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43456 No. 43456
In the spirit of organization:

Well, here is a thread for people to post their recommendations so new people can get a general picture of the highlights of fiction in the fandom.

Couple of rules.
1.) No self-promotion, your work should stand for itself and make others want to refer to it.
2.) You will provide tags and some small additional information for people to know what they are heading into.


1.) Do post on this thread and promoted works that deserve the attention.
2.) If you see a person asking for recommendations direct them here and ask them to delete their thread.

That is all.
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>> No. 85815
Meh. I enjoyed MLD, so I added it to the list.
Also, that fact that it's the first on my list doesn't mean anything.
>> No. 85824
No, bad Ion, people are free to do whatever suggestion we want.

Plus, not everyone will enjoy the same things the same.

Also, everyone, read Out in the Cold, Twixie shipping, really nice story, love all the continuations as well.
>> No. 85825
You'll find them fine; it's just that you have to look for them instead of them being immediately in front of you.

As for PoE, might want to look at something by Chatoyance under TCB.
>> No. 85827
File 132979144890.jpg - (40.44KB , 570x474 , x5qgG.jpg )
>> No. 86229
Hey, guys. I'm looking for three things.

1)Genderswaps... Not as in alternative universes where a pony meets his or her flip, but swaps as in 'Fluttershy falls into a magical trap and becomes stallion' stuff. And then the rest of the story is her trying to turn back. Any good stories like that?

2)Silent Hill crossover with MLP... I know this exists, but I can't find it.

3)Coltcuddler romances that are really lovey-dovey and soft... Disney-type stuff (most coltcuddler stuff seems to be grim, angsty, and sad I guess).
>> No. 86231
File 132994574718.png - (636.12KB , 900x1694 , BUT MOTHERFUCKING WHY.png )
>see pic

As for Silent Hill stuff, if you don't get thrown off by Cupcakes-related stuff, I've heard decent things about Silent Ponyville
>> No. 86234
White Box.
That is all.
>> No. 86241

It was alright I guess, but nothing special.
>> No. 86246
Sounds like you want to read the 63rd Rune! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/05/story-63rd-rune.html
>> No. 86286
File 132996027855.png - (122.82KB , 401x415 , stranglrarity.png )

But I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it... *pants* *moves hooves to your neck*

Ooooh, that looks fantastic.
>> No. 86287
File 132996066080.png - (418.23KB , 1280x720 , 130727824260.png )
>Silent Ponyville

Oh, that's actually a good story. Sorry about my momentary lapse into anger, darling. Thanks for the recombination.
>> No. 86288
File 132996099970.png - (380.72KB , 800x700 , 130756255217.png )
Oh, I'm such a silly pony. I meant 'recommendation'. Anyways, goodbye, and thank you both.
>> No. 87473
File 133040195182.png - (1.09MB , 900x4748 , my_little_scootiekins_by_beavernator-d4ltnjh.png )
You'll think I'm crazy for this belief, but I enjoy reading scootabuse and scootalove stories as motivation to accomplish my future goal of ending child abuse. I figured you'd think I'm crazy because it sounds weird that a guy wanting to end abuse, loves stories of pony abuse, but I guess motivation works in the weirdest of ways.
In short, link me to some scootabuse and scootalove stories. I wanna see lots of stories plz
>> No. 87474

Ending's a bit of a let-down but overall, its a pretty good fic.
>> No. 87481
That one was a great read, but it's not disheartening enough to meet what I'm looking for. This picture might express how sad I want it, or at least the sadness level it be a few cards short of a deck.

