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In the spirit of organization:

Well, here is a thread for people to post their recommendations so new people can get a general picture of the highlights of fiction in the fandom.

Couple of rules.
1.) No self-promotion, your work should stand for itself and make others want to refer to it.
2.) You will provide tags and some small additional information for people to know what they are heading into.


1.) Do post on this thread and promoted works that deserve the attention.
2.) If you see a person asking for recommendations direct them here and ask them to delete their thread.

That is all.
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>> No. 43457
File 131436829727.png - (7.79KB , 150x150 , 130714332557.png )

I could work slightly more and say:
Which most newer people don't even know about.

But that covers 98% of the recommendations right there.
>> No. 43498
All right, I'll copy + paste from the other thread.

No self promotion, huh?

Friendship is Malice, because... Cupcakes is an important, if bad, part of the Fanfic culture. Friendship is Malice does a very good job with the subject matter, and it's suspense done right.
Link provided because I don't think this one is on Equestria Daily

Equestria Noir, because, despite my long-term involvement on the project, Garnot is meticulous in his setting and establishing the gritty, 30s-esque "Noir feel."

Adventure: (I haven't read these, but they ALWAYS get recommended, so might as well get them out of the way, huh?)
Fallout Equestria, because it's amazingly written. Good characters, good action, good narrative, good everything.

It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door, because it's the archetypal adventure quest done mostly right.

Fair Feathered Friend, the one where Dash gets a pet falcon. Because it's adorable and awesome at the same time.

A Bite of Lime, because it's awesome. It suffers from "in medias res," and the "res" is sex, but it does a good job portraying a realistic, if troubled, relationship.

Derpy's Bebop, because I'm nothing if not consistent. I always recommend this: it's short, it's cute, and what else needs to be said?
>> No. 43542
Sad / Normal

A nice little story that tells us about Rarity's past, the origins of her boutique name and the source of her unique nature.
>> No. 43546
Fair Feathered Friend is awesome. I just wish he'd finished it...

For sad, I'd have to say Simply Rarity. Poignant and heartfelt, there's a good chance you'll get misty-eyed by the end.

Another unfinished fic, Administration is Magic, delves into the inner workings of the Equestrian Monarchy. Don't let the name discourage you, though; it's frequently laugh-out-loud funny and has some of the best writing and character development this side of Fallout: Equestria.
>> No. 43556
Someone actually added Fire and Rain to that list? I need to hug a troper!
>> No. 43612
I must say we need to remember the next Fics:

Junior Speedsters Forever!:
An alternative, non mopey look at Gilda, an analysis of her past and her own decision on the Camp that would change her life.

I... I feel sad after just remembering this. A story about Derpy, her past and all the innocence only a child could have.

Somewhere Only We Know:
Amazing tale which tells us the length some will go to escape their tortuous life. A fic to read, think and remember.

No Sturm, just... don't Set in a far away future where the earth has stopped, two hells coexist (one frozen, one melted), the protagonist explore this unforgiving world, trying to find a way to solve their problems and of ponydom.
>> No. 43648
File 131442112977.gif - (452.55KB , 240x211 , 6TCrU.gif )
I shall make this concession: The opening chapters were enjoyable. I liked the whole "The last two beings alive (on the surface of the world)" vibe. I shall withold the rest of my judgement, although it's now bottling up and there's no telling which poor, unfortunate soul it will be released on.

I wholeheartedly agree with the other three. The fact that I forgot Junior Speedsters is most regrettable.
>> No. 43656
If you want something episodic, go with the recently-written Flying by Fire Wire.
>> No. 43992
Normal: Side Stories are Never Successful.
An entertaining Perspective Flip to Suited for Success, centered in Spike. Good dialogue and characterization
>> No. 44014
Any crossover recomendations?
>> No. 44023
Of the top of my head:

Jack and the ponies: an awesome episode of samurai jack on which he meets horses of the most special kinds. Aka it's literary a samurai jack episode with FiM within it, so much so you just have to change the names of the ponies and it could be an episode of samurai jack or change jack for a pony and it will feel like an episode of FiM.

Fallout Equestria is considered a crossover.

I don't know any others which where worth my time.
>> No. 44060
Suggestions? oh boy!!!

Hand Me Downs: Nice little story, a bit rough, but I do like it's sadness and hope. Plus, I'm a sucker for happiness amidst sadness kind of deals.

Ah Ain't Got No Ack-Cent!: a worthy and episode like story about Applejack, rarity and self.

Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel: awesome story about gilda and some interesting world construction. Mostly sad and tragic, but there is a second story which ain't half bad.

Timelords and Terror: Doctor Whooves and twilight go do what the real doctor would do. Nice read.
>> No. 45045
Note to new arrivals:

Please put up requests on this board or when your request are full-filled erased your previous threads in order to give everyone a good chance of exposure.
>> No. 45633
Although probably permanently unfinished (although I hope it will be finish someday...) I recommend the fic Rose tinted, a great shipping story of the Rainbow Pie Vareity.

After a night of fun, two fillies try to make sense of each other feelings, unwilling to destroy their friends but both wanting something more.
>> No. 45636


>> No. 47976
Want something... saucy?


Fickles story is all about the bondage, with an interesting perspective on Fluttershy... enjoy!!!!

The mods seem to be eliminating more and more threads, this had to be saved, go to the last pages and save what you can.
>> No. 47983
Fallout equestria is amazing, but I am sure somebrony else already said that.

Silent Ponyville is good if you like the tense moments.

Currently reading Cross and Arrow, a fic that takes place in a mirror world, which twilight and the other enter after a failed spell and meet their male equivilants. light shipping (so far, haven't read it entirely) and solid plot.

Say what you will about cupcakes, but it is well written. Only for the heavy gore fans though.

Friend of mine got a sequel to it, which should be under review ATM. also well written and lively.

and... That's about it for me, hope this helps anybody
>> No. 48091
File 131567595434.png - (29.52KB , 347x406 , Glare.png )
>Say what you will about cupcakes, but it is well written. Only for the heavy gore fans though.
The fact that it is poorly written is actually one of the many, many things wrong with it.
>> No. 48092
Eh, I liked Cupcakes because it was gorey, but that's it. As a story in it self, it's really bad, actually. Makes up for it with some nice gore though.

There are many reasons as of to why Cupcakes was bad and as Nick said, writing is one of them. Did you even read the original? It was so bad in terms of writing, I had problems understanding a few things, so I went forth and found the one who had some/most of the writing issues resolved.

On top of all that, I think the formatting, word size and word spacing was really bad too. Almost strained my eyes, wall-o text.

Anyhow, don't make me rant on why it's bad. I like it, I do, but it's still bad.
>> No. 48093
Anything new on EQ Daily that's worth reading? I need to scroll through the Fic list again today.
>> No. 48094
Divergence by Seattle_Lite. It's pretty awesome, and the writing is of premium quality. Very good read, an easy 5-star story. If Seattle pulls it off good as it progresses further, it has the possibility for a 6-star story, I think.

Read it.
>> No. 48096
The Light in the Darkness was good. The new stuff with Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel is amazing. Newsworthy is also a neat series, and (shameless self-promotion) Canterlot's Guests. That's pretty the past week of new and updated stories that I liked.
>> No. 48097
Then I haven't read the same version of cupcakes as you have...
>> No. 48098

If Cupcakes ends with the line 'Guess who's gonna be a blank flank?', it's badly written, but conceptually fun. (opinion statement)
If it ends with 'Pinkie had a friend to make', it's better written, but a much more narrow scope. (also opinion)

If it's that crappy one that ends with Rainbow Dash in heaven, it's just a snuff fic. Pretty well written, but fapfics tend to be.
>> No. 48100

>> No. 48224
File 131571806120.png - (152.13KB , 500x282 , I dont want to live on this planet anymore___.png )
A cupcakes fapfic o.o
>> No. 48250
I have a tenancy to try to put myself in the mindset of the writer when reading fics. Seeing as that's my goal when reading them in the first place, I have varying degrees of success.

So it results in my mind ending up in some absolutely filthy places. There are some gorefics that only make sense as snuff/fapfics. Cupcakes v1 was designed to shock and horrify the reader. v3 was made to glorify the suffering and release of Rainbow Dash.

And then I have to take a shower or six.
>> No. 48251

Well, there was that Pinkamena/Scootaloo one RagingSemi (I think) did based on the Ask Pinkamena Diane Pie tumbler...
>> No. 48253
Not Raging. yawg07. Number Fifty, check where clopssort used to be.
... Yeah, as bad as it is, RagingSemi is worse some of the time.
>> No. 48257
File 131572633067.gif - (180.60KB , 600x600 , 131059237027.gif )
I've heard a lot about Of Mares and Magic, but is it really good? Just finished Past Sins squee~
>> No. 48258
I'll be back tomorrow, too tired to wait for a response now (3:30am)
>> No. 48283
I prefer to think that it ends on the last chapter and that there's no epilogue, but yes, great story.
It's not difficult to beat Past Sins >_> .
>> No. 48286
That's an understatement.

On topic, I can't believe Memories of Days Past hasn't been mentioned. I haven't read the new chapters yet, but man oh man, I'm going to once I get the chances. One of the best [Adventure][Grimdark] stories in the fandom, in my opinion, even if the plot feels a little convuluted at points.
>> No. 48306
You're welcome! (I'm the editor)
>> No. 48307
Avoid the last two chapters. Otherwise, decent. I preferred Past Sins to it, though.

Memories of Days Long Past was actually the first fanfic I ever read. I liked it enough to continue reading them. The world building in it was the draw for me, even if some parts don't conform to my personal tastes.
>> No. 48310
Could someone tell me what are some of the best feel good/neutral fics? I previously ignored stories like those because the show itself provided plenty of this, so I primarily read sad or dark stories, but now I've one too far in that direction, and want something bright. No murder, no diabeetus, no forced parental separation, no parental abandonment, no torture, etc
>> No. 48312
Actually, let me amend that. I'm still looking for good horror stories that don't get too depressing as well. I liked Silent Ponyville, wouldn't mind more things on that level
>> No. 48317
I did read Dangerous Business, and while I hesitate to say I didn't enjoy it to some extent, I did have a number of issues with it that hampered my enjoyment of it. To compound a number of complaints into one sentence: Extraordinary events occur and extremely powerful abilities are gained far too easily
>> No. 48325
A bit more development would have meshed better, but beyond the plot hole of Celestia not being contacted I found it to be one of the best stories in the fandom. The finale gave me goosebumps, which I don't think any other story can attest to.

You haven't read Fallout: Equestria yet and you're asking for great stories? What are you waiting for? You have half a million words to read, get to it!
>> No. 48326
Before it starts to sound like I'll reject all suggestions, Dangerous Business is the only long fic I've read, and I think the only other non-dark fics I've read are Memories of Those Friends Who've Gone Before Us, Better Living though Science and Ponies, and Carousel
>> No. 48331
I can elaborate on my complaints somewhat, if you like.

Fallout:Equestria is such a huge time investment! Though I intend to read it eventually, I'm not sure I want to get into what amounts to a hefty tome of a fic right now (it would earn itself a spot on the list of top 20 longest novels)
>> No. 48340
Yeah, that's the problem with Fallout Equestria: if you haven't read it all up to now, it'd take a good week of reading to get all caught up. It doesn't help that most chapters dwarf entire fanfics.

Perfect example: I'm sitting at 72,000 words for my two stories right now (same timeline, different conflicts). In terms of Fallout: Equestria, that's... what, 2 chapters? 3 chapters? It's a massive story, and it's got too much overhead for a new reader that isn't some sort of zealot.
>> No. 48377
Who cares how long it is? You want a good story, it's right there waiting for ya. No one says you need to read it all in one go. Do a chapter every other day, or maybe three (not that you'll be able to: Once you start, chances are it'll be an all-nighter ;p).
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to read A Dance With Dragons. That one should eat up a fair bit of my time (just shy of a thousand pages in a hardcover).
>> No. 48387
>Who cares how long it is?
pretty much this. I didn't get into FoE till it was 20 chapters strong. The mere size of it made me ignore it for a while, as I'm not a big Fallout fan (which is odd given how much I love apocalyptic themes). Regardless, I got into it and read for 3 days straight.
Most of my favorite books are near bible-length, so size in itself is no detractor to me in offline reading Dunno why it should be online. *shrugs*
>> No. 48394
I put an E-Reader program into my PSP just so I could read the story on it. First, I had to download the .doc, then convert it into .pdf (which I had to get another program for), then I had to put it into ANOTHER converter and send it to my PSP.
It's just that good.
>> No. 48395
Can't you just download things from Google Docs as a .PDF to begin with?
>> No. 48398
Well, screw a spoon, you can. I always download .doc so I didn't even bother looking for it :/
Ah well, the .pdf converted works great, and it was free, so at least I have it if I ever need one.
>> No. 48400
File 131577157348.png - (114.22KB , 600x603 , 130275855561.png )
>> No. 48401
Guys, we get it, Fallout Equestria is good...
Why aren't there any other good long stories?
Someone needs to make a good, well-planned fic, but I don't even know of a single one written, being written or being planned Whoever says Past Sins will get stabbed through the internet
>> No. 48405

If you like Doctor Whooves, Traveler is a pretty big fic. Well planed out so far.
>> No. 48406
> Someone needs to make a good, well-planned fic [...]

