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34323 No. 34323
In response to assorted emails and IMs, I've decided to delete a few older threads that contain my assorted stories and put together a thread where my completed works are listed, and my current projects are described. I find it more efficient if the interested parties have one place to look to find out what I'm doing. Feel free to read through these if you like and critique if you please.


Two Ponies ( http://bit.ly/kmJM67 ) - [sad] A story about a pony who loved dearly, and those he left behind.

Kindness ( http://bit.ly/oJO3qG ) - [sad] An alternate history tale: "How would the other five ponies have fared, if Twilight decided to go back to Canterlot instead of staying in Ponyville?" This one features Fluttershy.

of Moon and Memory ( http://bit.ly/qo8RKq ) - [grimdark] A series of eight single-page vignettes about the lost histories of Luna / Nightmare Moon, told from her perspective.

Limericks & Longjohns ( http://bit.ly/quxDaQ ) - [random] A response to the prompt, "Describe a pony's first week in Canterlot".

Projects, as they can change, will be added as follow-up posts.
Again, all are welcome to comment and critique. I only ask that you keep it civil.
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>> No. 34328
I suggest you delete this thread and read the rules in the sticky. Blah blah blah!

I'm just messing with ya. Now I'll have to read all these fics! Damn. They better be good! Clenches... * hoof and shakes it in the air*

I'll get back here once I'm done reading em. Now, time to sleep...
>> No. 44565
One of my more recent works. I thought I'd posted it here, but apparently I'd forgotten.


>> No. 45156
Funnily enough, I was reading that one when you posted this. But it takes me days to finish anything so...

That's horrible, you should feel bad, why won't I stop laughing about it though?
>> No. 51575
File 131664419078.jpg - (50.70KB , 700x466 , a broken egg.jpg )

A journal recounts the remarkable discovery of Equestria by someone who only sought a little peace.

Link: http://bit.ly/p81TA2
>> No. 51588
A good HiE, Sonic crossover? You monster.
>> No. 51589
It took a really weird turn though.
>> No. 51591
File 131664745901.png - (75.23KB , 940x818 , 130301394189.png )
*eye twitch*
>> No. 51623
As if the two aren't bad enough on their own.
>> No. 51645
Weird turn? I don't really see it though.
He shows up, a buncha magic happens, the end?

It's not instant transformation, which is nice actually.
>> No. 51650
Ehhh, it's still weird.
>> No. 51652
I invite you to describe a scenario where a Human-In-Equestria, Sonic/MLP, OC Pony story is not 'weird'. =)
>> No. 51655
File 131666025988.png - (67.28KB , 800x750 , 55117 - filly luna monocle woona wuna.png )
I've gone crazy and everything is inverted.
>> No. 51685
File 131669130515.png - (510.19KB , 1000x1000 , 130665641552.png )
If I had to complain about your post, it's the fact you put tags and summary, so we have an idea what you're about to unleash.

It's been mentioned that this seems to read like a template for mad inventor, which is true enough. Ignoring the fact that other uses of this template tend to not be interesting so far.
Where as someone could replace him with Wily or Giovanni, you'd have to strip Robotnik out entirely first, removing all mentions of Chaos, the understanding of working with short animals before hand, the entire final revelation would need to be reworked.

It would make him a totally different character. Adding Luna gives some of the more... pedantic readers an explanation for the process, which not everyone needs, but enough people would want that it's not the end of the world.

And the bigger point of note. Just because it's a template, doesn't mean it's not well done.
Just because it's been done before, doesn't mean this one doesn't do new things with it. And this one does amazing things with the reoccurring themes commonly seen in the genre.
>> No. 51686

I'll read... *sigh* all of these stories once I review some more stories. I will *not* review these stories though, I'm not SuperShy.
>> No. 51693
File 131669484935.jpg - (314.21KB , 920x720 , The shocking truth.jpg )
Now that Ponychan is back up....

Alright then. You're on!!!!!

Ok then. Eggman/Robitnik, tired of getting his ass kicked by Sonic, does some science stuff and ends up in Equestria. He tries to take over the world with the Chaos Emeralds.(The reason he ran when he had the Chaos Emeralds is because he knows he's gonna lose anyway) So Celestia calls upon six ponies with attitude to find the Elements of Harmony (since you explicitly state that it must be OC ponies). So, the Not-mane six travel across Equestria, led by not-Twilight Sparkle. Along the way, they fight robots and save lives, and on the eve-of the big fight, after finding all six of the EoH gather together for a big pre-asskicking party (all the food is egg based). Also, not-Fluttershy learns that she can use her -not Stare to make others do what they want and even make them think that they wanted to do that all along, not-Rainbow Dash learns everypony already knows and nopony cares that she's a lesbian because with a 90% female population there's gonna be some lesbians, not-Applejack comes to terms with the fact that her family loves inbreeding more than they love not-apples, not-Pinkie Pie learns that not-cocaine should be taken in moderation, not-Rarity discovers that she does not, in fact, have to be a miner and could use her skills at finding not-gems to be a not-fashion designer. And finally, not-Twilight Sparkle learns that, just because her name reminds people of a shitty vampire romance series it doesn't mean that she has to act like she's in one.

