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Hello! I'm Squeak, and this is my third thread, that's so cool! Thank you to everyone who takes the time to post here telling me what they think, or just drops by to pal around. I do adore your feedback and random musings. I'm the writer of several fics, the most popular being Number 12, and Traveler, which are Doctor Whoof stories, You can read them, and all my other stories, in the handy guide below.

In anycase, in Squeaky tradition, I'll post my newest fic in the header: Gaia a short chapter story staring Fluttershy, a strange mare called Flower and a series of events which culminate in a great Equestrian secret being revealed:


As for all my other stories (Gun With Occasional Pony, The Catastrophic Case of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Etc.) Check out this handy guide!


Onwards and Upwards!
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>> No. 46539
File 131525580440.png - (367.18KB , 1267x1618 , 1314864125137.png )
Reposting this short story since the thread started to autosage so soon after I put it up the first time:

I've been doing short requests over on /co/ to get over some writers block I've been having. I may as well post the result here:

The Best, a Soarin/Spitfire story, only about 900 some odd words.

>> No. 46540
File 131525583362.png - (159.56KB , 465x362 , 2011-09-04_1953.png )

>> No. 46545
File 131525661404.jpg - (170.35KB , 1280x800 , 131281675608.jpg )
>> No. 46554
File 131526287097.png - (209.85KB , 550x512 , 130419410991.png )
MFW I never shared the Guide, and it's been locked this whole time.

It's open now for anypony who cares to look:

>> No. 46583


So much Russian nostalgia.
>> No. 46584
File 131526900631.png - (48.86KB , 613x591 , Ceiling Raggedy is watching you all.png )
<keeps observing you from your ceiling>
>> No. 47223
File 131546707022.jpg - (40.51KB , 600x397 , 130237653632.jpg )


How long have you been on the ceiling!?
>> No. 47231
File 131547355712.png - (145.25KB , 900x831 , I'm watching you, Squeak!.png )
I'm watching you Squeak... *squeak*
>> No. 47280
File 131549749260.jpg - (72.52KB , 385x360 , Pinkie pie eating popcorn.jpg )
What are we watching? I brought popcorn.
>> No. 47290
File 131550225024.jpg - (11.70KB , 200x362 , Jin shirato.jpg )
Squeak, I just wanted to let you know, I read your fanfics during Ethics lectures (when I should be writing instead). Also watching. I have nothing meaningful to contribute, regrettably.
>> No. 47297
File 131550525894.gif - (1.69MB , 360x240 , 1314003337808.gif )

Sooo...now I've got two stalke-...Um...I mean good readers! Nice to have you....

Pass the popcorn Sly.

Ah! Lovely, not that you weren't paying attention in ethics (Bad Theta!) but that your read them. Which one did you read anyway?

Now, let's see, I've got cold pizza, a soda, and a few hours of spare time....Time to get writing!

>Start's 80's music
>> No. 47300
File 131550611072.png - (145.25KB , 900x831 , I'm watching you, Squeak!.png )
Reader? Damn it, now I must read this to justify that post... I haven't read it. Hell, I haven't read squat lately out of free will almost. Confound these writers, they bombard me with fics and... stuff!!!

I'll give this a read later today... or in the weekend, I tend to sleep at the evenings... but considering how I've ditched school the past 2 days (I know I'm gonna have that thrown in my face soon... if I ditch many more days I'll fail some of the subjects D:), I should be able to read it.

Pray it's good, OR I'LL TEAR IT APART SQUEAK!!! (Get the reference? I bet you do...)

Uh... I'm in a posting mood. Posts no longer make sense, I guess?

Still watching you.
>> No. 47308
File 131550759756.jpg - (112.62KB , 1017x1011 , 131527163473.jpg )

Just as planned.

Hope you enjoy it, and don't do all that much tearing...though the reference flew over my head like an cuckoo bird.
Also, good luck not failing your classes. Use the force young Shywalker.
>> No. 47311
File 131550903128.jpg - (135.87KB , 400x466 , Jin spin.jpg )

The sad part is that I still contributed to the in-class discussion than anyone else in the room, but I've been polishing off GWOP. I regret to say I still haven't started Number 12 if only because I've never watched Dr. Who and I feel the whole thing would just be lost on me.

Also post in the Squeakverse rp more dude.
>> No. 47329
I planned to read it now on the phone... but I'll do it tomorrow on a computer. Why? So I can give you a quality review, of course!

I'll tear it apart D:

Kidding, I'll be nice. I can tear it apart if you really want it though... :)
>> No. 47333
File 131551658095.jpg - (68.50KB , 631x564 , Twilight reads a paper.jpg )
I hope someone else appreciates the irony of skipping ethics lectures.

I once had someone else ask me to write their paper for them. On ethics. They were going to cheat on their eithics exam.
>> No. 47373
File 131552202966.jpg - (105.77KB , 554x439 , shrug.jpg )

Look, all I'm gonna say on the subject is if I can sleep through your class and get an A without cheating, then one of us is doing something very wrong here.

So, I've been wondering, with Gun With Occasional Pony, it just takes into account tripfa--friends who have a set ponysona, correct? What about those who lack a ponysona, or have multiple trips, or--god forbid--have non-pony FiM OCs?
>> No. 47376
File 131552247580.png - (265.60KB , 593x457 , 131527269195.png )

I look forwards to your review. As they say 'Come at me bro!' or something...


Well...that sounds...downright unethical!


Nah, if I know a person, or they just want a cameo at random, I'll just dream one up on the spot. There's a couple people in here that have never had OC's. As for the non-ponies, they pop up in this chapter or next I think. Mostly for comedic value.
Why, did you want a cameo?

I am posting a lot of Twilight lately...
>> No. 47379
File 131552360650.jpg - (59.82KB , 371x500 , Jin catch.jpg )

Nah, not really, just a worldbuilding question.
>> No. 47381
File 131552389619.png - (598.77KB , 1000x1000 , 130266166484-the_boss.png )

Oh, well in the context of the world, it really depends on the pony. Like if people have a vauge idea of what they might look like as a pony, and they have a name, their idea could end up jumbled (Like Slywit switching between three bodies.) or worse. There's a process of going from an Anon to a pony with a name. Depending on the popularity of that pony's Idea, and other factors.
>> No. 47403
File 131552864809.jpg - (60.25KB , 300x300 , Jin and Takaya.jpg )

Ah, I see.

After you're done with GwOP, do you plan on using that world anymore? I find it quite intriguing.
>> No. 47415

Why thank you, I'm glad you like the concept. I had sequel planned. But I'm open to side stories if you wanted to write something inside my world.
>> No. 47417
File 131553146901.jpg - (9.73KB , 130x198 , Jin glare.jpg )

Hm...would that be a fanfic of a fanfic or simply a fanfic set in the same universe? It's an interesting concept...I dunno if I'd be able to pull it off though. I still need to get to writing my next story anyway.
>> No. 47419
File 131553184254.jpg - (26.79KB , 500x500 , 130693323870-4squeak.jpg )

Simply a fic written in the same universe, unless you wanted to pull an inception on the whole thing. While I would like a credit for the concept, you could basically do whatever you want. I've never been one to mind.

But in anycase, good luck with your next story! What's it about?
>> No. 47421
File 131553212847.jpg - (9.73KB , 130x198 , Jin glare.jpg )

Well, right now...I don't know. I've got a few ideas--A Persona-3 themed FiM crossover, some sort of psuedo-Conversion bureau type thing with Earth and Equestria being in contact for like a couple decades and a second generation griffon who lives on Earth, some experimental ideas for m/m shipfics (dohohoho)...like, I dunno. I still need to finish revising my last story so I can post it on EqD.

I am a bad writefa--writefriend.
>> No. 47423
File 131553225010.gif - (34.69KB , 248x358 , Applebloom is driven to write.gif )
Think of it as a spin of or inspired by, if that helps. Truth be told, it's the execution that matters, not where the idea came from or what its about.
>> No. 47539
File 131555679215.png - (61.55KB , 400x400 , 130429168115.png )

No such thing! Anyone who writes isn't 'bad' or 'good' there's only one catagory, those who need to learn. And that's everypony, myself included. I'm sure your stuff is great. I'll have to check out some of it (Yes, that includes m/m fics, I don't mind that sort of thing in the least.) when you get it up.

Good luck!