In a fandom less then a year old, just one of those is an act of god.
Most fandoms get to 'OC self insert character shows up, makes everything better forever', and rarely drift past that.
>> No. 48409
With the quality of writers in this fandom, another grand epic right now is more than possible, it should have already happened.

Read it, it's good but it doesn't have that same "Legend" feeling of fallout.
>> No. 48414
I edited that too!
Also, Mines of Dragon Mountain is a fairly long story. Not complete yet, but it's a great read.
>> No. 48431

Epics take time to write though.
Even when they write themselves, you have to overcome writer's block and self defeatism almost constantly.

As time goes on, there will be more. And we're doing pretty well for right out of the gate. But still...
>> No. 48446
Has anybody read "Our First Steps"? I just noticed that it's a 6-star and I'm wondering whether it deserves that rating.
>> No. 48469
>Our First Steps, 6 star
Was wondering that myself earlier. 148 ratings and 40 comments. Clearly pre-readers and Seth have some system for qualifying a 6 star, but damned if I can figure out what it is.
Haven't read it yet. Anyone else?
>> No. 48472
File 131578416769.jpg - (100.24KB , 689x711 , 130500583427.jpg )


If you have over 60 ratings that add up to 4.8 or
higher, you're upgraded to six stars.

Also glad you liked Traveler.
>> No. 48480
Ahhh so. Thanks Squeak.
>> No. 48518
Unless it's Past Sins, that one got a 6-stars off the bat...
Tells you much about the pre-readers...
>> No. 48532
I'm pretty sure the rules are 4.9 stars after 50 votes.

However, for better or worse, Sethisto doesn't 'revoke' 6-star ratings. Past Sins is at 4.8, but it WAS at 4.9 for a while.
>> No. 49069
>> No. 49138

If you only read 6 start stories, you have to check the rankings on some of the 5 star stuff as well, as there are a few that haven't been converted yet. I can't think of any off the top of my head, but they are there..

Other Recs:

Cross and Arrows [shipping][Comedy] is a hysterical crack shipping fic. I can't stress how funny it is, even if it does wander off into a bizarre plot land from the get go.

Happy Birthday Fizzy Pop! [Sad] is my favorite story about a 3.5 character. It's kind of sad, but has a great ending that really brings you out of the funk from reading the story.

Not to pimp Conner Cogsworth too much, but Crimps and Prance [Normal] is, without a doubt, my favorite piece of Fan fic. It stars Cheerilee, and who doesn't love her? You learn about her past and how she deals with being an adult.

If you like Douglas Adams and cross overs, check out So Long and Thanks for All the Ponies [Comedy] [Sci-Fi][Crossover]. It stays true to the style of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and basically features Pinkie Pie as Ford Prefect.
>> No. 49143
File 131596908147.png - (58.42KB , 350x350 , 8751 - heresy logo warhammer_40k.png )
Oh, yeah. One last recommendation:

The Old Stories. [Normal] This is hands down, the best piece of fiction to come out of our fandom. It follows each of the mane 6 telling a piece of Equestria's history as they've heard it. And in the end, the pony who gives us the truth is the one who lived through it all.

There's a reason this story had a perfect 5.0 rating well after a hundred reviews. I don't think a lot of fan work would actually make sense in the context of the show, but this story absolutely should be made into an episode.

If nothing else, it should be illustrated by the community and voiced over with narration. Makes me wish I had that sort of talent.
>> No. 49156
Can't bring myself to agree with those. Cross was a good four-star affair, but it never made me do more than giggle. Now, 25 or 6 to 4, there's a funny author! Gravekeeper is also great. His jokes don't hit fast, but when they do you'll be in stitches.
Fizzypop was meh. There are far more emotional stories in the sad section (The Librarian and Simply Rarity are poignant pieces of work). Can'y say I've read the others.
>> No. 49161
File 131597224672.jpg - (104.18KB , 800x800 , 130932147096.jpg )
My(stara's) Little Ponies: Friendship is Adventuring [comedy/adventure/crossover-fusion]

This is not a dinky 'ponies playing Dungeons and Dragons', or 'Players of D+D end up in Equestria through mysterious magic'.

This is an adventure featuring the Mane 6 and a human oc where Equestria is but a part of a much larger world. Updated every day without fail, the world-building(ESPECIALLY the world-building), characterization and writing are absolutely amazing, at a level higher than most fics I've read this year alone.

The author is John W Biles. If you recognize that name, you've probably read Children of an Elder God, or one of his many older Ranma 1/2 fics. His writing pace is beastly, and while there are a few mistakes here and there he always is on the ball with them.

For Celestia's sake, read this fic. It's amazing and everypony should be reading it asap. As someone who's read fanfics for ~everything~ for something approaching 12 years, this fic already moved itself up into my top 5 list. Only two other mlp fics got their way into that top 5, Fallout Equestria and It's a Dangerous Business. Both of those are below Mystara's Little Ponies.

Also feat. Celestia at her 100% best.
>> No. 49164
File 131597312134.jpg - (9.52KB , 251x187 , 1277142229687.jpg )
>> No. 49180
>This is an adventure featuring the Mane 6 and a human oc where Equestria is but a part of a much larger world.
(emphasis added)
To each his own. </judgment>

As for a recommendation, I'd go with Bloomberg's Last Hurrah by Blueshift. It's in a recent EqD post. The writing isn't perfect, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it.
>> No. 49183
Bring it, mon body be ready.

Its dungeons and dragons. There are few actual canon npcs.
>> No. 49189
John W Biles is still writing?
Damn, he makes me feel like a kid in comparison...

This fandom is weird.
>> No. 49192
Challange accepted.
I doubt he's going to best Ri2 for my fave author though. Only one guy can make a game of Scrabble played with Unknown (those Pokemon that look like letters) epic, and that's Ri2.
>> No. 49197
i want the months back from when I read Latias' Journey. I left that 1.6m word fic feeling a little violated.
>> No. 49201
But it was a good kind of violation, right?
That's quite possibly the Cupcakes of Pokemon, and Mewgle is just a brilliant antagonist, especially in Brave New World.

Anyways, just finished the first part of that DND story. Never played DND or read this guy's other stories, so I'm not sure if I'm missing crucial information, but so far I like it. The narrator seems great, but maybe I'm too tired to laugh since I only chuckled at the cookie. Still, will definetely read more.
>> No. 49206
File 131599291842.png - (329.25KB , 1280x720 , 130711391500.png )
Maybe it was a good kind of violation, who knows! All I know is that i'm not ever reading it again, ever. Ever.

The best part is that you don't REALLY need a grasp on D+D to enjoy this fic. A lot of things are explained in depth, there's no actual d+d mechanics being tossed about. It's just that it's in one of the D+D worlds.

There's an update on about every page and you'll end up loving it, trust me.
>> No. 49250
A story called Gaia started up recently. There ain't much written yet, but what's there is really damn good. I think it's go potential.
>> No. 49253
File 131601864570.png - (69.31KB , 225x249 , 131397514219.png )
You mean Squeak's?

The one that is assured 6 star by palindrome?
>> No. 49270
File 131602177000.png - (253.41KB , 640x678 , 131535363007.png )

I'm assuming yes, in which case, thank you! Glad you're liking it so far.

Who's Palindrome?
>> No. 49275
A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequence of units that can be read the same way in either direction, with general allowances for adjustments to punctuation and word dividers.

A little bit of superstition never hurt anybody. Too badly anyways.
>> No. 49276
File 131602315148.gif - (2.59MB , 250x250 , 130418074470.gif )

Oh, I knew that, I thought it was somepony's name.

How's Gaia a palindrome? Shouldn't it be spelled Gaiag for that? Though if it brings me luck I'll take it! I'm quite happy with the general positive response.
>> No. 49373
It's pretty good. Very well executed, I like it. But, hmmm, careful throwing out praise like that. I almost didn't read it because of your comments. As it is, I was expecting to be blown away, and I wasn't. So... yeah. It's good so far, we'll see if it can become great down the line.
>> No. 49383
I don't normally praise anything.

I actually totally avoided this fic because I was 'eh, D&D' and didn't start reading it until it was about page 24 or so. Then I did, and by the time i reached about the 4th or so update i couldn't put it down. And now I wait every day for an update happily.

I guess I can see people being put off by the praise I lavish upon this thing, but it hits all of my favorite buttons like It's a Dangerous Business did. Infact one of the few reasons I find this better than Dangerous business is that it's longer. And the only reason it's better than FoE to me is that I don't enjoy grimdark stuff nearly as much as a lot of people seem to.
>> No. 49399
Any idea if this is available somewhere in a format other than "forum thread"? I'll probably end up reading it anyway, it's just not my preferred format by a long shot.
>> No. 49421
Unfortunately he's mentioned that he won't be posting it to ffn or anything, but will be putting it on his site.

I hate forum format too, but i put up with it for this :3
>> No. 49442
Durn. Thanks.
>> No. 49505
Yeah, I think it's the forum format that really kills much of the immersion for me. On the other hand he sometimes makes behind the scenes explanations and such to the reader's questions, so it sorta balances out.

But yes, very good adventure fic, definitely up there.
>> No. 49528
that's weird to me, there's nothing regarding the format i'm reading a fic in that would kill my immersion. I only dislike forum format for having to page through things to find the next update. Which makes this a much easier read because there's, on average, an update per page.

Check out some of the other threads there. A post or two of fic then endless pages of discussion.
>> No. 50347
I am surprised no one has mentioned Off the edge of the map one of my top3 if i must say so. The shipping is almost nonexistent and the adventure is quite enjoyable. Grabbed my attention and kept it for all 3 chapters.
>> No. 50428
My favorite fics, spanning a variety of genres.

Within and Without
Junior Speedsters Forever
The Pony Psychology Series
Too Shy for a Rainbow
Derpy's Lover
Do You Really Want to Know?
Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel
Flying by Fire Wire
>> No. 51057
File 131654696535.png - (405.25KB , 900x634 , 131654109789.png )
Could I get some recommendations for some good fics staring or at least heavily featuring characters that are non-pony FiM species? I've ready Junior Speedsters Forever and started on Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel, but I don't know what else is out there.
>> No. 51082
There aren't too many, and even less that are good, but they do exist. 25-or-6-two-fours' are frequently funny and later stories heavily feature a very grumpy minotaur. Hephustus's Mines of Dragon Mountain has a strong Diamond Dog presence as well as a well-realized OC species, but you'll have to read through an earlier story for some context (however, it has plenty of Zecora and several alien creatures).
Oh, and thanks for moving to here.
>> No. 51095

I see. Well I'll check those out then; thanks.
>> No. 51431
Any good straight shipping fics? Haven't seen a whole lot in the spotlight lately =/
>> No. 51437
File 131661795737.jpg - (125.04KB , 894x894 , gals_with_glasses.jpg )
NickNack's 'Summer Days & Evening Flames' epic is a wonderful character study of everyone's favorite griffin, her culture, and her second chance in another town. And it's slowly revealing itself to have a shipping side. You'd be missing out if you didn't read it. It's on chapter 7, now:
It's the second story on the article.
>> No. 51440
hmm...why not? Not the biggest griffin fan but there's a first time for everything right?
>> No. 51441

Thank you. Here's a link to my thread I made:

I'll go ahead and clarify, this is going to be heading in a more shipping direction even though after the most recent chapter I'm working on, I've given up on writing sex scenes that are actually gratifying for anyone involved. What I have planned so far is the growth of a new relationship and the rekindling of an older one. Both are straight, and it should be believable if I can ever get my damn narrative and dialogue to flow consistently.
>> No. 51443
Seconded. I demanded the chance to review Chapter 7. Come to think of it, I'm going to demand a chance to review Chapter 8.
>> No. 51444
Chapter 8 is probably a week away, but I should be done with the 15-page interlude, Summer Nights, this afternoon. I'll drop it by your thread.
>> No. 53499
File 131715426839.png - (170.68KB , 400x370 , Washburne.png )
I just realized that one thing I like is terseness. I have been terse in most of my writing. Once, in my first fanfiction, I was laconic. My all-consuming obsession over every word influenced my writing style--which is also due to how when writing code I tend towards making it as compact and utilitarian as possible, with no redundancy whatsoever.

