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86726 No. 86726
Hello again, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the seventh installment of the “Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread”! Feel free to ask us anything* and we’ll do our best to answer.

*Disclaimer: Our knowledge of quantum physics is limited, so please try to keep questions on that subject to a minimum. Also magnets are kinda hard.

I’d also like to include a brief FAQ in this initial post, since we seem to hear a lot of the same questions:

Q: How long does the pre-reading process take?
A: A few days to get from Seth to us, a bit more than a week to review depending on how busy we are, then a day or two for the review to get back to the author.

Q: It’s been [Unit of time] and I still haven’t received any response. What’s up?
A: Ensure that you’re sending your story to the correct address ([email protected]). Ensure that you’re using the proper submission format, as detailed on the “Submit” page of Equestria Daily. Read over your description - stories with over five errors in the description tend to be rejected immediately. If you’re sure you’ve done all of the above and still haven’t received a response, send another email in the same thread asking about the status of your story.

Q: Am I allowed to respond to pre-reader feedback?
A: Yes. If you feel that we were incorrect in some assessment of your story, feel free to bring it up in a reply email. Just try to be polite about it.
Oh, you can also send a reply to just say “Thank you.” We like that.

Q: What’s the criteria for a 6-star story?
A: Average rating of 4.9+ after 50+ ratings. If your story is at this point, email Seth and he’ll add the 6-star tag.

Q: My story was rejected despite the fact that my FimFiction/DeviantArt/Fanfiction.net audience loves it. What’s the deal with that?
A: Congratulations on having a story that’s well liked! However, Equestria Daily tends to have much higher quality standards than the sites mentioned above. Don’t be upset about being rejected; use it as an opportunity to make your story even better. We’ll be happy to look at it again once edits have been made.

Q: How does the Three Strike policy work?
A: Authors have three chances to submit their work before we stop adding it to the pre-reader queue. Every rejection counts as one “strike”. The idea is to have authors edit their work sufficiently -before- submitting it. We’re not editors, and there’s been a growing issue with authors thinking we are. Bear in mind that if a story is -really- close to being approved and is on its third strike, we’ll give it a bit of leeway. This policy is more to cover stories that haven’t had any significant changes made despite multiple submissions.

Q: Can I ask who my pre-reader was?
A: Yes, but they’re not obligated to tell you. Some of us prefer to remain anonymous.

Q: I was told to post my story on FimFiction. Why is that?
A: Generally when we recommend FimFiction it’s because we believe a story will do better there than it would on Equestria Daily. Don’t be offended. EqD and FimFiction just serve different purposes. And yes, you can submit different stories to us for review.

Q: Do you ban/blacklist authors?
A: No. However, in cases where authors have been particularly rude to us or the blogponies, we generally wait for some sort of apology before looking at their work again.

Q: Can I touch the beard?
A: We do not have the authority to handle beard-related matters. Please forward all beard inquiries to Twilight Snarkle.

Q: Who is best pony?
A: Rarity.
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>> No. 86727
Old Thread is >>83238 !
>> No. 86743
File 133009500889.gif - (482.29KB , 500x318 , nic_cage_says_ello.gif )
>> No. 86756
What is the possibility of the usage of the Dirac sea concept to comprehend, within the context of string theory, the nature of dark energy as seas on which the gravitational constant is reversed by a change in the tensor which regulates its behavior?
>> No. 86757
File 133010084780.jpg - (53.83KB , 781x706 , applehmm.jpg )
If you have a fic that one reader loves and another hates with a passion, does it go through?
>> No. 86766
File 133010285666.gif - (355.98KB , 250x217 , nic_cage_shrugs.gif )
This is not uncommon. See "White Box" for an example of a fic that some loved and some hated. Generally if we can't agree, we'll get a few more opinions. We'll generally go with the majority unless it's an issue of content (borderline clop/gore, etc), at which point we'll just have the blogponies make a decision.

>> No. 86767
.... signs point to yes.

(Ok, I think they're buying it)
>> No. 86770
What do you think about the typical instability associated with enstrophy, or variance of vorticity, in that it is a truly derived quantity instead of a synthetic term introduced to model length scales that is assumed to behave similarly to turbulent kinetic energy?
>> No. 86771
File 133010371420.gif - (1.07MB , 400x360 , appleoooo.gif )
What crossovers do you have too many of, and what crossovers would you like to see?
>> No. 86780
What type of stories explode with popularity on EqD?
>> No. 86789
Too many of: Things that have nothing to do with pony. Call of Duty, Warhammer, JRPGs of any sort, etc. Not to say that these can't be done well, but 95% of the time they kind of aren't.

I really want to see a good Powerpuff Girls crossover or Fairly Oddparents crossover. That, or a ponified Lovecraft story (The Ponyville Horror?)

Nostalgia. Pretentious artsyness. Foals being adorable. All of the above.
>> No. 86794
I... What. Ok, right.

Some hated White Box? How? Why? I mean, it's... clearly atypical, very much so, but gawd, making a story like this not only work, but work well, must have taken incredible skill. Is it a matter of it not being right for EqD, maybe? Am I being silly again and missing the obvious?
>> No. 86796
For what it was, I greatly enjoyed it. Some people might have found it to be pretentious, and many are probably just too stupid to see the deeper meaning. Such is art.
>> No. 86798
They disliked it mainly because of how different it was from what we normally post. Art's weird like that. Some people can think it's the best thing ever, while others can't stand the idea of it.

I personally loved it despite the fact that I don't think it's a fanfic at all.
>> No. 86800
Oh, that's a very good point. It might be a tight short story that really stands out, but the pony aspect of it is really limited, and could probably be taken out without altering the story much, I guess. Still, I'm glad you lot decided to post it. It's good to see someone try something new and pull it off, now and then.

Also now I'm incredibly jelly because I didn't write it, but, y'know. Business as usual.
>> No. 86812
There are a few Lovecraft crossovers. I wrote one called "The Cats in the Walls" but it suffered an untimely demise.
>> No. 86820
Just curious, are there any fics that you've loved (or at least liked alot) from genres/tags/other elements/ that you normally hate?
>> No. 86821
>Nostalgia. Pretentious artsyness. Foals being adorable. All of the above.

I take umbrage with the middle two. Most readers don't get artsy fics, and foals don't affect everyone the same, though I myself am a sucker for them.

I agree with the nostalgia, though. First person to write a good Ferris Bueller crossover wins. The readers still seem to be fans of sadfic. Ultimately, the best way to get really popular is to pander the reader's wish-fulfillment. Make a character or a scenario that they can connect with, then affirm something about them, make them feel good about themselves, empowered, able to live out the fantasies denied to them in real life. This goes for all fiction, of course, it's just easier to state how to do it within a fandom.

As an aside, I've been following the "One Man's Pony Ramblings" blog, and it's interesting to see what used to be popular versus what is now. Shipping, for one, if done right (not necessarily well), was a good way to get 6 stars. These days? It's a good way to get three.

Also, I love book forts too! :3
>> No. 86822
What's your take on the shipping that does well? I know pairings that aren't fan favorites can get bombed, but I did fairly well (just missed a 6-star) with light shipping of an unusual pairing. Not sure whether that was because the shipping was light, or because it was that while it enhanced the main conflict, it didn't drive it.
>> No. 86829
Lyra x not Bon Bon
Octavia x not Scratch

I can't think of any others that would automatically get bombed. There are some that are easily bombed, but that comes down to execution.
>> No. 86830
You've already hit on a large part of the equation: if you chose an unpopular ship, it will get starbombed.

That being said, if you can show how it works and keep the characters in-character (which includes, "Would these characters really go romantic for each other?"), then that's at least a decent shipping. Then comes the skill of writing to determine whether or not it's a decent story, but that's another situation altogether.
>> No. 86835

Unfortunately, anything tagged [Shipping] gets bombed on EqD now.
>> No. 86859
Hey there,

I just submitted a fic to EqD and receive my second rejection. It's no big deal, the pre-reader had a good reason.

The pre-reader said that my story seems confusing right now and suggested restructuring it. Before I gut my story and do any major re-writes, I wanted to see if I could solve the whole "confusion" problem by just submitting the fic as a one shot.

On the off chance that the pre-reader who read my fic is actually reading this, do you personally believe the fic would be less confusing if submitted as a one shot rather than a multi-part? I really like the story the way it is, and I'd like to avoid restructuring it if I can.
>> No. 86860
Can a fic get auto-rejected for being a crossover with something too obscure? If so, would a Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale crossover be considered too obscure?
>> No. 86861
I wasn't the pre-reader for your fic, but I know the story and I read the review. I don't see how making it a one-shot will solve any of the problems the pre-reader found.

The issue is that there's way too much in the current version that makes no sense with what we know of MlP:FiM canon. The excuse that "it'll be explained later" doesn't really fly when the story is so confusing that no reader will make it past chapter 1. I really can't see how making it a one-shot is going to fix that.
>> No. 86862
A good crossover is accessible to any reader, whether they're familiar with the crossed over universe or not. If the story is well written, we won't turn it down for being an obscure crossover.

And I'm pretty sure a few of the pre-readers have played Recettear, so you should be fine.
>> No. 86863

What I mean is that the explanation comes throughout the story; if it were submitted as a one shot, the explanation wouldn't have to wait for updates. Is it still too confusing, even with that in mind?
>> No. 86864

Oh, I gotcha. Sorry if I misread that.

Yeah, if you provide the explanation in the earlier sections of the story, that should work.
>> No. 86866
Do we always get a "To the prereaders!" response if we send in a fic?
>> No. 86867

Great, I'll get to work. Thanks a lot!
>> No. 86873
Excellent. I'm only using the main ideas from Recettear (debt, dungeons, item shop) while having an original story, so I hope everyone will be able to enjoy it whether they are familiar with the game or not.
>> No. 86875
Accidentally posted this in the last thread. Whoooops.

Anyway, here's a question for ya.

I have a story on EqD that's four stars overall. When I posted an update to it, however, it was marked as a five-star story. While I'm not complaining, I'm curious... was this a screw-up, or am I missing something?
>> No. 86876
Generally. It's possible it got lost in the shuffle and hasn't been sent, or a blogpony may have rejected it out of hand if it contained five or more spelling errors.
>> No. 86877
Yes. It might take a day or two, but you should get one eventually. If not, it was either auto-rejected by Seth (the criteria for which can be found in the last thread) or lost somewhere, in which case you should resubmit it. If you're not sure what happened, just send another email asking what's up.

The star rating is rounded up. So if it's a 4.5, Seth will round that to a 5 for the tags.
>> No. 86878

But what if the story is straight up four stars? Or at least less than 4.5, according to its current rating.
>> No. 86879

Is it a [Shipping] story?
>> No. 86880


So it's rated a little higher due to the star-bombing that those kinda fics bring?
>> No. 86881

Yep. Seth has started manually bumping the star ratings of shipfics to compensate for the starbombing.

We're working out a better solution, but until then, that's why you'll see shipfics tagged as higher star ratings than the actual rating shows.
>> No. 86883

Ahhhhh, I see. It saddens me that we've come to the point where we have to do something like that, but it makes sense.

Thanks for the response!
>> No. 86884
I think he should leave the stars open for the initial bombing run, then reset them afterwards. The fans will vote on it again when it updates and the trolls probably won't bother going back to bomb 'em.
>> No. 86896
Do you still accept Halo crossovers by any chance? I'm hoping to resubmit mine.
>> No. 86901
Only if they're really, really, really good.
>> No. 86904
I had started another thread on the topic, but I guess I should take the opportunity to ask here as well.

I'm about to start a series of Daring Do shorts and I was curious if you guys were already inundated with tons of those, and if it would hurt my chances of approval if so. What would help in your guys' eyes to help a story stand out (not necessarily a DD story, but in general), aside from interesting premise and proper spelling.
>> No. 86905
Since the subject of star-bombers is still pretty fresh, I have another question.

Does it bother pre-readers (and everyone else, I suppose) that people are doing this?
>> No. 86907
Not a prereader, but it annoys me. It shows ignorance and the mobocracy. Heh, Firefox doesn't consider that a word. Funny. Anyway, I heavily dislike the mob mentality and the mobocracy that comes with it.
>> No. 86908
File 133013623367.gif - (3.26MB , 320x179 , nic_cage_punches_a_woman_in_the_face.gif )
This is an artists interpretation of what I would like to do to the starbombers.

Does this answer the question?
>> No. 86915
I suppose the question then becomes 'what, if anything, can be done to fix this?'
>> No. 86917
I bet if Seth made a post specificaly stating "Hey guys, star-bombing is for douches. Don't be a douche." it'd be over and done with.
>> No. 86918
>What's your take on the shipping that does well?
It came out prior to October 2011. That's when the star-bombings began. Someone out there hates shipping and is dedicated to making sure shipfics never get more than 4 stars.

Or if it doesn't involve ponies, I guess, because that Tom x Bloomberg fic never got bombed.

This is a great idea. I'd be willing to believe he doesn't have that kind of control over the site, though.


And this is why you are best pony.

Not much, short of completely redesigning the site. A ratings system like Pony Fiction Archive's would at least allow us to know who's doing what. Know anyone who could make a site from scratch for us?
>> No. 86933
See, now I'm even more confused. My fic was Derpy x Big Mac, posted on EqD just 2 weeks ago, and was just a couple of 5-star votes from making 6 stars. I was fully prepared for it to be bombed, but then... nothing. Not sure how I got away with that.
>> No. 86937
Wait, I thought Doctor WhoovesXDerpy was considered OTP.
>> No. 86938
So in a fic I'm doing there's a scene involving one of the characters going to an IRC chatroom. When people are speaking in the chat room should I use regular text or something different to note that it's text being written rather than words being spoken?
>> No. 86939
Hm. I'd separate the chat onto its own line(s) and format it like:

character 1: words
character 2: words
character 1: words
character 2: words

So it looks like an actual IRC.
>> No. 86941
Incidentally, you can get IRC scripts/plugins that make the chat look like this:
"Words," said User1
"Words," said User2
>> No. 86972
File 133018226578.jpg - (250.53KB , 1024x768 , ohshit.jpg )
Speaking for myself alone, here.
If you're trying to get on to Equestria Daily, please perform your reviews, edits, and what-not BEFORE you submit your story.
Few things irritate me more as a ponychan regular than seeing the same fic waiting for a review on the board, and then seeing it (still unreviewed) pop onto the pre-reader list.
When I see that, I refuse to touch the story until after it's been reviewed.
>> No. 86974
does writing the whole story first, getting reviews while you go and when it is complete, send it in chunks to the pre-readers also good way?
>> No. 86982
File 133018658281.png - (159.84KB , 1000x671 , me gusta.png )
Assuming I understand you correctly, you're asking if writing the whole thing and having it reviewed, then sending it chapter by chapter to EqD is a good approach?

Yes. Yes it is.

If we're concerned about where you're going with the story, we may request an outline or more chapters, just as a precautionary measure against Hitlerjack, but releasing your story bit by bit is a great way to be an attention hors build reader interest!
>> No. 86983
good to know, thanks.
>> No. 86989
I'd love to think it was stopping. Maybe Derpy's a get out of shipping-jail free card. Until we can identify the subjects responsible, their demands will be nebulous.