*NOTE* I'm not crazy or evil, but the depictions of abuse toward the some of the ponies act as a motivator to end child abuse, motivation I can't find any other way.
>> No. 87484
File 133040508858.gif - (507.38KB , 300x200 , eb0.gif )
You have an interesting way of going about this...
I won't post it.
>> No. 87632
I know, I don't think many would understand, hell I barely understand.
Could you give me a new link? The one you posted just sends me to the home page.
>> No. 87634
Just Google "Sweetie Belle bleach". It's the first result.
>> No. 87637
oh, bleachy belle, seen it, that one was very weird in my eyes, probably one of the pushers that got me here.
>> No. 87689
I know that film noir has been referred to in a lot of pony fanfictions, but has anyone seen anything that
s more 'grey' and not 'black' in terms of morality? For comparison, look at something like Peter Gunn. There's danger, romance, suspense, and so on. Yet the hero is suave and sophisticated, enjoying cool jazz and a long sip of wine.
>> No. 87884
Hey I don't really read fanfics but I've read and enjoyed:
The Vinyl Scratch Tapes
Junior Speedsters Forever

I would like fics that are funny and character based
No clop or grimdark please
Anyone willing to help?
>> No. 87887
File 133056220164.jpg - (15.41KB , 220x200 , fc,220x200,navy.jpg )
Meh. Here's one. Its not the best fanfic I've ever read, but it's funny. Seems pretty character and plot driven too. Not half bad for a HIE ric, doubly since the human does not appear to be a self insert. He seems to be comic relief at his most serious, and is usually, as the author put it, "an oversized chibi."
>> No. 87898
I didn't mean random comedy
I meant comedy in the form of humorous dialogue between characters not crazy situations.
>> No. 87905
The dialouge is pretty funny. It's one of those situations where a character needs translating, and only one other character can do it. Imagine our two favorite copyrighted space robots.

>beeboobweeboo. Beebeebeebeep!

>watch your language.
>> No. 87918
Since it's been getting mentioned again, may I present /fic/'s resident "what the hay is wrong with you people and why do I love it so much" story: Hearts of Red Ink! It's good for a few laughs.

>> No. 87932
File 133056651417.jpg - (75.56KB , 680x508 , platoon_why.jpg )
This story is neither funny nor interesting. It's bad and I feel bad for reading it (even though I didn't read very much of it).
>> No. 87949
File 133056856623.gif - (209.95KB , 378x364 , e26.gif )
It's one of those You-had-to-be-there sort of things. If i went back and re-read it now, I would probably quit before I finished. The real fun was in seeing who you were going to be paired up with.
>> No. 88029
File 133058191735.png - (203.36KB , 362x342 , Celestia.png )
I tolerated/slogged through it (and barely) because of its portrayal of /fic/ as a city (and TTG as a bazaar, which it was back then), Masterroxxor, and the depiction of Seattle_Lite as a drinking/smoking devil-may-care Pegasus who loved chilling on top of skyscrapers. Filler as a bear was okay too.

The aforementioned things comprised hardly 30% of the fic.

The people who enjoyed it the most were arguably the exact same group of people who were in it, so it's hard to not see it as a community jerk that is circular (confound the wordfilter). I think that stems from the same aspect of human nature that makes you flip through fresh photos looking for ones that contain you, or trying to find yourself in a group photo, before looking for anyone else. People like hearing about themselves. The "story" delivered to the most influential (back when it was written) people in the /fic/ community the sort of thing they secretly desired (not being 63'd and having...things... done to them by implication, but written about in general).
>> No. 88031
That's exactly what it was.

I always thought it was pretty self-indulgent and absurdly hypocritical on the part of these same people who would endlessly ridicule and berate anyone else for writing a fic like that.
>> No. 88034
File 133058265813.jpg - (149.23KB , 480x634 , JzS3G.jpg )
Well, that was the point. It was very self-critical and constantly acknowledged how ludicrous it was. A self-aware story that uses cliched ideas and horrible archetypes on purpose can be good fun.

But yeah, mostly this.
>> No. 88037
File 133058299913.jpg - (75.20KB , 302x330 , strawman.jpg )
I'm pretty sure people have largely encouraged attempts at redoing it. More to the point: it was never being lauded as any great attempt at literature, nor expected to be published to a wider audience (e.g., Equestria Daily), so it being mastabatory isn't really hypocritical.
>> No. 88039
File 133058313815.png - (4.37KB , 365x88 , NOPE.png )
>Pic related: probably the smartest thing anyone did in relation to that entire story.
>> No. 88040
Yeah, just keep telling yourself that.

