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If you were reading a fic and half way through a piece of description was, instead of a colour, an rgb hex value, would that be humourous or would it just pull you right out of the moment?
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I are not a HTML parser.
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Depends on the tone of the fic in question. If it's supposed to be a parody or something like that, then it'd make perfect sense for it to be there. If the work in question is serious, then I'd go with the latter.
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We have a thread for this. Please refer yourself to the sticky for future threads like this.
And if it was a crackfic, it could work. Otherwise, probably not.
>> No. 79308
What thread?

Is that a no?

Semi humorous, semi joke.
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File 132719394421.png - (597.35KB , 1280x720 , 130665562083.png )

Slightly faster eject then hitting... lets say Pony Sephiroth.
>> No. 79327
>would that be humourous or would it pull you right out of the moment
Definitely the latter, and possibly the former.
>> No. 79354
Yes, it would pull me right out of the moment. I imagine the same would be true for anyone, even somebody who could parse the meaning of it without difficulty, because the fact that it's so unexpected requires the reader to think about it. And whenever a reader has to stop and think about the author's writing (as opposed to thinking about the story itself), all immersion is destroyed.

As some others here have already suggested, that might be fine if you're writing a crack fic. If the story was serious in any way, shape, or form, it would be totally inappropriate.
>> No. 79588
File 132729794324.png - (340.44KB , 700x700 , 130762583862.png )
If one character said it to another character, and it was played off as a Sheldon Cooper moment.

Then, hell yes-- I'd love it.

Now, if it was said in the voice of the narrator/writer etc... it would be weird.
>> No. 79642
It'd totally pull me out. It's more than a different language, it's a different technical trend altogether.

Any word outside a reader's vernacular is likely going to interfere with the flow of the story. It's why Purple Prose is a bad thing.

Same thing here. I don't know anything about rgb hex values, it's outside my vernacular, so if you went and said "the sky was an endless expanse of #0000FF, broken only by a few lazily drifting #FFFFFF clouds" I wouldn't know what the hay you were talking about.

Also, prose is more than just description, you need to chose words that have the correct meaning and sound, etc. I doubt a number would fit well as substitute.

But there's always exceptions. I totally agree with >>79588 on this.
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