Now...let's see, I wonder if I can get Traveler out by Monday...again...cross your hooves! With any luck this should be the release schedule

Gaia Ch4: Saturday

Traveler finale: Monday

Gun With Occasional Pony CH 7: Tues/Weds

Catastrophic Case, Off on the Horribly Wrong Hoof: Next Friday

For one shots
Caralight story: Tomorrow

Perhaps something for the friend-off too.

What? Who says I'm going to go mad trying to do all that? Your'e crazy! All of you are crazy! Crazy people!
>> No. 47540
File 131555703355.png - (237.09KB , 647x516 , 2011-09-08_0405.png )

Oh, and I never posted this here, a little story I wrote for /co/. (I pick up requests when I'm having writer's block on one of the main titles.) that ended up stretching into to parts, a Caramel/Twilight fic. (Yep, never done shipping in over six months, now I've done two in the last two weeks....the world'sa changin'.)

Caramel's Light:
>> No. 47577
File 131557647370.jpg - (105.77KB , 554x439 , shrug.jpg )

I meant it more in the sense that I'm incredibly inconsistent and unreliable--my only request took 3 months to complete.

Well, good luck to ya. I'ma crack open that Gdocs.
>> No. 47716
Squeaks! Got something for you.


Listen to episode 21, skip to between 1:00:00 or 1:00:30.
>> No. 47725
File 131560961686.jpg - (29.26KB , 364x330 , 130007635094.jpg )

>MFW The Whole thing.

HOLY BOUNCING BALLS OF FIRE!!! Gun With Occasional Pony made the podcast!? Seriously!? To think! I wasn't even going to publish that one originally. And such a glowing review, I don't believe it! Wow! Just Wow!

Well, my day has been made. Heck, my WEEK has been made! I'll have to push out that update sooner.
>> No. 47726
File 131560981958.png - (29.48KB , 281x280 , 130217819108.png )
>obligatory bro-hoof of awesome

That's fkn win right there Squeak. Good on ya man, congrats!
>> No. 47729
File 131561075774.png - (253.41KB , 640x678 , 131535363007.png )

Thank you, Lite! I'm quite happy about it, I should get a couple new readers thanks to this!
>> No. 47734
I hope GwoP becomes THE metafic. It's a really entertaining take on the world
>> No. 47738
There is another metafic?
A real metafic, none of that cheap Pinkie Pie shenanigans.
>> No. 47742
File 131561453090.png - (102.92KB , 613x419 , Pinkie Pie colt peaks in.png )
I don't know.

Does Ponies Discover /Co/ count?
>> No. 47752
File 131561694653.png - (1.13MB , 1920x1080 , Twilight_DoDrugs-(n1302320152362).png )

Yes! Then I, Squeak, shall have the monopoly on the Meta-fic market! That would be 20% cooler.

Yes,Anon, you should read it.
>> No. 47754
I did read it... it just didn't feel... meta.
It felt like an awesomely written episode for the show with some meta elements... but I just can't call it meta... sorry.
>> No. 47763
Am I the only one who thinks of Tarzan when reading Gaia?
>> No. 47825
File 131563066245.png - (380.76KB , 541x807 , 1302311633118.png )

Well other than that...I really can't think of many other Meta Fics.....Oh! There's Light's side story to Guns, I can dig up the link if you like.


Tarzan? Hmmm, interesting. Care to expound?
>> No. 47833
When I think actual Meta writing, I think of either Prattchet's total and finely honed disregard for the fourth wall, or a choose-your-own-adventure type thing.

>Do I need clarification on this? Kinda curious.
>> No. 47840
File 131563267408.jpg - (112.62KB , 1017x1011 , 131527163473.jpg )

Oh! I adore Pratchett! I really can't wait for his next book in October. It makes the fall 20% more awesome between Doctor Who and Ponies.

In anycase, I can see that as meta, but it's a pretty vague term to start with. So it has different applications depending on who you ask.
>> No. 47842
>a pretty vague term to start with

>adore Pratchett
Oh! Have you read Christopher Moore? He's not a brit, but his work is hilarious.
>> No. 47843
File 131563302528.png - (165.78KB , 381x288 , 131527225319.png )

I've read Coyote Blue, and enjoyed it, since then my local secondhand bookshop hasn't come across anything else by him. Anything in particular you'd suggest for the next one?
>> No. 47847
Absolutely. Read either Lamb, or Bite Me, for his best work IMO.
>> No. 47849
File 131563369418.png - (440.82KB , 1147x630 , 130298116841.png )
Added to the list! I could probably ask the shop to order me a copy when I'm done with the book I'm currently reading (Dresden Files.)
>> No. 48384
File 131577015698.jpg - (17.66KB , 385x298 , 130237724484.jpg )
Whelp, I sent the first few chapters of Gaia to EqD....Now for the long....torturous wait to see the general response.

Though, it's been on Fimfiction for ages now...people seem to like it...It shouldn't be much different on the blog right? I can stop panicking...
>> No. 48388
Stop panicking.

The palindrome will protect you. Plus allegedly your fic may have ponies in it.
>> No. 48389
File 131577071955.jpg - (153.73KB , 1280x634 , 131569708316.jpg )

Good luck!
>> No. 48391
File 131577076755.png - (209.86KB , 500x641 , 130621261342.png )


How did you know my fic would have ponies in it?!

In anycase yes, you're right...just take deep breaths....deep deep breaths....In with the good, out with the irrational fear....
>> No. 48393
File 131577084554.png - (253.41KB , 640x678 , 131535363007.png )

Thanks! Hopefully it goes over well. I'm rather fond of this story of mine as a little project. That's probably why I'm overly nervous.
>> No. 48424
File 131577654166.png - (63.29KB , 554x441 , Ceiling Raggedy sees all.png )
>> No. 48453
You're acting silly again, Squeaks. Your fics so far have all been great and Gaia is no exception. People will love it. The only thing you should worry about it is whether it'll get 5 stars or 6.
>> No. 48477
File 131578446440.gif - (0.97MB , 300x335 , 130417838846.gif )

Where does that trap door even lead to?.....

Thanks, Sly, you're right, I'm just being overly worried. I do hate waiting... If it got that high a rating wouldn't that be something!? It'd be 20% cooler.
>> No. 48538
File 131579638294.png - (382.15KB , 400x800 , peace_for_the_world_by_canarycharm-d45g6lc.png )
Houston....we have lift off.

>> No. 48540
File 131579670321.png - (31.88KB , 184x184 , 130642843994.png )

Damn. That was quick.
>> No. 48541
File 131579680155.png - (243.22KB , 797x865 , 130494050527.png )

I know! I was expecting to wait much longer. So far it's looking like the response is indeed positive as you all said!
I'm very glad.
>> No. 48548
File 131579814493.jpg - (13.51KB , 377x476 , Aigis Happy.jpg )

Congrats, then! I'm a bit jealous actually...guess that means I need to get back to writefa--y'know.

I'm going to read this during my ethics class, just so you know.
>> No. 48557
File 131580113408.gif - (1.32MB , 352x134 , Pinkie Pie conspiring with Rarity.gif )
See, you can trust me, Squeaks. Me? I'll make you a star, kid. I'll make you a 6 star.
>> No. 48560
File 131580169313.png - (51.74KB , 224x220 , 130237570211.png )

GASP! Being unethical again! In anycase, I hope you enjoy it. And I'm sure your stories will go over well when you get around to releasing them! Good luck!

Six Star? Will we make it all the way to Hoofy Wood? I can see it now! The lights! The fashion! The Glamour!

But for now, sleep. Night folks.
>> No. 48565
File 131580201993.png - (157.21KB , 433x427 , 131527179517.png )

Also, I was trying to post in the RP thread before I went to sleep, but Ponychan won't let me. That's annoying.

Oh well, I'll just copy it to a notepad, maybe it'll behave in the morning.
>> No. 48567

/rp/'s fine now, if you wanna post it now.
>> No. 48844
File 131588161071.jpg - (91.22KB , 894x894 , Tardis Doctor Whoof Dash.jpg )
So help me! I will get that new chapter of Traveler! C'mere!
>> No. 48858
File 131588324602.jpg - (29.26KB , 364x330 , 130007635094.jpg )

And then Squeak was late on the Traveler Chapter again, but downloaded Sly's awesome art anyway.

Darn you classwork! Why you no let me update!?


>MFW Gaia has accumulated 52 five star ratings and attained six star status in less than 48 hours.

Thank you everyone who read, commented, and rated! You guys are awesome.