And then they fight Eggbotnic in an epic clash. After Robotman is defeated, the Mane six show up demanding their elements back. Angry sex amongst their counterparts ensues and fade-out, roll credits.

When I said it was weird, I was more referring to the transformation thing. That sort of thing always feels odd whenever its portrayed as good, especially when it involves a human turning into an animal, due to furry, (and yes, i know that it wasn't portrayed that way in the slightest, it still brings that thought to my head.)
>> No. 51694
File 131669512505.jpg - (39.36KB , 447x335 , oh_you_jpg (447×335).jpg )
And now... I want someone to write this... like, actually write this and not just write a troll fic.

Please post this idea here: >>51689
>> No. 54252

I'll take those internets, now.
>> No. 54255
We'll see about that!
>> No. 54258
Amazing. Truly amazing. I never thought I'd see the day a Sonic crossover flew.

My most sincere congratulations, dear sir.
>> No. 54264
Starting review... now!
Full colons have the word after them capitalized!
Animals don't need a large brain to speak. Whales brains are several time larger than our entire body, yet they're far less intelligent than a Dolphin. Crows are incredibly smart, able to figure out puzzles that require thinking as far as ten steps ahead. Just a little educational tip ;p.

Parents came home, will continue on PSP later. So far, very good.
>> No. 54276

Humans, Chimpanzees, Elephants, Dolphins, and Crows as well I believe have brains that, proportional to their bodies, are larger than they should be, so yeah. Don't quote me on that, though.
>> No. 54308
File 131734731558.png - (377.85KB , 900x663 , my_metal_pony_by_niban_destikim-d41deik.png )
Hmmm... I'm afraid I can only offer half an internet, since you were missing the yin to Robotnik's yang. Since it was well-written, I'll grant an additional 1/4 internet, and pretend that the story couldn't be applied to half of the NES games' villains.

If you want that last piece of internet you'll have to write a chapter where Sonic crosses over, believing that Robotnik has gone to subvert a different species, only to find his arch-nemesis is a mellowed-out pony. Or something like that, as long as it includes Sonic.

Good job.
>> No. 54318
That's the sequel I intend, sir. Sonic shows up a year later and refuses to listen to tales of reform. =)
>> No. 54336
You got... some one on the internet to apologize for being a jerk to you? ( In the EqD comments...) Holy...
>> No. 54337
I know, right? I'm tempted to divide by zero and see what happens.
>> No. 54353
If you do, you'll have to make a good Sonic X Naruto story as payment to the internet gods.

Also, great minds think alike, eh?
>> No. 54366
File 131735542373.png - (218.26KB , 640x960 , 65300 - Sonic_the_Hedgehog artist-giantmosquito crossover dr_robotnik.png )
Holy Crap. Fanart! Link below, image attached.

Credit goes to GiantMosquito from the ATG group on DA. =)
>> No. 54495
4.4. It's got a 4.4 rating, and 202 comments. If it makes it to 4.5 I've already promised to eat Sonic merchandise. On camera.
*looks on eBay*
Damnit. I may have just trolled MYSELF.
>> No. 55167
You didn't say you had to eat it whole though. Just on camera.
>> No. 61373

It's been edited a little to reflect new canon (Discord, Luna Eclipsed) and seems to be doing well over there. If you've not read it yet, give it a shot!

Note: GrimDark
>> No. 61399
Seconded. Will it blend?

(I must read this thing now.)
>> No. 63071
It's just hit EQD. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Justice (http://bit.ly/q5aYo5) - [normal] [crossover] Worker's building a life for himself, but what happens when he learns he owes his happiness to a forbidden act?
>> No. 63113
File 132034795522.jpg - (165.34KB , 723x1157 , 131887326560.jpg )
Why not post updates on tumblr too.
I mean, sure, I could just hunt you down and ask what you've finished lately, but it takes precious time where I could be screaming at the rubber walls, enjoyably reading more of your works.
>> No. 63114
File 132034865892.png - (344.86KB , 945x945 , 131234900288.png )
That's a great idea. Dankeschoen. I knew I kept you chained in the basement liked you for a reason. I'll update my tumblr when I get home tonight.
>> No. 63121
I'm just busting open Order from Chaos. I've heard great things, and I've been looking forward to reading it.
>> No. 63986
Ladies and Gentlemen (and Kim), I give you Twilight Snarkle vs Sonic the Hedgehog.
This is the result of my bet that my story would NOT receive a 5 star rating. Well, it did. And here I am eating a comic.
My obligation has now been met.
>> No. 64016
Posting to EqD? ^^
>> No. 64029
>Finally get around to reading Justice (put it ahead of even the new chapter of Fo:E: Figured it'd be a shorter read, but your 57 pages beg to differ)
>See Sergeant Sturm
You really do care! :D

