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File 133000728268.jpg - (83.91KB , 300x300 , tea and ponies.jpg )
86413 No. 86413
#Discussion #Writing Exercise
For a little writing and character exercise, I thought I'd ask everyone here to tell us, in character, how your favorite pony likes their tea. If they don't like tea, tell us why, and then tell us what they do prefer to drink - whether it's coffee, hot cocoa, lemonade, cider, or what-have-you.
I'll be providing my own post in a little bit, once I've locked all these end-users in a warehouse and set it alight. I mean, once work has slowed down.
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>> No. 86422
File 133001034969.png - (792.75KB , 700x700 , special_talent__badassery_by_sleepwalks-d4n1s1b.png )
Tea? That's that weird stuff Fluttershy drinks isn't it? It keeps you calm or something boring like that. No thanks Twilight I think I'll stick with that soda machine at the Ponyville arcade. I bet Rainbow Dash doesn't drink tea. Come to think of it, I wonder what Rainbow drinks?
(Because clearly she can't drink cider.)
>> No. 86424
File 133001107997.jpg - (99.97KB , 765x1045 , 1297195173716.jpg )
Tea? Can't say I'mma fan of the stuff. Twilight tried to get me to drink it once. Tasted like warm water. Maybe it's one'a those fancy things ya need to be all cultured to enjoy.

Y'know what's good? Cider. After a long day workin' the orchard, nothin' beats comin' back to nice, tall glass a' cider.

In fact, I think I'mma go have some now.

(This started as an attempt at Braeburn, then I realize he speaks just like Applejack. So have some Applejack.)
>> No. 86428
File 133001174997.png - (65.87KB , 200x211 , Zecora.png )
I don't understand why tea needs tools, or why ponies have so many brewing rules. I simply place the biggest leaves in my cup, boil some water and fill it right up. The tea stays clear as the leaves sink down beneath, and only near the end need I strain it with my teeth.
>> No. 86429
File 133001207152.jpg - (54.40KB , 500x300 , fs r ts tea leaves bitch crazy human.jpg )
Tea? Oh, yes! Tea. I can't really go for long without a cup of it, especially for one of my late-night sessions.
Dependent? Well, no. Probably not. It just helps smooths the rough edges when I've been exerting myself a little too much. Of course, Spike says I do that all the time, so he makes sure I have a cup at hoof. Now that I think about it, I really do need to restock his turquoise. Let me make a note...
Tea. Right. We were talking about tea. Spike usually makes mine, but when I go to the effort to make my own, I find it's really a simple process.
First, I measure out precisely 200 milliliters of-- Milliliters. Um. What does Pinkie use? Cups. Right... that's just under 85% of a cup. Well, I guess you could use 3/4 of a cup and then another 1/8th, and that would be close.
So, yes, 200 milliliters of clean, tasty water. Put that on to boil, and while it heats up, ready a cup with a measure of your favorite tea. I like a special mix I get from a friend -- I call it Heireau Oolong.
I use a tea-ball. It's a little perforated mesh sphere on a chain. Other ponies like loose tea in their cups. I admit it's kind of tasty, but I prefer to eat separately.I think Davenport has begun carrying little paper bags full of pre-measured tea. They're apparently all the rage out in Appleoosa, but I think it dries out the-- Right. Tea.
So, I measure out the tea, put it in the cup, and the moment the water hits a boil, I pour it over the tea and let it sit. I use a timer for this, set to two minutes. Once the timer goes off, I remove the tea and, if I want something a little sweeter, add ten milliliters of milk.
Yes, I'll let you borrow my measuring cup. I think everypony should have one. Careful and considerate calibration is the key to kitchen comfort, as I always say!
I stir it once, and then let it sit for another six minutes until it reaches its optimal temperature, and then drink.
See? Simplicity itself!
Lately, I've been experimenting with a device that will allow me to keep my tea at that temperature for a longer time. I envision a bottle inside another bottle, with what amounts to a winter coat between the two, but that may be getting too far afield of the question.
Ah! There's my timer. Care to share a cup?
>> No. 86432
"I like it cool green and good, so that I can have it with my muffin."
>> No. 86435
File 133001309850.png - (199.90KB , 600x600 , 132872762276.png )
Well, sometimes, I guess. I've never really made it myself, though. I don't mind when a friend offers some, but it all tastes quite different. The bitter teas... eeyuck. I've always asked for two sugars.