Ugh, no Dr. Whooves shipping, plzkthx. D: I ship DerpyPie.
>> No. 86996
File 133019522922.jpg - (62.45KB , 500x366 , 1259665-p3arcanacutinsmq9_2.jpg )
Have you guys received any Cranky Doodle x Matilida shipfics yet?

Going alongside that, what are the most popular ships you see? Which ships are the least popular or virtually non-existent? Have you received any fics about polygamous or open relationships?
>> No. 87001
File 133019758832.jpg - (32.76KB , 358x360 , Applejack131489703791.jpg )
I bet it's AppleDash.
>> No. 87004

No Cranky/Matilda yet.

Most popular seem to be PinkieDash, AppleDash, Lyra/BonBon, Vinyl/Octavia.

Least popular include Rarity/Pinkie, Fluttershy/Twilight, Rarity/Twilight (EVEN THOUGH THIS IS BEST SHIP).

And I can't say I remember any about polyamorous relationships, though I can't imagine it hasn't been done.
>> No. 87014
To clarify:
new_fic_01 is emailed to Sethisto. He sends it to us, and it is added to our queue.
I visit PonyChan later that day. I see new_fic_01 has JUST been submitted for review on the Training Grounds.
I get grouchy, and go find my knives.
>> No. 87017
Hmmm, have the Twixie fics died out?
>> No. 87025
I didn't mean it that way. what I meant was:

>write story till it is done, getting it reviewed as it progresses.
>once sure it is done correctly and the quircks have been filtered out. submit first chapter/half to the pre-readers.

I might have been unclear.
>> No. 87033
We're pretty inundated with them. To be honest, I think we're nearing the point where Daring Do becomes another of those "spinoff" type posts since we've seen so many.

There's something like ten of them now, and I personally think it's getting a bit ridiculous.
>> No. 87038
You know, I would *love* to have a snarky, accurate reply to this but sadly I really am not a clever enough pony.

Well played, sir, well played.
>> No. 87040
File 133021108150.jpg - (37.57KB , 500x313 , 18771.jpg )
This should answer it.
>> No. 87043
What... 86756 is gone...
>> No. 87045
File 133021198939.jpg - (57.10KB , 960x720 , aNkOB.jpg )
No, it was made before what the Last-50-Posts thread option shows. Click on it and the thread will reload with it.
>> No. 87050
Thanks for the reply!

I had feared as much. I'm thinking I should just go ahead and write it anyways, even if just as a writing exercise for myself that forces me to think in a different frame of mind and if it gets liked or even approved for EqD, awesome!
>> No. 87067
Do you guys have a maximum word count? Basically once a story hits so long that you wont even look at it unless it gets broken up in to chapters/parts? Even a recommendation on a general word count rule of thumb would be appreciated.
>> No. 87069
No. But we will usually save our sanity by reading a few chapters and then skimming the rest for Hitlerjack.
>> No. 87070

There is no max word count. Write as much as you need to tell the story you want to tell. However, we generally won't read more than the first chapter of a submission for review purposes.
>> No. 87104
So... In other words, doing exactly what you're supposed to do? :B Keep doing it, I guess!

No max word count, as they said, but you do yourself a disservice if you don't break up a longer fic into chapters. There's definitely a max wordcount the average reader will want to tackle all at once.
>> No. 87279
hey, hey, pre-readers, who is best pre-reader pony? O:)
>> No. 87282
File 133035393966.gif - (2.99MB , 352x240 , nic_cage_finds_god.gif )
Nicholas Cage.
>> No. 87287
So, have you guys ever received any stories that were just over-the-top or mostly rule of cool? If so, how do you treat these stories?
>> No. 87293
Strum McAwesomeposture

>> No. 87294
File 133036646093.gif - (301.95KB , 294x266 , tumblr_l46c9rLTVb1qamgw7.gif )
>> No. 87304
File 133036818493.gif - (108.81KB , 500x500 , mlfw1386_78720-LyraanimatedartistLightbulblyreparodyroad_to_el_doradostrum.gif )
>> No. 87318
Aye! :V
>> No. 87343
File 133037702194.gif - (875.60KB , 230x145 , tumblr_lz1mfwv2Yx1r47jk9.gif )
>> No. 87364
OK, so I've just finished the edits that will (hopefully) make my fic, "A Rose Reverie" capable of being posted on the blog.

I'm in the process of waiting out some Ponychan reviews, and I had a question.

The main problem that my fic had during the section rejection was that it was confusing. I believe I've solved this, but are the pre-readers ever willing to look at a fic before it's official submitted? For instance, Daffodil was extremely helpful by giving me an idea that I think dealt with the issue. What I mean to ask is, would Daffodil or any other pre-readers be willing to read through my fic before I send it to the submissions box? That way, I could know right away if it's still confusing and continue editing before the real submission, avoiding a possible third strike.

If this isn't possible, no biggie, I understand.

Thanks for your help!
>> No. 87374
It's possible, but unlikely. Many of us have our own projects to work on (or in my case, put off working on), so between that and pre-reading we don't have much time to edit other fics. However, since you've taken a bit of initiative in getting your worked looked over before sending it back, I threw your email in IRC and asked if anyone would be willing to help out. So, you may be getting some help, you may not. I guess we'll see.
>> No. 87402
How goes the slew of Daring Do fics? So far only a couple have made it through, and I haven't seen any of them update yet (though I might have missed one).
>> No. 87408
I think one updated recently. Also, they're slowing down some. I think we rejected one yesterday, and I haven't seen any more since then.
>> No. 87657
File 133048018556.jpg - (764.56KB , 1330x1330 , Bon Bon105865 - artist scruffytoto Bonbon candy chocolates Lyra.jpg )
I'm just curious> Is it required to describe the background ponies?

I mean how do you not know what Lyra and Bon Bon look like.
>> No. 87666
Some of the reviewers believe that describing your character's appearance is bad, actually, or at least going into excessive detail about it. Is suggests an insecurity with the character that, due to the writer's inability to convey their character's personality through actual interactions, instead relies upon the classic adage "X is only skin-deep". Instead of making your character a badass by kicking some evil dude to the moon, he has scars and red eyes and a black mane and blah-blah-blah. Going into the minutia is also often a symptom of them being a Mary Sue, wherein every single piece of them is perfect except for the little mole on their cheek, except this mole is actually quite adorable or what-have-you.

So no, it's not necessary. You should give a barebones description, but there isn't much need for you to go beyond "mint-coloured unicorn".
>> No. 87674
File 133048254712.png - (343.28KB , 566x350 , Redline.png )
I remember having an interesting discussion about this very topic in the IRC back when the IRC sucked a lot less

Let's say you have a car salesman. In coming up with ways to establish his character, you could ask yourself questions like "what color is his hair/eyes," "what's his physical stature," and "what ethnicity is he"--but they're not entirely relevant to his character, just what he looks like. On the other hand, you could approach it from the opposite end, and ask yourself questions like "what are some of his habits/quirks", "what's his taste in music/clothing", and "what tone of voice does he most often take." If you did it this way, you could then translate those things about your car salesman into little aspects of his appearance that hint at his lifestyle and personality. Then, your physical appearance would actually be useful and interesting in the scope of the plot/story, because it would read more like a vibrant depiction of a character and less like a police sketch description of a corporeal shape that happens to be sentient.

There's one amusing exception to this I saw recently -- whereby character can almost immediately be inferred from physical appearance (meaning bodily physical appearance) -- in a movie called "Redline"*. In a whimsical sort of way, the appearance of characters hinted at what they were like and the roles they played. However, it's challenging to do this sort of thing in written fiction, because you're constrained to convey everything through words. The more words you use, the less interesting the prose may be unless you're short_skirts_and_explosions and can toss together overkill descriptions that are amusing and can even be hilarious and that's because when you're describe static attributes of something, the action of the story must be put on hold to get it done.

* A totally over-the-top film with a ridiculous, hyperbolic plot/characters that was nevertheless very entertaining.
>> No. 87690
I mean, do I even need to do a bare-bones description? pink and blue mane; cream coat
>> No. 87693
I DETEST when people spend lots of time describing actual ponies from the show.

Don't do it. You're writing for an audience who's familiar with the show. If Lyra shows up, we know what she looks like. If you want to be sneaky or whatever, calling her a "mint unicorn" and not naming her can work too. The only time bringing attention to physical descriptions is necessary is when something is off about them (and typically, germane to the plot).
>> No. 87784
Lyra is not mint. She is aquamarine.
>> No. 87790
She's mint flavored.
>> No. 88033
as with anything, describe in moderation. Unless you are going for scenery porn, you need to find that right balance. One-shot characters that you won't see or hear from again don't need as much details unless you want to redshirt them.
>> No. 88035
One story I read made sure to kill off all of the incredibly-detailed characters at the soonest possible moment. Sometimes mid-description. Good times.
>> No. 88053
One of the better horror/scifi/action movies I've seen made sure to get a high-profile big-name actor to play the part of the adventurous hero who was sure to save everyone.

Thirty minutes in and he gets ripped apart by a mutated monster shark and eaten in front of the viewer during his Big Damn Speech.

Deep Blue Sea, I loved that one. You can do this in literature to a similar effect, but it is hard.

For shits and giggles, it would be funny to see a character eyeing the characteristics of a character just as said character bites the big one.
>> No. 88057
File 133058585707.jpg - (142.92KB , 580x386 , 24qintu.jpg )
I just watched this clip a few days ago, coincidentally enough. Is it honestly a "good" movie? It looks like one of those cheesy horrors that you'd watch for the hell of it.
>> No. 88058

>> No. 88087
Honestly? It's a bog-standard, relatively predictable yet funny action/adventure/thriller in the vein of jaws, but with a leaning towards "monster of the week" scifi movies.

It's a very self-aware movie that you really shouldn't take too seriously and you won't regret hiring from the movie rentals place of your choice. There's not too much technobabble, but don't expect to be surprised too hard. I've spoiled the big twist, so don't shoot me too much.
>> No. 88518
Maybe this will ease your minds a bit...
In addition to voting on FiMFic's write-off entries, readers could up/down rate and leave comments independent of the contest. The vast majority of entries had significant down ratings, often more downs than ups. With any luck, those writers will take the hint and leave you fine folks alone. For us TTG reviewers, however...
>> No. 88714
File 133088617900.gif - (129.67KB , 500x267 , nic_cage_stares_at_an_iguana_on_a_coffee_table.gif )
I feel like, no matter what, we're going to get flooded with fics from that contest.

Hopefully any present issues will be obvious enough that they won't require lengthy reviews.
>> No. 88752
If a story, as it's updated, gets a higher rating than it had originally, will the star rating tag be updated to fit the actual rating, or is it stuck at the original forever?
>> No. 88757
File 133090206564.jpg - (18.66KB , 399x608 , 2uesQ.jpg )
You have to request an update by E-mailing Seth about it.
>Pic unrelated
>> No. 88798
And as an addendum, the rating will never go down. Make sure to screencap them bitches before the star-bombers get to 'em!
>> No. 88801
Here's a weird one -

every once in a while, I'll notice that the number of ratings on a story will go down.

What causes that, anyway?
>> No. 88803
File 133091625613.png - (149.60KB , 1831x1568 , 130851307446.png )
Objection! White Box by Chromosome was Star-6 when it first went up. Now it's Star-5.
>> No. 88806
File 133091705004.jpg - (50.02KB , 640x360 , cheerilee-face.jpg )
Kinda off-topic for pre-reading, but...

Has EqD as a group ever thought of some kind of site feature or event that would bring to attention all the neglected fics from long ago that have gotten less than a hundred (or fifty) ratings? There are plenty of them out there, including many under-rated ones, of this I'm certain.
>> No. 88808
Hey, I remember they used to have that.

The fic archaeology special or whatever.

I thought it was pretty cool.
>> No. 88813
Because Seth jumped the gun a bit with the rating. It never met the requirement for 6-star, so he lowered it back down to 5.

We're considering bringing that back. It's more Seth's decision, since he has enough stuff to manage already.
>> No. 88822
This was kinda unclear

I meant the amount of ratings.

Like going from 216 votes one day to like, 194 the next.
>> No. 88827
That's more blogpony territory, but I think Blogger weeds out duplicate votes every now and then. I might be wrong on this one.
>> No. 88829
Blogger does that.

Something about cleaning out spurious ratings, I think.
>> No. 88833
File 133092260005.jpg - (62.62KB , 472x568 , 130964859473.jpg )
Yay, Seths answered my requests!

Thanks to Snarkle for encouraging me to simply email him.
>> No. 88913
Hi, is it possible to get some pre-reader input into this issue? The author apparently had his fic rejected purely out of admitted personal bias even though the fic was deemed objectively acceptable by the same pre-reader.

>> No. 88916
File 133094405517.jpg - (46.27KB , 776x602 , 1327468636479.jpg )
>Equestria Daily should be bloody privelidged to feature the stories we put OUR time and effort into writing.
>> No. 88917

There's no real way for me to reply to this without getting mean so I'm at a loss as to what to say. Although I'm sure that linking your blog to the pre-reader thread is probably not going to give you the response you want. Just saying.
>> No. 88918
File 133094493521.png - (122.92KB , 900x900 , 130471377716.png )
That isn't his blog; that's the blog of another author he's trying to vet.

You may want to have your author friend Cosmonaut ask for another pre-reader in a calm fashion, citing this particular pre-reader's admittance of bias. (While you're at it, you may want to have Cosmonaut find an editor. I skimmed the first chapter of the fic in question for a bit, and... Well, were I a pre-reader, I would have rejected it on formatting and punctuation alone.)
>> No. 88920

Derp. My mistake.

>Hi, is it possible to get some pre-reader input into this issue? The author apparently had his fic rejected purely out of admitted personal bias even though the fic was deemed objectively acceptable by the same pre-reader.

In that case, just tell Cosmonaut to do what DerpyAnon said. Calmly ask for another pre-reader. Of course, getting an editor to go through your story first would be a good idea. He doesn't seem like he'd be pretty receptive to the idea though.
>> No. 88921

Btw, the person Roger is referring to isn't the author of the blog. That's another angry reader on FimFiction. Just wanted to give you a heads-up so you don't get them confused like I did.

Still don't like the tone of the blog post though, but there you go.
>> No. 88922
Have you guys read the prereader's comments (http://pastebin.com/hxGvimva)?

The guy in that blog and all of his readers are having fun cheery picking parts of it to support the claim of "oh the prereader's biased", but he raises valid concerns about the story. It looks like it's one of those "secretly" fetishy, innocent-on-the-surface things like Boston and Shaun or The Wotch, where the story is secondary to the PG-13 transformation porn. I'm going to say that I hope not to see this thing on EQD.
>> No. 88925
File 133094670415.png - (239.12KB , 275x533 , 130760086186.png )
It also apparently has a some plot holes, poor writing style, and some die-toss characterization.

