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85169 No. 85169
#Discussion #Just for fun
- Have to stop yourself from writing “hoof” instead of “hand” when writing about people
- Read other fiction and automatically wonder what a given character's cutie mark is
- Ignore when the words “anypony”, “everypony”, and “pegasus” are marked as incorrect by your word processor
- Watch every new episode wondering if it'll debunk your story or your favorite story's "canon"

Anyone else have more?
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>> No. 85170
File 132952267203.jpg - (2.77KB , 120x112 , Crazy Twilight.jpg )
- When you spend the class period planning out the next scene in your story during lecture time.
- When free time is write time, always.
- When you picture characters in other stories that are non-pony related as ponies.
- When you work out the exact mechanics of how a pony version of an item would work so you can write it into your story.
- You can't go on the computer without checking your published stories to make sure they haven't been star bombed.

*Perhaps I'll think of more at work*
>> No. 85171
the last one about debunking is the reason a story I'm making wasn't finished last summer.
>> No. 85172
I honestly can't come up with anything that someone else hasn't already said...
You know you're from a rock farm when you say "You're the best darn wife a brother could ever ask for"?
>> No. 85173
I've got a few.

- Refresh EqD every hour to see if your story's been posted.
- Continuously check your inbox for pre-reader responses
>> No. 85177
The 4th one, sweet celestia the 4th one
-1st had a joke ship with Caramel (debunked by both Cider ep (he came off as a jerk) and Hearts and Hooves cause he's got a fillyfriend
-then had (and still keeping) Big Mac as the joke (set story before Hearts and hooves... is probably gonna get called out on it anyway err)
>> No. 85178
when you cant read anything that is not pony related and enjoy it
>> No. 85189
-When you begin thinking of "Caps Lock" as "Royal Canterlock"
>> No. 85190
File 132952864430.jpg - (56.27KB , 762x684 , 1328302011536.jpg )
I rewatch episodes all the time to make sure what the canon is.

So so much.

Oh god.
>> No. 85194
>Ignore when the words “anypony”, “everypony”, and “pegasus” are marked as incorrect by your word processor

Right click, add to dictionary ;3
>> No. 85195
So much this. Synching scenes in a fic to scenes in canon is tricky.
>> No. 85197
When you start mixing up your fanon, with canon.
>> No. 85199
File 132953029248.jpg - (52.27KB , 633x672 , saddash.jpg )
I cannot add pegasus to my dictionary (in MS word), because it's just considered a grammar error. Eugh.
>> No. 85204
Strange, I'm using Office 2007, and I'm able to add it.
>> No. 85206
File 132953229989.png - (598.94KB , 1366x768 , Happy Twilight Reading.png )
LibreOffice is awesome!
>> No. 85207
When you spend a flight writing, even though you can only barely type.
>> No. 85231
File 132954174138.jpg - (50.13KB , 624x534 , 29944 - AWW YEA guy meme rainbow_dash.jpg )
>When you spend a flight writing, even though you can only barely type.

In flight wiskeyyyyyyy!
>> No. 89084
File 133100421344.png - (170.07KB , 1024x640 , molested_windows_by_holy_sparks-d4ajmvz.png )
When you feel like Princess Celestia is out of character in the show because she isn't trolling/molesting everypony in sight.
>> No. 89090
When you read a novel and think: that could have worked just as well with ponies instead of humans.
>> No. 89099
When you read "everyone" as "everypony" in things that have nothing to do with MLP.
>> No. 89100
I feel sad and angry at myself for writing so many negative comments about stories that I've reviewed, and worst of all I seem to have driven someone to delete their story completely.

>Reviewing seems, maybe, like heroin. It only feels okay when you do it, but afterward it hits you like a son of a bitch. Why did I think it was a good idea...
>> No. 89107
Was there a post of someone telling people how to view reviewing and how to prevent it from killing you inside?
>> No. 89129
File 133101021412.png - (576.59KB , 897x896 , StevenMagnetCannotTakeAnyMore.png )
T'was probably MintyRest or Samurai, considering their insight in this subject.
>> No. 89132
So it's lost to 404dom?
>> No. 89135
File 133101253346.png - (477.69KB , 1173x808 , 130522257144.png )
Meta-meta response yes.
It's still remembered though... more or less. >>82463
For what it's worth, although I don't claim to speak for everyone, perfection isn't (or at least shouldn't be) the goal of reviewing, but learning and improvement. I remember this guy (Samurai Anon) once saying, in response to a question about how he maintains a positive non-jaded attitude towards fanfiction and reviewing, that it was "the complete realization that writing, like wine, women, and [something else] will always contain flaws," and then something about how fretting the flaws too much impinges upon being able to enjoy it for what's good in it. I sure wish I had saved that quote, it was golden.