Anyhow, can anyone recommend me fics like this, i.e. fics that are written very tersely? I'm looking to get ideas from other people's writing style, and to enjoy the fanfiction as well.
>> No. 54462
File 131738848852.png - (139.56KB , 481x466 , 44669.png )
Wow. Take a look at >>50615

Fate can be odd some times.
>> No. 54463

I also meant longer fics that have a somewhat condensed writing style.
>> No. 55952
I am going to come and suggest a story I have grown to like, and now even more cause the grammar seems to be getting better (I mean, puppy is adorable, but the grammar does make it better), called Pink Eyes by Mimezinga.

Imagine grabbing all the daww of the world, put it in FoE and then make it an undead zombie (or something...), give it a rock, make it walk around and then you have Pink Eyes.

Yep, I suck at synopsis, but it's real good!!!

So yeah guys, read this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BFXFvkhcBln3BrsOAjF3KERPgx7GwdbJh9MP264T_MI/edit?hl=en_US
>> No. 55988
File 131782774039.png - (941.83KB , 1600x1200 , twidash.png )
Where can I find a short, fuzzy possibly funny fic about Twilight and Dash? Does such a fic even exist? I have scoured the fanfic chart over on EqD and read all of them to my knowledge. I need a hit of TwiDash or I might explode. Twice.
>> No. 55989
Perhaps a list of the ones you have read and liked? Why would also be good.
>> No. 55990
If it's been on EqD, I've read it. I can't really remember all the names of them all, but I'm looking for a quick read, something I could finish in between classes. Anything TwiDash would do (given it's written at least somewhat well), but a short, sappy ship is what I'm looking for.
>> No. 55992
Umm, a few off the top of my head:
Catching Rainbows, Campfire stories, A Dangerous Concoction. These stand out as ones that fit what I'm looking for.
>> No. 56073
I've been compiling this list all summer and keep it updated constantly.

>> No. 56076
*reads your list*
*forever alone*
>> No. 56077
Cool, I read that list and liked what you mentioned about shipping. Could I possibly recommend my own fic to you to consider for that list?
>> No. 56191

Why's that?


Uhhh, I've got a lot in my queue (most notable ones being Jetfire's Rarity/Nightmare fic and Past Sins) but I may get around to it. Now that the summer is over and I actually have stuff to do it's hard to get around to reading

To be honest, I've always loathed reading. I have no clue what it is about ponies, but I just can't get enough of them. I've read over 100 fics (clopfics included), even wrote my own, and still try to find time to read.

Confound these ponies, getting me into good habits.
>> No. 56328
File 131794444209.jpg - (186.28KB , 850x595 , Devil Survivor.jpg )
Here's a fic I'm rather fond of (although it's only one chapter long at the moment)


[Comedy] [Crossover] [Adventure] [Slice of Life] [Alternate Universe]

It's a crossover with various Shin Megami Tensei some of it's spin offs and Catherine (made by the same people and has similar themes)

The full list of things MLP is being crossovered with is:

Persona 3/4
Digital Devil Saga
Devil Survivor
Shin Megami Tensei
and Catherine

It's really well done, albeit marred by the occasional awkward phrase, but many have been resolved. I wish I can be more specific as to how its well done, but I suck at this sort of thing.

However, it doesn't seem as though you need to be a fan of any of the MegaTen games to understand anything so far.
>> No. 56344

Well I've got a present for you

One big fat .txt file up to yesterday's update. All of it, the everything. Behold.


So if it's your first time reading this fic, it just got a whole lot easier than crawling along the spacebattles forums.

Enjoy reading one of the best pony fics and remember it updates every evening because John is some form of writing automation. Check out updates in the newest thread: http://forums.spacebattles.com/showthread.php?t=203148
>> No. 56347
Awesome. This story is one of the best in the fandom IMHO, and I don't say that lightly. Pity he hasn't posted it on EqD.
>> No. 56357
File 131795649449.png - (59.27KB , 640x400 , SEES evokers.png )

MegaTen crossovers errywhere. I'm starting to wonder if I should even bother continuing with Ponysona 3

Anyway reading...
>> No. 56390
File 131797000476.png - (381.77KB , 749x563 , 1311751523773.png )
>My(stara)'s Little Ponies: Friendship is Adventuring
>"one of the best in the fandom"
>written in first person
>> No. 56408
And yet, it works. That's the best kind of fiction, the ones that take horrible cliches and shows how they SHOULD be used.
>> No. 56432
Wow that sure is a narrow pov you have there. The only bad perspective is second-person, errypony knows that!
>> No. 56435
Well, by your standards, FoE is a piece of crap by default then? For shame.

If this was Poker you'd have a five-in-a-row.
Anyways, immediately disregarding second-person makes you no better. There are plenty of excellent second-person stories out there, like 'The Purloined Pony' and 'Onyx Origing and the Orb of Omnipotence'.
>> No. 56441
File 131799912212.jpg - (32.52KB , 402x825 , 131379813938.jpg )
I should make it more obvious i was being sarcastic by spelling everypony incorrectly but hey

I don't even know the first thing about poker, what's a five in a row?
>> No. 56442

- A straight is a poker hand such as Q♣ J♠ 10♠ 9♥ 8♥, that contains five cards of sequential rank in at least two different suits.

So by your post, ( 56432 ) you'd have a 6 high straight.

Plus sarcasm doesn't work as well on the internet. ^^ Miss-interpretations are really easy.
>> No. 56697
File 131808607089.jpg - (522.54KB , 647x1000 , 36581 - artist Jack-a-Lynn pinkie_pie rainbow_dash.jpg )
I'm look specifically for Pinkiedash, and was told to try here. Anyone have any recommendations? I've already read "The Party Hasn't Ended," "To the Nth Dimenson," and "Rose Tinted" and would love to see some more quality shipping fics.
>> No. 57067
File 131821309934.png - (267.96KB , 1246x800 , Scootalove-Preening.png )

Did you know that so far this My Little Pony thread has only one instance of the word "cute" and no instances of the word "snuggly"?

What are you guys doing?

So what I'm looking for are the cutest, snuggliest fics available. The kind that make you feel like d'aaawing and hugging imaginary characters and/or whatever you're closest to at the moment. Pic related.

So, any recommendations?
>> No. 57071

If you don't want to hug Fluttershy after this, you have no soul.
>> No. 57079
Well, at least that's one mystery solved.
>> No. 57406
File 131830772166.jpg - (229.68KB , 1280x1024 , stalker1.jpg )
Like the subject says, I'd be interested in finding them if they exist. Partly for reading itself, partly to see if there are any ideas I could co-opt or crib outright for a prototype setting in /rp/.

So. Any out there?
>> No. 57419


It's kind of 'meh', but I've only ever really read one crossover that I liked, so... here you go.
>> No. 57422
File 131831241544.jpg - (68.38KB , 594x800 , commissionsmall.jpg )
Thanks! I'd still be interested in any others you might have found, though.

{will have to read it later when he can reach GD}
>> No. 57424

Actually, there was one on Fimfiction, too.

>> No. 57425
File 131831354362.png - (1.40MB , 2504x1717 , TwilightHazBooks.png )
Hey /fic/, ViperPony here, bringing you my choicest fics. Why does my opinion matter? Well, let me tell you why: I've spent an average of 6 hours per day of the last month or so reading MLP fanfiction. That amounts to millions of words and hundreds of fanfictions. It is my current hobby and passion. Now, I've seen enough to sort the shit/mediocrity from the gold. All of these stories should be 6-star if they are not already.

Night Court
One of the best luna-centric fics out there; it's very lighthearted, and it takes an interesting spin on Luna's growing political duties after her return. My all-time favorite fic. Complete.

Story Link:

Mort Takes a Holiday
Very interesting concept here. A pony grim reaper finally gets a day off. Sounds cheesy, but handled so very well. I found myself pausing in the first chapter and thinking to myself, this fic is bloody interesting! I was so excited to finish reading the uploaded chapters. OC pony handled well, but the kicker is the concept. Incomplete, and I am still following it with zeal and glee.

Story Link:

The Dread Chitin
My introduction to pony fics, after cupcakes. Rainbow and Twilight get teleported to a desolate planet, encouter a human, and must fend for themselves. A bit slow at points, but very interesting overall. Ponies interacting with the human is done well, and the story is a paradoxical character-focused action-adventure. A must read. Complete.

Story Link:

Fallout: Equestria
Need I say more? No... But I'm going to. My god. I love epic length fics. I've read single fics that amount to millions of words; my drug is epic fanfiction. This blows everything I've ever read out of the water. Character development, character introduction, proper character juggling/focus, sub plots, pacing, twists, and flawless prose make this the best epic fanfiction ever written. It does have it's faults like clarity with descriptions and plot points, but it's still the best.

Its mood is grim but hopeful, and you'll come to love all of the characters, especially if you start by listening to Scorch's professional audio recordings of the first 16 (at this time) chapters; they're excellent. Do yourself a favor, and give it a try. Incomplete still...but given the 40 chapters averaging 50 pages each...that shouldn't be a problem for you for a while.

Story Link (includes audio recording links):

Golden Hearts & Summer Evenings
Two gilda-centric fics by NickKnack, written in the first person (Gilda POV). The first, "Hearts of Gold, Feathers of Steel" gives a different and engaging interpretation of the events of "Griffon the Brush Off", the official MLP episode. We come, in very dramatic fashion, to understand why Gilda did what she did, and even sympathize with here. It has its flaws, but it's still the best Gilda-centric fanfiction I've read.

The second fic, "Summer Days & Evening Flames" is a sequel; it follows Gilda as she joins the Farrington City guard and struggles with pony society in general and her duties in particular. The quality here is fantastic; the story is written in first person still, with a very curt style appropriate for her personality. We see her heart through her actions, and feel for her as she changes throughout the story. This fic has the distinction of being the only fic for which I frantically await updates. Incomplete, updated regularly.

Story Link (both stories):

Junior Speedsters Forever
A closer look at Gilda's stay in the Junior Speedsters Flight Camp, the rejection of the ponies around her, and her friendship with Rainbow Dash. Excellent and moving character piece. It has its flaws like emphasis of minor details over major plot points, but still worth your while to read. Complete.

Story Link:

Twilight Sky Over Canterlot
This is a very interesting, very different, first person, Twilight fic. It is not heavy at all on plot, but more on mood and a bit on character. It's...an experience, often going off the beaten path of plot to wax poetic about things we can emphathize with or at least appreciate; it's not at all pretentious, but still beautiful. It's also an investment, not quite as easy to read as most fanfiction, but all the more worthwile. I'd recommend a night to yourself and a cup of fine tea for this one. Complete.

Story Link:

Arddun Lleuad
A VERY different Humans In Equestria fic, told from the human's POV. Also Luna. This is hands down the best Humans in Equestria fic. The human OC is not...normal. He's one of us: a nerd, a geek, an outcast, so he's easy to relate to and interesting to observe. This is also the only fic where human/pony relationship is done believably. The prose is beautiful, often bordering on poetic, and the fic has a very realistic gritty feel. It has its problem like odd twists and some melodrama, but if you're going to read a HiE story, read this one.

Story Link:

The Sock Swap
Luna is happy! This fic is absolutely hilarious and good, lighthearted, episodic fun! If you're looking for comedy and character (all ponies), look no further. I really can't praise this fic enough, so I will stop trying; just read the damn thing.

Story Link:

OC-Pony and Vinyl rock this fic. It's very slice of life, coming of age, finding yourself. OC-Pony Ziggy Stardust (hehe) works as a bouncer at the town club, where Vinyl DJs. They hit it off, and hijinks and awesomely subtle/uderplayed drama ensue. Very believable, character piece with interesting interactions and dialogue. Key point is that Vinyl is blind, which makes for some great fun and drama.

Story Link:
>> No. 57427
File 131831405854.png - (348.25KB , 2136x1662 , TwilightFillyCrouch.png )

And if Sturm thinks so, I'm going to give it a read, though I don't D&D.
>> No. 57449
File 131832982093.jpg - (60.86KB , 600x491 , RainbowNoBoner.jpg )

Triple post cause I'm bored...

