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Um.... I just read.... Cupcakes... What the.... ....

Forenote: If you haven't read Cupcakes omg DON'T IT'S GRIMDARK

Could someone tell me who's responsible for this.... story? I.... wtf.... who the hell would.... I don't even...

Why? Why would anyone WRITE that? I...

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File 132510776111.png - (556.25KB , 1024x1024 , 49075 - artist snus-kun berry_punch computer drinking smoking.png )

It's a fun story, written with the intent to be fun, and it's fun.

Anything beyond that is other people's reaction to the thing.
Did it have the Applebloom scene? If it didn't have that, you read one of the rewrites. V.2 is pushed around as the actual fic, but it changes the ending in a minor, yet tone shifting fashion.
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>> No. 74483
Apple Bloom grinned and open her mouth “Hey, Silver Spoon, guess who gonna be a blank flank”? D: wow....
>> No. 74487
File 132511071395.png - (230.12KB , 700x700 , fa3b22d9880425dbe198923519265b3d.png )
Without the last scene it's just a fic about Pinkie being a serial killer. In some versions it's so fixated on the act, it's a fic about killing Rainbow Dash in a horrible fashion.

With the last scene it becomes a fic about a series of ponies, each one training the next systematically. Where Applebloom is, Pinkie was some day long ago, being trained by her grandmother possibly. Where Pinkie is, some day in the future Applebloom will be, training another young pony in the proper preparation of ponies.
It makes the entire universe dark, rather then just a Pinkie slaughter house.

Now, there's a few ways you can try to get over your shock. You could read more variations (Google Cupcakes Equestria Daily), there will be multiple alternate endings and sequels, some happy, some darker then the blackest pits. Over inundate, and you wont even notice it.

You could actually look at how Pinkie in canon can't possibly be Pinkie in Cupcakes. Party of One Pinkie reacts to being betrayed by yelling and pushing people away. Discord Pinkie again pushes and yells at people. Cupcake's Pinkie is zany to hide her actual desires to have 'fun' with people, when her value of 'fun' includes electrocution, cannibalism, and skin carving.
>> No. 74498
SWEET BAJEEZUS it's a cult passed down? D: Are there any variatons/sequels with happy endings? I'm in need of some now :c
>> No. 77453
File 132635317046.gif - (133.70KB , 756x563 , 130440618776.gif )
> SWEET BAJEEZUS it's a cult passed down?

Didn't you read the story? It's a series of ponies that engage in the horrible actions for one reason or another.
It's not genetic or anything, seeing as Applebloom is unrelated to Pinkie Pie as far as we know.

So many people focus on the Pinkie or the Dash aspect of the story, and so many revisions cut off the AB section, it loses impact on me.
Focus on killing Dash or Rarity or even Fluttershy, and it's a story about a murder. I mean, they kill Twist and Diamond Tiara off camera in most.
Add in one little scene where a young pony is being trained to do it as well, and it becomes horror; It's not one lone psychotic, but a group that is organized and feels they are acting with purpose.
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File 136063196831.png - (207.54KB , 647x678 , Oh.png )
... Well, the things I find when I dig through the archives.
Hey um... anypony who's still around. do you know where I can find a version with said final scene? I enjoyed the version I found on FF.net, but if that was an incomplete version...
>Did it have the Applebloom scene? If it didn't have that, you read one of the rewrites. V.2 is pushed around as the actual fic, but it changes the ending in a minor, yet tone shifting fashion.
>> No. 127742
File 137062080395.png - (192.29KB , 640x360 , 130325034452.png )
Oh wow, this is still here?

Google: cupcakes original creepypasta
Should be one of the first two links. One is the revised version that ends: Pinkie had a friend to make. One is the less edited original that ends: Who's gonna be a blank flank.
More or less, It's been a few days since I last read them.
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