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I have just recently discovered my love of ponies, so I made a DeviantArt to try my hand at some fanfiction. I've not written much as of now, but would greatly appreciate some feedback on what I have so far.

(my computer is being buggy and I tried to post this earlier and I scanned a few pages but didn't see my post - so my apologies if this is a repeated post)
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>> No. 83572
my DeviantArt is under the same name as I appear on here
>> No. 83573
Hi there, read this:

And if that doesn't help you enough:

This should get you on the right path.

Also, most people here hate deviantart, I suggest hosting it in google docs and fimfiction. You can still keep the deviant art one, just try to use those other two cause more people like it.
>> No. 83577
File 132903207193.jpg - (7.97KB , 273x149 , 130812588203.jpg )
Give her time.

So what... actually have you written? As you can see, links work perfectly well from this board, and most people won't even give you the time of day without:
- Title
- Summary/Synopsis
- Tags

As it stands, you just look kind of bad. Your post is sloppy, assumes that we care so much for your work that we would hunt it down, and that we really like to read Cupcakes.

Because all blind links go to Cupcakes.

It doesn't make readers want to read your stuff. It kind of makes me want to avoid all future posts you may end up making.
>> No. 128905
Do you still have a link to the original? I keep wanting to read that last chapter that supposedly existed, but I can never find it.
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