175 pages in and this is looking like trussed up logs of roleplaying sessions; for all I know, it just might be. I'm losing patience with the stream-of-consciousness writing that yields abandoned sub plots and meaningless scenes. I'll slog through another 100 pages before I make my final stay-or-leave decision.... I do love epic fiction, but this is getting tedious.
>> No. 57455
Wow. Good sir, I commend you on your dedication to wade through 100 pages before making a decision.

As for myself, I gave up on the second chapter. Not capable of braining epic fics at the moment.

Instead, I pose a question to you all.
Any good light-hearted oneshots? I seriously need a break from all these [Sad][Grimdark] fics I keep seeing in my review.
>> No. 57458
File 131833542006.png - (35.23KB , 77x125 , ScratchInterested.png )

Looking for quick, lighthearted, fun. Look no further! Secret tub fun! A bunch of humorous one shots.


Willing to make an investment? Not afraid of some light shipping? Then OMG you have to read "Once Bitten, Twice Shy". Hilarious TwiShy awkardness! This is Celestia-Tier stuff right here, and I can't believe I didn't include it in my list of recommendations.

>> No. 57510
I would have to highly reccomend Within and Without. It's one of the greatest FanFics I've ever read.
>> No. 57631
File 131839912952.jpg - (13.23KB , 349x324 , TwilightAnnoyed.jpg )

This fic started interesting and is now just atrocious. It's a real pity...author probably had no idea where he was going after the first hundred pages and didn't much care; I know, I used to write like that.

>> No. 58051
File 131856829658.jpg - (88.38KB , 640x480 , 130571966194.jpg )
I don't recall any major or even minor subplots that weren't resolved. I'll sort of agree that the dungeon session they go through is long, but, well, that's a dungeon. A real dungeon. (and dragons.)

As for the stream of consciousness, well, I don't think that first-person should be done any other way. The reason this works with this, is that it gives you an intense handle on the character. Very much later on he starts to switch the viewpoints: But they end up working anyway, because he absolutely nails the character. I'm not reading the story narrated by said character, i'm reading their thoughts and actions as things happen around them.

But yeah, this is pretty much tops in most all adventure fics. If you want, feel free to post any thoughts/concerns/complaints in the spacebattles thread because he's very receptive of them. I'd especially like to know what exactly has been 'unresolved' to you, though you haven't finished up to what's been released yet.
>> No. 58400
File 131870470060.png - (158.15KB , 640x480 , 70315 - Bonbon Lyra Youtube_caption army meta screencap.png )
Anyone have a good fic recommendation for discerning Bon-Bon's personality? I'm going off the assumption that Lyra is exuberant, but I haven't seen a whole lot of characterization of Bon-Bon, other than she a candy maker, and she has an odd accent.
>> No. 58430
BonBon should definitely have a heavy russian accent.
It would be awesome.
>> No. 58477
I'll admit, I haven't gotten that far into it.
Still, this guy seems to have a good grasp on writing. I haven't seen anything yet that would suggest he gets lost. You have to remember that not every story is written as a point-A-to-B fic. Fo:E was just Littlepip trying to find Velvet, and then she ends up trying to save all of Equerstria, after all.
>> No. 60120
File 131928351418.png - (361.86KB , 1024x768 , 131887289299.png )
Bumping, adding the new archive location just in case:

The Light Never Goes Out
- Horrors of immortality? Worth it.
>> No. 60920

I am wondering... what Alicorn fics are out there which won't make my eyes bleed?

I mean, are there any out there?
>> No. 60927
File 131956737248.png - (3.92MB , 1998x1847 , 130734065859.png )
Hey guys, are there any fics that deal with urban legends, ghost stories, and folklore? Bonus points if it's non-pony stories.
>> No. 60933
Someone write a Supernatural crossover, now.
>> No. 60956
Yellowstone the series, by anonsi.

Can be found in the tcb thread. Ep 5 should be out any day now. Annnny day now...
>> No. 60967
I'm not sure if you read Human in Equestria fics, but Article II on EqD is amazing! Best one I have ever read! It is imcomplete, but the chapters flood your mind with pictures of what is to come :)
>> No. 60997
Any good Fluttershipping fics? With who doesn't matter.
>> No. 61060
Being an enlisted member of the united states army infantry, the inaccuracy of the military bits just puts me off.

I'm just saying.
>> No. 61085
So, everypony is looking for a big adventure fic?
And particular reason nopony ever mentions this?
>> No. 61343
File 131969493724.png - (130.30KB , 900x900 , Roseluck131874145586.png )
Are there any good fics about Roseluck?
>> No. 61351
So... anyone else in here like trollfics?
>> No. 61359
File 131970118166.png - (50.71KB , 185x191 , RainbowHappy.png )

Hey there. Maybe you should let the author know? I'm sure he'll appreciate any help you could give in.
>> No. 61374
I would if it weren't for a Things

1) broken computer
2) I'm in the feild
3) I have a review thread and 2-3 requests to help out with military jargon.
4) I am first and foremost a writer, and am racing to finish my fic (with quality of course) before I deploy.

Either way, I'd offer and he'd have to accept.
>> No. 61376
I though the author was also a marine or something?
>> No. 61383
If he was, then he'd know that we no longer wear ACUs on deployment (which sounds like the soldier was on due to crash landing) and soon enough, not at all.

Even so, it seems to be taking well off in the future and shouldn't even have multi-cam. All it needs is a silent motar round being dropped.
>> No. 62117
Why not just ask for any fic? I'm pretty sure you've covered everything >_>
>> No. 62121
Any good Caramel fics? There's been a lot of art of him lately, and I was wondering.
>> No. 62127
Hah! Mine doesn't fit any of those criteria!
>> No. 62160
File 132001594273.jpg - (138.34KB , 592x591 , 1319865096624.jpg )
dude... you just broke my mind... I am right now seeing the greatest mash-up pony fic ever... and it's not making any sense...
>> No. 62187
bumping old thread
>> No. 62194

It was already bumped. Saying "bumping old thread" makes it sound like it was on page 47 or something...
>> No. 62201
What the hay is that behind Caramel in that picture? A weeping angel?
>> No. 62202
>> No. 62204
File 132002911742.png - (270.43KB , 500x500 , Weeping angel vs_ Fluttershy.png )
>> No. 62226
ehmm.... is it me or were a bunch of post here erased?
>> No. 62232
I usually don't read fanfiction, because here's what I'd like to see:

Fics that actually feel like the show.

I don't think it's too much to ask. Just general fics, without shipping, mostly focusing on the main characters, that seem like they could really happen in the show. No profanity. No excessive violence. No OCs (at least not in major roles).

Any recommendations of stories like that?
>> No. 62251
"Flying by Fire Wire" comes to mind right off the bat. This is a nice one.

>> No. 62746
Can I ask for recommendations? I just have a few restrictions.

>Only either Shipping, Grimdark, Sad, or clopfics
>No humanized
>No M/M shipping
>Preferably no long fanfics (More than 2-3 chapters long)
>> No. 62751
File 132020194676.png - (38.62KB , 317x413 , HoneyBeta.png )
Looking for a sad fic featuring Snails. Would like to stay away from stories heart break if I can.
>> No. 63276
File 132040846154.png - (276.00KB , 900x1296 , 129924424039.png )
HEY GUYS REMEMBER THIS Part 2: The Reckoning

The entire story up to the last update(which was Wed.), all 6 chapters of it!


I know what i'm doing all day, rereading this big bedazzling beauty and sippin on some Sasparilla
>> No. 63802
File 132060191903.png - (1.22MB , 2640x2466 , 131983124997_jpg.png )
Any good Discord shipping stories? The longer the better, and ones with Discord mellowing out and going through character development would be extra awesome! Any where he ends up with Celestia, Pinkie, Luna, or Twilight would be preferred but anything would be grand.
Also, any Derpy/Fluttershy, Pinkie/Celestia, or Twilight/Celestia would also be cool!
>> No. 63814
File 132060352875.jpg - (368.71KB , 1315x932 , 45764.jpg )
> Pinkie/Celestia
Oh my god, there are other humans who ship this? o.o
My faith in humanity is... slightly restored!
>> No. 63849
Those are really peculiar ships.
>> No. 63858
There's one Pinkie/Celestia on EqD, but it hasn't updated past the first chapter, which is a shame. There's only a handful of Twilestia fics too, most being one shots. I'm actually in the process of writing one (nearly done ch3), and so is Butterscotch Sundae.
>> No. 63865

I've got nothing against most ships- ship anypony with anypony, for the most part. But as an Education major, Twilestia just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Not the stories- I've read some very well-written ones. But the idea of a teacher and student in a relationship like that...it just feels wrong.
>> No. 63877
My fic, which I'm going to make a bit more clear, is working under the idea that Twilight has graduated a few years ago, if it helps.
>> No. 63883

Yes it does, to a surprising degree.
>> No. 63889
11k words and nearly done! I'll send it to my beta when it's complete and have it in your review thread by Saturday!
>> No. 63890
File 132062577834.png - (284.03KB , 640x360 , 130749758531.png )
>> No. 63929
File 132063539962.png - (636.83KB , 1136x1100 , 131920753137.png )

Yay! *brohoof*


Aw... That stinks. They'd be so fun as a pair!


I'll have to keep an eye out for that! :D
>> No. 64066
Im okay with shipping as long as its not between the Mane 6, since their relationships have been established to clearly be non-romantic in canon.

Twilestia sounds kind of... awkward.
>> No. 64067
The Pinkie/Discord tumblr is SURPRISINGLY well-done. The subtlety with which they draw Discord's expressions, plus Pinkie's unbridled enthusiasm for everything makes me smile, even when they're discussing a sad topic.
>> No. 64082
File 132068598690.png - (184.46KB , 516x388 , 18.png )
Sad fanfics

Derpy: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/03/story-bubbles.html

Pinkie Pie: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/03/story-bittersweet.html


Rainbow Dash: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/10/story-my-little-dashie.html

Scootaloo: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/10/story-final-dream-of-filly.html

I'm open for some more sad fanfics, got any recommendations?

I've never read any shipping fanfics, got some good ones?
It better be sad, I don't care for stories about pony sex It's okay if it's a mix.
I think I can handle that.
>> No. 64131
If you want sad shipping... http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/03/story-ships-that-pass-in-night.html
>> No. 64236
File 132072941594.png - (247.52KB , 1280x960 , 29534-fluttershy.png )
Any good Fluttershy ships that DO NOT involve Big Mac? I hate that pairing sooooo much...
>> No. 64239
Indeed. "Plowing" is an appropriate metaphor for the amount of "upturned earth" that would be left in his wake.
>> No. 64251

Despite the fact that I like that pairing, I can't stop laughing.
>> No. 64263
File 132073502440.png - (356.71KB , 485x600 , 130760813563.png )
>> No. 64289
I like 'The Night Fluttershy Exploded'.
>> No. 64318

One of my personal favorites. Dunno if you're okay with a non-romantic ship but here goes:

Off the Edge of the Map

A stunt gone horribly wrong sends Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash a long, long way from home. It's a dangerous world out there, and the only way they'll make it back is together.

mildly graphic injury EqD 6

Or if you're looking for something a fair bit spicier,

A Mile High in the Summer Sky

Spitfire has more on her hooves than she can handle: an out of control wild bird. When she enlists the aid of Fluttershy, she only trades one out-of-control critter for another.

soft-clop, but ran on EqD, so I guess it's okay EqD 4

Or dramatic

Fluttering Heart -&-
Chasing Rainbows

Can Fluttershy overcome her own self-consciousness--and the demons of Rainbow Dash's past?

nasty bullying school-fillies EqD 5, 6
>> No. 64320
I could not bring myself to like Off the Edge. I'm not exactly sure what, maybe it was full of mistakes, but the writing was a complete wall to me and I couldn't get any further than when they reached the island.
>> No. 64336
Oops, missed the link

It's mm, stylistically rich is how I'd put it. Not quite Victorian (nor near as well edited), but it reads like the prose equivalent of cheesecake or dark chocolate: richly detailed actions flow into each other without sentence breaks.

(It could use some more paragraph breaks, now that I look at it. The errors do not jump out at me.)

I enjoy the experience of sitting just under the characters' skins--enough to overlook the slow-to-emerge and wispy plot. The head-hopping is superb.

I happen to like the style and see a lot of parallels to my own, but I can understand how it's not to everyone's taste.
>> No. 64346
Once Bitten, Twice Shy is a pretty entertaining TwiShy fic.