Also, loving it so far. I'm only at page twenty, so I'll give you a bit more praise once I'm done.
>> No. 64041
Oh, you dirty cheat you, not even properly putting Sonic into Equestria and instead leaving it on a cliffhanger.
I eagerly await the next act :D.
Minor gripe, but I would imagine Worker would try to get Celestia to remove the rest of the ponies before he started talking, but I understand it you did it for plot reasons. Maybe address it by having him think about it and then dismissing the idea or Celestia not allowing it?
>> No. 64057
I considered that, but Skyshine had constantly refused to listen about his past, and he needed to tell her.
Maybe I'll elaborate on -that- point when I go through for edits.
>> No. 64089
I say leave it as it is. I thoroughly loved it.
>> No. 64091
File 132069126345.png - (320.63KB , 639x359 , don't__even_think_about_it-(n1296269112023).png )
I say touch on it in part 3.
Seeing as it's on EqD, it's cut and printed. You did leave the rest of the town open to comment.
>> No. 64094
>Seeing as it's on EqD, it's cut and printed.
This this this.
>> No. 64096
File 132069440600.jpg - (50.83KB , 469x428 , 1319578968412.jpg )
>Past Sins
>> No. 64097
I laughed out loud at the office. Damn you. =)
>> No. 64098
What do you do for work?
Unless that's too personal.
>> No. 64099
Right now, I do minor DBA work but my primary focus is on remote-administration for a interstate call center network. I fix their machines so people can call in and have them fix THEIR machines.
>> No. 64102
How meta.
>> No. 74202
I should be getting back to work on the last story of Order from Chaos soon, and hope to have it done by the end of January at the latest. This is not a repeat from November, or December. (Yes, it is.)

Saged for your pleasure.
>> No. 78262
File 132673889039.jpg - (33.46KB , 500x361 , 4ymlC.jpg )
>> No. 126461
File 136000287954.png - (90.73KB , 500x500 , sailor_snarkle.png )
The third and final story in the Robotnik arc will be posted before March 30, and hopefully by Feb 28, depending on how much time I can devote to Teh Editz.

You may now go about your business.
>> No. 126462
File 136001074372.jpg - (123.55KB , 838x641 , 8kEBPsR.jpg )
It's only been a year or so. I can wait a little longer...

>I should be getting back to work on the last story of Order from Chaos soon, and hope to have it done by the end of January at the latest. This is not a repeat from November, or December.
Dirty rotten liar.
>> No. 127175
File 136436225448.jpg - (80.83KB , 500x656 , dr_eggman.jpg )
It has arrived.
>> No. 127176
File 136439965107.jpg - (55.54KB , 620x351 , 3rkxlv[1].jpg )
>> No. 127178
I think you owe him the rest of those internets, now.
>> No. 127215
File 136481150574.jpg - (230.71KB , 813x983 , spoiler.jpg )
Epilogue added.
>> No. 127218
Shouldn't that image be tagged NSFW for copious amounts of boob?
>> No. 127579
File 136893973018.png - (38.13KB , 191x208 , 130663049929.png )
Oh lookie. I resurrected at the near perfect-ish time.

AND I have just a few hours to blow too!
>> No. 127584
File 136901196923.png - (112.30KB , 450x450 , 0049-132650885573.png )
Having read it, I do like the fact that you hung a lampshade on the crux of the story. Pointing out that one little white lie could have averted the whole thing, and taking an active choice in picking the outcome.

But no one checks out pchan anyways these days.
>> No. 127585
I do, so there. <3
Thank you, Minty!
>> No. 127586
File 136902156456.gif - (1.99MB , 310x233 , M6yN3HO.gif )
Would you object to me maybe possibly probably not making an alternate ending to the story because I'm weird like that?
>> No. 127593
Apparently my IP is banned from work. Neat, huh?
Anyway, sure. After all, I trolled my own readership.
>> No. 127595
You ate a comic book.
>> No. 127599
File 136910288502.gif - (0.98MB , 260x146 , 136512228500.gif )

Astute as always, Minty.
>> No. 127605
File 136915011450.png - (236.54KB , 370x418 , 132656875941.png )
No, I mean, how much can you really troll a group of people you're willing to do something as extreme as that on an off handed comment?

Many people say things they're not willing to follow through on. It's one of the basic tenants of trolling for responses. So I'm not sure if anyone in this transaction is being successfully trolled.

Maybe the outlier who's looking for a non-weird Sonic the Hedgehog crossover?
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