>An entire page devoted to pampering and cleaning dragon!Twilight up as if she were at the spa, but her initial audience with the dragon council barely spanned a paragraph.
As far as I can tell, this is what's really hurting the author, bias aside.
>> No. 88928
File 133094955493.png - (58.36KB , 876x912 , Pinkie-huh.png )
The amount of venom being spewed is astonishing. Regardless of how disappointing it is for your story to be rejected, there were and still are issues in this story as pointed out by the pre-readers. I read this some time back when it was first posted and I wasn't really impressed. Certainly not well-written enough to be posted on EqD on the get-go anyway.

I'm not sure about the whole 'transformation porn' thing though. Need to read through again to make sure.

>>Equestria Daily should be bloody privelidged to feature the stories we put OUR time and effort into writing.

Dear lord, this is excessively funny when quoted out of context like this.
>> No. 88933
File 133095906919.jpg - (12.45KB , 284x177 , images45678.jpg )
Hey DPV111! I thought your name was familiar; welcome to /fic/, a place quite unlike any other.

Perhaps, and I'm going to get long, hard stares for this, you may want to suggest that Cosmo bring his fic to one of the review threads for a review. The peeps don't pull punches, and they may be able to spot what one pre-reader did and 400 others didn't.

I skimmed the front half of Chapter 1. Couldn't be bothered to nitpick his characterization of the Mane 6, so I left him some vague pointers on mechanics, event sequences being contrived and the meh-ness of his concept.

Times like these prompt me to do two things:
1) To the pre-readers, thanks for your efforts. I don't agree with every yes you guys make - I have yet to see a fic I loved not get on to EqD - but I'm glad that you guys are there, doing what I at least can't bring myself to do.

2) How did Cosmo get that pastebin link in the first place? =\ it doesn't look like the sort of thing a pre-reader would show to a rejected author to me. Just saying.
>> No. 88934
File 133095931939.gif - (1.42MB , 320x173 , nic_cage_is_amused.gif )
I feel like there's nothing I can say on the matter that hasn't already been said. Author mad. It happens, unfortunately. It'd be nice if they could being it up with us instead of making angry blog posts.

>Equestria Daily should be bloody privelidged to feature the stories we put OUR time and effort into writing.
>> No. 88936
>Equestria Daily should be bloody privelidged to feature the stories we put OUR time and effort into writing.

Well, from a business standpoint, the website is being offered free content and traffic. So, technically, it is true.
>> No. 88937
While technically yes, that's true, you're assuming we're starved for content.

Don't get me wrong, I do feel honored whenever a really talented author sends something our way, and if I review their story I try to make that known. But making angry FimFic blog posts isn't the way to get us to say "You know what? That guy is right. We should post his fic and feel -good- about it!"
>> No. 88941
File 133096228176.gif - (1.78MB , 720x405 , rly mad.gif )
>> No. 88943
I believe the issue becomes this:

Why write that long rant specifically saying he didn't like it (and then a very small section about writing without much focus to itself) and then say he will reject it because of that?

That is the actual issue here: was the rejection based upon facts, or simply because the pre-reader "just didn't like it"? It's rejection could be done in many, and plenty, of grounds, but the specific rejection was done on pretty shaky grounds that drip of bias, with a message which basically states "I think you are living of your fantasies by means of your writing, and I find your fantasies disgusting and disturbing."

If such is a valid reasoning for rejection, we have a bias issue, regardless if the final result with another pre-reader with no such bias would have been (and should have been) the same, and thus we need to do something about such things because, after all, it has been said that:

>The point is, we aren't judging for profitability, or even readership (beyond subject matter). If your grammar is clean, and your structure sound, and your characters in voice, then your story goes up - barring Hitlerjack or Dildocorn.
>> No. 88944
Okay, I'm just an anon poster, but here's my two cents on this thing:

As soon as I read the first few lines of that pastebin I knew I knew something was up. The whole "There was this kid I knew in middle school. He spent a lot of his time trying to convince anyone who would listen that he was really a dragon" line sounded way too familiar.

It took some pondering to figure out why, but I'm reasonably sure I saw this exact rant posted in the old MLPG during the summer hiatus in response to a fetishy story written on the same thesis as Strictly Draconic. Then again, that story might have been Strictly Draconic, or an earlier version thereof. I didn't read the old story so I've got nothing to compare the new one to; I just noted the incontinent rage when the whole thing popped up on /co/.

After skimming it, I'm certain that the pastebin linked to in the authors blog rebuttal is in fact the exact same same thing I remember seeing posted last summer. Now, I don't have any proof other than my word as an anonymous poster, no less, commenting on something that happened 8-9 months ago! to back this up, but I would be very very surprised if that rant has actually been written by one of the prereaders.

To my eyes, this all just looks like a frustrated author trying to get even with the people who turned down his story.
>> No. 88948
I liked that quote. Because we do feel privileged, when authors actually put time and effort into writing, to post said writing on the blog. But you can kind of tell when they haven't. Of course it doesn't matter when the readerbase downvotes awesome shit constantly THEY DO NOT DESERVE NICE THINGS Not meaning this as a critique on the story in question because I didn't read it; just saying.

>How did Cosmo get that pastebin link in the first place?
That response was no doubt sent to him and he made the pastebin himself. We do kind of strive to get full reviews like that sent to the author. Even the worst authors deserve to know why.
>> No. 88949
File 133096657676.png - (419.63KB , 945x945 , 131975630437.png )
I'm not even able to find any evidence this Strictly Draconic story was even submitted to the site (let alone any response from us sent), unless it was done before I joined up as a pre-reader (roughly Feb. 17).
>> No. 88953
>BY: A GUEST ON OCT 13TH, 2011
That pastebin is suspiciously old. Something's going on here...
>> No. 88955
File 133096776909.jpg - (52.57KB , 600x524 , 130138098627.jpg )
How did no one else notice that?
>> No. 88956
Strictly Draconic was reviewed and rejected on October 13th, 2011. I am unsure why it has taken this long for the author (or one of his fans) to read the review and rant about it.

But yes, the contents of that link are indeed what was sent to the author. However, after that was sent we had another pre-reader look at the story: He agreed with the rejection. This was never sent to the author, as the first response was deemed sufficient.

If the author had chosen to respond to his rejection, we could have easily worked something out with him, possibly given him steps to take to make the story postworthy. However, we never received any response, so the issue was dropped.

I feel like there was another part I was going to write, but it -totally- slipped my mind.
>> No. 88958
So the reasonable assumption that that blog post is nothing more than a shit-stirrer is correct? It's really sad to me how difficult these rejects make it to sympathise. Sadder more-so that they attempt to bring down the very pedestal they aspire to.
>> No. 88960
Sour grapes.
>> No. 88967
Let me make sure that my timeline is on the level here...

Unless my math is off, Cosmonaut put up his FimFiction account of October 7th of last year.

Strictly Draconic was turned down by the prereaders on October the 13th. Later that day, Cosmonaut (posting as /сo/ςmѳиαцt рзtяѳ/:V/) had a brief discussion with NTSTS and a few others on the subject of the story's rejection in the MLPG on /co/. This is where the pastebin comes from, originally being posted by NTSTS. The thread can be found archived in the MLPG hyperindex at http://arch.413chan.net/co30534018.html. The talking starts at post #30534836.

Strictly Draconic was first uploaded to Fimfiction on February 27th of this year, with the blog post coming in today (Mar. 5th), almost 22 WEEKS after the story was rejected.

>> No. 88973
Thank you, this explains quite a bit and is the only single useful response to my original post. I do find it odd that the "original" rejection, which contained a long, biased rant and negligible constructive criticism would be deemed "sufficient" when a later review by an assumed more fair and objective pre-reader was not offered to the author to promote positive author relations and assist in the growth of the author and refinement of a relatively decent story. This type of attitude pretty much validates the author's misgivings about the system and will not help the situation one bit, but at least there is something to close out the whole topic.
>> No. 88974
The story was posted once he decided to dig it out and complete it.
The blog post was in response to his readership asking him to try to submit it to EqD.
It was his explanation as to why and when he has given up on EqD to his readership.
I love EqD but I honestly don't blame him.
Of course it clarifies things to note the time gap of the original submission, and If that had been noticed previously, I probably would not have wasted all your time.
>> No. 88975
The initial pre-reader admitted he was biased, hence the second review. This second review would have been sent if the author had responded and mentioned that he felt the initial review was unfair. That isn't to say we don't deserve some of the blame; a lengthy rant about why certain fetishes make one uncomfortable is hardly constructive. However, this is an isolated incident and shouldn't be taken as an example of how things generally run. We're not perfect. We never claim to be perfect. We do the best with what we have. If authors feel our criticism is unfair, we encourage them to respond and tell us why. That helps us do our jobs better in the long run. Making blog posts about why we're incompetent doesn't help make the process any better.
>> No. 88985
Can you submit someone else's work? I never would have thought I'd ask this but I found a real high quality work that I think fandom in general would enjoy and the author is somewhat shy. Of all the stories I've read I definitely believe he/she deserves a place on EqD.
>> No. 88986
We generally prefer if authors submit their own work. That way if we have any criticism, we know that the author is going to see it. Not that we don't trust you, but if you want this work on EqD, I'd suggest that you tell the author to submit it.
>> No. 88987
Would it be possible to know what story you speak of?
>> No. 88988
Understood, I'll poke at him until he/she does something (I hope).

Didn't want to mention it so it didn't seem like I was promoting it or anything. The story is "Memory Pending" by Kiroberos and is hosted at fimfiction if you're interested. If you decide to read it I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
>> No. 89000
That fic was actually submitted to us last month. We turned it down with a list of criticism, but the author has yet to resubmit.
>> No. 89001

Fair enough.
>> No. 89137
Wow... big ol' kerfluffle here.

I'm just gonna go ahead and throw in a few cents of my own.

I've had stories accepted.
I've had stories rejected.
Some of these rejections were calm affairs where I just sorta said okay and walked off.
Some of them were not, but I did my best to maintain civility.

I'm always going on about my own lack of quality. I don't believe my writing is any good. But I've seen, on more than one occasion, a story get accepted that I think is worse than me. There are stories up right now that I think are SIGNIFICANTLY below some of my rejected pieces in quality.

And you know what? I STILL think the prereaders are doing a great job. I think some of the calls they make are wrong. I think some things that are accepted should have been rejected, and I think some things that are rejected should have been accepted. But nobody is perfect.

I still agree with 80-90% of their decisions. And for a ragtag group of internet folk, that's a DAMN good success rate.
>> No. 89157
File 133101974991.png - (163.21KB , 750x550 , fluttermat_by_flavinbagel-d4rq13t.png )
Hey, do you think it's possible to write a story about Fluttershy as a literal doormat and make it good enough for EqD?
>> No. 89160
I believe I wrote the second review on Strictly Draconic. I personally did rather like the story, but even ignoring the fact it is shameless transformation porn (which comes under the nebulous area of "things we're not sure we want to post", i.e. Hitlerjack) it had a number of things wrong with it that even alone called for a rewrite.

I seem to recall Twilight's wings disappeared at some point, and it had a large amount of other niggling errors which were touched on in the original review, and a few serious plotholes.

I believe I asked for the named plotholes to be filled in, with the same story and resolution being brought about in a slightly different way that made more sense. What they were, I don't recall. It'll be in my email box somewhere.

The whole "we want dragon!twilight as breeding stock where she will be raped until there are dragons again" aspect of the story really didn't sit well with me, either, and if this transformational spell existed, why not just *ask* for ponies who wanted to become dragons?

Sure, the reset button was hit, but it did cheapen the narrative. Key aspects of the story (the draconic council, the dragons themselves) were also chiefly ignored in favour of lovingly describing feeding and bathing dragon!twilight.

Personally I wanted it to come back in a slightly different and much improved fashion, but it never did.

Was it a mistake not to publish?

On the fact it's juvenile transformation porn with a story tacked on? Probably, yes.

On the other problems with the story? No, and it's that real no that is the deal-breaker here. If the author never got that "look, please tone down the TF porn, and fix these issues" message, then that's a real shame.

I can only hope that, seeing as fimfiction is as popular as it is, that cosmo writes more and writes often and writes better and better. The best revenge, as they say, is living well. So, his best revenge is to be a popular author inspite of this one rejection, unfair or not.
>> No. 89162
I have a question: I recieved my first rejection from EQD. I sent a response detailing changes made and clarification on certain points, and was given the usual "your response has been sent". Is trying to establish a dialogue for clarification fruitless?

If I worded my response strongly, I apologize, for antagonism was not my intent. I suppose it came because I thought I had done all the steps right. I do want to make "Pinkie Pie's Wonderful Flying Machine" the best it can be, but with the rather vague response I was given, I could only repair the few specifics. Any answer would be appreciated.
>> No. 89168
File 133102252536.png - (31.02KB , 444x444 , vimshrug.png )
It did reach us some time ago.

According to our records, PPWFM was marked as a "await author fixes, then post" story, so I think if you just made it clear to the blogponies that your pre-reader's comments have been addressed and you feel it's good to go, it should go in the queue.

inb4 Daff swoops in to prove me wrong
>> No. 89171
Would one of you fine fellows please inform Mr. Pre-reader 23ish that I admire his work?
>> No. 89187
File 133103923907.gif - (13.40KB , 126x116 , 131878850070.gif )
For the second round of the /fic/ write-off (>>88413) I'm planning on having the voting done in two parts: public voting to decide finalists, then votes from a panel of judges to decide the winners (i.e., stealing knighty's idea). I'd like to have as much experience as possible on this panel to ensure the best story wins.

If this interests you, send me an email.
>> No. 89200
"Your response has been sent" just means that Seth forwarded your response to us. I just bumped your story, so you should be getting a response... eventually.

I'll tell him the next time he's on IRC.
>> No. 89202
If I end up not participating (WHY MUST EVERYTHING HAPPEN THIS WEEKEND), I'd be all for doing this. I'll let you know what happens.
>> No. 89268
This story's currently in TTG's queue. Perhaps it should wait until that review is done?
>> No. 89292
File 133108361166.jpg - (436.12KB , 808x577 , 133089707565.jpg )
Have you prereaders ever thought of breaking into tiers and crowd-sourcing the task of prereading and assessing quality? For instance, recruiting a team of sentient monkeys well-known fanfiction writers / editors to give the fiction an initial anonymous quality assessment, and then narrowing the selection process to the fics which didn't receive any strongly negative response?
>> No. 89296
That's kind of what our job is. The only difference is that Seth does the initial quality control, then forwards us everything that looks like it has promise. Very rarely do we actually get something that's a 100% no, sorry, no questions asked.