Also, I still can't post in /rp/ it just tell me
"Please Go Back and Try Again." If this persists I'll have to email the mods.
>> No. 48861
File 131588377950.jpg - (40.50KB , 406x578 , 1067333-jugde_super.jpg )

That's...wow. Congrats dude.

Also I have no idea why you can't post on /rp/. Works fine for me.
>> No. 48864
File 131588411009.png - (102.84KB , 408x250 , 130303041337.png )

Thanks! I'm very happy.

And it's weird, normally when something like this happens, I just refresh and try again. But I've done that a couple times, and no dice. I wonder if it's my laptop?
>> No. 48983
File 131593721308.jpg - (18.43KB , 420x390 , user icon.jpg )
Hai Squeaks.

I screwed up. Hard.

PC fried and I'm leaving for 2 weeks o a sanatory.

NO NET THERE AND I'M SERIOUS. Not even e-cafehouses.

For the continuity of Squeakyverse I'll write Raggedy itno a TARDIS and let her dissapear for 2 weeks. Play the Game there as if nothing happened, don't worry about me.

As a proof of being who I am, despite ponychan giving me a NEW TRIP, even though I DID PUT MY PASSWORD I shall now tell the DARK SECRET

Got you on g-talk and I like to surprise-hug you there, also, animal pound on weekends and I KNOW THE TRUTH, say hi to siblings from me etc.
>> No. 48990
File 131594037992.jpg - (98.04KB , 1024x744 , Raggedy Says Bye Bye.jpg )
1. Somehow can't post there.

If you all are receiving same error, it is probably because some threads from before the server-repair got 'locked' . Address the site admins on /meta

2. Image proving I'm me.

3. ByeBye Dolly thread here if any questions I'll be answering them there for the next umm... 15 or 16 hours http://www.ponychan.net/chan/rp/res/36606244.html
>> No. 48991
Since the Squeakyverse rp is QuantumLocked, here is my original post. When the thread unlocks, Squeak\Sly post it there for me

OKay, time to TIME DERP this thing!

Since I'm off for 2 weeks... AND my PC fried.... and stuff... Raggedy is going to go SPACE!

Play as you would normally play, I'll get back to you later, now entering TARDIS.

If not playing, at least BUMP this thread b\c if it dissapears I'm killing Squeak with a spoon

<Raggedy looked around... spoted something weird...>

D...dad? Y..you in here?

<As if following a unhearable voice she dashed forward and kept running towards what looked like a old British Policebox. Or a TARDIS if one had a fancy for that crappy TV show from the 80ts.>

<She opened the door with a Creak! entered the thing, had the door shut...>

<and with the weirdest sound ever, dissappeared>

Just put it on rp later when it works
>> No. 49002

That's weird. I have absolutely no problem posting at all. Huh.

Well, catch you in 2 weeks then.
>> No. 49033
I'm constantly getting this:

Please go back and try again.

C'ya all lateeeer~!
>> No. 49205
File 131599054686.png - (253.41KB , 640x678 , 131535363007.png )
Well that's not disturbing at all...

See you in two weeks! I can confidently say Traveler will be here when you get back.

As for this whole RP business, should I just post my next part of it here as well? I'm still getting that error and it's been two days.
>> No. 49210
In the words of Pinkie: Do it.
>> No. 49221
File 131600773974.png - (738.00KB , 1280x720 , 1315965533686.png )

If you have no other choice, I suppose you could then ask for a mod to move it into the thread on /rp/. /rp/ is the only board you're having trouble with, right? Have you made a thread on meta about this, or tried posting on a different IP?
>> No. 49273
File 131602202867.gif - (183.35KB , 387x362 , 131527246373.gif )

I'm having a back and forth with the mods, it might be better this afternoon. Hopefully so.

>MFW Trying to post in the mean time.
>> No. 50419
File 131633873580.png - (248.82KB , 589x719 , 131572968204.png )
>MFW I'm sick

>MFW It's throwing off my writing schedule

>MFW It seems the RP Board has finally been fixed and I can't find out thread.


Oh well, at least the new episode was awesome! Though I think quite a few fics will be needing a season one cannon tag now. I'm wondering if I should work that into Gaia at this point. I haven't referenced the past yet, so it's perfectly within the confines of the story to do so....Plus it wouldn't even change the story at all. Oh well I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Has anypony got a coughdrop?
>> No. 50455
File 131635992521.png - (209.81KB , 900x1347 , 131623460359-Gilda_is_alarmed_-_C.png )

Yeah the thread kinda 404'd, sorry 'bout that. It was fun while it lasted, though. Sorry to hear you're sick; I'd give you some cold medicine if I could figure out how to e-mail it.
>> No. 50506
Get well soon. We can be patient for your work.

Yeah, that Discord thing is also throwing an interesting loop my direction. But we'll see how to incorperate or ignore it. In the end, the fanfictions are our versions of stories, despite how much we'd like them to be canon-applicable.

Let's get ready for Luna's reappearence to do this to us all over again!
>> No. 50666
File 131641635311.gif - (24.37KB , 100x100 , 131587092931.gif )

Well you'd need a Flux Compaciter and a lightning rod, I understand, they're expensive.

Also when Raggedy gets back, he's so putting my brain in a robot for this.
Oh well, I'll have to enjoy my humanity in the mean time.

By the by, did you ever finish what I've written of Gaia so far? I wanted to know you thoughts. No rush though.

Yes, curse the cannon, always messing with our fannon. I'm quite interested to see how you're going to incorporate this into Paradise, or whether or not you will.
I shall try to be back on my hooves post haste!
>> No. 50667
File 131641655980.png - (237.09KB , 647x516 , 2011-09-08_0405.png )
So, I've never done shipping before this, so comments appreciated!


Caramel's Light, I managed to finish it despite my sneezing here' it is in it's entirety.

Caramel can't seem to do anything right. When he finds he has a crush on a certain purple unicorn, this proves doubly true.

Fimfiction link:

Doc Links
CH 1:







>> No. 50679
Yay! The Caralight conclusion! (I think chapter 4 is the conclusion anyways)
I've been meaning to bounce ideas around with you about Discord. Next time I see you on gmail.
>> No. 50696
File 131644486729.jpg - (70.69KB , 495x700 , Nyx avatar pondering.jpg )

I'd only read the first chapter, but your demon trips compelled me to read the rest. Off to a good start--interesting story, can't wait to see where it goes. There are some minor spelling and grammatical flaws here and there that could be fixed by proofreading (like my ass is one to talk) but other than that I don't have any beefs with it. If you're expecting a useful review, you'll have to ask someone else though.
>> No. 51255

I'll have to look through and fix those, I always manage to miss a few. Curse my error reading eyes. Anywho, glad you liked it hopefully new chapter out tomorrow or Thursday

Speaking of Which, Usea, or anyone if he proves to be busy. You up for proof reading?
>> No. 51256
File 131657023552.jpg - (11.70KB , 200x362 , Jin shirato.jpg )

According to new/co/mer I suck at proofreading, but if you don't have anyone else, then I'm game.
>> No. 51308
File 131657558578.jpg - (100.24KB , 689x711 , 130500583427.jpg )

Cool, there should be a new Gaia chapter coming up to bat later tomorrow. If no one else pops up sure!
>> No. 51322
File 131657743576.jpg - (232.91KB , 700x700 , 1296792387357.jpg )
I'd not mind looking into it, as I'll read it anyways. tomorrow would be great for me, too!

I hope you feel lucky. You were able to skip this round's Tripfriend Shipping, which consisted of /fic/ reviewers
>> No. 51344
File 131658166636.png - (174.71KB , 800x587 , luna shock.png )
This round? It's been done before?
>> No. 51345
File 131658184589.jpg - (9.73KB , 130x198 , Jin glare.jpg )

...Trip Shipping? What?
>> No. 51346
/co/ use to be a turbulent, crazy place before Ponychan divided the fanbase.
>> No. 51347
File 131658240992.jpg - (7.06KB , 236x214 , 1299997202465.jpg )

>past tense
>> No. 51348
File 131658266256.jpg - (274.64KB , 600x578 , 130689275065-Max_and_Squeak.jpg )
Oh Celestia...