On a side note, I'd like to request some comedic in tone/parodic shipping fics (pretty much a shipping fic that doesn't take things far too seriously), preferably without Flutterdash.
>> No. 64373
File 132078320850.jpg - (4.67KB , 125x111 , 130137908852.jpg )

Give it another chance, Sturm. It is worth your attention.
>> No. 64376
Hmph, we'll see.
I'm having trouble even fitting Fo:E into my schedule right now.
>> No. 64419
It isn't terrible, but... there's just something missing. I don't know, maybe it's that it was a little predictable, but I'm led to believe that it's the characters.

Dash and Fluttershy just don't come off as a terribly fun or interesting duo; Fluttershy is just too submissive and diffident for there to be any conflict or for her to assume the role of one of two leading protagonists; she either needs her own story or needs to be among others to be effective in a story for me.

I feel like Dash and Twilight or Applejack or Pinkie or even Rarity would lend itself to more interesting interaction in an adventure-style story.

But that's just me.
>> No. 64431
I actually liked it more because of Fluttershy. (and not just because she's best pony)

I like stories that involve putting people into situations that they wouldn't be able to handle very well. While, none of the mane six would be comfortable in that situation, Fluttershy is easily the most uncomfortable with it. (uncomfortable isn't really the exact word I'm trying to say but the word I want to say just isn't coming to me.)

If it was Applejack instead of Fluttershy, while I'm sure there would still be some tension, two very capable and confident ponies isn't really the most interesting thing to read in an adventure. With Pinkie, she's too cheerful, which would be fine in a grimdark kind of story, but here it would just be too optimistic removing all tension. Twilight; she's pretty much the world's strongest unicorn so, unless she keeps messing up spells, she will defiantly help kill tension. And Rarity, she's not afraid to get dirty and has proven to be very adaptable (Diamond Dogs).

The thing about the Fluttershy and Rainbow duo is that they compliment each other very well. Rainbow Dash covers for Fluttershy's cowardice and general weakness, while Fluttershy helps to reign in Rainbow Dash; keeping her from acting too brash and obnoxious. That's kinda why I enjoy the FlutterDash ship in general actually, even though Dash is worst pony.
>> No. 64451
See, that's part of my problem; the balancing out thing. I think it's more intriguing when clashing personalities provoke ponies to perform more radical actions, whether for better or for worse. Two ponies stumbling over each other's hooves for the duration of their journey tends to create more conflict and lulz in a fic.
>> No. 65330
File 132115427104.png - (272.29KB , 622x436 , Capture.png )
Bedtime stories, anypony? :3
>> No. 65331
Huh. Krass used to do those. Thread was actually where I made my first ponyfic.

Why is it in /rp/, though?
>> No. 65336
Any good Rainbow Dash fics for a guy who doesn't like Rainbow Dash?
>> No. 65350
How much do you not like her?
Because Cupcakes might be your thing if you really don't.
>> No. 65354
I've already read that, but I meant like a regular fic. As it stands The only time I'll read a fic where Dash is the main character is if she's being shipped with Fluttershy.

So.....I hate her that much. As for why, it's due to her personality and because of the Filly Rainboom Puberty Incident.

>> No. 65361
There are two stories where I actually sympathized with Dash. And they both involved baking.
The first was where she believes she has to make a souffle for a party.
The second was where she was getting help from Pinkie to make cupcakes (non-grim) for a special friend.
I'm too damned tired to remember either title, although I think the first might have been something about breaking eggs.
>> No. 65362
File 132116242761.png - (416.49KB , 651x437 , Screen shot 2011-11-13 at 12_35_25 AM.png )

My Little Dashie
>> No. 65366
File 132116325008.png - (155.86KB , 400x463 , n3GSA.png )
Nope. That story is by and for a Dash lover. I would hardly even call it a story. As Applejinx once said, it's an "experience". To me, that puts it into the realm of House music, and if you need to get high to enjoy something, it's not really worth your time.
Seriously though, it's really not a good story. I talked to the author and even he agreed that there were several parts that he thought were less-than-good with it.
>> No. 65369

No seriously

What the fuck is My Little Dashie? I've honestly not heard of this fic until like 2 days ago.
>> No. 65373
File 132116359897.png - (297.83KB , 708x393 , spoiler.png )
Did... did you even look at the picture?

Also, did anyone else notice this in the new episode? I shat myself.
>> No. 65374
How have you missed the countless shitstorms surrounding it?
>> No. 65376
File 132116388442.jpg - (131.22KB , 667x1197 , 131900710565.jpg )

I tend to not come to /fic/ for extended periods of time. I'm a bit of a hermit.
>> No. 65378
Thing kinda got plastered on /oat/ and /pony/ a while back.
>> No. 65380
Yes. I wasn't sure if it was in reference to his posts or your "suggestion", though.

Is it from Fear and Loathing? The Big Lewboski? No, really, I recognize it, but I have no idea what movie it's from.

Not worth your time, that's what, unless you're an overly-emotional angsty teen with a deep desire for wish-fulfillment scenarios and a moderate disregard for realism, even in a situation where a prismatic pony pops up out of nowhere.
>> No. 65392
Big Lebowski. Bowling alley scene specifically.
>> No. 65397

Rarely go to either of those boards, so...



Now, to hopefully re-rail this, are there any good stories that feature Granny Smith or the Cakes prominently?
>> No. 65792
Found this recently, and it deserves more love. I don't think I've seen it around before, but it's wonderfully written.

Backwards Through the Mirror
They watch and listen, wait in the shadows, in the reflections on window panes and from the light playing off puddles. Twilight Sparkle was taken, after helping with Discord's dismissal, and her life has been horror and fire since then, helping an alien creature known as the Librarian with his inscrutable tasks. She escaped, and now finds herself in a much darker, crazier Equestria, where Princess Luna rules, the death penalty is back, and Twilight Sparkle is almost as infamous as Nightmare Moon. Add that in with the changes her keeper had inflicted on Twilight and her life is almost like a waking nightmare.

>> No. 65797
What are some good HiE fics? They are normally my favourite type of story within the fandom. Modern day, past, future anything as long as you think it is interesting. Ones where the person isn't turned into a pony immediantly or at all would be best though
>> No. 65850
File 132131088636.png - (92.89KB , 219x240 , Screen shot 2011-10-09 at 6_53_07 PM.png )

>HiE stories


>> No. 65854
Try this.


I won't spoil anything, but it's definitely not "SUDDENLY, PONY!" or poorly written by any measure.
>> No. 66013


They are good if they're written well and are interesting
>> No. 66036
Well that's just the problem, isn't it?
>> No. 66118
File 132141449633.png - (406.71KB , 900x818 , Vinyl & Octavia.png )
Anypony know any good Vinyl X Octavia fanfics? I am currently reading Allegrezza, but I am pretty interested in the shipping, there isn't any show of emotion of them at all during any scenes in the show, so I like to see how people think of them. That is why I want 1 or 2 more fanfics waiting for me after I am done with it. Is Allegrezza a good fanfic anyway? And don't forget about the original question.
>> No. 66129

Sort of an AU-sequel thingy to Allegrezza. I certainly enjoyed it.
>> No. 66221
BEHOLD, the Equestria Daily Archive Search!
Pre-selected to Scratch & Octavia for YOUR CONVENIENCE!
Only $19.95.
>> No. 66224
File 132144768902.gif - (287.34KB , 480x360 , 130499402417.gif )
My(stara's) Little Ponies: Friendship is Adventure finished the other day.


If you haven't played D+D, don't even begin to worry, because there's no d+d terms here, just the setting. Some of the best OC's in fanfiction right here.

Yeah this is pretty much my favorite fanfic i've read in years, much less for mlp. And sequels are planned too. Ooohhh...
>> No. 66242
Ahhh, need some inspiration. Are there any well-constructed stories out there in which the Mane 6 (or any of the G4 cast) take a look into the history of Equestria? Book-reading, time-traveling, oral story telling by previous gen ponies and the like are all acceptable means of this.

Anyone, anyone?
>> No. 66244
I'm kicking myself, but there's a story HEAVY with flashbacks across the Gens when a portal opens between Earth and Equestria, in the back yard of the original girl who adventured across the wildlands. I CAN'T REMEMBER THE NAME.
I absolutely loved it.
>> No. 66248
File 132145717002.jpg - (54.12KB , 474x776 , 131680788210.jpg )
C'mon, Snarkle! Don't let me down! I'm working on a story that deals with the previous gens and I wanna know what others have done!
>> No. 66251
Found it. Storywise, I love this. It's got the 80s feel. It DOES need a heavy edit.
>> No. 66417
File 132148311344.png - (71.28KB , 469x321 , 131535184406.png )
Are there any stories about Pinkie dealing with depression? Realistic, with her talking herself into think that she should 'get over it', trying to hide it, that sort of thing. No grimdark crazy or anything.
Just Pinkie having a realistic struggle with depression. The longer the fic and more realistic her depression is, the better. Preferably where her friends slowly realize something is wrong and try to figure it out. Happy ending preferred!
Is there such a fic?
>> No. 66452
File 132148972657.png - (530.89KB , 1473x730 , 131925991801-69454_-_Doctor_Whoof.png )
I'll throw some out as I think of them.
Anything Squeaks has done is recommended by me:
April Foals
(The older work generally goes unappreciated:)
Pinkie's Party and OCD Rarity

Dangerous Business Going Out Your Door (If this hasn't been recommended already, I'll be surprised)

I know I've read more. I'll suggest those when I think of them.
>> No. 67626
Just thought I'd ask about this. I've always wanted to read a good and well written psychological horror fic of any nature, but I have yet to encounter one.

If anypony says 'Cupcakes' or 'Fallout:Equestria' I will find a way to punch them. (Yes, I've read both of them)
>> No. 67631
File 132201815920.png - (231.24KB , 900x900 , 131808722337.png )
Hmm. Psychological horror? Well... I dunno about the "horror" aspect, but The Pony Psychology Series gives among the best accountings of character depth and emotional exploration that's specifically focused on pathos that I've read.
>> No. 67832

I just finished reading them. They were certainly decent and very psychology-ish, but not what I was looking for. Thanks for the suggestion, though!
>> No. 67909

To my knowledge, no. I really don't see why anybody would want to write something like that in the first place.
>> No. 67911
... fuck it. read "Severing"
>> No. 67918
File 132210260885.png - (272.78KB , 1280x720 , Spike Dastardly.png )
Can I get reccomendations for stoies with RarityxSpike pairings?
I already really enjoyed A Long Time Coming.
>> No. 67927

Depends. Do you want them to end up as a couple?

If so, then there is one piece on FimFiction I found called "Like Fine Wine." BE FAIR WARNED! This is a clopfic, but it is overall very well done.

If not, there are a couple on EqD, but I don't remember the names atm so you'll have to dig through to find them.
>> No. 67966
File 132215156856.png - (241.80KB , 1352x758 , 1301581533667.png )
Sweet Apple Massacre.
>> No. 67968
File 132215375800.jpg - (24.49KB , 300x194 , seems legit.jpg )
>> No. 68057
Very good.
Anything else?
>> No. 68118
I actually don't hardly read any fanfics at all, but I was on EqD one day, and on a whim, read this one. Seeing as I'm recommending it right now, it's safe to say that it really impressed me.

Dusk And Dawn
It's an alternate timeline that takes place 7 years after Nightmare Moon kidnaps Twilight in the pilot instead of being defeated. Civil war and thick, delicious grimdark ensued.
>> No. 68401
I really want to read some more SpikexRarity. Please recommend something.
>> No. 68419
If you don't mind clop, maybe check out 'Like Fine Wine'? It's on fimfiction, and it is excellently done.
>> No. 68429
Yeah, already got that one.

Moar Rarity x Spike!
>> No. 68868
The Princess and the Rose is very sad, but good.

Caramel's Light is a cute shipping story (Twi/Cara).

Twilight vs Winter
My Little Parcel
A Terrible Secret
Sunny Skies All Day Long
Sofa, So Good (about Davenport, so borderline)
Half The Day is Night (season 2 ruins it, and it's long and has OCs, but I thought it felt like a multi-part, slightly more complex episode might)

The Vinyl Scratch Tapes is the most triumphant example.
>> No. 69419
Does anyone know any Applejack/Braeburn fics? I've only found two and one of them was a little... dubcon for me.
>> No. 69437
Of Mares and Magic and Romance Reports are my 2 favourite fanfictions.
>> No. 69523
File 132288583049.jpg - (51.65KB , 500x695 , Spike Like A Bawss.jpg )
What is the best fanfic you have ever read? I feel like reading an epic tale, but with both happy and bad times. Like My Little Dashie is short, but is really emotional. It has good times in the beginning, and it is really sad in the end. So yeah, just answer what the best fanfic you ever read is, I am just saying why I asked it.