We're actually changing this system soon to take a bit of stress off Seth. A separate email address just for fanfic will be made and run by three or four pre-readers. Those pre-readers will do the initial quality control stuff, reject Cupcakes spinoffs and Mary Sues, then forward the rest to the other pre-readers who will review as usual. Hopefully this means that reviews be faster and of a higher quality, as Seth no longer has to balance ten billion things plus fanfic.
>> No. 89300
File 133108550411.png - (79.63KB , 400x400 , 131653998976.png )
Uh, hey, question: I have one or two stories I wrote for an EqD speedfic competition that I plan on fixing up and adding to a collection of short stories to send into EqD. Would I be able to submit it, given that the speedfic was part of a competition and thus not subject to the standard pre-reader quality control treatment or linked to my name, or is it a no-go?
>> No. 89301
You can send them in and have them go through the pre-readers like any other story. I'm not sure if we're really looking for short story compilations at the moment, so I'd ask Seth about that before you do anything else.
>> No. 89309
I recently sent in three short stories, of lengths 1900, 530, and 450. I got rejected by Seth (or whoever runs the submission email) after sending in the first two fics for length, and rejected again after trying to use the third fic to bump it over 2500 words.
>> No. 89310
Then I guess we're not taking short story compilations at the moment.
>> No. 89311
Well, it wasn't the fact that it was a compilation as much as it was this:
>Nah that's really pushing it.. 400 words is usually fimfic stuff.
>> No. 89313
Hello Mr Prereader,

I've tried to get posted on EqD, but keep getting rejected with pretty much all of my stories. So instead of writing something original or creative on my own, I just want you to tell me what to write, so it will get approved.

Seriously, the whole thing makes me angry and sad, and I totally give up now. What do you want to see? I already understand that it has to be proof read, G-rated, and have ponies acting exactly like they do in the show, but even that leaves some wiggle room. I want to be absolutely certain that I get featured on the site no matter how dull and predictable my story ends up being.

Advise me, please.
>> No. 89314
Well, I'm kind of struggling to see how you can tell an entire story in 400 words. That's like, three paragraphs. We generally don't take short story compilations unless they're of a very high quality or related in some way.
>> No. 89315
Admittedly, the 400 word one was all fluff. I just wanted to try for the 1900 and 530 word ones.
>> No. 89317
File 133108810371.png - (156.35KB , 657x504 , tumblr_m06wyj0Dkt1r0biau.png )
Hello Mr. Author,

I'm afraid you've already made the biggest mistake an author can make. You're trying to write to get a story accepted instead of writing a story that you want to write. There is no single concept I can give you that will get you immediately accepted. If you're not writing for yourself, I can guarantee whatever you write is going to be of significantly lower quality than a story you write simply because you love it.

I'm sorry you're sad and angry. I understand that the process can be frustrating, but please don't give up. The only way to get better at anything is to fail and learn from your mistakes. I did it. Everyone has done it. Don't think that you're a bad person for being rejected; use it as an opportunity to make yourself a better writer.

And no, the stories don't have to be G-rated and feature ponies acting exactly as they do in the show. Hell, most of the stories we post are quite the opposite (see: any tag that's not [Normal]). Proofreading is kind of necessary, yeah, but that goes for any writing.

So here's my advice for you: Write what you want to write. Fuck the opinions of others. Fuck the pre-readers and the EqD audience and FimFiction and anyone that isn't you. Write what you want to write, and if you really put your all into it, I don't think you'll have a problem getting it posted.

Hope that helps.
>> No. 89319
Addendum: And as long as it's not a crossover with any popular video game (like Halo or Fallout), as long as it doesn't have clop or excessive gore, and as long as it has no Cupcakes references.
>> No. 89323
Pre-reader questions, huh?

So - excessive gore:

What about intensively described medical procedurals?
Like, Science Channel stuff. Operations and incisions and gettin in there and messin with stuff?

Is that allowed?
>> No. 89325

Hello again Mr. Pre-reader,

Author from 89313 here. I'm happy that you think that way, that if I just write what I want and put my all into it that it will get accepted. It makes me understand that pre-readers aren't actually horrid. They're just naive.

I have been writing for myself. That's why I always write. Of course I do proof read, and I try to make it an enjoyable story (enjoyable to myself at least) I have fun writing it, that much is certain, but not many others seem to care to read it.

I would be lying to say that NO ONE reads my stuff, but it's a fairly small audience. When I see the literary equivalent to LOLcats get 5 stars and rave reviews, and I have to just wonder "what am I doing wrong?" Yes, I know that troll fics will get troll reviews, but at this point that seems better than nothing at all. Is there something inherently wrong with wanting exposure?

I await your response.
>> No. 89334
There's nothing wrong with wanting exposure, but that shouldn't be your primary motivation behind writing. If it is, you're never going to be satisfied with anything you write. Your goal should be to make something you're proud of, and if it happens to get popular, that's just icing on the cake. The real reward is looking at what you wrote and saying "I made that."

Now, here's a question for you: You say your fics have been rejected from EqD multiple times. We generally provide a bit of criticism with each rejection, but if that's insufficient, we generally direct the author to seek assistance from the editors here on /fic/. Have you ever posted your story in a review thread? There's nothing wrong with having someone help you catch things you may not be aware of. Hell, having someone else review your work will hopefully train you to spot things you would normally miss.

As far as stories you call "the literary equivalent of LOLcats", have you ever stopped to consider that what you see as a "quality" piece of literature may not be the same as what others enjoy? Insulting the work of others isn't going to make your stories any more popular. If you're so set on getting your story read by a large audience, why not pay attention to the reviews these stories receive? Try to note what they're being praised for, and attempt to emulate it in your own writing.
>> No. 89337
That's a bit iffy. I can't really make a call either way without reading the scene in question.
>> No. 89338
Not sure if this has been addressed or not. We all know the no-clop rule, but where do you draw the line? How much is too much?

I know some who would consider an open mouth kiss to be cloppy if it's described in too much detail. There's also scenes that are described in metaphors only. What of them? And how about a paragraph or two of some pony listening to two others get it on? It's all auditory there so how would that turn out?

Are these things set in stone somewhere on a hidden list, or is it decided on a case by case basis? There's the old stand by of asking: Would I show this to my grandmother. But honestly, I wouldn't show my grandmother anything pony related. She's too old school, and would think me gay (never mind that I actually am, but she doesn't need to know that).
>> No. 89341
A very good short story. I question if it's really a fanfic, though, as there's nothing pony about it save the fact that the characters in question are ponies.

Excessive clop (and gore) is handled on a case-by-case basis. We do have a line at "No explicit mention of genitalia or sexual acts", but anything less than that is dependent very much on context.
>> No. 89355

Me again, 89325. First, thank you for answering me seriously. I appreciate that much.

Next: Yes, I do write to create. I like to do it, and it's satisfying. I like to point to something and say "that's mine". However, you know as well as I do that authors can live or die on the amount of feedback they get. I tend to receive not that much, and what I do get tends to maddeningly vague most of the time. "Good job!" or "This sucks!" seems to be the flavor of the day. There have been a few dedicated fans that comment but not very many at all.

Next I will address your last paragraph. You misunderstood me. I don't insult the stories of others, unless the creator has insulted them first. The stories I mentioned were self described "troll fics". You know the kind. With purposely bad grammar and spelling, they're fun to read in a live stream while playing a drinking game, but that's where the enjoyment ends. Those type of stories seem to glut the attention of so many simply because they are mindless and short. I don't think I'm unjustified in my jealousy, when I produce something through devotion of time and effort, only to have it be passed over in favor of something trying to mimic 'Spiderses' (and not doing a good job of even accomplishing that much). Sorry, but I don't think I want to emulate that sort of writing.

Lastly, I never got the advice from the pre-readers, telling me to post here on the boards. I never really needed to be told of it's existence, but I've been apprehensive at using it. It just seems kind of ... I don't know. Creepy isn't the right word I want to use, but it feels kind of close. On here you're just open to ANYONE who wants to come along and rip you a new one. I don't know how I feel about that.
>> No. 89358
>reposted cause I saw that I still had many characters on this post, so I might as well.

> Planned, written, edited, rewritten, and back ten minutes after this was posted… baww, this is crap.

Twilight looked casually at the mirror, her frazzled mane looking as frazzled as every morning. Nothing too out of the ordinary did indeed occur in her little room, nested amongst the branches of the large treehouse. It had become her morning ritual, a moment were she could let her mind dangle about, focused only in fixing her mane. A little thought keep bugging the final reached of her head, but she ignored in favor of finish the task at hand.

Today was going to be a good day, as she had a major project to finish and she would soon know how Pinkie Pie did that weird trick with…

The thought ended midway as she noticed her reflection wasn’t moving with her. It watched her intently, scribbling notes with her magic. Looking around to make sure it wasn’t some sort of prank her attention now on trying to see what was on her mirror. Suddenly, she felt herself being forced to hold the brush again, only to feel the force loosen without much fanfare. Terror, shot through her, rationalization after rationalization parading in her brain. The odd reflection only kept scribbling, looked at a distance, and closed her notepad, turning away as she did so. Twilight looked behind her, trying to grasp what was going on, and then she saw how blinding white cracks spread through the room

The white cracks began to spread towards the mirror, her mind still trying to figure out what was wrong. She looked straight in front of her and only saw the back of her own head. She felt a hot sensation spreading across her body, and saw the cracks on her skin. She looked back up, a screaming blooming from her chest, catching glimpse of a purple dragon who looked at her with fear.

“Hahah, that was a complete success, Spike,” Twilight said triumphantly, her eyes looking her assistant with an unnatural shimmer, “Pinkie Pie must have gotten help from a unicorn to do that mirror trick, but I now know how she did. It’s simple too.”

“Yeah, Twilight, I know you are happy about all that, but didn’t you think the mirror Twilight looked… scared?” he response, a bit of unease clear on his face.

Twilight looked at the mirror, scoffed, “Oh, come on Spike, it’s just an illusion, a projection I made on the mirror, how could it be scared?”


>Orignally post >>89336


It was raining. It's always raining when bad things happens. Two days ago it had been a fire. Today it was going to be a flood. The townsfolk had moved away all the animals so that the waters would remove all the burned husks of twisted nonhouses and blackened trees. I took a breath in, trying to feel the cold I was supposed to, but nothing came; I barely felt the rain pounding against my back. I felt dead inside.

I looked at my target, his daughter’s laughter enervating my resolve, the same laughter as Honey Dew. This was supposed to be easy, just enter the house and aim for the neck, the noise certain to disappear amongst the chaos of the storm. Yet, I could hear the laughter of the daughter as clear as day, and the memory rebuked my actions. I didn’t even flinch in response.

“Daddy, daddy, again, again!”

“Come on daddy, play with me!”

“No, no dear, it’s late, and daddy has important business to deal with tomorrow.”

“Aahhh… but can we play tomorrow dad? You never played with me before.”

“Sure dear, just, go to sleep, alright?”

I heard a kiss, and a small soft gallop, the rain almost hiding away the chirpy whistling.

“Aww, you keep finding me dad. Let’s try again!”

I stood there, unmoving, seeing the blade in my mouth, when he looked out the window at a distance. He then saw me, and looked at me in the eyes for a minute, the gleam clear as day. We just looked at each other; no word was uttered for a good while.

“This… wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. I didn’t know the dragon would do such damage, I thought he would only cover the place in ashes and then I could make a few more bits. I…”

His explanation hung in the air. He looked at me pleading, not a drop of fear.

“I’m not charging anything. I am going bankrupt, I will lose everything, but I want to make it right. Please, believe me. I want to make it right,” he said weakly, before breaking into tears. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Oh Celestia, I’m sorry.”

“I know where to hide daddy. You will never find me!”

I didn’t hear it fall. I just knew that, on top of that roof, on that stormy night, two stallions cried.

Anything can be made a good story, but with assistance. Books and short stories normally involve between 3-7 people just in the pre-printing process.

If you don’t get help, chances are you won’t get in.

I hate this really. It literary means you could have the next War and Peace, and never be considered. That’s just wrong.

Dude, ripping a new one is mostly if you don't look for the right people. Go to Chowder, or Sciencebrony, or just take the harsh advice and make your story better. The only one actually being benefited is you.
>> No. 89359
Taking you seriously is the least I could do. It really pains me to see authors burn out because of a rejection, and I like to do what I can to ensure they don't give up something they love because of a rough patch.

To cover your first and third points: /fic/ does a wonderful job of policing itself. The training grounds thread in particular is an invaluable tool for writers of any skill level. If the idea of an anonymous reviewer worries you, just keep an eye out for the private review threads floating around. Take a look at some of the previous reviews given by the OP. If their style appeals to you, ask if they can review your story. It can't hurt, and can certainly solve that lack of feedback issue.

And I apologize for misreading your point about the trollfics. Yeah, I can understand your frustration. I've felt the same way at times. People are going to like what they like. I know it sucks to hear, but that's kind of the way things go with any creative pursuit. The only thing we can do is keep trying and hope that one day we receive the recognition we so desire.

In closing: I hope you don't give up on writing. I can't say for sure if I've ever read any of your work, but I know that given enough time and effort anyone can produce something amazing. Keep working at it, and feel free to come back here with any questions you may have along the way.
>> No. 89361
Oooh. I like the Twilight one. Reminds me of a creepypasta I read once. Good work.

And regarding the War and Peace thing: Yeah, it's unfortunate, but rules are rules. We have them for a reason. Exceptions have been made (See: Fallout Equestria Chapter 20.5), so if someone actually does write a masterpiece that crosses a few lines, we'd probably look the other way.
>> No. 89363

>just take the harsh advice and make your story better. The only one actually being benefited is you.

Sorry. I wasn't clear with my posting. I don't mind being told off by an actual reviewer, if it makes my story better. What I don't like is the idea of some random pony-hating troll coming along and spilling bile all over the place. I know this is supposed to be a "safe place" and all, but ...
>> No. 89368
If someone's claimed your fic for reviewing, there's a 90% chance that he/she will follow through and give you a review that will at least help a bit. The fact is that the person claiming your fic has made a commitment to spend his/her free time to read your stuff and search for errors. Ponyhate and malice can go only so far, and mods pop in every now and then to douse flames and whatnot. 'sides, I doubt that /fic/ would be a target. We're too boring to get a rise out of. =P
>> No. 89373
File 133109580560.jpg - (1.08MB , 3300x2550 , Spice Drop.jpg )
1) Write for yourself.
2) Edit for your audience.

Oh, you want more? Well, fine. I'll repeat what I posted previously:

Writers, whether new or accomplished, learning or learned, keep making the same mistake. It always leads to heartache.

Is it punctuation? Grammar? Spelling? Scene? Plot? Characterization?


It’s failing to write for yourself.

Every time I see “If you don’t like it, I’ll stop”, or “Person X said it sucked and I quit”, or “This is too hard, I’m leaving the fandom”, I die a little inside.

This is fandom. Nobody’s being paid for this. Nobody’s going to gain any lasting fame or following. There’s nothing to gain by pandering, or selling yourself out.*

Let me make it clear: If you’re not writing for yourself, or for someone you love just as much as yourself, then you are doing it wrong.

Don’t fret over the mistakes. Don’t fret over the nay-sayers or the trolls. Don’t fret if you can’t get anyone to read your story. If you wrote it for yourself, and truly put your love and work into the pages, it will find an audience somewhere.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t seek to improve. Of course, that’s a goal all writers should seek. But first? Before you climb the mountain? As Captain Kirk would say, you have to love the mountain. ;)

And that’s all I have to say about that.

