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74658 No. 74658
Everyone cites My Little Dashie. But by far, NOTHING can be sadder than Final Dreams of a Filly (also known as "I couldn't wake you, because you can never wake up again..." or somesuch on FiMFiction):


>mine countenance whereupon reading that.
>don't cry don't cry don't cry
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>> No. 74659
I read that one.

It was really sad, and I cried when Rainbow Dash is at the funeral and breaks down at Scootaloo's casket and says "Why didn't you tell me? I would've taken care of you!"

I refuse to believe that Scootaloo actually dies in the end though. I think that it was a dream, they actually save her at the hospital, and then Rainbow Dash adopts her.

Far better ending in my mind, and not as heart wrenching.
>> No. 74660
They're both up there in the "MANLY TEARS" section of my brain.
>> No. 74663
File 132512601541.png - (57.31KB , 943x943 , 72.png )
>My countenance after reading
>> No. 74664
File 132512611196.png - (87.59KB , 284x285 , 132499363345.png )
People cry to words ? What is this witchcraft ?
>> No. 74665
File 132512620875.png - (95.50KB , 304x281 , O rly Twilight Sparkle.png )
I think I am broken, I felt nothing but that, once again, I should stick to read fics recommended by users that know what I like.
>> No. 74666
I made the bad decision of smoking 2 blunts before reading "Somewhere Only We Know" and after reading the thing I watched this.
I was literally numb for like a week. And I couldn't stop listening to the song which made it worse.
>> No. 74667
File 132512676609.gif - (763.23KB , 350x350 , 132498182026.gif )
Apparently according to numerous comments on the EQD page, lots of People cried at Pinkies death scene in Friendship is Tragic.

Personally i laughed , but then i would seeing as i wrote the trash ._.
>> No. 74668
File 132512680871.png - (182.23KB , 900x1125 , derpy upset.png )

Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.

I really like Dərpy fics.
>> No. 74669
Bubbles was sad, but I didn't cry.
>> No. 74670
File 132512757620.png - (330.29KB , 1249x1372 , 131899548927.png )
Oh my god yes! I cried reading Final dreams of a Filly
>> No. 74671
File 132512759876.jpg - (27.79KB , 328x424 , death.jpg )
I get the distinct feeling "the cold hand of mercy" is meant to be but all I can think of is "Dead like me" it's still sad but kinda ruins the mood
>> No. 74672
I want Scootalove, not this.
>> No. 74673
This was moved to /fic/ earlier.
>> No. 74674
Oh God I know that feel OP. I teared up a little when I read "My Little Dashie" but only because it was basically a parellel for a parent saying goodbye to their child.

This on the other hand, had me bawling like a little bitch. I thought I would be fine at the beginning but when Rainbow Dash showed up at the funeral I just lost it.
>> No. 74675
File 132513843832.jpg - (2.58KB , 93x116 , Derpy2.jpg )
I actually shed tears to My Little Dashie, but not to Final Dreams. For me it was a stroy that wasn't so much sad as one that just makes you think.
>> No. 74676
No, different thread.
>> No. 74677
No tears shed. I... I really must have no soul...

This, on the other hand, made me weep like a baby: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/455/Pretty-in-Pink
>> No. 74678
I would have cried, but I accidentally scrolled down to the comments in chapter 2 and lol'd a bit. After that I couldn't get inside the story again.

I'm sad but no manly tears were shed.
>> No. 74679
I don't find any of these stories sad
>> No. 74686
Bubbles was well written to say the least... and also really freaking sad. Oh boy, I was indeed fighting off tears.
>> No. 74730
File 132516549657.png - (281.77KB , 464x460 , Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 2_07 PM.png )
I don't cry at tearjerker fics, but I thought Final Dream was way better than My Little Dashie. The bit that woulda broke me if I let it was Sweetie trying to sing Hush Now Quiet Now and breaking... dang! That is some high octane tearjerker right there, and artistically come by.
>> No. 74822
This made me cry. MLD didn't. I am in fact a pretty hard case when it comes to crying - even the numerous pics/stories about spike outgrowing Twilight and the others didn't get me.

But FDoAF got me. Right in the heart. I think ponies dying does it for me.
>> No. 74847
Ha, I was one of those people.
That's bizarre too, because it's not even the saddest Pony story I've read, but the only one that actually made me cry. I think it's just because I can't take sad Pinkie Pie.

As for sad stories, I personally consider Helix Aspersa to be the saddest, though I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that thinks so. Like Bubbles, it's a sad story about a foal in a dim situation, but for some reason Snail's story hits me harder. At least we know Derpy's situation gets better sometime in the future.
I didn't see any hope at all for poor Snails, nopony is on his side, not even Snips when you get down to it. Nothing super tragic happens, nopony dies or anything, just overtones of loneliness and everyday sadness. The part where he's so excited to get his cutie mark and his parents just shake their heads in shame breaks my heart every time.
It never made me cry, just kinda depressed for the little fella.
>> No. 74911
I'm in the Team Snails camp and I'm hoping that puberty does wonders on him.
>> No. 74931
Man, I don't get this obsession with My Little Dashie.

It was ALRIGHT at best. There was a tinge of sadness there too. I didn't find it interesting.
>> No. 74944
Im suprised no one mentioned Simply Rarity yet, after reading I always look at Rarity different. Another one is Forever is Forever, although the author quit a while ago, so it might be hard to find.
>> No. 74950
... Or the author was surprised at how often people were trying to find it, and put it up on FimFic.

>> No. 74951
he said he left because he thought we were turning into furries
>> No. 121803
look up doctor whooves then>>74668
>> No. 121804
File 134982832482.gif - (499.83KB , 202x202 , biQRs.gif )
>Bump from December
This is getting ridiculous.
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