You might want to look at the holiday hugbox >>67977 , or pop into the IRC for hugs, but it's still not an easy thing to do.
All we can be is truthful, and to be less then that is to be a liar. But finding the balance between soul crushingly blunt and unfairly kind isn't always easy.

I recommend taking frequent breaks. Don't get angry at the writer or the story for failing. Try to figure out what the author is *trying* to achieve with the story (if you can't figure that out, just come out and ask).

Sometimes the author is going to bail on you. It's hard to write something good and it's always easier to quit. But sometimes, something great comes out of it too.

But I haven't read too many pony fics yet. ^^
>> No. 89141
... I was talking more physical inability, but that works too.
>> No. 89146
Eh, I guess it's just simple burnout. Thanks.
>> No. 89149
File 133101592703.png - (30.61KB , 424x406 , 133019621148.png )
>Ignore when the words “anypony”, “everypony”, and “pegasus” are marked as incorrect by your word processor

I was sending out a mass text the other day and almost sent "everypony" before I caught it just before i hit send.
>> No. 89181
- know more about equine anatomy than you want to know. Seriously, cannons?
>> No. 89182
- you think Canterlot sounds better than Camelot. When I first heard "Canterlot", my reaction was the other way around.
- you think of a certain unicorn when you hear the word "Twilight"
>> No. 89183
File 133103702996.png - (30.61KB , 424x406 , Fluttershy-boink.png )

Quite so.


>But I haven't read too many pony fics yet. ^^

>> No. 89184
>When you find yourself writing out rough drafts during the monthly staff meeting.

>When you write up a "I will never write..." list,only to come back a few months later and discover that a dangerous number of items have to be removed.

I refuse to do this. I like ponies, but there have to be some boundaries. I've done a darn good job of concealing my power level so far and I'm not going to let that slip now.

I live in fear of the day this will eventually happen.
>> No. 89197
File 133104620866.png - (60.47KB , 326x371 , 132657359102.png )
> Lies!

Prove otherwise dear sir.

I burn out, not because of the pony fics, but because of lack of any sort of response. Threads I post in get deleted too often and I taper off.
Then I go off to read pony fics that I haven't read in a few months to make up for the time I spend in /fic.
Then I debate making a review thread so I don't have to wander around looking for the scraps, pick up a couple in TTG and wish I could make my own rules after getting random muttery responses, then I end up back on page six or seven and repeat.

In the interim I'm in the IRC, picking up WIP from multiple directions, so I haven't read too many ponyfics.

I do not think hoof vs hand, thanks to years of being a furry I have to convert paw to hand anyways, and hoof to paw is an easy conversion.
Because I'm not designing characters where the poniness is their only defining character trait it's really no different then slipping between various accents. Anypony/everypony is no different then slipping between a streetwise cyberpunk affectation or upper class medieval vampire. It's the characters mindset that changes, the words follow the character.
I've been dealing with canon killing character interpretation since Sonic SatAM, it's not even pony specific really, it's fandom. And we're no where near as bad as what happened to Star Wars yet.

Free time is review time - read time - write time. Sometimes it's pony, sometimes it's TyZula, sometimes it's Peach/Bowser. I'm far from ponied out.
/fic/ IS my homepage.
>> No. 89214
File 133105164969.png - (124.86KB , 900x1054 , pinkie_pie_WHAT_DID_YOU_JUST_SAY_by_shelltoontv-d4rtnf9.png )
- Memorize a character's personality while reading to make certain that it is consistent in the plot, despite I, as a reader, should not give a damn. Whatever works, works.
- Grab a paper and immediately begin drawing details as you describe your character, to make sure you don't do something silly like say a griffon smiled.
- Watch Lesson Zero and not even flinch when Twilight says 'You don't have to hide your feelings from me!', because lesbian shipfics are your most-read genre, despite you're straight.
- Criticize someone in an Instant Messenger when they make a grammatical mistake, despite you make it every other sentence.
>> No. 89215
File 133105179595.png - (158.35KB , 833x959 , pinkie_pie_well_duh_by_zachgamer77-d4j1h33.png )
Oh, and I forgot the most important one:

- Telling people to omit something within already-sent messages or posts that have already been made, when... you can't omit something that's etched in stone.
>> No. 89227
...when you write something in your head as humans and make them ponies at the end.

Goodness. I haven't heard of anyone doing that, even on #ttg.
>> No. 89256
>When you find yourself writing out rough drafts during the monthly staff meeting.
Done, just today actually.

>When you write up a "I will never write..." list,only to come back a few months later and discover that a dangerous number of items have to be removed.

I promies myself to never write HiE (or read for that matter) and now I'm planning the second. (and reading the third.)
And I still dislike the concept!
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