*Yes. There are exceptions. Shut up.
>> No. 89380

Well, it won't necessarily make you a happy writer. I know we say that you should write for yourself and not worry about if people don't read your stuff or anything like that, but the fact of the matter is that if you're writing for yourself then that writing is very personal. It's something you conceived and brought into the existence, a small glimpse into your personal world. No matter how many times you do it, if you care about your work, then there's going to be a small part of you in it.

As others said, there's nothing wrong with wanting recognition. In fact, I would argue that's the whole purpose of publishing--if you're editing for your audience, that means that you're putting in the work for someone to read the fic and enjoy it. If you really didn't care, you'd not bother trying to fix it up and making it presentable.

I mean, let's be honest with ourselves; if we pour a lot of time and effort into writing something we love and make it large and detailed and thorough and well thought out like it's the next Catch-22 or War and Peace or what have you and then no one reads it or it gets ripped apart, it sucks. There's no real avoiding that, and I think that's really what needs to be said. Along the way, things will go bad and it's gonna suck, but it's not the end of the world. Ya just gotta learn from what you did, pick yourself up, and move on. Some fics won't be worth revising, some may take a long time and multiple edits. You may have to take a break, however long, and come back when your mind is clear. If you're getting stressed out, stop, come back to it after however long you need, and return with a cool head. It might take a long time and it probably won't be easy, but you can improve, come up with new ideas, and eventually you will find someone to read your stuff and share with your joy in writing.

So, I guess what I'm saying is, write for yourself, edit for your audience, and march on.
>> No. 89387
This has been bugging me for a long time now: When I submitted "Fluttershy Gets a Paper Cut" back in September, it was approved almost immediately. I do not believe it to be nearly good enough to go on Equestria Daily, and when I sent it in, I quoted Cereal Velocity saying something about it putting it up if it was written. So my question is this: Did it ever go through the prereaders? If so, can I hear what they said? My email is in the name.
>> No. 89388
I don't see it, but then, it might have come in just before I made Pre-Reader...
>> No. 89389
The review is really just a single line that amounts to "It's good to go", but I sent it anyway.
>> No. 89393
Ah, much appreciated. Thanks.
>> No. 89396
Why did you submit it to Equestria Daily if you didn't think it was good enough?
>> No. 89404
I don't think anything I write is good enough, but I try anyways.
>> No. 89408
File 133110202298.jpg - (79.74KB , 833x718 , Quadsmakesitso.jpg )
Different era. September was a different time entirely. Plus Fluttershy Gets a Papercut is a Grimdark Farce, so it gets bonus points on concept and execution.
From my point of view anyways. On the sideline.

You know what's funny about the internet? If you just keep plugging away, telling your little stories, and working to make the the best product that you can; you'll eventually find your audience.
Just talk to people, share your stories, stop looking for acclaim, and you'll fall into a pretty nice place.

It might not be the place you were looking for when you started, but it's your place. Tell the story that you're proud of, and work on being happy about that.
>> No. 89413
For you, I shall link and bump two great threads that are hugely relevant; they contain some really thoughtful responses from people in the writing community that you may find useful. >>37741 >>76133

Lemme guess: /pony/?
>> No. 89431

Anon from 89325 here. I think I should take off the Anon mask now, since you're all being so kind. Plus I've been drinking so my fear of being ridiculed has largely melted away.

Thank you, seriously. I didn't think I would get this kind of response here. I thought it was just going to be mostly ignored.

Now a confession: It's been months since I tried to submit anything to EqD. They just kept telling me I was no good, so I stopped submitting. That's why you don't recognize my name from any of the stories you've read. It's only been with the ending of the FIM contest (and that one HURT, really) that I decided to look into other areas for fan fiction advice.

I'm reminded of the old adage that you have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with anyone else. I heard the part many times before "write for yourself", but I never really saw the "edit for your audience". I was always told to "edit your work like it's the worst piece of crap on the face of the earth", and that seemed to work well, I guess.

I guess this doesn't really go anywhere except to thank you all for even bothering to respond to me, and .. WAAAAHH I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

*big drunken awkward group hug*
>> No. 89458
Rex Ivan? You wrote Cupcake's Day Out, right? For what it's worth, I really enjoyed that story. Faved it on FIMfic.
>> No. 89472
A while back I submitted a Halo crossover, and I got a response that ran along the lines of "Sorry, we don't accept those fics anymore."

Is it still possible that I can somehow convince someone to give it a try, or I really can't submit it anymore?
>> No. 89473
> Lemme guess: /pony/?
Like I said, I used to frequent /ep/ before it became /pony/... Which is now /show/ I guess. I still miss when the board was /ep/ /pic/, but that joke is forever and a day ago.
>> No. 89474
It does make me wonder... how many Halo fics are actually posted?

I have seen one. How could the website be saturated if there are only one?
>> No. 89476
I'm sure we've had more than one. The problem is that Halo crossovers are generally not received well by the community. Since our job, first and foremost, is to entertain the EqD community, we tend to avoid fics that won't go over well.
>> No. 89477
You mean this Fluttershy Gets a Paper Cut? http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/09/story-fluttershy-gets-paper-cut.html

It was hilarious, by the way.

It's not how many we post, but how many we get. Which I can't even speak to, because Seth automoons them and doesn't send them to us.
>> No. 89479
>Since our job, first and foremost, is to entertain the EqD community, we tend to avoid fics that won't go over well.


I understand that's not your fault, but considering the sort of stuff that community likes (and likes to hate), the notion that EqD is the resting place of the best of the fandom is a bit... wobbly. Still, EqD is better than the FiMfiction upper bar, but I just wonder what would happen if the pre-readers (or the reviewers here) were the ones who controlled the star-rating and who actually gets attention (rather than people raging over... well, everything from M/M to how Derpy with a language issue is wrong, she must be mentally impaired).
>> No. 89482
We've considered having the pre-readers set star ratings. The idea was quickly shot down, as that would cause more rage amongst readers and authors than a fic where a male mentally handicapped Derpy gets shipped with a male self insert OC.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to read that.
>> No. 89484
You know... now I'm tempted to write that. Honestly? That setup would make for a really touching story if done right.
>> No. 89485
File 133113795637.jpg - (66.39KB , 400x300 , 2BDJNW7GH6IA2YWRPWZOWXM5PQSNYLA5.jpg )

I was leaving off to do my work, but now I'll only be thinking of how I can make a 400 word story of that!

>pic related?
>> No. 89495
You could make a larger pool of public readers that would give out ratings, people who could be trusted to not one-star bomb them, but that's just wishful thinking. Finding out who isn't a douche would be a lesson in futility.

You should have two sets of ratings: The pre-readers', and the public's. You could end up with metacritic-levels of butthurt with a huge divide between the scores, but I think it'd be the best of both worlds. Personally, I miss those little pre-reader snippets. They're all-too rare these days.
>> No. 89500
Honestly, I wish we could go back to doing pre-reader quotes. I liked those too. Unfortunately that created even more of a divide amongst the community. People felt like we were playing favorites, so we kind of stopped.

A good chunk of readers think we're incredibly incompetent and have no idea what a good story is, so adding pre-reader ratings/quotes/seal of approval/etc would just make them angry. Rage is generally a bad thing.
>> No. 89515
File 133114942344.jpg - (37.47KB , 411x504 , disapointfluttershy-jpg_1814.jpg )
They're also the readers that probably enjoy MLD. Buck 'em.
>> No. 89519
Liking it and shouting praise for it from the rooftops are two different things. I'd think even you would deem the fic to be at least passable.
>> No. 89523
File 133115072565.png - (659.64KB , 750x750 , EqD%20day%2027%20banished.png )
No. Absolutely not. The fact that it could have been great, and was based off of a picture series that actually was, only makes the bitterness worse. It was a perfect storm of missed oppoutunity and people being too stupid to notice the massive, gaping plot holes and sub-par writing.
>> No. 89557
File 133115739469.jpg - (187.47KB , 630x834 , Ferris is Pleased.jpg )
The standards vary slightly from prereader to prereader (not insulting, just saying, "prereaders are human"), but they're generally very high.

That being said, I've never seen anyone rage against the prereaders for getting "accepted." That makes me wonder where that "YOU guys suck" vibe is really coming from.
>> No. 89561
>people being too stupid to notice the massive, gaping plot holes and sub-par writing.

They didn't notice? I think you're well aware that people noticed, but they didn't care.

I suppose it's like how everyone knows that there are groan-worthy moments in the original Star Wars[/i] such as the awful scene of "Governor Tarkin? I should have expected to you to be holding Vader's leash. I recognized that foul stench when I was brought on board!" or "Lock the door, R2" followed by the stormtroopers, which have no problem murdering innocent people almost at random, passing by a door just because it was locked or... well, I can go on...
>> No. 89562
There are groups that think we're incompetent because we post stories they dislike.
There are groups that think we're incompetent because we rejected their fanfic that was clearly a work of art.
Occasionally these groups overlap.
>> No. 89566
No. Just about every time I've brought them up, people slap themselves upside the forehead and say "How did I not realize that!"
>> No. 89569
The whole "It's shipping, therefore it must suck" / "It's homosexual shipping, therefore it must suck even harder" / "It strays off canon, therefore it must suck harder than an Oreck XL Upright" / "One star. Won't read." attitude of EqD doesn't help either.
>> No. 89574
Sadly it's just a very vocal minority that feels that way. If you look at the comments on most of the starbombed stories, they're pretty positive. It's just that a small group has decided they should determine what is and isn't the right way to enjoy My Little Pony fanfic, and they cheat the system to have their way.

It sucks but there's really nothing we can do about it.
>> No. 89578
And this is why I've stopped paying attention to star ratings altogether.
>> No. 89587
File 133115953090.gif - (1.86MB , 400x300 , Pinkie laugh.gif )

>homosexual shipping
>suck even harder

>> No. 89593
Just an aside, flipping the bird loses all meaning when you don't have fingers.

On a more relevant note, what is "MLD"?
>> No. 89598
>what is "MLD"
It's a terrific fanfic about some guy in detroit having a bad acid trip. Almost everyone on /fic/ counts it as one of their favorites.
>> No. 89603
File 133116105132.jpg - (125.80KB , 571x486 , Yugo_Oh_You.jpg )
>> No. 89608
File 133116145969.png - (55.81KB , 945x945 , fvibdafiupvbaidsfuvbpia.png )
>> No. 89613
File 133116225985.jpg - (10.86KB , 250x265 , George-Takei-oh-my.jpg )
>> No. 89615
File 133116251170.jpg - (21.87KB , 310x331 , asvusipuvbspifvbi.jpg )
>> No. 89616
Anon from earlier here ( >>89484 ).
I'm going to try writing that fic for you, though it won't be a self-insert. It'll just be an OC. I can't promise when it'll be done but I'm going to try.
>> No. 89622
Huzzah! There's a distinct lack of m/m shipping in this fandom. I'll be looking forward to it.
>> No. 89664
>I'll be looking forward to it.
I'm not.
>> No. 89695
Sort of a personal question, a question about your personal opinions, that is. How do you guys feel when you approve a story and it gets a negative reception? I'm not talking about the star-bombers, but when people are leaving genuinely critical comments that are legitimate or at least aren't just pulled out of their asses. Do you take it personally, like "I thought this story was fine, why can't you guys see it?" or does it not even matter to you.

Also, do any of you guys read the fanfic reviews by Ezn ( http://eznwords.tumblr.com/revindex ) and Chris ( http://onemansponyramblings.blogspot.com/ )? And any other reviewers that I don't know about, for that matter. If you do, do you ever get defensive when they bash a story that you approved, or is it more like "yeah, I guess that story really wasn't so great."
>> No. 89722
Technically, we do: stories that get posted have pre-reader approval, and the star ratings theoretically reflect the public's opinion. I mean, I know what you're getting at, but that's the naive "We don't need to change anything" response.

Also, I have no idea when pre-reader quotes stopped being used. :( I never knew they were hated.

On the upside, Seth just moved star ratings off the main page. This may very well not stop star bombing, but it will definitely test the resolve of those who engage in it.

I do take it personally. I take pride in having discovered (i.e., been lucky enough to pick out of the queue) excellent fanfics, even if -- especially if -- they took months of hard work to reach that level of excellence. Having it thrown back in my face? Well, let's just say I've lost a lot of respect for the readership. I think I've made that clear in this thread already. I'm not going to stop, but I also don't care what they hate.

And I love Chris's reviews. I've not read Ezn's (I shall now!), nor has Chris reached the time in the blog when I actually came on as a pre-reader, so I can't comment on that.

Lastly, I'm just going to leave this here. It's relevant to the current discussion: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/11203/Little-Dashie

trollan trollan trollan :V
>> No. 89724
Addendum: Seth has not removed the star ratings from the front page, and I'm an idiot.
>> No. 89725
In the end, it all comes down to opinions, so I'm not bothered too much when someone disagrees with me. Often, folks will find errors that I overlook, so it's a good thing.

I do read Ezn, and I like to look through reviews here on /fic/.
>> No. 89726
Too clarify for silly PP, seth derped and star ratings are not wherever they're supposed to be. Though, off the main page is definitely a good place for them so
>> No. 89781
Sort of a greedy question here, but I was wondering – having had a fic accepted by Equestria Daily, how long does it take to actually get posted on the site? I got the confirmation e-mail about a day ago, but haven’t seen it on EqD yet.
>> No. 89785
Depends entirely on how much other stuff Seth has to post. He generally puts things in the post queue a few days in advance, so it could take up to three days for an accepted story to be posted.
>> No. 89815
"Hello - I had an inquiry about a story I submitted to EqD. I've sent Kindness is an Ark in about eight times in the past two months with no response. Which seems an erroneous amount, however, I've not even gotten a notification that it has been sent to the pre-readers. I've triple-checked the submission address and guidelines just about every time I've submitted the story. Is there any chance you might be able to explain why I've yet to receive any sort of response? At this point I'd prefer a formal rejection over continuing static.
>> No. 89831
First, are you sending it to [email protected]?

Second, can you copy/paste whatever you sent here?
>> No. 89840
Yes and here is the submissions as taken directly from the last email:

1) Tags: Shipping
2) Title: Kindness is an Ark
3) Description: Prince Blueblood is trapped between two fractured lives: the home life that formed him into the insufferable snob he is today, and the unrequited love of his heart whom he drove away.
4) DA: http://fav.me/d4ls9j7
Fimfiction: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/6644/Kindness-is-an-Arc
5) Characters: Prince Blueblood Shining Armor Princess Cadence
6) Complete
7) Reconciliation Redemption Kindness Poetry Romance
8) By Harp's'ong
>> No. 89846
I have no idea why you haven't received a response then. That looks fine to me.

