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50615 No. 50615
Heyall! Like the stories posted here, this will be short. This thread is for minifics you bronies have come up with, so that we can keep them all tidied up in one place - here :D This is not necessarily a review thread; rather, it is just a thread that we can all dump our minifics in here for everypony to read and enjoy. You've no need to fear judgement here, because we don't have high expectations here - post a fic about Pinky Pie bombing Trolls for all I care O_O

Reviewers, if you really wanna review something, or pat an author on the back, or shove said author into a pit of lava, feel free, but if you're looking for the whole enchilada, you may be more at home at one of the dedicated review threads (read the sticky plees).

I only ask that you post your threads with the following info:

*Name of Fic
*Name of Author (If you want)
*Synopsis/Story Summary/Story Description

This thread may or may not become crazy, the picture IS ENTIRELY UNrelated to the thread, so sue me. Have a Nice Damn Day :D
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>> No. 50634
I like. Might have to shunt something of my own up here sometime.
>> No. 50637

Imma glad u do ion :p i was going to respond to your post on de' old thread but then i was like, "Huhr, Duhr, Im going to delete this post in a minute O-O"

So yah, i liked your concept, and so, here it is born! The resting place for all minifics ^_^ enjoooy
>> No. 50641
I think I like this guy. See people? He listens to sound advice and now he's got a nice thread with a good idea to run it off of.
Also, I see what you did with the title. Heh.
>> No. 50652
File 131641097125.png - (117.52KB , 600x596 , 131628794578.png )
Shameless plug, go!

I've actually been making a complimation of minific requests from /co/. It's not complete yet, but here's what I got so far:

They're kinda varied so I dunno how to really tag 'em. Guess I'll go by story...all written by myself, of course...the titles are their descriptions.

1. “Celestia and Discord have a tea party”

2. “Gilda and Rainbow Dash in a tail tug-of-war”

3. “Applejack fights off a zombie invasion”

4. “Gilda comes back to Ponyville and tries to murder Pinkie Pie”
[Comedy] (No, really)

5. “Ruby upset with her mother over her mother’s alcohol abuse”
>> No. 50663

Ty Storm; Aaand, while I'm here thanking you, I realize I am bumping up my own thread =O therefore, I will counteract my inconsideracy and give you, the brony community THEEESE!

Here, my surrogate friends, is a collection of every major source of fanfics on the net! Read away, and knock yourself out, and then drink and have a hangover and all that jazz! Go on, don't be shy! I SAID DON'T BE SHY GAWDAMMIT >=O

My Little Pony FanFiction Archive - FanFiction.net :

Pony Fiction Archive - Everypony Equal, Everypony Loved! :

Pony Fiction Archive EXPLICIT (Nawty bronie, tsk, tsk :[ ) :

FanFic Recs - MLP:FIM - TvTropes.org :

Equestria Daily - Super Simple Story Archive (This is the upgraded archive at EqD, and it's really cool - you just filter stories based off the tags you choose! Try it!) :

Equestria Daily - Story Archive (The original and established version of EqD's fanfic archive) :

Hmm, surprisingly that's all I find out there as far as sites for MLPFIM FanFictions :p so have at it, and if you find a minific you wanna share, post it here with a link, and everypony will be happy! Except for the trollz, those sadistic b17ches are never happy, so forget them =_=

>> No. 53521
File 131715821687.png - (111.88KB , 448x377 , spike72.png )
>mfw this thread is on page nine, especially with all the single threads lying around.

Microfic! I wrote this in light of the gentlecolts' duel between Snarkle and Isphone, though I bent the rules of engagement a bit.