Random picture is random.
>> No. 69533
Read Slywit's "Paradise".

Of course "Paradise" is the answer I give to almost everyone who wants a general fic suggestion, since I drop everything I'm doing and push folks out of the way to get to my laptop when it updates.
>> No. 70069
File 132313140621.png - (493.98KB , 900x675 , organized_chaos_by_paradigmpizza-d4g8sur.png )
Are there any good shipping stories that are parodic/comedic in tone or just don't take things far too seriously? It doesn't have to be Crackships (I actually prefer it when it's not) or anything like that, and although I do have my ships that I don't like/care for, I can tolerate just about any pairing if it's just for fun.
>> No. 70074
File 132313213189.png - (82.62KB , 500x396 , 131269567902.png )
Two involving Big Macintosh I can think of:
1. Big Mac's Big Adventure has numerous absurdities, but it's cute and fun - probably the exact thing you're looking for;
2. Also, check out this:
Best. Ending. Ever.
>> No. 70085
Star Crossed by Rockwolf on Pony Fanfiction Archive is a great human crossover with great potential (in progress). It's about a normal guy literally crash landing into the Royal Canterlot Garden on the night of the Grand Galloping Gala and is found and healed by Princess Luna. He has no memory about what happened and soon a mystery plot begins to form as the princesses try to figure out how to send him home. Unfortunately, Rockwolf hasn't updated it in a while so if by some amazing your watching it now PLEASE, PLEASE finish the next chapter I'm DYING waiting for it.
>> No. 70146

>> No. 70159
Hello my friends.

Could any of you out there recommend me a Good Horror FF which does not relate or revolve around "Cupcakes?"

I have already read Slendermane...... Incase it need be said.

I have also checked your archives, found very which didn't include what I've mentioned above, and a dragon war series, which I apologise to the author, but I didn't find quite scary.

It's funny. I always go for the horror stuff round Christmas time, never Halloween...
>> No. 70161
Short and sweet: 'The Cough'.
>> No. 70186
I have searched on Ponyarchive and ED for this, but have been unable to locate either "Short and Sweet" or "The Cough".

Would a link be possible.
I will continue to search in meantime. Hopefully I will find it before you post, thus saving your time.
>> No. 70187
Ah, nevermind my friend, I have found it on ff.net

I'll have a look.
>> No. 70188
Quite a good read, dripped with the whole, creepypasta/twilightzone/outer-limits atmosphere.

It was sweet, albeit a little too short. I'll be waiting for further updates.

Anyone out there got anything else to share?
>> No. 70204
No mention of Progress? It's a light-hearted fic, kinda funny sometimes, about Luna trying to fit into the new world. Each chapter, until the lates few, is called Luna vs X, where X is something like Microwaves, Heatwaves, and Ponyville.

It's actually kinda d'aww, and in one of the recent chapters, Ponies in Space, there's a reference to mythbusters I adored.
>> No. 70205
The End of Ponies. Read it. Read it now. I've read through hundreds of fics in my time reviewing and lurking, and this is the best one I've found. It's like Fallout: Equestria... but better.

>> No. 70804
OK, anybody know any good Spike-centered stories? I've read most of the ones on EqD, so any that aren't listed there would be best. Don't care if it's shipping, grim dark, or whatever. As long as Spike is the main character, I'd much appreciate it. Thanks!
>> No. 70810
File 132349544779.jpg - (10.08KB , 214x235 , RD Dealwithit.jpg )
I was writing an HiE fic, and a damn good one too. I had/have all of the Mane 6 worked into their own story threads. Hmm, maybe I could have phrased that better

But then I took an arrow to the knee. (Temporary retirement)

mfw I haven't even played Skyrim yet
>> No. 70906
File 132355358744.png - (352.50KB , 865x896 , 85136 - artist discordthetrollest luna.png )
Equestria: Total War
Grimdark, sad, adventure
Beautifully written story about Equestria forming militias to protect their homeland. Amazing, definitely worth a read.

>> No. 70909
Just realized how much SleplessBrony missed out on with Spike's crazy prehensile tounge.
>> No. 70948
File 132357391529.png - (179.84KB , 507x509 , Lyra & Bon-Bon Under the Night Sky.png )
Does anypony know any good Lyra X Bon-Bon fics?
>> No. 70949

Vanner's "Happily Ever After" on EqD. =D
>> No. 71487
File 132382631470.jpg - (122.00KB , 529x533 , SpikeXRarityCerealGuy.jpg )
Okay - earlier responses to this question were disappointing
now that the latest episode has occurred, I think we'd all like to know -

Where's my SpikeXRarity fanfiction?
Someone must have written something new by now.
>> No. 72452
File 132417974891.png - (368.81KB , 714x714 , Fluttershy is Embarressed.png )
Is Past SIns good? Should I put the effort into reading it?
>> No. 72464
It's not awful, but there are many better fanfics out there. I was one of its many editors, and while it's improved a lot, it still leaves something to be desired, IMO.
>> No. 72465
Unintentionally Yours
Applejack x Spike.

well written, everyone is in character, and very heartwarming. Currently one of my favorites.
That is all.
>> No. 72491
On the topic of the OP:

I figure I may as well list out a couple of the ongoing fics I keep track of.
1. The End of Ponies-It's just great. Really, really, really, really, really effing long, but well worth it. [Grimdark][Sad][Sci-Fi][Adventure]

2. It takes a Village-I just really like the premise of an aging Spike. But I think this fic does the best job with it that I've read so far. [Normal][Shipping][

3. The Dresden Fillies-I'm a Butcher fan, read everything he's written, so I leapt at all the Dresden crossovers that I saw on EqD. This one does a very good job of capturing the Dresden magic while at the same time making the entire story fun for people who don't know the Dresdenverse. [Normal][Crossover] And I don't think it has a comedy tag, but I find it funny as hell.

I've got another 10-15 on my to-read list that I hope to get to at some point during this winter break, but who knows. As for completed fics and one-shots, I've read so many and a remarkable number of them were good, but they don't stick out to my memory.
>> No. 72501
It was a pretty fun story.. Grammatically sound as well. If you like the summary for it, give it a shot.
>> No. 73038
File 132443827898.png - (821.48KB , 2609x983 , Brony On The Stage.png )
Looking for a story I can't remember the location of.
It's about Celestia trying to set up the mane 6 with their own rule 63 versions.
All the girls are called to Canterlot and they're introduced to themselves one at a time.
The last ones to be seen together are Pinkie Pie and Bubble Berry, who got in a staring contest.

Anyone nkow the story I'm looking for?
>> No. 73049
I've been looking all over the place for days, but I can't seem to find this one fic again.

I can't quite remember what it was about, but from what I do remember, the story description said something about Twilight "missing something in her life" while all of her friends were married.

Care to help a brony out? :3
>> No. 73082
The fic you are looking for is entitled 'Giving Love a Helping Hoof'. It's pretty good, though personally I think the author should've released chapters 6 and 7 together. Chapter 6 has some Fridge Horror that 7 clears up nicely.
>> No. 73431
I have got to ask, does anyone know any good Twilestia shipping fics, I see plenty of TwiLuna but rarely any Twilestia
I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place for this
>> No. 73531
File 132465507476.png - (2.32MB , 2528x1996 , sabotage_valkyrie_by_puzzle_of_life-d46x5uf.png )
I would highly recommend Sabotage Valkyrie.

A story of equestria divided into four camps.

The solar empire, headed by celestia.

The new lunar republic, a rebellion formed by luna to overthrow the empire.

The peace corp, a team of neutral nurses and doctors that heal the injured of either side, headed by Fluttershy.

And finally the mercenary group P.A.R.T.Y (Ponies Associated for Reasons of Targeting You), headed by Pinkie Pie, with a personality almost as crazy as what you see in cupcakes.

Apple jacks farm has all but died out and is now a neutral weapons manufacturer.

Read the first chapter here: http://puzzle-of-life.deviantart.com/gallery/32203548?offset=24#/d47s4vl
>> No. 73540
I highly recommend Composure, by Varanus. Honestly, I found Twilestia shipping rather distasteful until I read this story.

It is now my favorite pairing.

>> No. 73855
yeah that one I have read, at least the ones that are out, that is the one that got me into Twilestia, normally I am into Twidash
>> No. 73857
also speaking of Twidash, there was one story in particular that got me interested in that pairing I can't remember the name though
If I remember right it starts with Dash getting struck by lightning, with the result of her wings having to be surgically removed, Twilight then tries to grow them back, does anyone know the story I am talking about?
>> No. 73859
Seeing how extensive this fandom is I wonder if there's a Bioshock fic out there?
I would love to see the author's rendition of Rapture.
I'll admit I had thoughts, but this isn't a fic pitching thread. Anyone got any for me?
My rec is Book of Friendship: http://poni.0au.de/story/630/The-Book-of-Friendship
Sorry if the link doesn't work...
>> No. 73941
File 132485898409.jpg - (420.85KB , 750x750 , atg_10__okami_pony_by_smockhobbes-d3i4m9e.jpg )
Ok, so here's a few. I recently fell in love with Teardrops and Snowlakes. It's a very well written Romance fic TwilightXTrixie. I read Alegrezza, but I didn't know if some parts of it were that great. However, I'm still going to follow it. I found a rather interesting few stories on fanfiction.net. One of them being a series by Cpt Eclipse, titled the "Of Gods and Ponies" series. Another one that actually got me back into the writing game was "Haunting Remix" by Valorousspectre. I really recommend those. They're all pretty good stories, and honestly, I almost cried on Teardrops and Snowflakes. Then again, I cried while I was writing my own fic.
>> No. 75176
I'm probably in the right thread for this.. anyway does somepony know a crossover with Dexter (which places TS in Dexter's position)? I saw the youtube video on EqD and for some reason I want to read such a story now.
>> No. 75182

I could try my best at making a pony version of Rapture, but what story would there be? I'll try my best tonight, but I may not get much from it...
>> No. 75297
I'm starting to read more of these and am looking for background pony fics, anypony know any?
>> No. 75305
My favourites are:
Tangled Up in Blues
Sepia Tock
The Princess and the Rose
The Truth About Pokey Pierce (written before end of season 1, be warned)
The Vinyl Scratch Tapes
(all can be found on EqD)
>> No. 75306
Are there any rewritten episode fics or alternate version/dimension fics such as one based on the pilot of Season 1?
>> No. 75344
There's one about Bridle Gossip. Extra Applejack.
>> No. 75387
I'm pretty sure you're looking for Divergence; it's a mildly-dark take on an alternate-universe version of the pilot episodes.

>> No. 75422
File 132547184552.png - (87.40KB , 745x1073 , the_rainbow_connection_by_ambrosebuttercrust-d41k0t1.png )
The Light Side of the Moon, by Keith Howard ( http://poniesrulevoredrools.deviantart.com/art/Ten-pounds-of-fetus-and-mou-258751455 )

Reccomended by Jellote

Synopsis: Luna grows up from a timid young girl to the proud, glorious ruler of her kingdom she was taught to be. But how can she unlearn her ideas on what is right and what is wrong, especially after 1000 years?

Pairings: Celestia/Luna, platonic. Implied Spike/Applejack, puppy love

Tags: Coming of age, hurt/comfort
>> No. 75449
I do believe you posted the wrong link.
>> No. 75542
I'm kinda looking for HumanxTwilight fics. Know any?
>> No. 75693
I've read these a while ago, like during the summer, so I'm not sure what the names of the fics are or even if this is correct.

1. It was like, I think Twilight was sent into the future of Ponyville during a really bad hurricane that the Pegasi caused and couldn't control, and in the future Ponyville had been destroyed and deserted because of the hurricane. Then Twi found a filly that was hanging around somewhere, I think by a tree, and said everything would be alright. Pretty sure it was tagged as Sad.

2. I know it was multi-chaptered. Pretty sure it was tagged as Sad. It was about the Elements of Harmony and the mane 6, and the spirits of them inside their hearts. They were all growing weaker, starting with Pinkie, and coldness and hatred grew in their heart, but when they visited their heart and the spirit, it told them what to do or something.
>> No. 75741
File 132556204110.png - (43.92KB , 300x262 , Mouthwash.png )

No Celestia has no rage to like a good description to badfic turned, nor Discord a fury for a fic fabricated.

Translation: whatever you posted, it sure as heck isn't what you're reviewing.
>> No. 75761
Is the first one Storm?