Seems like last time I checked, anything posted on fic had to meet only the highest of standards, no questions asked. Even a slightly lackluster synopsis isn't acceptable.

But I guess that only applies to the plebs.
>> No. 88042
It was a deliberately absurd, badly-made, shameless terribad story. Like a deliberately bad B-movie. It's one of those "you need a bucket of popcorn and somebody willing to rip the piss out of it" things to fully enjoy, and some never will.
>> No. 88044
File 133058339502.jpg - (14.02KB , 410x346 , mustache.jpg )
What this guy said.
>> No. 88046
File 133058354484.png - (273.92KB , 1280x1024 , sadvas.png )
All I really see from this conversation is a bunch of people saying "You had to be there" and "It's stupid." Neither side is willing to concede to the other, so why talk about it? Its taken over two threads now.
>Pic is probably the smartest reply someone did in this entire debate
>> No. 88048
File 133058434157.png - (92.26KB , 200x303 , 132235888287.png )
I wasn't popular enough to get on that list (and in retrospect, I'm glad). Ukai wasn't either, but he asked to be put on it, and he thus became famous not for his work as a reviewer, for the catchphrase "what the fuck is an Ukai?" from one of the other characters (I can't be bothered to remember who) wasn't familiar with the newcomer.

>> No. 88051
File 133058466824.jpg - (33.01KB , 450x403 , 126400633494.jpg )
>> No. 88083
File 133059584452.gif - (106.24KB , 400x475 , 132963643945.gif )
One of the most pertinent themes amongst the reviewers here is that you must, first and foremost, write for yourself. HoRI was written by the reviewers, for the reviewers. They enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. If you can somehow find parallels between this and their distaste for poor grammar in synopses, then I'm sorry that your savage flankhurt has swollen so far into your head that you can no longer think straight.

Anyway, so that I'm not totally derailing this thread, I'll give the same recommendation I always give: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/07/story-black-and-white.html
>> No. 88102
File 133061660021.png - (523.97KB , 800x600 , cranky_doodle_donkey_by_raikoh14-d4qjfc9.png )
So...are there any Cranky Doodle x Matilda fics out there, or any Cranky Doodle or Matilda fics in general?
>> No. 88143
I'm sure there are a couple on FimFic, but I haven't seen any on EqD. Take that as you will.
>> No. 88169
I'd like to know, are there any fics out there that involve humans and ponies (preferably ponies from space) meeting eachother, but not speaking the same language, without cheating by using magical/technological thingymajigs to insta-learn or insta-translate a language?

I know there are fics like, for example, the Thessalonica Legacy, but they cheat, by using aforementioned insta-translating thingies.

Any fics like that out there?
>> No. 88172
File 133064035932.png - (63.09KB , 500x580 , 130760076189.png )
There's Order From Chaos by Twilight Snarkle.
>> No. 88181
File 133064354324.png - (135.28KB , 635x270 , 1298758351511.png )
Is it a bannable offense to say that I strongly disliked that story?
>> No. 88183
File 133064376493.png - (120.83KB , 332x333 , 1297053882993.png )

Pride's Arrdun Lleudad (or however it's spelled) does a similar thing, but it also abuses the translation spell later on in the story. However, the protagonist tries to learn how to speak the language without the use of the translation spell later on, so it's sorta subverted.
>> No. 88283
The ending of this was one of the funniest things I've read in the past few days:

>> No. 88520
This post is here only to put the thread into autosage so I can justify making a new one.
>> No. 88529
New thread: >>88527
New thread: >>88527
New thread: >>88527
New thread: >>88527
New thread: >>88527
New thread: >>88527
>> No. 88530
Well, that was embarassing.
>> No. 88532
Pobody's nerfect.
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