To answer your question, on /co/ it used to happen quite a lot....it was a strange strange time, of strange strange posts....and strange strange fics.
>> No. 51349
File 131658292039.jpg - (7.92KB , 511x128 , 2hz5xqc.jpg )

...No offesense but I can see how anons on /co/ could get pissed off at that. Even I find the concept a little...iffy.
>> No. 51350

It was fun.
Well, from the sidelines anyways. Lil' bit creepy, but still. Happens enough not to sweat over it really.
>> No. 51353
File 131658317206.png - (194.07KB , 409x496 , 131527193885.png )

It was mostly Anons that did it actually. It was normally used to troll people. Though on occasion it did boarder on the creepy.....there's nothing quite like getting home to find a ship fic about you and a friend of yours living in an apartment together on EqD.
>> No. 51363
File 131658436708.png - (31.18KB , 945x945 , 130946702950.png )

I see.

And that's why I never use my trip outside of /fic/. Well, that and other reasons.

I've been meaning to ask; aside from your current projects, do you have any one-shot ideas you've been tossing around? If you don't wanna share if you have any or what they are, I perfectly understand.
>> No. 51367
File 131658543810.gif - (34.69KB , 248x358 , 1296854022387.gif )

Probably a good policy., I use mine a lot of places actually, DA Youtube, Soundcloud, I'm everywhere.

Well I always have tons of ideas kicking around my head. But most of my one shots are done on request. I take them when I'm having writer's block.
Though right now I am quite tempted to do a one off featuring Mr.Breezy to make up for Gaia. And another about Lyra being an emigrant from Trotland and meeting Bon-Bon. Not sure if anything'll come of it. Why do you ask?
>> No. 51369
Did you get the edited copy of GWOP? I sent it a few days ago but you never replied...
>> No. 51372
File 131658599512.jpg - (37.21KB , 520x350 , p3pspopening.jpg )

I was simply curious, is all. I like to hear about other people's plans. I also have to ask how you juggle 'em all. I have about...lessee...five different fics I need to be writing right now, not including the microfics, so I was curious if you juggled as many ideas at once normally as I'm doing now.
>> No. 51373
File 131658609196.png - (107.01KB , 302x270 , 131573429201.png )

Crud, sorry, I've been sick, I suppose I'm falling behind on my emails. With all the projects, my inbox is a mess. I shall give it a look and get back to you first thing in the morning.
>> No. 51376
File 131658629273.png - (238.79KB , 400x500 , 131517965300.png )

Oh yes, I juggle quite a lot. I'm currently writing, Gun with Occasiona Pony, Traveler, Gaia, The Catastrophic Case, I was writing Caramel's Light but I finished it. Then there's the Doctor Whoof Radio Play script I have to finish, not to mention the storybook project I'm overseeing. Generally I'm quite busy on a day to day basis. Though I find that if I try to schedule it it never works out, so I just try to balance out what I work on, an when, and things fall into place 9 times out of 10.

Now...if only I could get paid for this.
>> No. 51377
/co/ use to be turbulent, yes. Now, I think of it as the Mos Eisley of the fandom.
>> No. 51380
File 131658790237.gif - (459.02KB , 200x171 , 131654176693.gif )

Sheesh. I wish I had your drive; I haven't done any writing in three days. I should have had at least one story done by now. Well I guess I'll have to get to work tomorrow. Catch you later.
>> No. 51388
I'm there with ya, just started two stories yesterday and I've already hit some snags. That's what boring college classes are for, I guess.
>> No. 51404
That comparison makes a lot of sense.
>> No. 52183
File 131684059617.jpg - (22.27KB , 351x334 , 1286833648332.jpg )

I agree....that is actually a pretty apt description...


Ha! Not sure drive is the right word, it's more or less that if I don't have something to focus my time on I'll go Squeakamena on everyone and make myself some ponycakes.

Or it's drive...let's go with drive!

Anyway, I got a lot done today, Guns and Gaia should come out at the same time, so fans of both will have to stories to read. They'll be out Saturday or Sunday depending on when I can get them proofread.
>> No. 52193
File 131684496712.jpg - (202.64KB , 700x704 , 1316487877_omny87_nothisissnails.jpg )

Sweet. Looking forward to it.

And now I'M sick and can't write. I blame you Squeak.
>> No. 52196
File 131684579704.png - (87.26KB , 425x360 , 1297032298486.png )


Just about the entire cast of the Radio play got sick right after I did, some fimfiction commenters got sick directly after talking to me and a friend of mine in the middle states got sick a day after sending me an email.

I'm seriously starting to think I'm contagious through the internet. This is just weird ....

In anycase, get well soon ST.
>> No. 52198
File 131684608288.jpg - (105.77KB , 554x439 , shrug.jpg )

Real viruses spreading through the Internet? Humanity would be so fucked. Nah, there's just a cold going around; it's probably not unusual at all for something like this to happen. Thanks though. I probably could right if I just concentrated harder; I mean hell I'm typing this post right now, right?
>> No. 52199
File 131684651680.png - (117.96KB , 307x307 , 129914404143.png )

Did I mention one of the cast lives in London? I still think perhaps I might have the lamest mutant power ever. spreading mild colds through the interwebs

But really, hope you do get back up to speed soon. Perhaps taking cold medicine will give you some groovy inspiration. Lewis Carrol style.
>> No. 53282
File 131708375276.jpg - (548.04KB , 1000x1000 , Rainbow Dash rainbow bath.jpg )
That's why I wash my hands every time after I visit your thread or stories.
>> No. 53317
File 131709039905.gif - (1.43MB , 300x171 , 1288586413038.gif )
And that sounds very strange out of context... But cleanliness is next to Slyliness!

>MFW I finally uploaded The Best to DA, and it's on the front page as one of the most popular things in the last 24 hours .

If you excuse my french but, HOLY FLYING FISH IN SPACE.
>> No. 53480
File 131714981477.png - (149.85KB , 569x379 , 62807 - background_pony screwball season_2.png )
MFW I meant to send the newest Guns chapter to Lights two days ago, but sent it to some random dude in my contacts list.

Well...hopefully he/she doesn't open it.

In anycase, sorry about the wait. But to make up for it, this is one of the longest chapters of Guns I've ever done. It boarders 6000 words I believe. So enjoy that when it comes out.
>> No. 53486
File 131715127080.png - (355.83KB , 2072x766 , 131696647042.png )

Pffft. I hope he knows you're a brony.

"(Squeak), what the hay is this? A story about ponies?"

"Well, erm, you see..."

And then you have to contact someone to help you hide a body.

But I'm looking forward to it.
>> No. 53506
File 131715532679.jpg - (6.97KB , 292x172 , Creepy want.jpg )
Need someone to move the body?
>> No. 53518
File 131715787122.jpg - (17.15KB , 332x367 , 131573452122.jpg )

I'm not killing anyone!

As far as the public knows, meet me under the bridge at midnight.
>> No. 54066
File 131728123553.jpg - (18.43KB , 420x390 , user icon.jpg )
> I can confidently say Traveler will be here when you get back.


ALSO, I'm alive. And back. And ill. B\c trip to seaside to get better -> guy comes in with flu hands it over to everyone.

.........got ill after the first 3 days, had to stay indoors for almost the whole time. ASDFGL. PC etc should be bk from repairs somewhat tomorrow.

.................OHGOD I MISSED YOU GUYS.

.....................will possibly horribly, horribly maim Squeak anyway...
...err.. I mean, hug. Hug Squeak anyway. <raggedyface.jpg>
>> No. 54079
>Squeak setting a date for something.
This is the one point in time that it is impossible for the thing to be ready.
>> No. 54081
If there is one thing I've learned is that a set date is a guarantee for failure.That's why I set dates to always be two days before the day I set them. Thus I get them out of the way faster.
>> No. 54104
File 131731241003.jpg - (145.11KB , 1280x720 , 0223.jpg )

Raggedy! Welcome back!
If I give you a hug back, will you put down the steak knife? Hope you're feeling better soon.

Would a new chapter of Guns (Which should be out if Lights finishes those edits.) calm your homicidal tendencies? It's a long one....with lots of action... >Waves it around.

Hey! I try my best!.....But you're probably spot on. Darn. I really must learn to be more punctual.

I'm totally stealing this idea.
>> No. 54135
File 131731958745.jpg - (18.43KB , 420x390 , user icon.jpg )
Silly Squeaks~! That ain't a steak knife~! It's a cinquedea~! google it

And um... maaaaaybe~? Does that chapter explain stuff~?

.....................like why the /rp thread 404'd while I was gone~? <smiles>

But... logically...