>> No. 75768
I... don't think so. I'm pretty sure that at the end of the story, there were only two ponies there, and no one else of the mane 6 was.
>> No. 75905
File 132563277754.jpg - (145.65KB , 1920x1200 , 131217177053.jpg )
Any fics about Celestia being the one becoming crazy and evil, with Luna taking Celestia's role in the show?
It would just be interesting to see how Luna watching over Equestria alone for a while would change things.
>> No. 75912
File 132563378418.jpg - (16.32KB , 460x458 , 131708229210.jpg )

Uh... Thanks, but no thanks. That really wasn't what I was looking for. Severing actually really bothered me...

I wanted a fan fiction about one of the ponies struggling with depression, but with their friends coming through for them at the end after they figured out what was wrong.
I thought that a fic about that may help me, in a weird way.
>> No. 75931
I found the first one, it was One Last Day by Skippy. Apparently it was Grimdark and Shipping. <_<
And I guess I was mixing up a part of one story with another. The last part was from a different story.

The second one I was looking for, the closest I could find is Elemental Bindings by Captain_British.
>> No. 75999

I actually have something like that in my fic. The fic itself needs a ton more work, but there's one point where, had the metaphorical butterfly flapped differently, Celestia would fall instead of Luna.

I intend to explore this avenue later, but the idea is that there is a complete alternate universe, of equal validity to the main one, where Luna was the hero.
>> No. 76591
I have been trying to make that, but I have no clue how to make it so, what reason would she ha...I GOT IT, going to work on it now, be back when the chapter is complete
>> No. 76597
Alright I just thought about it again and I think I have it, it won't be what you asked for exactly but it does have a bit of a twist
>> No. 76648
File 132590093734.png - (795.72KB , 745x3433 , 131217199775.png )

Ooo, can't wait to read! So be sure you post here to point me in the right direction when you're done! :D
>> No. 76649
File 132590105993.jpg - (531.84KB , 1500x3000 , 131076656732.jpg )
>> No. 76931
Heavenly Turmoil.

Warning, it's pretty Grimdark. Damn well written, but left a bad taste in my mouth.

>> No. 77008
File 132611120189.jpg - (466.32KB , 1500x1000 , 4984 - apple_bloom Cutie_Mark_Crusaders kissing scootaloo Sweetie_Belle.jpg )
¶ Are there any Shipping‐Fics of the Cutie Mark Crusaders ?
>> No. 77016
Hi, I'm new to fanfic writing, and I wonder if an "epic" fanfic of mlpfim is okay. I'm not sure if it will please many bronies. I'm kinda nervous about writing it.

Also, this is my first post on these boards.
>> No. 77018
There are 14 stories over 120K and 3 over 300K, mostly well received.

I think you are on the clear.
>> No. 77029
But clarification is needed-
do you mean "members of the CMC shipped with each other"
"members of the CMC shipped with someone else"?
>> No. 77030
If I may be so bold...
If you're truly new, completely and fully, to fanfiction, or writing in general, start small.
Think of an idea. Write it down. Develop it. Then listen to the ideas you get from that one. Write them down. Develop them. Then connect them. And so forth. Start with short stories. Then flash fic (which is often harder than its larger brethren), before you dive into an epic. Find your voice before you try to sing.
>> No. 77041
‘Members of the CMC shipped with each other’.
>> No. 77258
What 3? Past Sins, Fo:E and what else? Dangerous Business?
>> No. 77261
Fallout: Equestria: Project Horizons is somewhere around 500k, End of Ponies also.
>> No. 77284

"Stargate: Equestria," if you don't mind it being a subplot.
>> No. 77286
File 132625650085.png - (109.17KB , 364x330 , 130299428078.png )
>Members of the CMC shipped with each other’
>> No. 77288
Are there any good pony fics that deal with the concept of Passing?



>> No. 77294
I'm interested as to whether or not mine counts as this.
>> No. 77295
File 132626005188.jpg - (10.87KB , 236x252 , 1302813497480.jpg )
Past Sins seems to be the right one.

Considering Gilda is quite aware of being a griffin, they being ponies, and she having to deal with it throughout the whole story, naw.

Comet? I think passing is an actual conscious action, while she looks like an Earth Pony due to an impromptu emergency amputation, not cause she wants to, so I stick with my no.

Still, it's interesting to think about it isn't it?
>> No. 77299
Ah, true. I didn't even think of Comet in that situation. She doesn't really try to be an earth pony or a pegasus or anything, though; she just tries to be a good mother. So she's secure in that identity, even if she's not really, you know, either species at this point.

Gilda, on the other hand, knows she's a griffin. Completely different race, and---by her choice at first---completely separate from pony society. That means that 'fitting in' for her is going to be passing... if not racially, then at least socially.

I don't think the "races" of ponies are akin to "races" of people, though---I mean, there are differences between different racial groups of humans, but it's not like Asians are magic or Black people can fly though that would explain how shoes always end up on power lines in their neighborhoods.

Even though there's been enough of that rubbish on the IRC as of late, I'd really think what Starman was originally going for would be more akin to gender dysphoria than racial passing, if only because of the difference in biology.
>> No. 77302
Hey, that's not true, white women fly, black men run very fast, south american and indians are magical, asians have brain super powers and white men can't jump.
>> No. 77308
File 132626350511.jpg - (298.75KB , 1280x1024 , Minoriteam1.jpg )

Gender dysphoria is one thing, yes, but I was interested in any stories in which a pony tries to pass as a different race of pony, or even character tries to pass as a different species (if we're to go with the strictest parallel to the passing novels of the post-civil war to pre-civil rights movement America, it could be something like a zebra or a zony attempting to pass as an earth pony. I think it could be theoretically be done IC). But again, I am not that picky, so any fic that could possibly fit in with that I'd like to hear about.


>> No. 77378

So romantic rather than sexual incest fics. Where it's more about the love between the two than their sexual relations.

Isn't that just loving your family members? Incest is when you take that too far.
>> No. 77444
File 132634409951.png - (250.96KB , 900x903 , Bonbon Lyra artist john_joseco morning_ponies.png )
What's the best Lyra/Bon Bon fic?
>> No. 77457
Maybe Vanner's "Happily Ever After?"
>> No. 77501
Are there any (good) stories about Applejack feeling inadequate as an earth pony, compared to her friends in particular?
>> No. 77512
yawg07? I know that name...that's someone from MTGS, isn't it? Does MTG Pony card alters?

Damn, I never though I'd run into that name on this side of the fandom, even though it was yawg that indirectly got me into the show.
>> No. 77519
There's one like that for Apple Bloom.

>> No. 77638
File 132645499061.png - (158.02KB , 500x500 , 132544229747.png )
I don't know about that, but he did write "A Warm Summer's Night", one of the first watersports clopfics.
>> No. 78162
File 132668507236.png - (518.94KB , 1280x853 , more_appledash_by_blackkaries-d3iczt1.png )
Anyone got some good AppleDash or TwiJack fics, I've got a mad craving.
>> No. 78188
File 132669068053.jpg - (0.99MB , 944x3202 , Story- Something of Value.jpg )
Rare image format.
>> No. 78267
File 132674083309.jpg - (389.64KB , 950x579 , 12946331513.jpg )
This is very unlikely, but is there a Supernatural/MLP fanfic?
>> No. 79679
Full disclosure: this may be considered self-promotion, but not how the OP meant it - none of these fics are mine, and it's meant in the spirit of "hey these fics are awesome", not "hey check out my site". Okay? Okay.

A few months ago I started a blog to highlight excellent or influential fanfic; it's called the Pony Fiction Vault: http://www.ponyfictionvault.net Twice a week, I post a new fic; they come in four flavors of "ebook" for download, along with an interview with the author about their work.

So, the site as a whole can be considered my own "fic recommendations", as I'm only posting (completed) fics I think are worth reading. There's been some overlap with other suggestions in this thread (and at least one author already in the Vault posts here regularly - hi Snarkle!), but you might be interested in the interviews even if you've already read the fics.

>> No. 79692
Lots of great fics on that site, folks, and I don't say that just because one of my stories is there. If you've not read something in the vault, it's worth your time to do so.
>> No. 79799
Bookmarked. I need to get back to reading.
>> No. 80655
File 132786645914.jpg - (442.33KB , 1080x1050 , lunar_guard old_luna.jpg )
Any good zombie fics?
The more main characters that survive, the better. If there's a lot of character death, please warn me.

Also, any Old Lunar Republic stuff with guard Derpy would be appreciated. I've only seen pictures having to do with it, but Derpy and Luna look so cool I wanna read some stuff of it!
>> No. 80657
Here's one: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/10/story-my-little-zombie-brains-are-magic.html

This fic is not afraid to kill off main characters, but when it does, it does so in a glorious fashion.
>> No. 81060
Tags: [Sad] [Dark] [Slice of Life]


Longing for Harmony

Shortly before an annual gathering, Fluttershy notices that her circle of friends are slowly drifting apart from one another. Desperate to bring their friendship back to it's peak, she discovers a powerful tool that might do just the thing, with possibly large consequences. Can she make Twilight and company get along once more, or is this a mistake that will undo them all?

A nice look into the minds of the Mane 6

Their issues are troubling, but never so much that it comes off as absurd, making it seem very believable.

There's also a bit of mystery surrounding Fluttershy and the aforementioned tool.
>> No. 81063
[Tags] Dark, adventure.

This is a very good story which unfortunately does not seem to garner quite as much recognition as it deserves.

I'll admit, at first I was one of it's biggest critics, but then, when I looked at the new chapter in order to find something to troll about, I had my mind blown away.

Not for everyone, especially Discord fans. From what I can tell, this is gonna be a very suspensful and engaging fiction. Also, it may eventually garner the horror tag after a while.
>> No. 81155
From what I understand thats from a comic called Equestria Prevails
>> No. 81230
File 132814044152.jpg - (202.70KB , 1131x707 , On The Eve Of Battle.jpg )
Equestria Prevails is the name of the artist (at least their DeviantArt account), and those particular pieces are from a graphic "series" called the New Royal Guard.

So far, all that's out is the Prologue:
as well as some scraps and concept art. Not officially a fanfic to go with any of them yet.
>> No. 81233
File 132814230759.png - (34.88KB , 195x171 , 132313130892.png )
To answer a request in a thread that was recently deleted...

>Hi guys, do you happen to have a link for a pdf file for My little dashie that I could save and read offline?
Ctrl+F "My Little Dashie", click on the PDF icon.
>> No. 82061
Fire and Rain is on my list. :P
>> No. 82815
Does anyone have anything with Prince Bluebood where he finds coltcuddling love?
>> No. 82834
I love zombies. I always have. But I've been hard pressed to find any fics within this brony fandom that are actually worth taking a look at.

So... Any fics? I literally do not give a single shit if you decide to post one of your own. Anything is appreciated.
>> No. 83424
I'm curious if there are any good Spike/Rarity fics.

And no, don't recommend "Like Fine Wine." I said "good."
>> No. 83474
Ah, so you then you mean you've already read it?
>> No. 83477
Regrettably, yes.
>> No. 83479
Why regrettably? Is it because of the clop content?
>> No. 83481
That's a simple way of putting it. Suffice to say that I don't like the genre and that fic failed to convince me that it has any merits.

The Spike/Rarity fics I enjoyed were the "The Centerpiece of my Collection"/"The Collection of My Centerpiece" dualogy. Though maybe something that's a little less creepy in the first half and bittersweet in the second.
>> No. 83763
File 132911032854.jpg - (212.05KB , 800x579 , 131199833779.jpg )
There is something that this fandom sorely lacks, but I would love to be corrected if I am indeed mistaken:

Studio Ghibli (esp. Miyazaki) crossovers. I have not seen any. Where are they? Do they exist?
>> No. 83770
I... I need to write one of these. If not me, then someone. This needs to happen.
>> No. 83838
File 132912567244.jpg - (93.70KB , 530x790 , 456902337_3uwzhijD_c.jpg )
I just had an idea and posted it here >>83810 but it got buried beneath disgruntled back-and-forth between some new guy and Sturm among others. If you can come up with something better, I'd really love to hear it.

