )
Apologies for my absence. The moderators of this board banned me for a day for linking to fiction of questionable content in an admittedly haphazard attempt at 'hearts and minds' warfare.
In the words of the Memetic Collective, "FUND IT."
>wars between a species called terrans, zergs and protoss
Oh lawd.
Shorting out the weak fuse of his CNS is child's play. I thank you for taking the initiative, however.
>> No. 2954
wont having the corrupter thing airborne better?
>> No. 2983
yes, but then fellow villains can be infected as well and that is phase two (I give them some time to prepare themselves for it). So when they figure it out it's in the water they will stop looking for other sources and then I will send it in the air and they think people still consume it HAHAHAHA.
>> No. 2991
File 130237725387.png - (145.88KB , 359x361 , Really.png )
Hello comrades, I'm back. I've completed my plan without fault, though Trixie nearly suffocated while I overcame her. I take a liquid form when striking.
I've begun construction and should complete the sonic cannon soon.

I've long since mastered magic in earlier hosts but I have never had a body like Trixie.
Her capacity for magic is great. Of special note is her carbuncle. It is simply immense Probably related to her cutie mark (read: special skill) which is based on magic.
The only problem now is my actual presence and lodging. I'm staying with my old host, the Mayor who remembers that I've been her housemate for some months. I am concerned that she may mention me offhandedly, revealing my return. I can't maker her not be able to reveal me, only discourage her.
Do any of you think I should reveal myself and plead for sanctuary in Ponyville? Just to get it over with?

So, you invented liquor?
>> No. 2993
>> No. 2999
No, liquor makes you lose control and screw up the motorotic skills. But this potion lets ponies be in full control of their body but become violent.

... nothing .... just ignore us *prepares a fireball*
>> No. 3018
thats why i never drink that, but sell it to people though

>2991 i think most of ponville may either forgets you or forgives you (maybe).

Ok the book on the secret service was completed, seems like there is around 8 ponies in Pville are one of them. sending the list to everyonenow. One of the SS operatives who lives in canterlot is a very specail one, a 10 feet tall Alicorn (winged unicorn/horned pegasus) called "overlord"
>> No. 3041
File 130240194357.jpg - (21.90KB , 600x399 , Ignore.jpg )
>> No. 3071
Extra note: according to the books i recieved, seems like there were many "solved" zombie attacks in the past, if they can deal with it in the past they probably are able to deal with ours.
ps.: anyone found more information on the "smooze" which killex the necrpprancer in the past
>> No. 4904
Oh shit they found me, now i find them, now they dont live anymore

>> No. 7218
File 130395111985.jpg - (544.08KB , 1200x1600 , work shot.jpg )
hello again. I've been off doing road construction for the past two weeks. I should have more narrations ready for you shortly. Just as soon as I find the appropriate music with which to accompany it.
>> No. 7227
Hey, how would the Rotten Apples like to try to be featured in a cameo in this story?
Who knows, you may even get to "eliminate" our hapless hero a few times!
>> No. 7335
hopefully lucibane can release his chap 2 soon, really wut happened to him, maybe he got caught?
>> No. 10299
bumping. don't 404 on me!
>> No. 10374
Luci i know its great to celebrate your first birthday but i am now extremely eager too look at your FREAKING NEXT CHAPTER
>> No. 10748
File 130526214230.jpg - (20.01KB , 409x182 , quints.jpg )
you got quints on Newt Gingrich. impressive.
>> No. 12618
File 130585955414.jpg - (582.10KB , 1200x1600 , 1 newtral.jpg )
this thread will survive.
I will it to be so.
>> No. 12619
Why do you have three different sets of headphones?
>> No. 12901
File 130592926996.jpg - (737.99KB , 1200x1600 , 1 look.jpg )
3 actually.
cuz I'm headphone jack.
>> No. 12907
That's what I said. Three
>> No. 13241
File 130600994818.jpg - (522.73KB , 1200x1600 , 1 interesting.jpg )
did I say 3? I meant π.
>> No. 14012
File 130619456825.jpg - (17.55KB , 400x400 , stalk.jpg )
Oh noteworthy wordsmith, I have relished every syllable, every character of your deliciously crafted tome of iniquitous proverbs. I am compelled to profess my unmitigated infatuation with your linguistically intoxicating writing mannerisms. Also I would take this opportunity to make you aware that I have taken the liberty, since taking notice of your inactivity, of utilizing your identity and persona to evangelize to other image boards across the cyberspacial terrain and the numerous malleable cognizances throughout the realm of the internet.
>> No. 14018
Ya know, I don't think I noticed this before, but...G...Oh, your Gummy. I guess I felt like you were familiar, your eyes had that same shine. Welp, carry on with creating the full guide to being an Evildoer; someone has to do it, why can't it be a professional?
>> No. 14167
i thought you were dead
>> No. 14176
File 130622438209.jpg - (11.58KB , 400x400 , condescendence.jpg )
Well, I am not genuinely the one you know as Lucibane. I am but a counterfeit. The original may be dead for all I know. I am merely using his identity to spread his words of malicious wisdom to other potential converts.
>> No. 14192
oh... your tripcode, i see that, oh well