If you set the date 2 days before the date you wish then you still know the proper ending date so no matter the fake date you will fail the true date. Quod Erat Demonstrandum your 'fatum' will stay with you as long as you are given a term.
>> No. 54143
File 131732133842.gif - (131.28KB , 144x150 , Applbloom frowns and blinks sad.gif )
>.....................like why the /rp thread 404'd while I was gone~? <smiles>
Fell into a plot hole. Nothing we could do. There were no survivors.
>> No. 54144
File 131732144363.png - (1.02MB , 1185x629 , Pinkie_Giggle_at_the_Ghostly.png )
>But... logically...
>If you set the date 2 days before the date you wish then you still know the proper ending date so no matter the fake date you will fail the true date. Quod Erat Demonstrandum your 'fatum' will stay with you as long as you are given a term.

It's not logical at all! That's the beauty of the system. With no logic, there is also no logical fallacy! Foal proof, I must say.
>> No. 54151
That's all true, fine and dandy for a dedicated RP, but I think that the Squeakverse RP was really just an extension of the goofing around that happened in Squeak threads. Thus, even thought the invitation was open, the goal was never to reach a wide audience.

Then, there was the fact Squeaky couldn't post for a week or so.
>> No. 54182
File 131733303852.png - (168.95KB , 342x344 , 59409 - fluttershy screencap shocked.png )

>MFW It posses more questions than ever.

I'm going to die aren't I?


Yeah, it fell off the board when it was derping and few people could post. When I finally got through it was already gone. But it probably didn't help that I was pretty busy and posted about twice a day. But we could take Starman's suggestions and try to get it going again if everyone likes. It was fun while we had it.

Now, I just have to finish Traveler before Raggedy finds out where I live....wish me luck.
>> No. 54193
File 131733550327.png - (153.69KB , 640x360 , Pinkie is surprised and wants to know about these shenanigans.png )
If you want. I was fine with it being casual between friends. I wouldn't have the time to devote to an RP thread that turned really busy with a lot of people.

I'll still give it a shot.
>> No. 54487
File 131739613498.jpg - (18.43KB , 420x390 , user icon.jpg )
And then Florida coast broke off the North American continent and slowly drowned beneath the waves.

The End.


...................I dropp'd a penny and forgot to pick it up there.
You just used logic to explain non-logic.

Ergo, fail.


Yup. Small & slow and silly secluded insidejokefull rp's are the sillies rp's~!

............and I want my PC back qwQ
>> No. 54492
File 131739805881.png - (211.97KB , 900x795 , Pinkie silly face.png )
Using logic to explain something illogical is in and of itself illogical and so that the logic that destroys fate is destroyed, thus fate never shifts because of the logical illogic of illogically explaining logic!

>> No. 54543
File 131741564831.jpg - (7.86KB , 252x200 , images.jpg )
i have no idea what you just said... but i find it AWESOME!

>pic mostly unrelated
>> No. 54547
I'm half way through my edits. Might be done by tonight.

Also, Celestia-damnit Sqeak, if you don't figure out your transitions I'm going to personally pay Raggedy to ship one of their living dolls to harvest your brain.
>> No. 54644
File 131744191307.png - (598.77KB , 1000x1000 , The Boss.png )

New Guns Time!

Here you go, Chapter Seven In Which Tea is Taken and a Train Makes an Early Stop:


Thank Lights a lot for this one, I was in quite the rush this week, and had little time to proofread, so he saved my hind on this chapter in particular. And yes, if ever do that to the poor brony again, Raggedy you can have my brain. I'll have to make it up to him.
>> No. 54650

Sweet deal. Reading....
>> No. 54675
Actually you just backed yourself with what you seem to abhore and therefore prove us tha you just lie to yourself and live in a delusion.

<prepares a morphine shot>

Don't worry, it will be better soon...

>> No. 54744
File 131750104720.png - (1.18MB , 1600x2000 , Pinkie confuses her tail for candy.png )
But I like what I backed into.

Read it! Gmail chat me for a full opinion. But that was certainly an exciting chapter and I loved reading it. I also laughed out loud at certain points. Can't wait for moar
>> No. 54896
File 131754278736.jpg - (47.70KB , 1146x743 , 1316926510747.jpg )
Hope you enjoyed it ST!


Note to self....never make any deals within hearing range of Raggedy...oh well, I can't mess up too bady in a document can I?...*Gulp*

Hope you enjoyed the chapter Raggedy!

I'll have to try and catch you so I can get that full opinion! In the mean time, glad you enjoyed it, and always happy to hear the humor is funny and engaging. You shall have moar!

Probably maybe sort of if the stars in the the right order there will be Gaia for Usea to edit if he's up for it, and Sly I'd like to give you a looksee too. I do appreciate your opinions on such things. And Traveler....let's see...two days after planed release......Friday?...maybe....sorta?

I'm terrible at this whole "Time" thing in general.


Oh well, sleep time.
>> No. 55187

It was good, although dude, you really doneed a proofreader. I kinda felt I was missing something when Squeak and Sly got on the train but whatever. I am both intriguied and terrified to see what lays in the Ponychan plains.
>> No. 55836
File 131778677325.png - (966.62KB , 1440x797 , 131742499919.png )

I didn't notice anything with the train scene, but I will work on it in the next chapter for sure ST!
>> No. 55838
File 131778686854.gif - (1.22MB , 425x500 , 130284945687.gif )

Eh, don't fret it. I'm not one to talk; I can't proofread worth shit. Ask new/co/mer, he'll verify this.
>> No. 55840
File 131778695368.png - (307.52KB , 1000x1000 , 131777819415-squak.png )
Also guys, take a look at what Madmax did for me! Made my day for sure, it is 'So awesome' and 20% cooler' at the same time!

Also she's thinking about doing a short comic based off Gun With Occasional Pony! Which if she does do it, would be off the charts of awesomeness.
>> No. 55851
File 131778801147.png - (352.65KB , 705x401 , 131544722617.png )

Ha! Same here, if you ask Lights he'll write you a small paperback about it. But we can only go up from here right?...
>> No. 56001
File 131783324476.gif - (191.34KB , 200x200 , 1300073866948.gif )
Comic is very yes! I'd love that like a Pinkie on a cupcake.
What he was missing was obviously a car chase.
>> No. 56411
File 131798066737.jpg - (2.68KB , 106x240 , Portal Turret.jpg )
Still patching up my pooor ol' PC. This will take a while..

...........meanwhile... <looks at Squeak>

<hugs you>
I see you~!
>> No. 56681
File 131807504112.png - (330.56KB , 1000x1000 , 131777819415-squak.png )
Hey Raggedy! I was wondering where you'd shambled off to! Good luck getting your computer back in full working order. See you soon!

Me too! It'd be so awesome!

Also someone colored this apparently.
>> No. 56767
File 131811137950.png - (147.01KB , 347x291 , Portal Turret fires.png )
There you are!


So, how's Traveller~? Also, saw the WEIRDEST Raggedy fanarts.

....like Headless Raggedy, Pinkamena "cupcakes" killing Raggedy & Chuck Testa 'stuffed' Raggedy.

............I'm scared, Squeak. Next thing I see might be a clopfic or something. What now?
>> No. 56768
>What now?
You simply say 'hello' the same way you usually do.
With bullets.
>> No. 56875
File 131815181211.png - (91.89KB , 600x531 , 131518113037.png )

I've never been so happy that button eyes do nothing to help your aim.

Traveler's going well! I finally seem to be back on a writing upswing. Wish me luck and it'll finally be out.

Also...what have I unleashed upon the world. There's....cupcake....Raggedies? Oh Celestia help us all.

If you do see that I vote we go with Usea's option.
>> No. 56883
File 131815792596.jpg - (8.76KB , 218x264 , Raggedy face.jpg )
MFW I usually do it with bullets.

I wish I had a facial expression.

Where Raggedy is a victim.
Fluff, fluff everywhere.

....................oddly enough blood too.

Hmm... writing, eh~? Remember what to avoid, what to write, what to remember about and that Light... hmm.. from up here it looks like he's sharpening that silly shortened shovel they use in the trenches near Ypres. Hmm...

In/b4 you omit somethin' important and Light snaps :D
>> No. 57653
File 131842419642.jpg - (97.57KB , 438x491 , 59453 - fluttershy screencaps season2.jpg )

We wouldn't want that....the last time Lights snapped it ended very badly for a migrating family of commas....There were no survivors.