- Dem
>> No. 85810
File 132978685256.gif - (482.17KB , 500x281 , zzzzzzz.gif )
I'm not really a critic but damn, I'll shoot


My Little Dashie SAD. Human finds a filly RD and raises her through life, only for Celestia to come and take her away. A little part of you will die on the inside after you read the whole thing
Equestria: Total War ACTION/DARK. Equestria is at war with the Gryphons. At times it can be gory, depressing, and even scary. I highly recommend it though. Excellent character development.
Article 2 ADVENTURE/COMEDY. American pass through wormhole and crash land their ship in Equestria. Only one survivor. Action packed and very funny. Great writing styles. Highly recommend.
Memory Pending ROMANCE/ADVENTURE. Some guy wakes up in a pony's body and tries to get his memories together. Really great, funny at times, and also does a fantastic job with character development.
Displaced ADVENTURE. Guy wakes up in a Gryphon's body for a change. Really interesting fiction.
The Wind Thief ADVENTURE/CROSSOVER. Skyrim meets My Little Pony. That's about it. Really well done though.
My Little Metro ADVENTURE/CROSSOVER. Metro-2033 meets My Little Pony. Highly recommend this. Superb character development and writing styles. Gory at times, but it can easily be stomached by anyone. One of my personal favorites.
Slice of Life COMEDY. Celestia goes on a diet and Luna does everything she can to torture her. Very funny.
Over the Edge and Through the Wood A human hiker winds up in the Everfree Forest. It's only two chapters in, so there really isn't much I can say about it. It's really interesting though.
All these can be found on fimficion.net

Curious, does anyone know any good Pony on Earth stories? They seem to be in short supply.
>> No. 85813
>First recommended story
You won't find any supporters for that one in /fic/. 'Tis the second coming of Past Sins, it is. I mean, even the author doesn't think it was particularly good.
Case in point: http://comments.deviantart.com/1/260443804/2265968384

Article 2 is decent enough. Haven't read the rest.
>> No. 85815
Meh. I enjoyed MLD, so I added it to the list.
Also, that fact that it's the first on my list doesn't mean anything.
>> No. 85824
No, bad Ion, people are free to do whatever suggestion we want.

Plus, not everyone will enjoy the same things the same.

Also, everyone, read Out in the Cold, Twixie shipping, really nice story, love all the continuations as well.
>> No. 85825
You'll find them fine; it's just that you have to look for them instead of them being immediately in front of you.

As for PoE, might want to look at something by Chatoyance under TCB.
>> No. 85827
File 132979144890.jpg - (40.44KB , 570x474 , x5qgG.jpg )
>> No. 86229
Hey, guys. I'm looking for three things.

1)Genderswaps... Not as in alternative universes where a pony meets his or her flip, but swaps as in 'Fluttershy falls into a magical trap and becomes stallion' stuff. And then the rest of the story is her trying to turn back. Any good stories like that?

2)Silent Hill crossover with MLP... I know this exists, but I can't find it.

3)Coltcuddler romances that are really lovey-dovey and soft... Disney-type stuff (most coltcuddler stuff seems to be grim, angsty, and sad I guess).
>> No. 86231
File 132994574718.png - (636.12KB , 900x1694 , BUT MOTHERFUCKING WHY.png )
>see pic

As for Silent Hill stuff, if you don't get thrown off by Cupcakes-related stuff, I've heard decent things about Silent Ponyville
>> No. 86234
White Box.
That is all.
>> No. 86241

It was alright I guess, but nothing special.
>> No. 86246
Sounds like you want to read the 63rd Rune! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/05/story-63rd-rune.html
>> No. 86286
File 132996027855.png - (122.82KB , 401x415 , stranglrarity.png )

But I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it... *pants* *moves hooves to your neck*

Ooooh, that looks fantastic.
>> No. 86287
File 132996066080.png - (418.23KB , 1280x720 , 130727824260.png )
>Silent Ponyville

Oh, that's actually a good story. Sorry about my momentary lapse into anger, darling. Thanks for the recombination.
>> No. 86288
File 132996099970.png - (380.72KB , 800x700 , 130756255217.png )
Oh, I'm such a silly pony. I meant 'recommendation'. Anyways, goodbye, and thank you both.
>> No. 87473
File 133040195182.png - (1.09MB , 900x4748 , my_little_scootiekins_by_beavernator-d4ltnjh.png )
You'll think I'm crazy for this belief, but I enjoy reading scootabuse and scootalove stories as motivation to accomplish my future goal of ending child abuse. I figured you'd think I'm crazy because it sounds weird that a guy wanting to end abuse, loves stories of pony abuse, but I guess motivation works in the weirdest of ways.
In short, link me to some scootabuse and scootalove stories. I wanna see lots of stories plz
>> No. 87474

Ending's a bit of a let-down but overall, its a pretty good fic.
>> No. 87481
That one was a great read, but it's not disheartening enough to meet what I'm looking for. This picture might express how sad I want it, or at least the sadness level it be a few cards short of a deck.

*NOTE* I'm not crazy or evil, but the depictions of abuse toward the some of the ponies act as a motivator to end child abuse, motivation I can't find any other way.
>> No. 87484
File 133040508858.gif - (507.38KB , 300x200 , eb0.gif )
You have an interesting way of going about this...
I won't post it.
>> No. 87632
I know, I don't think many would understand, hell I barely understand.
Could you give me a new link? The one you posted just sends me to the home page.
>> No. 87634
Just Google "Sweetie Belle bleach". It's the first result.
>> No. 87637
oh, bleachy belle, seen it, that one was very weird in my eyes, probably one of the pushers that got me here.
>> No. 87689
I know that film noir has been referred to in a lot of pony fanfictions, but has anyone seen anything that
s more 'grey' and not 'black' in terms of morality? For comparison, look at something like Peter Gunn. There's danger, romance, suspense, and so on. Yet the hero is suave and sophisticated, enjoying cool jazz and a long sip of wine.
>> No. 87884
Hey I don't really read fanfics but I've read and enjoyed:
The Vinyl Scratch Tapes
Junior Speedsters Forever

I would like fics that are funny and character based
No clop or grimdark please
Anyone willing to help?
>> No. 87887
File 133056220164.jpg - (15.41KB , 220x200 , fc,220x200,navy.jpg )
Meh. Here's one. Its not the best fanfic I've ever read, but it's funny. Seems pretty character and plot driven too. Not half bad for a HIE ric, doubly since the human does not appear to be a self insert. He seems to be comic relief at his most serious, and is usually, as the author put it, "an oversized chibi."
>> No. 87898
I didn't mean random comedy
I meant comedy in the form of humorous dialogue between characters not crazy situations.
>> No. 87905
The dialouge is pretty funny. It's one of those situations where a character needs translating, and only one other character can do it. Imagine our two favorite copyrighted space robots.

>beeboobweeboo. Beebeebeebeep!

>watch your language.
>> No. 87918
Since it's been getting mentioned again, may I present /fic/'s resident "what the hay is wrong with you people and why do I love it so much" story: Hearts of Red Ink! It's good for a few laughs.

>> No. 87932
File 133056651417.jpg - (75.56KB , 680x508 , platoon_why.jpg )
This story is neither funny nor interesting. It's bad and I feel bad for reading it (even though I didn't read very much of it).
>> No. 87949
File 133056856623.gif - (209.95KB , 378x364 , e26.gif )
It's one of those You-had-to-be-there sort of things. If i went back and re-read it now, I would probably quit before I finished. The real fun was in seeing who you were going to be paired up with.
>> No. 88029
File 133058191735.png - (203.36KB , 362x342 , Celestia.png )
I tolerated/slogged through it (and barely) because of its portrayal of /fic/ as a city (and TTG as a bazaar, which it was back then), Masterroxxor, and the depiction of Seattle_Lite as a drinking/smoking devil-may-care Pegasus who loved chilling on top of skyscrapers. Filler as a bear was okay too.

The aforementioned things comprised hardly 30% of the fic.

The people who enjoyed it the most were arguably the exact same group of people who were in it, so it's hard to not see it as a community jerk that is circular (confound the wordfilter). I think that stems from the same aspect of human nature that makes you flip through fresh photos looking for ones that contain you, or trying to find yourself in a group photo, before looking for anyone else. People like hearing about themselves. The "story" delivered to the most influential (back when it was written) people in the /fic/ community the sort of thing they secretly desired (not being 63'd and having...things... done to them by implication, but written about in general).
>> No. 88031
That's exactly what it was.

I always thought it was pretty self-indulgent and absurdly hypocritical on the part of these same people who would endlessly ridicule and berate anyone else for writing a fic like that.
>> No. 88034
File 133058265813.jpg - (149.23KB , 480x634 , JzS3G.jpg )
Well, that was the point. It was very self-critical and constantly acknowledged how ludicrous it was. A self-aware story that uses cliched ideas and horrible archetypes on purpose can be good fun.

But yeah, mostly this.
>> No. 88037
File 133058299913.jpg - (75.20KB , 302x330 , strawman.jpg )
I'm pretty sure people have largely encouraged attempts at redoing it. More to the point: it was never being lauded as any great attempt at literature, nor expected to be published to a wider audience (e.g., Equestria Daily), so it being mastabatory isn't really hypocritical.
>> No. 88039
File 133058313815.png - (4.37KB , 365x88 , NOPE.png )
>Pic related: probably the smartest thing anyone did in relation to that entire story.
>> No. 88040
Yeah, just keep telling yourself that.

Seems like last time I checked, anything posted on fic had to meet only the highest of standards, no questions asked. Even a slightly lackluster synopsis isn't acceptable.

But I guess that only applies to the plebs.
>> No. 88042
It was a deliberately absurd, badly-made, shameless terribad story. Like a deliberately bad B-movie. It's one of those "you need a bucket of popcorn and somebody willing to rip the piss out of it" things to fully enjoy, and some never will.
>> No. 88044
File 133058339502.jpg - (14.02KB , 410x346 , mustache.jpg )
What this guy said.
>> No. 88046
File 133058354484.png - (273.92KB , 1280x1024 , sadvas.png )
All I really see from this conversation is a bunch of people saying "You had to be there" and "It's stupid." Neither side is willing to concede to the other, so why talk about it? Its taken over two threads now.
>Pic is probably the smartest reply someone did in this entire debate
>> No. 88048
File 133058434157.png - (92.26KB , 200x303 , 132235888287.png )
I wasn't popular enough to get on that list (and in retrospect, I'm glad). Ukai wasn't either, but he asked to be put on it, and he thus became famous not for his work as a reviewer, for the catchphrase "what the fuck is an Ukai?" from one of the other characters (I can't be bothered to remember who) wasn't familiar with the newcomer.

>> No. 88051
File 133058466824.jpg - (33.01KB , 450x403 , 126400633494.jpg )
>> No. 88083
File 133059584452.gif - (106.24KB , 400x475 , 132963643945.gif )
One of the most pertinent themes amongst the reviewers here is that you must, first and foremost, write for yourself. HoRI was written by the reviewers, for the reviewers. They enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. If you can somehow find parallels between this and their distaste for poor grammar in synopses, then I'm sorry that your savage flankhurt has swollen so far into your head that you can no longer think straight.

Anyway, so that I'm not totally derailing this thread, I'll give the same recommendation I always give: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/07/story-black-and-white.html
>> No. 88102
File 133061660021.png - (523.97KB , 800x600 , cranky_doodle_donkey_by_raikoh14-d4qjfc9.png )
So...are there any Cranky Doodle x Matilda fics out there, or any Cranky Doodle or Matilda fics in general?
>> No. 88143
I'm sure there are a couple on FimFic, but I haven't seen any on EqD. Take that as you will.
>> No. 88169
I'd like to know, are there any fics out there that involve humans and ponies (preferably ponies from space) meeting eachother, but not speaking the same language, without cheating by using magical/technological thingymajigs to insta-learn or insta-translate a language?

I know there are fics like, for example, the Thessalonica Legacy, but they cheat, by using aforementioned insta-translating thingies.

Any fics like that out there?
>> No. 88172
File 133064035932.png - (63.09KB , 500x580 , 130760076189.png )
There's Order From Chaos by Twilight Snarkle.
>> No. 88181
File 133064354324.png - (135.28KB , 635x270 , 1298758351511.png )
Is it a bannable offense to say that I strongly disliked that story?
>> No. 88183
File 133064376493.png - (120.83KB , 332x333 , 1297053882993.png )

Pride's Arrdun Lleudad (or however it's spelled) does a similar thing, but it also abuses the translation spell later on in the story. However, the protagonist tries to learn how to speak the language without the use of the translation spell later on, so it's sorta subverted.
>> No. 88283
The ending of this was one of the funniest things I've read in the past few days:

>> No. 88520
This post is here only to put the thread into autosage so I can justify making a new one.
>> No. 88529
New thread: >>88527
New thread: >>88527
New thread: >>88527
New thread: >>88527
New thread: >>88527
New thread: >>88527
>> No. 88530
Well, that was embarassing.
>> No. 88532
Pobody's nerfect.
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