theres that share=>sharing settings button which we can contact the real luci, if hes unable to continue, we can.
>> No. 14542
File 130630395747.jpg - (17.62KB , 400x400 , death gaze.jpg )
Precisely. If the malicious wordsmith who originated this image thread is incapable of continuing his brilliant mission trip to every corner of the interwebs, then we must take up the task and spread his message ourselves.
>> No. 14926
So have you started yet?
>> No. 15256

wheres headphone jack?
>> No. 15261
gfdsgfsd test
>> No. 15263
you dont do test here bro
>> No. 15388
File 130653829192.jpg - (16.94KB , 400x400 , eyes.jpg )
indeed I have. I conjectured the easiest province to outset my expedition would be the vilest pustule of the internet's bowls. A most unpredictable image board known as /b/, a subsidiary of the greater abscess designated "4chan." Should you visit said rectal tumor, I may be spotted in the pony threads. Shall I look for you there?
>> No. 15391
File 130653857794.jpg - (867.06KB , 1200x1600 , 1waiting.jpg )
right here bro. trying to find an audio uploading site that won't delete your uploads after a certain time period. know of any?
>> No. 15453
gdocs and dropbox can save audio recordings
no that place disgust me
>> No. 15456
File 130654767313.png - (109.36KB , 294x420 , Disapointment.png )
>I ask that you refrain from making your fallacious assumptions public.
Dammit Jebster.
>> No. 15466
i would love a status report from you
>> No. 15498
File 130655378514.jpg - (60.40KB , 900x663 , Trixie.jpg )
Very well.
Unwilling to involve myself in masterminding another scheme at the time, I became skilled labour. Working out of my former host's home I completed the construction of the sonic cannon and augmented it's function using my new host's formidable magic skill.

But since Lucibane had gone incommunicado just before completion, I have sectioned it into parts, dissembled it and put it in storage.
Whenever Lucibane shows up again, I can break it out and hand it to his control.
>> No. 15548
mhmm, thats pretty boring indeed, hopefully lucibane gets here soon or something
>> No. 15586
File 130656803265.jpg - (679.19KB , 1200x1600 , 1glasses2.jpg )
>> No. 15589
>> No. 15597
File 130657249001.jpg - (827.45KB , 1200x1600 , 1 cigar waiting.jpg )
okay, try this one.

>> No. 15605
still 403
>> No. 15608
File 130657553289.jpg - (809.41KB , 1200x1600 , 1faggotry3.jpg )
okay, how about this one.

>> No. 15610
no prob now
>> No. 16026
File 130668377597.jpg - (847.00KB , 1200x1600 , 1 cigar trollface.jpg )
very good then.
I will now proceed to upload my narrations as soon as I record them.

>> No. 16343
File 130675397759.jpg - (663.67KB , 1200x1600 , 1 huh.jpg )
hopefully the music selection is alright. does anyone have suggestions for the next set of songs I should accompany my narrations with?
>> No. 24934
bump because this is the best non-story fic, should have done this 2 weeks ago
>> No. 25453
File 130915170144.jpg - (588.26KB , 1200x1600 , 4 this post does not affect me.jpg )
I'll be getting to the next chapter as soon as I have the time. soon.....
>> No. 29414
File 131035409047.jpg - (619.40KB , 1200x1600 , 4 chillin.jpg )
seriously, I'll get to it. just as soon as i find the time.
>> No. 33692
File 131155236725.jpg - (516.05KB , 1200x1600 , 2 book of rainbow.jpg )
as promised (finally) my narration of

Rotten Apples, by G. Lucibane

>> No. 33724
As a fellow follower of the path of antagonism (designation: affably lawful evil) I quite like this. Carry on.
>> No. 33875
I would but the author seems to have magic'd himself out of existence without completing his book.
>> No. 37342
File 131261031403.jpg - (526.11KB , 1200x1600 , 2 book and pipe.jpg )
will the original poster of this thread please return to this thread and finish what he started?

