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Salutations, /fic/. I come to you for aid with my efforts to write some of the best pony fanfiction I can.

I am an aspiring novelist--and I don't mean "I wanna write a book someday," I mean "The 145,000 word novel I just wrote is currently undergoing professional editing." In order to relax and let off some steam from all that, I decided to write a ponyfic. After spending a lot of effort plotting out what I hoped to be the most epic and amazing fanfic of all time (lol humility) I found out about the new alicorn on ED. The very existence of this new alicorn destroys the premise of my fic. However, I do have a second idea for a fic.

I come to you now to ask if I ought to write the original fic, which I personally think is awesome and which I strove to give lots of depth while keeping with the tone of the show but will be entirely invalidated, or if I should write the second idea.

Basic summaries of both fics next post.
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>Of Whom All Is Myth

This story is primarily about the relationship between Celestia and Twilight Sparkle as they confront an ancient alicorn who is basically Celestia's foil. This alicorn's "talent" is power in all its forms--but since there is no single such thing as "power," he had no cutie mark. Without a mark this alicorn went entirely mad and destroyed his own kingdom. But his sheer, delusional ego was so great and his power so vast that he endures as a spirit deep beneath the ground. Now he is rising up to steal the marks of every pony in the entire world--he wants not their talents but their very identities.

It might sound strange, but believe me, it's really cool. But it'll be invalidated by canon by season's end. The other story is:

>The Mare in the Moon: Electric Boogaloo
A movie is made about the Mane Six's defeat of Nightmare Moon. They watch it and find that it isn't very accurate. The movie turns out to be incredibly over-the-top, ludicrous, and changes the story wildly. Includes:
Twilight gets an incredibly gratuitous love interest (much to the real TS' distress)
PP is a grizzled war vet with PTSD
The Elements of Harmony replaced with generic 'power crystals' so they can blow Nightmare Moon up instead of redeem her
Basically, imagine the Mane 6 reacting to a Michael Bay retelling of their adventures.

So, /fic/, I ask you: Which ought I write?
>> No. 71579
Gotta say, both those ideas sound pretty kickass to me. I would totally read both, especially if they're written by a soon-to-be-published author.

Maybe do the second one first (it'll be much shorter than the first one), and then if you're feeling up to it you can tackle the first one later.

Although if I may offer a suggestion: having it be a play may be more appropriate to Equestria than having it be a movie. That said movie would probably work in this sort of jokey, light-hearted story, because the technology can be justified by rule of funny.

But I think you should do it as a play if you can. Like The Ember Island Players episode of Avatar The Last Airbender.
>> No. 71590
>Of Whom All Is Myth

Write that one, it sound's thrilling :)
>> No. 71593
File 132386227925.jpg - (145.90KB , 900x1261 , 132064155696.jpg )
Write both, I say! But write the first one first.
>> No. 71595
Both of them are pretty awesome. I'd go with

>The Mare in the Moon: Electric Boogaloo

though, you can never have too much light reading.
>> No. 71608
Well it's good to hear both ideas are well-received--too bad they seem to be equally liked! I suppose whomsoever posts next (if anyone else posts at all) will determine it.
>> No. 71609
I wouldn't say "soon to be published." Actually writing the manuscript is the easy part! From here on comes the hard stuff. Best case scenario is likely about 2-3 years, from editing to finding an agent to pitching to printing.
>> No. 71610
> (lol humility)

Do both, rule the world.

The second idea seems easier, lighter, and has a more definite ending. All things this fandom needs at the moment, seeing as we are inundated with epic end of the world scenarios regularly.

Your first idea sounds really cool, and at the same time overlook-able. Like it exists in the noman's land between: 'Oh, another incomplete adventure' and 'Fifteen chapters is so long, I don't wanna read that much at the moment'.

Short and silly will be effective. Even if short is only 60k words.
>> No. 71611
Hm, good reasoning. I suppose the second-one is more practical then.

Welp that settles it, I suppose. Look out for "The Mare in the Moon: Electric Boogaloo" in a few weeks.
>> No. 71618
>> No. 71619

>The Mare in the Moon: Electric Boogaloo

Whoa, a COMEDY fic? But I thought all pony fiction was about war and drama and romance!

Please, write this one, it sounds awesome and hilarious. I'm willing to overlook the fact that ponies don't have movie studios as far as we know.
>> No. 71620
It's all done in UGI (Unicorn Generated Imagery).
>> No. 71630
Hope you won't mind if I borrow this term...
>> No. 81415
Well it turns out the fic is turning into an amazingly bizarre parody of the movie industry. I'm liking it so far, but it's gonna be one of the stranger fics out there. Let's put it this way: In it, "Twilight" fights a polar bear.

According to my alpha reader, the story is epic in the absolute silliest way possible. Also according to my alpha reader, my depiction of Nightmare Moon is apparently absolutely terrifying and one of the scariest takes on the character he's seen. Yay?

Hopefully I'll be ready to put up a beta-read thing to get your takes on it in a week or two.
>> No. 81417
Michael Bay?


... Boogaloo?

Aaaawwww yeeeaaah!
>> No. 81448
File 132823581327.gif - (1.28MB , 250x188 , 132416698349.gif )
Certainly never expected to see this thread pop back up...

As a general note, you may want to consider remaking your thread to properly present your story, in which case you should familiarize yourself with the sticky.
Also, "Status update" bumps are frowned upon here, mostly due to the fact that, in the majority of cases, the story never really gets updated (and the fact that threads have an expiary date measured in months). Feel free to bump when you have fresh material to show off, though.
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