Title: Through Stones and Rain
Author: Filler
Description: Snails pushes a rock up a hill.
>> No. 53533
I've tried guiding people to it, but it's a losing battle. It's like trying to herd a thousand Disney-style lemmings on an island that's five feet wide and is surrounded on all sides by a floor of serrated spikes.
>> No. 53543
File 131716097985.jpg - (132.66KB , 523x736 , Big_Mac.jpg )
[Grimdark] for references to famine and pestilence.
Styled as an apocryphal document written in haste (by the narrator, not by me) recounting historical events leading up to the origin of Ponyville and the tradition of Winter Wrap-up, from an insider's perspective: the dragon servant of Canterlot's principal librarian. The librarian gives a physics lesson to a brave group of volunteers in the form of a parable about friendship, and with that knowledge and excruciating labor, they restore spring to a desolate valley. In the wake of their triumph, a power-hungry member of Celestia's elite royal council decides to investigate just how the curator had obtained the necessary knowledge, and stumbles upon the forbidden secrets he had taken notes on.

That's really good. The part with Snails sitting in the rain gives me an idea: a microfic based after the poem "The Red Wheelbarrow", only it being about the big red guy we all know love finishing a hard, stoic day of work while his sister enjoys a day off with her friends. It starts raining heavily just as he finishes up for the day, and he gets caught in the downpour out in the middle of the orchard. It ends with this:

So much depends
a red work
drenched in rain
inside the tall
>> No. 53551
File 131716299234.jpg - (444.73KB , 700x900 , 2cee2781616fc40fc0ca2b90982f468c.jpg )
Short story place yey.

This is very short [Random] [Comedy], but unfortunately i don't know if its funny. Some ideas and character features are from Warhammer 40k, but its not crossover.
Title: Chaos & Company.
Plot summary:
Discord won. Managed to possess Main 6 and now they work for him. Discord wants to spread Chaos in all Equestris. He gathers his minions ponies into a chaos army and marches to Canterlot. Discord gives Command over this chaos army to our Main 6 (+ Trixie). Shortly before the chaos reaches Canterlot, Discord calls the Main 6 and other major puppets to his side for one final conference…

This is ever shorter. Long joke. [Grimdark], [Comedy], [Random]
Title: Aunt Flutterbitch.
Story Summary: A story with a suprice moral.
>> No. 57533
Serious Business
SuperGiantRobot (AndroidPudding on DA)
Pinkie has stopped being...well...Pinkie. Twilight plans to find out why.

>> No. 61802
File 131986006781.png - (43.82KB , 552x457 , 42816 - artist mixermike622 burlesque rarity.png )
Minifics? I got one

For Rarity, dreams are rarely pleasant.
>> No. 62198
File 132002729130.png - (159.75KB , 506x474 , dg17hz.png )
Title: Storm Gust OP (name tentative)
Description: Because Twilight screws up a spell, ponies get sucked into the world of Ragnarok Online. Fic does not actually contain Storm Gusts or Ruby Pinch. 591 words.
>> No. 62254
File 132003784580.png - (223.30KB , 599x374 , Lyra Bonbon cookies.png )
[Normal][Light Shipping]
Vimbert the Unimpressive
Description: Lyra, Ponyville's resident composer, can't seem to come up with any ideas for new music, no matter how hard she tries. As she tries to summon inspiration after weeks of no success, is the solution for her flagging creativity closer than she thinks?


Note: I wrote this for a speedfic challenge months ago, and as such, it's a little rough. I, uh... I don't really know what the word count definition is for "minific" (this is just over 2k words), but I'll leave this here anyway to give the thread more love.
>> No. 63318
Wait.... What is the word count definition on 'mini'.
Because... I thought... let me check wikipedia on short story length.

Other definitions place the maximum word count of the short story at anywhere from 1,000 to 9,000 words. In contemporary usage, the term short story most often refers to a work of fiction no longer than 20,000 words and no shorter than 1,000. Stories of less than 1,000 words, called flash fiction, are growing both in academic study and readership with the burgeoning of literary e-zines and mobile reading devices.

Ugh, all these word counts are pushing other vital information out of my head. Like the fact the salmon shark has the ability to regulate their body temperature. We should have more agreed upon terminology in this fandom.
>> No. 63471
File 132045636289.png - (175.32KB , 530x482 , spike108.png )
There's a minimum? Hm. May have to stop posting on this thread.
>> No. 64305
Bump, because minifics need a home too. Anyways, this is my little side-project based on the mini-competition going on to decide the champions of /fic/.