And....blood? Do you even have blood?.....Wait a minute...are you sure it was [i]yours[/]

Also, new Gaia out later today or so help me Celestia. And I shall work on Traveler like a fiend, a fiend I tell you! You guys have been waiting far too long for that one.
>> No. 57664
File 131843554031.png - (121.80KB , 383x343 , Pinkie mushy stuff.png )
I can't wait for both! Good luck!
>> No. 57886
File 131851460306.png - (129.19KB , 599x556 , Raggedy Mane winged.png )

I'm a vampre now!

Blaaah! I vant to suck yhour bhlooood!
>> No. 57897
File 131852344686.jpg - (80.17KB , 1065x594 , 1298068228644.jpg )

>Vampire Raggedy.

Hide your blood! Hide your organs! Hide your everything!

>> No. 57898
File 131852371085.gif - (341.17KB , 240x225 , 1292873755900.gif )
On the subject of Gaia...my reputation for lateness precedes me. Curse you sleep, and your sneakiness.

Anyway, out in a minute....REALLY...I'M SERIOUS!

I just need to find out if there's a name for a baby rabbit...
>> No. 57900
File 131852392840.png - (90.78KB , 480x360 , spoiler.png )
Google says:
Many people believe a young rabbit is called a bunny, but actually called a Leveret. The term "leveret" describes a hare under 1 year of age. Young rabbits are called kits or kittens.

Taken from Wiki answers

I think Baby Bunny is the best bet. Especially Adorable Baby Bunny
>> No. 58001
File 131855371566.png - (37.32KB , 285x296 , Raggedy Mane fangs faceup.png )
......all I'm saying is - there ain't no traveller and Squeaks looks tasty.

<licks lips>
>> No. 58025
Do Ragged vamps suck blood or cotton?
>> No. 58336
File 131866502243.png - (107.01KB , 302x270 , 131573429201.png )
>MFW My internet has been out for most of the day.

And all my fics are on google docs....that was a bad idea. The universe hates my deadlines. Anyway, hoping it doesn't cut out again.

I want you! I have got a crocheted garlic clove! And a wooden sewing needle! They are deadly to your kind!...I think...

Anywho, I have been saddle with holding the phone to our sevice provider for the past few hours...it was automated...all of it. So I am going to sleep. Fics in the morning...If Celestia is feeling like letting me get anything done!
>> No. 58800
Annnndddd New Gaia!

In which the plot thickens.


I'll be out for most of tomorrow, but tell me what you think! Sorry I'm so late!...You're probably used to it by now though.
>> No. 58961

Requires permission
>> No. 58999
File 131890186152.gif - (478.83KB , 300x169 , tumblr_ljm5sdn4RA1qgbzseo1_400.gif )
With no hair to shake, lighters to wave or heads to bang, Daleks are unable to expell excess rock, thereby causing them to explode in an orgy of bitchin' guitar rifts and hand-melting solos.
>> No. 59164
File 131895944929.gif - (498.56KB , 500x281 , spoiler.gif )
...........you mean waRn.

Srsly, one day some editor will just sneak up on you and stab you with a pencil.

Also, this.

B\c no Traveller yet.


Have fun~!
>> No. 59379
File 131901056171.png - (340.96KB , 1280x720 , 130419980638.png )
I'm back!

And I've got a puppy! As of now unnamed, but working on it!

And...now I've got an angle in my brain slowly ordering me to finish Traveler or have my brain turn to stone...that's fun. Oh well, at least I won't feel that pencil when it hits. By the way I haven't caught you on g-chat in forever, we should catch up.

And then Squeak felt like an idiot because it had been like this for most of the weekend.

Uhg, sorry guys! Should be open now, and on Fimfiction shortly!

And I think Lights finally cracked....
>> No. 59390
File 131901509486.jpg - (195.67KB , 1024x1024 , I SEE YOU.jpg )
........oh goshdarnit. Not ANOTHER EDITOR!? Squeak, can you please STOP breaking them? It's not like they're growing in dark places under mushrooms or something!


<gets a rifle and a shovel>

............at least help me bury him properly...

Also, was on /art, some really nice person was doing free requests aaand...
>> No. 59399
If boy: Krastros

If Girl: boombalicious.
>> No. 59427
I just thought you'd like the Gui-tardis.
>> No. 59449
File 131904933267.png - (382.15KB , 400x800 , peace_for_the_world_by_canarycharm-d45g6lc.png )

It's not my fault they're so fragile!..Or that they keep tossing themselves down the stairs after working with me for a while...

To the cloning vats!

Also that art is quite good...and either adorable or horrifying. You know, there should be a term for that. I think the word for something that is kind cute yet may or may not murder you is Raggetious. That is a very Raggetious picture.

It's a girl, and NO! She will not be a god of war... or a hooker. Though I really must choose, before she starts thinking 'Puppy' is her name.

>Just got it.

Ohhhh! I never actually clicked the gif! You haven't cracked yet, that's hilarious.
Now, to work on cracking you.

Also for anyone who missed it Gaia has been unlocked. Enjoy that:

>> No. 59450

Oh and Fimfiction link:

>> No. 59451
File 131904979250.jpg - (118.71KB , 762x540 , 204221_sip_pink_eyes_sketch.jpg )
> implying that Puppy(smiles) wouldn't be a great name.
>> No. 59453
I think Krastros is the glue maker and Kratos is the God of War.
>> No. 61864
File 131988730298.png - (263.45KB , 1000x1000 , 131939020494.png )
Lurkitty lurkitty lurk.

Squeaaaks~! You are going to be late with your fhreeenshiiip repooooort~!
>> No. 62123
File 132000916862.png - (152.67KB , 360x336 , 1318702828344.png )


I can't be late!

Must...write...faster...or it's back...to writing... kindergarten!!!
>> No. 62483
File 132011260991.jpg - (338.65KB , 1522x950 , I don\'t think they made it.jpg )
I ain't even mad.

Also, got a new apron for surgeries!
>> No. 62485
File 132011344092.png - (583.05KB , 400x403 , 1297036243986.png )

Well, technecaly I'm not late yet. I said I'd be done by NEXT Saturday. Which means I still six more days to go. THEN I'll be late. And then you can take my brain and put it on a fancy plate.

Also Doctor Raggedy is terrifying.
>> No. 63187
File 132036622707.jpg - (43.50KB , 400x554 , Doctor Raggedy looks at you 02.jpg )
Guten Abend, Herr Sqveak. Wie goes yhour vork? I truzt yhou are clhose to vinishing, ja?
>> No. 63248
File 132038516219.png - (129.38KB , 411x679 , 131573068470.png )

You vill be most hapvy to hear Hurr Raggedy thavt I am indeevd almoved finived. Wonderba!
>> No. 63434
File 132044929688.jpg - (44.33KB , 553x428 , Doctor Raggedy sees you 02.jpg )
...und ze Gun und Pony? Ich still warten fur die cameo und stuff!
>> No. 63437
File 132044966902.png - (330.56KB , 1000x1000 , 131777819415-squak.png )

With any luck later next week. Probably around Tuesday or Thursday.
>> No. 64807
File 132092632766.jpg - (55.18KB , 481x513 , Doctor Raggedy fullbody.jpg )
>> No. 66040
File 132139270967.png - (447.50KB , 1061x666 , three witches.png )
Thrice the brinded cat hath mew'd.
Thrice and once, the hedge-pig whin'd.
Harpier cries:—'tis time! 'tis time!

♪Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble. ♫
>> No. 66149
File 132142531602.png - (149.19KB , 306x364 , 131878390237.png )

Ehe....Let's say I've reached a bit of a bump in the road. But I am working hard!

Darn this bump, the dynamite does nothing!

Not sure what this is...but I like it!
>> No. 66245

It'll be done when it's done, Squeak, don't worry 'bout it. This isn't your job or anything, after all.
>> No. 66331
File 132147323023.jpg - (23.93KB , 389x665 , three witches Pink.jpg )
Raggedy hired us to make you work faster!

>They throw odd bits and ends into the pot

We're going to make you finish this stuff even if it doesn't kill you by the eeend~♥!
>> No. 67892
File 132208860442.gif - (8.40KB , 137x176 , 1 W1GGL3 MY 3Y3BROWS 4T YOU.gif )
OH SQU33334K?