I would find it most unappealing but nonetheless necessary, if mister lucibane does not return in a timely manner, to SLAP A BITCH.
>> No. 59356
This thread is dead. Its been dead for a long, long time. Unless the OP or someone else wants to make new content it should be left to die.
>> No. 61702
File 131982119680.jpg - (401.96KB , 1200x1600 , corncob1.jpg )
I will take that task upon myself then. once I have some time I will continue this work. the author indicates that his next chapter was intended to give some information about the mane six.
I will make a new thread in the future asking for help in completing this.
>> No. 80639
hopy sheet, this thread is still here on ponychan, how did this happen?

Oh yeah by the way jack, can I get your email?
>> No. 80656
File 132786660870.jpg - (169.47KB , 1373x1325 , 130759641081.jpg )
This thread is still here because it keeps getting bumped long after updates and discussion have stopped.
>> No. 80684
File 132787841312.gif - (1.76MB , 360x200 , aIaFk.gif )
K, this necroing is getting stupid.
Would anyone object if I reported this thread for deletion?
>> No. 89285
[email protected]
>> No. 89287
File 133108240060.gif - (2.95MB , 267x200 , 133064635794.gif )
>> No. 89289
File 133108285087.png - (108.81KB , 300x225 , sam_johnson.png )
Hey, look on the bright side: we hold the record for the longest-lived thread on ponychan (or any chan, for that matter)
>> No. 89294
Not even. >>/arch/1
>> No. 89297
Everyone knows Arch is cheating. This thread is kept alive by people posting on it, that is kept alive like by force.
>> No. 89299
File 133108514716.jpg - (198.97KB , 1080x785 , slide_191487_370952_huge.jpg )
/arch/ threads don't count, because they're unnaturally kept from 404-ing, hence the title /arch/.
>> No. 89326
File 133108918582.gif - (395.84KB , 200x133 , 133024580886.gif )
That's even worse, since it's keeping my thread from becoming the oldest on Pchan >_>.
>> No. 95671
File 133378370576.jpg - (619.40KB , 1200x1600 , 4 chillin.jpg )
wonder how long this could go on.
>> No. 95689
File 133381054482.png - (140.61KB , 250x364 , RtZdR.png )
Not much longer, with the new ruleset. This is spam bumping and is grounds for the thread being deleted. Unless you have actual content to add, a bump from page 30 or whatever is not cool. Not cool at all.
>> No. 95690
File 133381074347.png - (773.14KB , 973x610 , 160278+-+artist+tg-0+gameboy_color+pokemon_yellow_version+screenshot+twilight_sparkle.png )
Well, the new ruleset says nothing about bumping, and necroposting isn't against side-wide rules, so I think it may last for a while longer.
>> No. 95692
File 133381140294.jpg - (32.83KB , 500x662 , JRIDj.jpg )
In the /fic/ sticky:
> Use “sage” in the email field unless you are submitting fanfiction, offering a review to a fanfiction or staying completely on-topic for a thread’s purposes. /fic/ runs more slowly than other boards, and thus it is considered impolite to bump a thread unless you’re adding relevant content or discussion.

From the site's rules:
>All posts and images should contribute positively to the board, and have some semblance of thought put into them. Out-of-context or vacuous posts will be either deleted or moved, and the poster banned.
Necrobumps certainly fill this criteria. There isn't a hard rule on it because it's only really a problem in /fic/, which is why the new sticky should be covering it.
>> No. 95694
File 133381227709.png - (29.18KB , 179x217 )
Bitch please, there's a thread in /g/ from March 13th 2011 that still gets regular content.

Locking this on the offchance that OP comes back / people want to save the contents of this thread.

>Inb4 sage doesnt work.
>> No. 127746
Did he return?
>> No. 127754
File 137081667892.png - (114.40KB , 307x477 , Don't look at me, I just call the shots.png )
Personally, I'm more suprised that he used the !!Angelbunny trip, rather than !!ShiningArmor, assuming a new mod hasn't been appointed to that trip.
>> No. 127761
File 137100876301.jpg - (38.82KB , 335x241 , Ivan_The_Fool.jpg )
This thread is two years old.

This post is a year old.

Gorram necroing spambots.

The least they could do is bump a thread that's worth its salt.
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