I obeyed the same rules as the competition, including the writing time limit, sans the 24 hour period - I ended up writing this with only an hour of that period left, and this took two hours to write.

It was fun to write - I hope it's fun to read.

And the Train Goes Nowhere
A single night passes unseen by the camera.

P.S.: It's barely under 1,000 words, so by Minty's definition this is a flashfiction... hehe.
>> No. 64308
Only the use of the term 'short story' seems to have the implied minimum.
Flash fiction, which would probably be minifics more then one shots really, would be less then 1000 words. But that's the difference between short stories and flash fics.

But all fiction is good fiction. Worrying about number counts shouldn't be done in the writing phase. ^^
>> No. 68690
Hey /fic/, newbie here (hence me making my own thread :P)

I guess this is the better place to put this 500 word fic. Story behind it, /r/mylittledaww is having a "write the cutest thing in the world" competition so I pumped this out in an hour. Have Fluttershy being cute as fuck (juicebox included) with a side of interesting shipping. I like to think of this as the prequel to the clopfic I wrote.

A Year's Harvest
[Cute] [Shipping]
Description: Fluttershy decides to have a lunch date for her anniversary.


>> No. 68691
File 132258566167.png - (288.75KB , 1408x1856 , Flutterberg GarlicShells2.png )

FUCK, forgot the picture again. Why the hell is there not an edit function?
>> No. 70642
I can't seem to find the story where a viewer watches the final episode in the series, and then Pinkie Pie manages to contact him to tell him everything will be OK.
>> No. 70694
Unless I can hear that there's a different thread to use now, I'll be posting a quick fic later this evening.
>> No. 71307

It's gonnaturn out to be Grimdark AU of Fluttershy and Celestia (no ship). I heard her singing and was like: "It's so enchantig @[email protected]"
>> No. 71309

Grimdark, sad, tragedy, war, friendship
Name: Silent Conspiracy
Author: Night.owl
Summary thing: Only the sound of the little yellow pegasus's voice filled the abandoned Equestra. No creature lived there. No ponies, or animals. Not after the Silent Conspiracy.
>> No. 78578
File 132684295736.jpg - (7.06KB , 225x225 , R_D business.jpg )
It's a cross between "Breaking Bad" and MLP.

>> No. 78582
File 132684357850.png - (168.18KB , 1280x720 )

For the record, you can usually delete one of your own posts by clicking on the checkmark box in the upper-left corner of the post, then clicking the Delete Button at the bottom of the page.
>> No. 79675
The Rock Farm

A very brief glimpse at how Pinkamina's family ended up toiling on a desolate rock farm.

>> No. 80530
Trolestia, funny, internet references!
Trolollogue: The Fifth Wall
And thats how trollquestria was made...

Trolollogue: The Fifth Wall

Yo Maxy, I'mma let you finish, but Celestia is one of the greatest trolls of all time!

Yo Pinkie, I'mma let you finish, but The Coolaid Guy is the greatest wall breaker of all time, All Time, as in FOOOREEVVEER!!?!!
oh, ok then...

Trolllogue: Da Fifth Wall
Definition: Fifth Wall: The barrier that separates observation and communication from direct physical interaction.

