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Dear /fic/

What's the silliest fanfic you've ever read?
What's the worst fic you've ever read?
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>> No. 76972
For all three:

Doom: repercussions of evil.
>> No. 76973
Agreed. By all means, agreed.

No, seriously? The best fanfiction I have personally read is Silent Ponyville. Disregard the fact that I have a slight obsession with Silent Hill

The worst one I have ever read would be Rarity's New Dress. It was so bad, it was funny.

And the silliest one I've ever read would be nothing. Because I do not read anything that is not grimdark.
>> No. 76980
1. Spidersez
2. Rarity's New Dress (never read it...ever)
3. Article 2
>> No. 76991
Eh, sure I'll respond to this, I'm half asleep since getting back from vacation, but whatever.

Silliest: So Long and Thanks For All the Ponies by (Somepony whose name I forget)

Worst: I don't read bad fics, and when I do, I don't remember them.

Best: The End of Ponies by Short Skirts and Explosions
>> No. 124405
Test. So it only works in /fic/ right?
>> No. 127597
File 136909962609.png - (105.44KB , 297x200 , 60344 - OPPP berry_punch ruby_pinch.png )
what, sage?

Oh yeah, bump.
>> No. 127598
File 136910282191.jpg - (509.77KB , 1024x1448 , chrysalis_of_the_changelings_by_uzukinokaze-d5wxxrc.jpg )
What a time for that name to show up.
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