I just sent Seth an email asking about it.
>> No. 89869
He says he has no history of that fic ever being received by [email protected] Not sure what the issue is, so I resubmitted it for you.
>> No. 89873
Thanks so much! If it is any help at all, here is a link to the original preview image: http://fav.me/d4lxo1p

And my email for correspondence is [email protected]
>> No. 89935
File 133127494131.png - (106.75KB , 497x472 , 56365 - adorkable artist briskby artist rose glasses ponytail sweater twilight_sparkle.png )
> How do you guys feel when you approve a story and it gets a negative reception? I'm not talking about the star-bombers, but when people are leaving genuinely critical comments that are legitimate or at least aren't just pulled out of their asses. Do you take it personally, like "I thought this story was fine, why can't you guys see it?" or does it not even matter to you.
A little late to respond, but I finally have words to articulate how I feel about this. It has happened to me before, and more than once.

When the other reviewer sees flaws in it that I overlooked, I take it as an opportunity to learn. When I get to see what another person thinks about something I have read carefully, I get to read points about that work, that I may have overlooked, in addition to a glimpse into how that person's critical mind works -- because, having read the same writing they have, I have a literary yardstick of sorts with which to measure the dimensions of their thought.

The only time I would feel personally conflicted is if what the other reviewer disdained overlapped with what I praised in the story. I would then either chalk it up to a difference in taste, or feel stupid / superior, depending on my level of trust and respect for the individual who wrote the review, and how well their points are made.
>> No. 89938
Has there ever been a reviewer that just couldn't cut it? I mean someone who looked like they would do a good job in the beginning, but turned out to consistently make mistakes they they should have learned from, or kept approving fics that any other reviewer would have put down.

If there was, what happened to them? Did you have to retire them, or was a warning enough to get them in line?
>> No. 89940
Alright,I'm wondering about a fic I sent in a little over 4 days ago.I'm almost certain that I sent the e-mail in the correct format,so I'm wondering if a few things might have made it get auto-rejected.First,the title is A Pimp Named Spikeback.It's a crossover with the show The Boondocks.Does the word pimp,or having a pimp in the story hurt its chances?If not that,I put my author name as StayOuttaMyShed since that is what my fimfiction name is.I know that SHED.MOV was never poster on EqD so does having my author name relate to it hurt my chances too?If so,I'll gladly change the author name.I just really want to know what the pre-readers think,and would like their critique since my ultimate goal is to get one of my stories on EqD.

And sorry for the long comment,lol.
>> No. 89956
I would say no. There have been quite a few that sign up, do nothing, and then drop off. That's a pain because we get a lot of fics, and when we have less pre-readers than we think we do...
>> No. 89966
We never received that fic. And no, your author name doesn't really have anything to do with whether or not it'll be accepted.

I'm going to venture a guess and say that it was rejected for having more than five errors in the description. You need to put a space after every period/comma/question mark.
>> No. 89970
What should I do if I get a rejection from you guys with one of the issues being a "canon vioalation" where said error and proof for it make a claim that is (at least to me) dubious at best.
Specifically this:
(direct copy-paste from the email)
Canon violation. The Elements of Harmony are older than the Princesses. This was described in S02-E01 and E02. They were not created.

Magnets are fun, and I study Quantum next quarter. What's not to love about that?
>> No. 89979
Send a response email explaining why you feel that the criticism is incorrect. We do make mistakes at times.
>> No. 89980
Though, I did go back and re-watch that scene after reading this. Celestia says she "discovered" the EoH, which does imply that they are older than her and Luna.
>> No. 89983
Thank you for your response, I'll try to rework that scene to make it work.

Possibly something involving Celestia discovering them as the highest virtues, but being the one to give them an initial physical manifestation.

Just as Twilight and the others changed the manifestation to the necklaces and tiara from the destroyed stone spheres. The spheres were not the elements, but just a physical form.

How does that sound?
>> No. 89985
Sounds good to me.
>> No. 89987
But... under that logic my M/M Derpy-OC shipping can't be posted because I'm going to claim in my story Derpy has always been a very girly looking boy, which is definitely not canon...
>> No. 89991
I'm... not sure that canon violations should be an issue, really. I'll take it up with the rest.

It's quite obvious that we have had and do continue to have "alternate universe" fics, so it really shouldn't be a deal breaker... on the other hoof, I can't see a problem with stories that are now being written to work with canon rather than against.

Having said THAT, though, ideas like "Derpy is actually a girly stallion" should have room to breathe because there are interesting stories there, and I can't rightly axe a story for "not being entirely canon" with a clean conscience.
>> No. 90031
Sounds like how I'm approaching it. :V

Well... Technically Derpy was never referred to as 'she' in her scene, but you're going to be butting heads with two years of very closely followed fanon. Violating that may be even greater folly than going against canon. Don't let it stop you though.
>> No. 90057
Two anons, both working on a M/M Derpy-OC shipping story. This should be interesting!

I'm actually taking quite a different perspective with the 63'd Derpy, and it's been a rough, but interesting ride writing so far. I'm hoping that it turns out well.

Good onya for taking up the challenge! I'm glad my muses aren't the only ones to be inspired by strange things! lol
>> No. 90061

I don't know if you're actually going to read this, considering it's been a long time since you posted.

I'm not a pre-reader, but I agree with what they're saying 100%; I've been rejected by EqD three times now, but I kept writing. Why did I keep writing after so many rejections? Because I fucking love to write. Are you writing for yourself? That's a great start, but there's a second step: when you submit yourself to be critiqued by others (EqD or FimFiction, for instance), you need to either take their criticism and implement it, or stop caring and be satisfied with what you've accomplished.

I wrote a story recently; it got featured on FimFiction. Am I telling you this to brag? Hell no. I'm telling you this so you can realize something: I wrote that story because there was a burning in my heart to write it. I had a concept that I loved, and I wanted to carry it on to completion. By simply writing the story because I wanted to write it, people knew it. If being praised by others is your first goal, or even your second or third, you'll never be happy and you'll most certainly never be well known.

Write because you love it, not for notoriety. Just my two cents.
>> No. 90075
My story has grown from simply Derpy and the OC meeting in the dancefloor, a bunch of gratitious descriptions, bunch of vague background, and other silliness into a story of Derpy as a girly looking stallion that is the main member of a very famous dance troupe that hides away from her(his?) fame by coming to Ponyville and acting all clumsily, which of course leads to her(him?) having no luck in dancefloor because no one wants to end up in a wall, but the just gotten in OC gets her to dance, and all goes downhill from there as the OC tries to deal with the fact it isn't a mare, Derpy tries to keep herself hidden so that her only place were she isn't being judged constantly (or, at least, hoped to not be judged constantly) doesn't get overrun with people asking about her, and Carrot Top is just trying to keep her(his?) from doing something stupid to affect the relationship, her(his?) career, or her(his?) daughter (subplot of custody battle you say? I like being horrible to myself, so why not?).

Yep, I'm fucked, and this has no chance whatsoever to ever getting into EqD without the hatred burning a hole through the internet and eating me alive.
>> No. 90123
Yeah, buddy! :D
>> No. 90172
I read mostly individual threads, although I'll read the odd review in TTG if I happen to spot one by a reviewer I greatly respect.

I have nothing against TTG, but it's a little too jumbled for my taste. It's much easier to keep track of individual threads.
>> No. 90214

I hope it's Filler; he needs the love.

My obligatory question: There have been people in the TG who write a dozen stories a month and submit them to us, then go on to the next one without improving one bit. Even though you have the three-strikes rule, do you get people like that, who write a story every other day, and nothing they write is even close to passable? Can an author be blacklisted?
>> No. 90228
We certainly have authors like that, which is why we made the three strike rule in the first place.

However, we don't blacklist authors save very extreme circumstances. If someone is willing to put the time and effort into becoming a better writer, we're more than willing to give them as many chances as they need to get it right.
>> No. 90256
File 133142504125.jpg - (44.38KB , 404x467 , gone fishing.jpg )
>> No. 90343
Fine. Question withdrawn.

I'm sorry I offended your bravely anonymous sensibilities. If you hadn't noticed, I invited negative comments. Reviewing is as much a learning process as writing, except that we get very little feedback. If I'm harming writers, I want to know. I'd hope that any reviewer would.
>> No. 90375
Why is the level of language you allow in?
Is there a hard number you can't go over, or is it case by case depending on what character is being written?
>> No. 90388
File 133146034680.gif - (85.44KB , 320x240 , Clap.gif )
>If I'm harming writers, I want to know. I'd hope that any reviewer would.
>> No. 90392
Hey Guys. Long time submitter and author of a couple of... shall I say, niche fics that have been put up on EQD before. And I do have some questions.

First of all, I'm... actually very surprised when I heard that Daffodil mentioned Love . Sick as one of the weirdest but yet, enjoyable fics that he or she read, because of the fact that was put in that comment - that it wasn't allowed onto EQD for reasons of content. Admittedly, of course, I knew when submitting it, it was going to really hit that line hard, and I never made any argument about it being declined. But seeing how I now know it was actually recieved well by one (at the least) pre-reader, I'm kind of curious as to what specifically WAS the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak.

My next question, though, is a bit more applicable. I am working on a sequel to a fic that's up on EQD already, but granted, it had a very rough start getting posted in the first place. Recently there's been a lot of talk about 'canon violation' and how stories are being tuned away due to things like that, but the fic in question (as well as the original) is a canon violation in on itself. I'm not saying that just because the first was posted, the sequel should, which is why I'm here to ask you...

How negatively is this going to impact my chances of the fic being accepted? I can go into more detail, but it boils down to the fact that I'm worried about the opportunity for this fic to be up on EQD due to a rash of things that have happened lately that have been suggesting that writers stay away from the exact things that I do.

My worry is that, although the original fic did well, I believe it went through under irregular circumstances, although the exact details weren't made clear to me. I wouldn't want the sequel to be declined.

I apologize for the super long post, and thank you in advance for your time and insight.
>> No. 90400
Excessive swearing from an OC might get you turned away if it detracts from the quality of writing (meaning, you swear like every line of dialogue and it gets annoying), but I don't think there's a language cap. However, if you use a canon character, swearing might get you turned down based on it being out-of-character (depending on the circumstances, though---e.g., "5 years later grimdark" where everyone's been beaten down by life... that might call for some swearing from some of the angrier characters).

Sequels are usually put in the same blogpost as the original, and are therefore immune to the prereader's eyes.
>> No. 90416
What is the threshold at which violence is considered "gore"?
Can wounds or things that inflict wounds be described, if not gratuitously for the purpose of accentuating the wound aspect?
>> No. 90417
Certainly: just make sure you don't go into the realm of doing it just for the shock value and it should be fine. Remember, it's all in the delivery; if the description serves the story rather than being the point of it, we'll probably be okay with it.
>> No. 90419
A followup on that question - at what point would a story be considered "dark" or "grimdark" rather than "dramatic, with some violence"?
>> No. 90424
Regarding your first question: There were two issues that pushed Love.Sick over the edge for us. The first was the implied sex cult that Dash was involved with, including underage members (I seem to remember Scoots being told to lie about her age. That left a bad taste in a few pre-readers mouths). The second was the entire Fluttershy scene. That kind of crossed the line in terms of graphic content.

I still love it, though.

Regarding your second question, I'm going to need a bit more detail before I can give you a definitive answer.

Dark/Grimdark is a mood. If your story is violent but the violence is all in a comedy setting, don't tag it Grimdark. However, if there's no violence to speak of but the tone is dark, edgy, or hopeless, that's Grimdark.
>> No. 90432
Well... would the whole issue of rejecting stories for canon need to be addressed fist?

If you are going to be rejecting stories over canon violations it should be said outright so people know that their re-imagining of a Equestria won't get posted.

That of course doesn't mean that rejecting a story with Fluttershy being a smoking, turpentine drinking, bunny eating bounty hunter is not right (why use fluttershy?), but if the example about the elements of harmony is any guide, changing the setting to fit your story is apparently also wrong (and grimdark gets a kick on the nuts).
>> No. 90433
If it's made clear from the beginning that your story is an Alternate Universe you have much more freedom to mess with canon.

It only becomes an issue when a story is entirely in canon Equestria except for one detail being changed. That is a canon violation.

In the end it all comes down to suspension of disbelief. If you have a detail in your story that goes against something explicitly stated in canon, but you make it make sense within the universe of your story, you're fine. However, if you go against canon with little to no explanation, that pulls the reader out of the story, and that's what we're trying to prevent.
>> No. 90436
Just a little follow-up:

Then why isn't the Alternative Universe tag applied more judiciously?

I can't recall, except for very few and far in-between examples, a story which didn't change, tweaked, or in one way or another took liberties with the setting and characters in order to make a story. Yet, none of these have the alternative universe tag (discounting the crossovers, but pointing a finger at Fallout Equestria) and many stories simply add things to Equestria which have no reason, or sense, being there.

Is it truly easier for suspension of disbelief to accept that Star Swirl was some sort of con, but it is not that Celestia is older than the Elements? Where is the alternative tag for stories where a human barges into the room? Why must I have more acceptance of this than, to say, that Spike is actually a wyrm (wingless dragon)?

It seems to me to be an arbitrary line to put into the sand that such and such small detail will not be believable, but this other one is (or that this larger one is as well.)
>> No. 90442
If the characters state, unequivocally, that X=Y, but your story depends on the crux that X=Z, and Not Y, without a reason, then we call it canon violation.
To take your Celestia > Elements example. Since Season 2, that would be a Canon Violation. In Season 1, it would be speculative fiction.
>> No. 90445
Which I am not disagreeing upon, I know what you mean as a canon violation; my concern is if it's truly a valid reason for rejection, to where does this extend, and how does it affect acceptance into EqD.

Consider the example of male Derpy above, which inequivocally a canon violation and has no other purpose other than making Derpy be a male (you could write the whole story with Derpy being female for example). How doesn't that fit into canon violation?

Say I began calling Spike a wyrm, how does that fit?

Suppose I came and said that is adopted, how does that fit into the rejection process?

Canon violation is a weak rejection point because all of these can be weaved into a good story without suspending disbelief, so rejecting something outright because it doesn't fit directly into the show seems odd considering it is fanfiction after all.

Now, just to make it clear, I'm not dragging this on for a fight, I actually appreciate your work greatly, it just seems to me that this is a rejection policy which needs everyone to sit down and inform everyone else what does it mean, simply because I can go and point out to all stories and claim Canon Violation because none of the elements where presented in the show.

Thus, I can only be fearful of the idea that if I go, write a story about Twilight's adventures in Saturn in the style and quality of Vonnegut, but get rejected because I made Trixie be a bartender.
>> No. 90451
I'll make this as simple as possible:

Is it a good, believable story? Then it will be posted.

I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to ask. Is there a definite, solid definition of "canon violation"? No. There isn't. It's like excessive clop or gore. You know it when you see it.
>> No. 90453

Erm... different Anon here. Maybe this'd help clear up the confusion?

I'm one of the two anons writing a 63'd Derpy story. I'll probably be submitting it under the "Alternate Universe" tag, even though in most other ways it could be feasible under canon Equestria. For me, it's because I know my story is different from true canon. But, for example, if it were a speculative story like the other anon is writing, where Derpy has always been a really girly colt, that could be considered a normal fiction story (at least to my mind).