4R3 YOU ST1LL 4L1111V3?
>> No. 67910
File 132209985326.gif - (1.20MB , 400x288 , Pinkie pie tail twitch.gif )
It's like we're being visited by the three spirits of crossover past (Shakespeare witches), present (homestuck), and finally . . . future?

I'm afraid of future.
>> No. 68022
File 132218555812.jpg - (61.56KB , 800x1008 , nOhEART AND bEASTLY.jpg )
Why, don't you like the idea of Carebears, the New Episodes Of?
>> No. 68859
File 132264448900.png - (514.44KB , 2080x3120 , 131588771432.png )

This is the last bit of info I can find about Caramel's Light, but the story seems to be on-going. Am I just out of the loop, or something?
>> No. 70408
File 132330487107.png - (194.07KB , 409x496 , 131527193885.png )
>MFW People have started to think I'm dead.

....I'm really not....I just seem to be in a creative slump as of late along side being busy with finals. Thank you for the concern DA messages and IMers.

Also this place got really dusty. Wow.....
>> No. 70409
File 132330508816.png - (59.85KB , 443x482 , 87513 - artist-briskby caralight caramel picture_frame twilight_sparkle.png )

And yes, Caramel's Light is ongoing, I'm just currently focusing on getting Traveler done before publishing the next chapter.
>> No. 70486
File 132333248547.png - (104.95KB , 395x400 , Gilda_sees_Big_Mac_shipped_with_Snails-(n1303757592359).png )
>> No. 70490
As I've said before, I'm still onboard for Traveler and Gun. If you need a second opinion or suggestions, I've always got several (hundred) ideas floating around, just waiting for me to unleash them on a hapless writer such as yourself.
>> No. 71923
........and here I was about to post on FiMchan's MadMax asking if anyone knows anything on you....



Quit scarying ponies!
>> No. 72219
File 132409695180.jpg - (17.68KB , 640x360 , 1296626297917.jpg )

No need Lights, Squeaky's got their grove back! Things are on a roll once again. Not long now!

Sorry Raggedy! I shall have to check in more often so you don't send evil creatures of the night to check on my well being.
>> No. 72945
File 132440653477.png - (447.50KB , 1061x666 , three witches.png )
Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand dare sieze the fire?

And what shoulder, & what art.
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat,
What dread hand?

>Shy throws something wriggling into the pot
>Dash stares into Squeak's eyes
>Pink just stands there and gnaws on a chocolate bar with a dumb smile
>> No. 72951
File 132440978599.gif - (1.43MB , 300x171 , 1288586413038.gif )

Dash is starting to creep me out....

Can I have some of that Chocolate?
>> No. 72966
File 132441531576.jpg - (6.82KB , 272x211 , Pinkie angry glare.jpg )
>dumb smile

Also, hope to see that new fic soon, Squeaks. You must be hard at work since I haven't seen you for a bit.
>> No. 73355
File 132459215422.gif - (343.82KB , 380x428 , 100863 - animated fluttershy Woo_hoo.gif )
So, my goal for the day is to get the newest chapter of Traveler into Light's editing room by the end of the day. I'm looking over it now.

Though....it's not the end. I've kept you guys waiting far too long. This chapter is bordering the 30k mark after a writing session today and that's ridiculous for one chapter anyway. So, you shall have something to read soon if all goes well.
>> No. 73358
File 132459271961.jpg - (37.15KB , 380x423 , spoiler.jpg )
Well, fuck.
Is it at all possible for you to send them to me in smaller chunks next time? I'm going to have to write off saturday or sunday now...
>> No. 73362
File 132459317243.png - (700.57KB , 1024x768 , 88228 - Doctor_Whooves doctor_who_48th_anniversary pinkie_pie the_cake_is_a_doctor.png )

Ah, let me rephrase this, what I mean to say is I've got 30k, but I'm breaking off a chunk of that and sending it to you for the chapter to be released. The chapter I'm planning on putting out should be no more than 10k or so. So I am doing as you suggested.
>> No. 73368
Oh, thank sweet Celestia.
>> No. 73789
File 132476344735.jpg - (27.85KB , 406x400 , 12994031676.jpg )
I come bearing gifts!


Happy Holidays.
>> No. 73879
File 132482033239.png - (724.62KB , 3000x2356 , I WILL DEVOUR YOUR SOUL!.png )
<flicks open a book on "Earf & Her CuFtoms">

Happy Hare Krishna everyone!

No, wait... um... Harakiri?

<flips a page>


Ah! Merry Cross-Mass!

Lotsa luv, huggsies, candy-coated cheese, dried-frog pills, celery and avoid the pears!

This being said I will...
...have to wait with reading till family leaves (probably tomorrow) to read this in peace and quiet.


<Jumpglomphugsqueeeeeezes Squeak>

I swear the filename was "YAY!" when I clicked the Reply button!
>> No. 74351
File 132504992353.gif - (354.19KB , 335x251 , Pinkie Pie has been angered.gif )
Squeak . . . I know you have more chapters.

You said you did. You said you had more.

You're holding out on me, aren't you?

>> No. 74421
File 132507702341.jpg - (52.69KB , 487x467 , The Tongue.jpg )
>pic related

I want to taste the new worrrrds!

...................in/b4 Squeak didn't submit as he accidentally all the Mane Cast. ;D

No, really, if you didn't read up, at this point you might wish to look away, unless you did read in which case you may look if you were a nice pony.

...but really, it contains spoilers. Though with the speed at which this thread rolls, if you didn't read the story by the point of me writing this, and I happen to live in the FUTURE I really do, 6 hours forwards to you. I know, amazing ain't it? No, the game sucks.12 6 18 9 5 then you probably have it coming for being so slow.

1. Squeak gets hugs.
2. D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
3. Melvin? Can't you just cut it to "Mel"? Extra points as its non-sexual as it goes At least for people of my language as it can stand for male\female
4...........hmm... Matrix?
5. Someone forgot about one [ " ] in text. Light? I'm looking at you. (Refer to icon b. to the left]
6. I still remember Squeak saying "Dr Who Weekly"
7. Loved it.
8. Squeak is a cruel, cruel pony.
>> No. 75017
File 132526847982.jpg - (18.83KB , 331x303 , It\'s just you and I now.jpg )
Arr! Curse ye, Squeak! Curse ye!

Ye get back in 'ere and submit more stories or t' least bit answer our questions and draw those promised pictures!

Daaaaamn you Squeeaaaaaak!
>> No. 75477
File 132550091997.png - (47.23KB , 269x474 , 1zm1341-(n1298299245166).png )

Wow...ever get the feeling you're about to be murde-....Umm....I mean hugged by adoring fans?

Anyway more out soon!

Slywit, Holding out on you? I have no idea what you mean!...You silly...silly person.

1. Raggedy gets hugs
2. Happy you found it cute...Though not everyone would describe a Raggedy as 'Cute'
3. Melvin seems like a more Doctor-y sort of name. Though we shall see what surprises I have in store for our little Mel...Muhahaha
4. Let's see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
5. Actually he had the day off, so I must stab myself to preserve my honor. Hold my katana.
6. Has it been a week yet? If not I might be able to keep to that yet!
7. yay! It is Raggedy approved!
8. Yes. Yes I am.

Threepwood.....And suddenly there were pirates. Working on all those things!

As for questions, shoot away! I am eager to please.
>> No. 77325
File 132627806979.png - (333.87KB , 1754x853 , 47699 - artist-ponygoggles blank_flank caramel picnic twilight_sparkle.png )
Forgot to post this here:

New Caramel's Light:





Traveler and Gaia up next coming right up with a side of fries!
>> No. 77622
File 132644062295.png - (85.72KB , 390x330 , 1304622864140.png )
>> No. 79236
File 132714935680.png - (44.81KB , 149x175 , BUY ONE TODAY.png )
And then no one saw Squeak EVER AGAIN.

>As for questions, shoot away! I am eager to please.

Squeak, what is the meaning of life, universe and all that jazz?

...and I just realised what your first filename says. I feel silly :D
>> No. 79329
File 132719522181.jpg - (86.03KB , 777x588 , 5712%20-%20crying%20gilda%20tsundere.jpg )

Oh god...
>> No. 79346

The answer? "Cakes".
>> No. 79420
File 132723973664.jpg - (50.78KB , 600x477 , I\'m sure those are muffins.jpg )
It's okay, shhh, it's okay. Filenames happen to us all.
..would you like a muffin? <points at plate with @pic>

>'tsundere' in filename
Japan, what are you doing in my MLP FiM?

