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No. 67432
This is not an offer to do reviews; it's wondering if this exists or if someone wants to maybe do it.

There are a lot of people who review stories, from the individual review threads to the Training Grounds. Does anyone offer suggestions on the synopses required by EqD and suggested on other sites? I've seen some terrible ones, and I'm wondering if someone might be willing to offer advice for improvement. A synopsis is a small thing, but it can often decide whether or not someone ever opens your fic, and I think it deserves a bit more attention.
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>> No. 67445
File 132194078040.jpg - (23.37KB , 499x357 , 130842272829.jpg )
Very interesting idea. You could probably start a thread and just have passersby leave their synopses or comments on synopses, though I don't know how well that would work out. I guess reviewers could offer their comments on synopses, too. Hey, reviewers! You hear that? You may want to start commenting on fic synopses from now on!
>> No. 67467
File 132194571610.png - (139.56KB , 481x466 , 44669.png )
The synopsis often decides if I'm even going to give a fic a second look besides looking at the title.
Google finds this:

But you're working with a very small package, and every little bit counts. This is the internet, everything counts against you. Image selection, delivery method, word choice...
But at the same time, you can't really get outside help on anything but the shortest of fics. Only the author knows what they're trying to accomplish specifically. Reviewers can give advice on what not to do, but the synopsis has to sell your base idea to the potential audience in your voice.

But these are mainly for sales synopsis-es, and you won't be as lengthy, but focus on key things that make your story unique.
- Your story has an original idea or premise
- Your subject matter and theme are either topical or intriguing.
- The inciting incident that gets things moving, sets the protagonist on course towards his goal, etc.

Convey at least one of those points, and you've got a good start. Spell check, proof read, and double check after that, and you're way ahead of the current crop of writers.
>> No. 67472
File 132194809097.png - (83.41KB , 400x400 , 130760044319.png )
>Reviewers can give advice on what not to do, but the synopsis has to sell your base idea to the potential audience in your voice.
Hadn't thought about that. Shame on me.

Of course, I still think synopses should be commented on, at least. Even if not part of the story proper, it's still worth mentioning. For example, something like "This synopsis is tangential to the plot and not indicative of the story's tone, and doesn't leave the reader interested in the actual piece" could probably do a good deal.

...I'm just repeating what you're saying, aren't I?
>> No. 67481
File 132195243232.png - (69.27KB , 290x271 , 131887410493.png )
Just thought of a personal pet peeve about summaries that is very reoccurring.

Avoid Questions, Make Statements.

At least assume your readers are at least familiar with status quo. If you're asking 'provocative' questions in your summary, I'm probably coming up with way more interesting answers then you ever will.

Example taken from top fic on the front page of FiMfiction:
Still, what are the thoughts of some of the other ponies?
My response:
Huh, I really should write out the scene where a drunken angry Cheerilee punches a cop and climbs a water tower declaring that she is going to jam an arrow through the eye of every 'chicken winged slut' on campus before being tasered. (It's a Cheerilee/Spitfire idea set while they're in college)

This thought is unrelated to the story at hand, and sounds way more interesting (to me) then any part of the writers summary. I'm actually now distracted away from the story I'm being offered.
>> No. 67486
This could work in the story forge or Midnight's Training Ground just fine. I don't see why it needs its own thread.
>> No. 67504
File 132196363095.png - (90.12KB , 334x425 , 130759645161.png )
The Forge is for ideas and the Training Grounds are for fics. I guess the Training Grounds can be used for description analysis, but if the questions are just "Would you read my fic based on the way my synopsis is worded?" and "How much more do you want to see?" and "How can I make it more interesting without straying from my main idea?", then that doesn't seem suited for either thread.
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