Cocoa is good — warm, sweet. Mother always made it for me after practice. It's very soothing, reminds me of her.
>> No. 86440
File 133001398026.png - (86.66KB , 500x476 , 131654202757.png )
Tea? You really think I drink that lame frou-frou junk? Pfft, it's pop all the way, dweebs.
>> No. 86441
I think you mean "soda." Expect tea writing sometime later today.
>> No. 86443
I think you mean "bubbly bluplity-blop". Expect a most delightful tale from this chap though.
>> No. 86444
File 133001564048.png - (1.22MB , 1280x718 , 130945531867.png )

Shaddup, it's interchangeable
>> No. 86445
File 133001703448.jpg - (598.75KB , 1469x2059 , vinyl_scratch_before_she__s_had_her_morning_tea_by_techtygr-d4j4xj9.jpg )
Too many ponies say tea's overrated or "not their thing." Truth is, it's like like ballroom or pony jazz music; they just haven't tried mixing it.

Ice that brew, toss in a shot of fruit juice and a shot of berryshine, lay down a mint leaf or two and you've got yourself a chill party in a glass that doesn't leave a dull, snobby taste in kids' mouths but still has enough class for any club in Equestria.

However, at times when I'm partied out, I've indulged in my guilty pleasure of simply enjoying it plain, and trying as many new teas as I can find, comparing them and keeping track of them all. It often gives me inspiration for my next mixes.
>> No. 86522
Shameless Bump for the Night Crew
>> No. 86525

Going to be later on that tea than I thought. Might not make today.
>> No. 86526
File 133003948597.png - (336.98KB , 900x1078 , 83577 - Discord artist Mn27.png )

Oh, tea is so boring.
You ponies seem to drink the same thing everyday.
How about we add some chocolate to that cup? Maybe something a little fiery, hmm?
Or for some real chaos we could make it Irish.

So, interested?
>> No. 86701
File 133006725260.png - (218.82KB , 900x599 , a_quiet_eternal_night_at_home_by_littlelion_man-d3j7me8.png )
Ah, tea, how delectable. I've been served the finest teas in Equestria by my beloved subjects, but none of them ever came close to the so called "forbidden" tea grown by some of my favorite tea farmers in the dark, using magic. That is truly the way nature intended it to be in this world of ours where even the sun itself is a contrivance brought forth by magic.
>> No. 88667
File 133085021746.jpg - (333.43KB , 1920x1440 , 132286849680.jpg )
A simple bag inna hot water with a splash o' milk is just dandy. I don't know what else there is to say 'bout me an' tea, but m'grandson, against all my chidin', has a strange habit o' chewin' the bag 'till it's tasteless that I don't understand.

I s'pose it's arbitrary manners anyway, but who'd do such a thing for an herb that gets more bitter the longer y' have it in hot water? I mean, when somethin's done it's done and its time has come. Ain't no reason to prolong and draw it out 'till it's so weak it's got no character left in it at all. Is it that the little taste o' the leaf reminds my grandson o' the fresh tea that he knew earlier? Or is he tryin' to get some new flavor outta the bitter old leaves that he couldn't get from the tea? Either way, he seems mighty obsessed with gettin' evr'last bit o' life out of them leaves, the way he nurses 'em in his mouth before they're finally dead of flavor, and he spits 'em out.

Bumping with another ham-fisted attempt at allegory.
>> No. 89139
Oh, every now and then I like to brew a tubful of tea and bathe in it!
I used to drink the tea while in the tub too, but then I remembered what else I was drinking.
Still worth drinking out of the tub though. I mean, it's not everyday you get a tubful of tea!
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