An Alternate Universe knows that it's changing what is known canon (i.e. Celestia was the one turned bad, and Luna was the one who sent her to the moon). Other types of stories which use canon elements to speculate as to what "could be feasible" with the world as it is, aren't necessarily alternate universe.
>> No. 90538
Star Swirl as a con works because we don't actually have any pictures of Star Swirl. That story is playing with the whole idea that legends lose details as they get passed down through the generations. So it's entirely possible that what little we know of Star Swirl is in fact all made up, or was fabricated to cover a lie.

Celestia, on the other hand, discovered the Elements of Harmony. Flat out, right there, that's what it is. You can't go against that without going into AU territory. And I'll mention that some people consider AU not to be fanfic, depending upon how much is being changed. For instance, if you're writing about human OCs with tattoos on their butts in a cyberpunk space-western universe, how is that pony?
>> No. 90547
Well, that really clears everything up for me. Thanks very much to Daffodil and Nick, who responded, and all these anonymous people who actually helped get the answers out anyway.

And knowing where the threshold is will definitely help me out for... NEXT Halloween. Muahahaha.
>> No. 90592
File 133153810400.png - (35.68KB , 381x452 , Stormchaser is thinking.png )
Dear Princess Celestia Equestria Daily Pre-Reader,

How bad is the "star-bombing" problem, and what is Equestria Daily doing to fix it? It is clear that EqD pre-readers in particular are aware of the problem (see pre-reader response in >>89390).

- Stormchaser
>> No. 90618
It'd be funny if people could be required to leave a 10+ word "reason" for any rating 2.5 or less. And reasons with nonsense filler words would have their ratings removed. But that's just wishful thinking.

Would definitely put a dent in star-bombers though.
>> No. 90621
Any fic that star-bombers deem unworthy will never reach above a 4.4 average rating. This is mostly directed at shipping, but I've seen it happen with OCs, at the very least.

And we can't do shit about it, not without changing the architecture of the entire site. All you can do is be vigilant, spread the word about stories you like that you think are getting short shrift, and give the old cold shoulder to anyone who's actually doing it. Though I suspect they keep to themselves, whoever they are.
>> No. 90622
File 133156215314.png - (137.31KB , 290x293 , yugo7.png )
I've sent a Owloysius/Philomena shipfic yesterday, which got rejected on grounds I find perfectly understandable. Namely that the fic kind of overstayed its welcome by the end, took itself too seriously and had grown generally uninteresting. The pre-reader who checked it even specified the exact point where he/she assumed it would have ended even.

Now, I've looked over the story again and I could pretty much do away with everything after that point, without much of a problem and I'd still be over the minimum wordcount.

As such, my question would be: on a purely theoretical level and on a scale of 1-10, how hard would I get punched if I cut it off there, neatly polished the leftover jagged edges, then resubmit it?
>> No. 90623
File 133156308287.jpg - (31.73KB , 277x800 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-cooler.jpg )

For serious, probably not too badly.
>> No. 90626
Hi random flamebait author, you seem to be under the illusion that you automatically deserve having your work published because you can string a sentence together in something that seems to be entirely English.

Whilst I commend you on that, I am sorry to burst your bubble, but you don't get a free pass. Nobody does. I can't put it any simpler than that. Rather than getting all huffy and shouty about it, take some time to read what other people (including real, bonafide, paid authors) have written.

Examine how, what and why. Then, try to do the same.

You may not make it, and quite frankly if your stories are the literary equivalent of stick figures then you won't get in.

Neither do stick figures, by the way, which is why you don't see my "art" on EqD.

If you merely want bragging rights, try writing for one of the (currently) two collection universes. Both are awesome for original, gripping and engaging stories and don't go through much moderation.

Some of the best (and worst) stories I have read have been written for the fo:e and tcb universes.

I can't in good conscience say that writing for an audience that won't remember you next week is worth your time, however. Write for yourself, create something you are proud of, and then publish it on a site that does not have moderation (fimfiction, fanfiction.net). If you get kudos and accolades, take them with a pinch of salt. They're getting something for nothing, throwing a free "nice job" costs them very little, so don't kid yourself that you're the next J K Rowling when you might simply be the next stephenie meyer or tarra gillespie.

This is, essentially, what every writer tries to do. Eventually you'll be good enough, but it may take years. Seriously, I keep promising to show some of my older stuff. You'd spit blood, it's that bad.
>> No. 90629
I have to agree with this wording.

If you've just got the wrong information in your story, then fixing it should be a matter of applying your fingers to the keyboard. No harm, no foul. (e.g. the ponies and Equestria pre-date Celestia, so any Celestia-creates-ponies fic is no longer canon, so if you story pretends it IS for no reason other than 'I wrote this pre-S2', then fix it).

If having the wrong information be *correct* is a real sticking point (a crux of your story itself, e.g. Derpy is in fact a male, or Celestia re-creates ponies and Equestria because X) then you're definitely saying "this is NOT the universe from the show" - and in that case, it would NOT be a reason to hoof it back over, and you'd better hang a really big lampshade on that to make the reader go "ooooh, something happened".

If we couldn't have fics that "violated canon", then there could be no 63rd rune, no cross and arrow, no fallout:equestria, no past sins - but equally, if you're trying to write in the show as it is, then get your facts straight as you can unless they are pertinently wrong for a reason.

If you get published, and then jossed, then you get grandfathered in, no need to pull anything.

Essentially, canon violation comes under the characterizations and world-building area, and should be treated more like a spelling mistake, all of which can be played with if there's a reason.

It's also why cut-and-paste ponified-names stories get rejected - just because a character is called "Pinkie Pie" does not mean you've written an MLP:FiM story, and if you haven't, then why should it go up on EqD?
>> No. 90684
>It's also why cut-and-paste ponified-names stories get rejected - just because a character is called "Pinkie Pie" does not mean you've written an MLP:FiM story, and if you haven't, then why should it go up on EqD?

Then what are the lines that determine whether a story is pony or not?

Let's take the case of my story:

My story, A Cloud Divided is a ponification of the American Civil War. Obviously not a very pony subject, but there are three significant differences:
1) The names and locations are grudgingly ponified.
2) The predecessor to canon Cloudsdale exists and is floating on top of the Midwestern states, and most certainly take actions that change the course of the war.
3) The entire story is the first in a series that demonstrates the fall of Western society into what we now know as Equestria.

Basically, the series is FO:E in reverse: Because a society collapsed (in the story), Equestria was made.
Well, there's a problem: The fact that this is in any way related to canon is in the ending, so people won't know that it's not a copy-paste story until the very end.

Well, in order to remedy this, I've devised the following subplot, which plays out in the following manner a la a 'scrapbook story' (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ScrapbookStory) interspersed with the main narrative (which is part of the scrapbook story itself):

On the night of the NMM incident, a team of archaeologists found a briefcase that fell from the sky. As they opened it, they found a plethora of strange maps and designs. The designs were too complicated for the archaeologists to figure out and called for components that didn't exist, so the archaeologists threw those out. The maps were of strange locations, and didn't seem to fit up with any known map. The team was on the verge of throwing the briefcase out when one of the members managed to figure out the secret of the maps. By placing a landmark called 'Cheyenne Mountain' on top of Canterlot and using the other known landmarks for scale, the team was able to decipher what the maps meant. And boy did they mean something: The maps showed entire continents that had never been discovered.

Needless to say, they wanted to publish this immediately. But finding a briefcase that fell from the sky is hardly authoritative. So, the team elected to perform digs on the nearest 'major city' on the maps they could find. They found remnants of the Old World, long forgotten bricks of incredibly hard substances and what must have been massive buildings. There was one last thing they found: A second briefcase, filled with books detailing strange and unusual subjects, subjects that had been untouched for hundreds of years. One of these books was an account of a war.

One of the more ambitious professors elects to hold off on revealing the history the groups had found, and instead adapting the book for publication to the masses, to present the idea of a world before the tribes of ponies before the official revealing of the discoveries they had found to academia. So, he elects to send a first draft of the story to a pony who he knows is interested in fantastic books and alternate histories: Twilight Sparkle.

I'm leaving out a lot of the other elements for brevity, but that's the gist of things. Is it pony enough, despite the fact that the majority of the story takes place in a strange new setting with completely new characters?
>> No. 90701
It's a tough call. I'm leaning towards not pony enough, since you're essentially writing the same story with a new frame this time. It's still a story that doesn't include any elements of MlP:FiM as we know them (unless you've made significant changes since your last submission). The fact that the beginning and end of each chapter is Twilight reading a book doesn't change that.

That isn't to say it can't be a good story. There are plenty of incredible fics written in this fandom that are barely pony that people love anyway (See: White Box).
>> No. 90711
However White Box made it in.

I don't mean to imply that there aren't any pony elements involved. The second story I'm planning is designed around how magic works and how friendship plays into it. But that's the second story, not the first.
>> No. 90800
If I recall correctly, the civil war fic you're talking about was essentially the american civil war, with a s/[non-pony-name]/[pony-name]/g done throughout.

It wasn't pony enough, and that was our call to make. Just changing the names and places isn't enough, the story has to take part in and be a part of the MLP:FiM world (or close enough).

If you could weave that same civil warm themed story as an inextricably pony history lesson, such that the pony-ness of the characters is a driving, distinguishing feature of the story, then you can do it.

Yours did not have that. Sorry.

If you want to read something like that, read "Steppe", which is essentially a history lesson around Genghis Khan masquerading as a science fiction story. If you could do *that* with ponies, you'd get in.
>> No. 90905
I apologize. I see the mistake I had made. I believe there is are two easy ways to remedy this situation:

1) I can continue writing to the non-civil-war-major-battle bits where the story focuses more on the pegasus, Cloudsdale, and the soldiers instead of the battles (which happens to conveniently be directly after the last chapter I submitted.)

2) Along with my next submission, I'll hand you a full out handbook of everything I'm planning to do, how the universe works, along with a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of the stories, with anecdotes dealing with why I chose the settings I did and how they serve the purpose of the story. That way, you can have the full context of the universe before deciding whether it's pony or not-pony enough.

Would giving you either of these satisfy the criteria regarding whether it's 'pony enough'? Or would you rather I altered the first five chapters of my story to be more in-line with pony ideas, instead of relying so much on history-making events?
>> No. 90943
it's a hard question to answer. There was a story - I don't think it's finished yet - which featured Fluttershy landing on Earth. The first chapter had Fluttershy, but... she was a human. It wasn't pony. The second chapter and subsequent made it pony enough.

Without having read it, I can't say. The characters and places and actions and weapons and situations need to be "pony" - which is pretty nebulous a thing to go on. It's not for the faint of heart, but a "ponified retelling" is postable, whereas a cut-paste find/replace is not.
>> No. 90974
Have you ever received a story that's postable, but you bounced it back to the author just because you wanted to suggest more polish?

I'm curious if it's a simple pass/fail set of criteria, or if it's more pre-reader whim at times.

Like, you get a fic and think, "Hm. This is fine as-is, and will probably make 5-star easily, but with a bit more grooming, I bet it could be 6-star. I'm going to bounce it with some suggestions."

If that's the case, how adamant are you about seeing that polish through? Like it comes back with minor changes, and those not necessarily the things you mentioned.
>> No. 90976
If it's a case of "This is postable, but could be better" we'll give the author the choice of fixing it up or just having it posted as-is. Generally they opt to fix it up if it's only a few minor things between, say, a 5-star rating and a low 4.

We'll never turn an author down for not making minor fixes if their story was deemed postable.
>> No. 90977
I will intrude and say not fixing it, however, seems like a stupid decision to make.
>> No. 90979

*nods* Good to know.


While I agree for things like mechanical errors, if a fic gets bounced for what basically amounts to a pre-reader's list of nice-to-haves, I'm not so certain.

Like there was a pre-reader (maybe there still is) that had a thing for Celestia never using contractions.

She uses contractions in the show in more than half the episodes.

With the three strike rule in place, I'm worried that a bounce can seem less like a quality control mechanism and more a way to strongarm a particular pre-reader's POV into an author's story.
>> No. 90981
As I've mentioned before, authors are free to reply to our criticism, or request a different pre-reader. For example, in the case of Celestia using contractions, the author is free to cite episodes where she does as a reason our criticism is invalid. If there's a good reason, we have no problems amending our criticism. It wouldn't even count as a strike.

It's unfortunate that people think they can't talk with us about their fics. I feel like, if more authors did that, we'd see an overall increase in fic quality and author satisfaction.
>> No. 91005

I think it may be an issue of me still being unable to tie down the scope and framing properly in the story. While the first chapters (the opening arc) can seem to point to the entire story being the 'pony civil war', that's not the story that I've ever intended.

This is a series that encompasses the whole world, not just that of pony America. I've elected to intersperse some other events through the meta-story, which will not only make the scope more apparent, but also bring the pony back by better setting of the perspective.

In addition, I'll go ahead and write the next chapter, which happens to have more emphasis on Cloudsdale's relation with the Confederacy and the protagonists' relations with his father, in addition to once again shifting the focus of the story to the Western Theatre, which will be significantly affected by Cloudsdale and the pegasus.

TL;DR: I guess I got so caught up in tying the bands of symbolism and allegory around the characters that I forgot to show the bigger picture. My next revision will fix this problem.
>> No. 91016
File 133175860220.png - (314.66KB , 837x955 , top_hat_luna_by_camaliemanic-d4bnwal.png )
How many fics you y'all see and comment on where Luna's archaic speech pattern is done poorly, and not explained away.

>pic related, this thread needs more fun pictures
>> No. 91017
Not many, actually. There's been a significant drop in Luna fics since Eclipsed (I guess people really liked fanon Luna). Most of the ones that -do- use Canon Luna generally just overdo the RCV.
>> No. 91018
Interesting. Royal Canterlot Voice is certainly overused whenever it is used from what I've seen. I was wondering more about the Victorian/Shakespearean English though. I never see anyone follow it very much. The whole formal/informal aspect of it that is.
>> No. 91025
Hi there, guys. I have a few doubts I would like you to respond.

-What are your thoughts on HiE fics? Are they automatically rejected?
-I've read in your previous thread that some kind of crossovers do not pass (with some exceptions, I suppose). Besides Warhammer, Skyrim and the other ones listed on "Submit", what crossovers are we talking about?
-Is Seth human, or our new ciborg centaur overlord?
>> No. 91026
File 133176173585.png - (31.02KB , 444x444 , vimshrug.png )
Personally, I don't like HiE stories, and they generally get looked at a bit more harshly, as the "genre" is seen as overdone.

I'm not sure on our policies on crossovers, but I think the other pre-readers were referring to stories where "find character, insert pony" is used. If all you do with a crossover is retell the tale of another work with ponies in it, odds are it'll get rejected. Again, I'm not sure on this, but I've approved a crossover before and no one said anything.

Seth is a Seth is a Seth. All hail the Hypnoseth.
>> No. 91028
File 133176208776.jpg - (104.12KB , 774x1032 , the_great_n_powerful_sethisto_by_kitsuneymg-d4au1iz.jpg )

-I don't dislike HiE as a genre. I just dislike almost every HiE fic I read. I have no problem with HiE that isn't blatant wish fulfillment, but unfortunately most that receive fall into that category. As Vimbert said, we don't auto-reject HiE, but we do hold it to a slightly higher standard. If it's just "meh", it's not going to pass.