...um. No. Try again?
>> No. 79608
File 132730043431.jpg - (270.59KB , 900x1195 , doctor_whooves_number_twelve_by_cybertoaster-d4nc0yw.jpg )

It's not 42 despite common belief, it's actually 42 1/2.

Sorry about the wait...again... If it helps my kitchen was on fire this morning. So Karma is trying to get me to hurry up!

But I haven't been idle. check this out!

It's for the plays.
>> No. 80774
File 132790348065.gif - (318.46KB , 500x281 , tumblr_lxd9hbiMDE1r8k5p5o1_500.gif )
That feel when Fimfiction now emails me whenever someone follows, watches, or faveorites a story of mine.


I knew I was well liked, but I I didn't know people liked me THAT much. Good lord, have I been linked somewhere? This is bloody ridiculous in a fantastically confidence boosting kind of way.

I really need to step up chapter production.
>> No. 80793

You mean recently? Because I know I've seen your stories on EQD before. That's how I found caramel's light.

(which is amazing)
>> No. 89026

Wow, this place got dusty.

Well guess what? I gots me a laptop for the night, and the updates are a'flowin.

Gaia Ch5:

Gun With Occasional Pony Ch8:

The Guns chapter was going to be longer, but I cut it off a bit to finish the ideas I'm working on for the next one.

Next up, Caralight and Traveler!
>> No. 89142
File 133101381428.gif - (1.02MB , 478x268 , Luna excited and happy.gif )
>New chapters
>more chapters coming
>> No. 91569
File 133207658504.jpg - (19.74KB , 260x523 , WH4T M4F14.jpg )
BUT W3 N33D MOR3! W3 N33D MOR3, SQU34K!

>> No. 93911
File 133308423008.png - (203.91KB , 700x512 , 154891 - artist-Jessy luna plot.png )
Annnnnnd New Caralight!



(Traveler's next!)
>> No. 95177
Poor Caramel! Things seemed to be going so well for him, too...
>> No. 95190
File 133359325241.png - (110.76KB , 600x600 , Twilight with glasses blushes at you.png )
Wouldn't be a good story without a bit of conflict. Twilight seemed quite understanding and nice.
>> No. 96095
File 133396935215.jpg - (105.88KB , 1024x768 , 77464 - apple_bloom artist thelivingmachine02 crazy humanized insane scootaloo Smarty_pants Twil.jpg )
Till she forgets her pills...


>> No. 109672
File 134142822339.png - (159.16KB , 640x360 , 1287998420624.png )
Oh wow! That's such a nice surprise, this thread is still here.

Anyway, updating coming, in the mean time, there's a project that's open for writers called This Equestrian Life, it's not off the ground yet, but will be soon. It's a play on the old radio show This American Life, for more info on what's being looked for google that. But generally just about three small vignettes per episode, perhaps with different writers and stuff, each going around a central theme. I haven't got that much info at the moment, but It'll probably be getting off to a start before long. I'm helping with networking for the most part, so more info as I get it.

On the other side, again updates comings! Working on Traveler all of today.
>> No. 109699
File 134144969524.png - (59.15KB , 187x215 , scootawut.png )
Whoa! Hey there Squeak. At first I thought this was a new thread, until I saw the timestamp on the OP. I can't wait to see what this does if you're active again, though I never met you before.
>> No. 109717
File 134146086146.png - (276.55KB , 640x360 , 1289383480441.png )

I should be if everything goes according to plan!

Hello, nice to meet you, have you read anything of mine?
>> No. 109722
File 134146399840.png - (164.03KB , 1330x1556 , 133633494049.png )
Probably not. I wasn't a brony for long before I got into writing, and I mostly focused on my own work before I came here. It's possible though, I have read several stories on Fimfiction, although I don't have a lot of time for that site anymore, sadly.
>> No. 109723
File 134146419870.png - (109.74KB , 280x280 , 1300238942698.png )

That's fine, thanks for stopping by and saying hello regardless, that's always nice. Hope your writing is going well.
>> No. 109792
Wait a tic... Squeak, As in Number 12 Squeak, as in the story that was adapted into a wonderful audio drama by Pony in a Box productions? That Squeak?!

>Reads the beginning of Number 12

It is you! I bow to your greatness. Quick question, do have anything to do with the audio version? Weather or not you do, its still nice to meet... your typed text. Just wanted to say hello.
>> No. 109967
File 134156055992.png - (246.05KB , 640x480 , ibelieveinpiabcopy.png )

That's me! Hello!

And I do, I'm founder and head of Ponyinabox Productions, I direct, and write the Doctor Whooves Adventures, handle some casting and the occasional bit of brick-a-brack that I can do with the support of my lovely little team.

Nice to meet you! Very nice of you to say hello. I am nothing special though, just a writer who happens to try to do a lot of things at once.
>> No. 109975
File 134157997877.gif - (270.00KB , 300x160 , 134101979248.gif )
I freaking love your work. The entire crew is top notch.

I think its awesome that you can take an idea that at it's heart, you have to admit, is very silly and make it work so well. The show is very funny, but not for the reasons one would think. It's not funny because it's the doctor as a pony, it's funny because of the personalities at work. You play it so straight and it works, that it actually somewhat annoys me. It amazes me that something like that can work so well. I'm invested not because of the core idea but the story behind it. I love the work you and your team (As well as the Jam Jar and his work on the Vinyl Scratch tapes, another idea that at it's heart shouldn't be as gripping as it is.) produce. I look forward to the rest of the series.

... Sorry to kinda geek out on you like that... it's awesome to just have some correspondence with you. I actually considered watching Doctor Who because of Number 12. Your one of the ponies that makes this fan base so awesome, at least to me.

... I feel I'm becoming the gushing fanboy at this point, so I'll take my leave.

>> No. 110078
File 134164107585.gif - (164.98KB , 400x225 , tumblr_m39ezhCFba1qdfqy3.gif )

Um..wow...thanks! It means a lot to hear people enjoy my work so much. That's why I make it! When I first had the idea on the /collab/ board about a year back I had no idea things would turn out as well as the did in the end. But with a lot of luck, and an amazing team of people, we were able to make something that people enjoyed, and I love hearing people's opinions on it, so thank you for taking the time to gush, it's lovely to know people are enjoying the plays we spend so much time making, and that my writing in those plays works so well. It's very nice to meet you, and a pleasure to k now I've got such a big fan.
>> No. 110084
File 134164394179.png - (296.28KB , 488x616 , 132626832651.png )
Stay awesome, Squeak! And good luck on your next project.

It was great to... speak... type... whatever this is with you.

>> No. 110469
File 134180306316.png - (436.43KB , 497x662 , tumblr_m0qwbrxcjG1r598fso3_500.png )
Hello Ponychan!

I'm Squeak, head of Ponyinabox Productions, the guys who make the Doctor Whooves Adventures, and very soon a few other projects as well. We've been getting a lot of requests to make an animation of our audio dramas, and we're finally buckling down to do it! But we need some help, namely in the form of a storyboardist. We need someone to help draw and plan the frames to help make an animation we can all be proud of! This person would be asked to draw out the frames of the following short from the series, so that this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmGt0EhVToE has a guideline to finish up the animation process!

If you'd like any information on anything just email us at [email protected]

The short we'll be animating is here:

If you're interested in joining us at Ponyinabox Productions please post or email us a frame from the play above so we can get started!
>> No. 110471
File 134180321447.png - (345.12KB , 639x583 , 1574895743-(n1297784145490).png )

Annddd...that was meant for the /collab/ board. Oh well, onwards to post it there!
>> No. 111114
File 134224584201.png - (90.68KB , 623x511 , doctorwhoovescopy.png )
And I found one! Yay!

Storyboards here:

>> No. 111200
Hey Squeak, any chance that you could make an alternate mp3 download of Crossed Wires? The one you have on the video can't be used and it's my favorite short that your team has done so I wish I could have it.

Whatever you choose, I'd be cool with it.

(You may remember me as the gushing fanboy.)
>> No. 112016
File 134259644023.png - (436.43KB , 497x662 , tumblr_m0qwbrxcjG1r598fso3_500.png )

Oh! I'm sorry, somehow I just saw this!

Here's a handy dandy alternate downloads page!

>> No. 112020
>> No. 124306
File 135216073205.jpg - (131.50KB , 983x949 , Guess who.jpg )
And they never found the body.

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