Ancient Bronese Bronyverb: To turn ones evil banished sister back into your childhood buddy, one must faust become a troll.
Dearest bronythern,
I write to you today to tell the story of how I obtained the knowledge necessary to bring luna back to the light. It was no easy task, faust I forayed past the forth wall into your "internets". (later on past the fifth wall) On my first expeditions I was only able to lurk. This brought me to 4chan...
Paralyzed by clopifying horror I almost was unable to lurk more. However the battle between longcat and tacgnol caught my attention as I was passing through the metaphysical door. The similarities drove me to lolified obsession. Rapidash-idly I went beyond observational status only and enter all your base directly. My first direct interaction ended with my earthly form stuck in a hole in the ground; forcing me back into lurking, generally i was watching you perform uncouth activities. I later learnt this degrading exercise was referred to, in your free and uncensored earths "interwebz" as fapping, more commonly known to everypony as clopping.
After that less than heartwarming experiance i was about to hang up my horseshoes and call in a sunset when out of nowhere appeared a wild Pedobear appeared. Of course I casually used pepperspray everything cop, which, sadly does not affect pedobear. Forcing me to resort to other memes.
After a terrible and violent battle and one of yami's trademark mindcrushes later pedobear fainted, but only after i convinced him to leave Britney alone. After all shes only human. (personally i think that if she was a pony she wouldnt have so many obsessive "haters gonna hate" trolliphiles.
After such a such a stupendous feat i was extremely tired. I fell asleep while lurking a seemingly innocent thread about something involving the night sky shooting in through the stars like airplanes, but i was too tired to really make sense of it. I dreamt a rather moondane dream when inception hit me like a ton of bricks, exactly the moment I first saw it. The only way to escape was to burn the entire world to the ground, I burnt it all to embers and ashes, flames surrounded me on all sides. At the last second I awoke in the cold sweats. I awoke still surrounded by torturous flames. At first I was like ?(. But then I was like :,( But finally I was like :) I Bucking Love Flame Wars!!
It was so intense I almost lost control, right at the edge somepony handed me the phone saying, "Cocaine Bear called, he wants his catch phrase back."
Needless to say i derped so hard that derpy hooves eyes actually went strait!
At this point I was burnt out, so to speak. And Had I decided to have been so look like anypony ever decided far to go. I might have gone further than anypony ever looked like more decided. But instead I wanted more look like farther than decided to go.
 Which got me absolutely nowheres.
Having out memed everyponies base into mordor while walking.
Now being the most interesting pony in the world, i'd just like to take a minute , just sit right there anons, while i tell you the tail of how i became the faust princess of Go ponify all the memes!!

My time is running short, (also I'm running out of mystical M theory compatible ink: hard to come by because it requires: phenix ash, Unicorn horn, Pegasus feathers, Zap apple cider, Sea serpent mustache, Dragon scales and teeth, Ursa major blood, Moon dust, Chocolate rain, Griffon jerky (curtesy of Pinkie Pie) and the hardest to obtain, Orphan tears. All blended together with twin alicorn magic.
Yeah life can be like that when you haven't yet been assimilated to the herd.
Since luna return and The disaster that was me allowing Discord to escape in order to get just one of the ingredients. This is likely the first last and only time anyone from our world will be communicating directly with any of My Little Bronies out there.
I leave you with a few wise last words.

I don't always troll everypony,
But when I do it for the lulz...

Your most sincere princess,
The artist formerly known as Trollestia, who in turn was formerly know as Celestia

Ps: I don't always herp but when I do... Yeah you get the idea
Pps: if you still dont believe I, the regal Princess Celestia, am the most troll evar...

Remember Robert Paterson...


:8|  *Sweet Mother of Celestia, what in the faust have you done o.0*


My other fanfic:
>> No. 82143
Spike, romance, misery
Sort of an experimental character study of Spike.

>> No. 82144
Good depth for a short fic like this. And an unexpected and enjoyable ending.
>> No. 84915
File 132944456574.png - (44.51KB , 1196x702 , Blue.png )
I've written part of a story, I've only made the first chapter. If possible I would like somepony to commit on it, I want to know what you guys (and girls) think of it. You can use this link http://www.fimfiction.net/story/10284/Luna-Sorrow-of-Days-

If it doesn't work, you can search me by my username, Flightful.
>> No. 124919
I've actually got my minifics compiled in one spot: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/10774/Future-Progressive%3A-The-Speedfics-and-Drabbles-of-Present-Perfect

It includes numerous contest entries (including my ill-fated one for the second minific writeoff), plus a number of things that just aren't long enough to warrant their own post. The longest is almost 3k (and posted only for posterity), but most are under 1k. Tags and such are included in the story description. (I need to change that, I think. Maybe I'll do it now.)
>> No. 129036
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>> No. 130966
Just passing by
<a href="http://www.testingsasfasffas.com">testing1</a>
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