-Warhammer, Halo, Skyrim, Call of Duty, Sonic, a few other animes (anime?).

-He is a human, and he is adorable.
>> No. 91033
I see. What about "character insert" crossovers? I mean, not "ponify this game/book/movie replacing characters with ponies", but "X is sent into Equestria (with a logical reason) and has to deal with it and live an adventure" works? And what if these crossovers are part of the "forbidden" ones?

I ask this because I think this fics wouldn't be "pure" crossovers. I mean, they're not so "aggressive" with regular show and canon than an alternate universe (ponies at CoD battles as soldiers, for example).
>> No. 91038
We've posted fics like that before (a Sonic one, at that), but the idea is kind of getting old fast. If you do something special with it, wonderful, but nowadays it seems like everyone and their grandmother has a "[Character] goes to Equestria and has adventures" fic under their belt.
>> No. 91039
File 133176603586.png - (354.88KB , 700x700 , 86757 - artist jiayi luna.png )
Yes, it's another one of these questions. Submitted a fic a few days ago but haven't heard back from the blog ponies to say it's been sent on to the prereaders. So, I was just wondering if you had a fic in your queue called 'Midnight'?
>> No. 91050
It has not been forwarded to us. Double-check to make sure you followed the submission format and didn't have more than five typos, then bother the blogponies about it again.
>> No. 91055
Thanks. Everything seems to be fine so I just resubmitted in case it got lost in translation.
>> No. 91064
That does happen at times. The blogponies get a LOT of mail.
>> No. 91158
Hello! I have a big problem and need your help.

You see, I have a fic that I'm going to write soon, but I don't know if tag it as a crossover or not.

-First of all, only the basic plot and very few situations are taken from the original work. Places are different and the characters act like they are in the show, not "let's take this guy and make Dr Hooves act like him" (for example).

-For what I have been reading here, the last version of your post and EqD, Seth seems to...dislike anime crossovers (and maybe anime in general, but I might be wrong). Pretty much. Mine is a manga one, but whatever. I hope to be wrong, but I fear that I send my fic and he goes "Anime crossover? Not worth my time, I don't care about its quality, characters or plot; to the moon".

What do you think? A list of his banned anime crossovers would help, by the way (Daffodil only said "some other animes").
>> No. 91160
There's no real set list of "banned" crossovers. The ones I mentioned are the ones that get rejected the most, as the majority of those crossovers are of a very low quality.

Just make sure that your fic is well written and edited before submitting. If it looks like you put effort into the story, it's not going to get automooned.
>> No. 91184
I'm not sure if it has been suggested already or I might be saying something obvious.

But if they are using let's say: Outlook. Wouldn't it be possible to set a rule that directs mail to another folder, if you for example request 'fanfic- story title' to be put in the subject line?

and set the rule to every mail with fanfic in the subject line gets send to that folder in that way they might be able to sort them better. Dunno.
>> No. 91208
The issue is that people don't actually read what's on the submit page. They could do that if every submission was the same, but they're not.

Hell, there are still people that send submissions to Seth's personal email address. We stopped using that months ago.
>> No. 91216
I personally don't see the issue.

If they can't bother to read the instructions, why bother reading their stories?
>> No. 91218
Most of the time we don't.

If they don't send their story to the right address, or don't use the submission format, we reject it immediately until they get it right.

However, people -really- cant grasp the concept of putting "Fanfic - [Title]" in the subject of an email. We'd end up turning down the majority of fics that get submitted.
>> No. 91223
Again, I don't see the difference.

People are doing something obnoxious and unhelpful, telling them that they have to fix their behavior or not be consider is only logical.

After all, you began to apply the three strike rule, extending them to submissions so that seth doesn't go insane is not beyond reasonable.
>> No. 91225
Eh. It's a nice idea, but I'm not sure how much it'll help.

In the near future Seth won't be handling the fanfic emails. That'll be up to me and a few other pre-readers. I think we can handle manually organizing emails.
>> No. 91232
Wait, are we supposed to put "Fanfic-[Title]" in the subject line? The current submission guidelines say to only put the title in the subject, without any additional words.
>> No. 91233
Does it really?

That page is in dire need of some editing.
>> No. 91236
Pretty simple question: Would a story that adheres to canon, but takes heavy inspiration in terms of style from another work, without directly imitating that work, be defined as a crossover?

More specifically, the work I am taking inspiration from is Inazuma Eleven, a completely insane soccer anime/game series wherein junior high school kids use superpowers to play soccer and nobody bats an eye.
>> No. 91238
I'd still call that a crossover.
>> No. 91242
So, the "real" submission guidelines would have us send it in with subject "Fanfic-[Title]"? Are there any other things you'd prefer us to do, which aren't covered by the current submission guidelines?

(Posted guidelines are at http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/04/blog-news-new-story-submission.html)
>> No. 91244
Well, what's on that page is the "real" submission guidelines. I just thought it was something different.

For the time being, just follow whatever's there. If we're going to change things, we'll change that page and then make a post about it.
>> No. 91272

Similar question to the above, what's the stance, if any, on stories that are a fairly direct imitation of an existing work? I've got a classic sci-fi short story in mind, and the general plot lends itself exceedingly well to being reworked as a story about Twilight and Spike in Canterlot. Too derivative?
>> No. 91291

If you're just find/replacing names and changing a few details, that'd fall under the "Bad" kind of crossover.
>> No. 91339
Do you get paid?
>> No. 91348
>> No. 91361

Would you do it as a job if you got paid though? I know for some folks, that crosses the line from "consuming hobby" into "straight up drudgery."
>> No. 91364
Yes. It's better than most of the jobs in my area.
>> No. 91373
I would totally do this for pay; I frequently pre-read while at my "real job" anyway.
>> No. 91384
If I didn't love doing this, I wouldn't do it.

Getting paid would be nice, but it's not necessary. 'Sides, I'd feel bad taking money from Seth. I'm not sure what he makes from EqD, but I'm sure it's not enough.
>> No. 91396
You'd be surprised, actually. The site is currently getting about 440,000 views per day from 89,000 unique addresses (http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=equestriadaily.com). AdSense says it has a CPM of about $5–$10, so I'd say he's making at least $1000 a day off the ads, and that's well more than most jobs would pay. The cost to run the site is only for the domain (like $12 a year?) since the whole thing is hosted on blogspot.
>> No. 91405
If that's correct, I'd much rather see him hire someone to make a new site before he paid us.
>> No. 91412
A) The vast majority of EqD visitors use some type of AdBlock, so it's nowhere near $1000 a day.

B) Seth puts so much time and effort into the site that he deserves way more than that.
>> No. 91415
File 133200535716.png - (424.63KB , 1280x720 , CAPITALISM.png )
Speak for yourself :P
>> No. 91417
So I guess the requirements for 6-star have been relaxed somewhat?

http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/03/story-icarus.html (as of the time of this post, 6 star with only 43 votes)

Good in a way, bad in another.

I do wish the overall rating was done in a different manner, like a 10 point system that uses a median, for instance, or that 1-star votes required a comment to explain why.

I'm sure it's come up among the pre-readers, but what other systems have you all discussed, and do they look like viable alternatives, or are they just pipe dreams?
>> No. 91419
Unless the others have been locking me out of the meeting room again, I don't think we've been privy to any change of procedure. It's mostly the call of Seth/Phoe/Cereal to tag stories anyway.

Personally, I'm in favor of nuking star ratings altogether; ratings mean very little in this fandom. In example, just look at any starbombed shipping (for bonus points, a starbombed M/M ship) fic on EqD or pretty much any non-trollfic on FiMFic.
>> No. 91420
Seems to me to be another case of "White Box", which was later decreased back to 5-stars when everyone realized that it wasn't a Six-star story.

Or Past Sins, which was given the Six-star tag from the start cause reasons.
>> No. 91426
The requirements for 6star haven't been changed. Blogger deletes star ratings made without an account after a few weeks. That story likely met the requirements, then some ratings were deleted that put it under 50.

We haven't really discussed any alternatives because, frankly, there aren't many. The only other idea was to have the pre-readers give a sort of "Seal of Approval" to stories we think are fantastic, but the community wouldn't like that much.
>> No. 91432
As I suggested earlier, a two-tier approach would probably work best, where the pre-readers have their own seperate ranking system. Like Metacritic for fics.

And in case you didn't see my earlier suggestion, I proposed that the stars for a bombed story be reset after the first day or so, since most bombers probably aren't going to go out of their way to attack a story again.
>> No. 91433
It's probably for the best if we never mention our opinions on stories. People just get angry about it.

And as far as resetting the star ratings, I'm not even sure if Seth can reset star ratings for individual stories. Besides, those first few days are the most important for the ratings, as that's when the story is on the first few pages of EqD and people are deciding whether or not they want to read it. Very few readers go back to older pages and read stories.
>> No. 91435
Star-Bombers will actually wait till later in the rating/week, due to the fact that when a story first goes up, it's more likely that people will proactively rate a story they like higher to counter-act star-bombs. Also, they sometimes to wait till the story gets in the "Danger zone" of ~50 votes. Resetting after the first day wouldn't really do much, and it would be easy to compensate for by those who are obsessive enough to actually use these strategies.
>> No. 91436
Whoever gave Past Sins a six-star from the get-go shouldn't be a pre-reader. Even ignoring the plot, the mechanics were atrocious, which is something that anyone can spot with the right knowledge. Six-stars implies (near) perfection, and we can all agree that it's far from that.

Maybe you can get up to five stars from users, and then the sixth has to come about by pre-reader voting?

Also, screw the people. If they can make MLD one of the most popular stories in the fandom, then they can live with a better story getting accolades.

Really? I assumed they just did their business as the were scrolling through the updates.
Has Seth actually called them out on it yet?
>> No. 91438
Pre-readers don't determine 6-star status for stories. That's entirely based on how popular the story is. It has nothing to do with how -good- it is.

And Seth doesn't want to make a post about the starbombing, as he feels that would encourage them to do it more. Not sure I agree, but it's his blog.
>> No. 91442
>Or Past Sins, which was given the Six-star tag from the start cause reasons
So I'm going off of bad information then.
Silly anon.

Really, I think if the figurehead of the entire fandom says "Stop being a douche" it would at least put a damper on the act. I don't think I've ever given a one-star. Lowest would be a two-star for Antipodes, which is "Didn't Like", which is pretty accurate.
>> No. 91443
I think that if they gave a fuck about Seth's feelings on the matter, they wouldn't bomb stories in the first place.
>> No. 91444
Ehmm, I never said that the pre-readers did that, as everyone knows they have no involvement with the tags (they have this conversation every thread for the last two threads), I am just saying that it was given direct Six-Stardom without anything to actually back it. That it eventually "earned" it is another matter completely.
>> No. 91449
Ah, good to know. And yeah, it's ultimately his blog, but it's supported by the community. If there are changes which could be made that would benefit the blog's fanbase without compromising the ideals of the blog itself, it'd be worthwhile for Seth to consider them.

Someone with stats knowledge would know the specifics, but I'm told a median instead of an average would be a better representation, which would probably necessitate a 10-point system to help spread things out more. I know that there have been a lot of times where I wished I could have given a 4.5 to something, but just rounded up instead to be nice. On the flipside, a single 1-star vote can have drastic, drastic effects on an average, only counterbalanced by multiple 5-star votes (which might be part of why Knighty changed the FiM voting system)

But this is all personal preference and off-topic.

So: you've mentioned that some tags get held to higher standards than others, is the same true for particular authors? Like do some pretty much just getting a quick scan of their work and then a stamp of approval? Do some authors, folks whose works have just been atrocious in the past, warrant closer scrutiny than normal? Or do you try to go at it in a double blind fashion and look at each submission purely on its own merits?
>> No. 91451
We really do try to go into the review process blind. Everyone gets held to the same standard, regardless of what they've done in the past.

That isn't to say that some authors won't get their work reviewed faster than others. Since we pick and choose what we review and when we review it, authors that are known for putting up quality work will generally get their stories done faster.

Alternatively, if an author has been particularly rude to us in the past, we'll generally ask for some sort of apology before reviewing their work again. If they refuse. we can let it sit at the bottom of the queue for a while.
>> No. 91453
My apologies. Not firing on all cylinders today.

If they don't know he cares, why should they? Sometimes, a little bit of public knowledge can go a long ways.
Too bad the blog isn't the kind where users have to have a profile. People who bomb fics could be tracked and banned.
>> No. 91454
Of course he cares. That goes without saying. I don't think it takes a rocket surgeon to figure out that the guy doesn't like people bombing star ratings on his site, particularly because he has commented on bombed stories about it.

They know how much it bothers people and they don't care.
>> No. 91458
>Rocket surgeon
Is that an... *puts sunglasses on* ...inside joke?

Hmm, I suppose.
The problem with a bigger fanbase is that you eventually start getting the scum at the bottom of the barrel.
The fact of the matter is that fixes that could completely remedy this would be huge time-consumers. There really isn't an easy way to address the problem.
>> No. 91462
Exactly. The only way to completely fix it right now would be to do away with the star system entirely, which would create a whole bunch of new problems.

It's going to be an issue until A) They decide to stop or B) EqD gets its own site that isn't blogger-based.
>> No. 91463
Considering how big the fanbae is and its diverse talent pool, I'm surprised Seth hasn't tried to rally the base and get one made. Donations could pay for the server fees easily enough if advertising revenue doesn't cut it.
Then again, maybe he's too good of a guy to make use of the fanbase like that.
>> No. 91464
There's a lot of behind-the-scenes issues that would undoubtedly come up in a migration to a new site. At the moment the risks outweigh any possible benefit.

Maybe in the future as the fandom continues to grow, that'll change.
>> No. 91478
Don't fix what ain't broke.
>> No. 91588
File 133208534957.png - (316.49KB , 681x543 , 96748 - artist cthulhugenocidist celestia.png )
Do you have a story called 'Midnight' in the queue. I resubmitted but haven't heard anything yet. If not, that's fine, I can try again.
>> No. 91591
Quick question for all the pre-readers:
What kind of hats do you wear?
>> No. 91597
If you resubmitted since its rejection two days ago, no. We don't have it yet.

I wear a fedora every once in a great while, but usually I don't wear a hat.
>> No. 91622
Kk, thanks. I'll try again.
>> No. 91628
I wear a jimmy hat these days.

I do have a fondness for silk toppers and newsboy caps.
>> No. 91633
File 133210621009.jpg - (72.12KB , 363x750 , 8e9.jpg )
Does the wind rustle your jimmy?
>> No. 91662
Awesome ones. :V

Mine has a Dr. Whooves cutie mark pin on it.
>> No. 91679
I rather enjoy my Hermes. One of the better scout hats
>> No. 91767
Before I hop onto the subject of star ratings, even though it's a little off topic at this point, I'd like to first say that seeing White Box get referenced makes me squeal like a filly. Which is disturbing.

Personally, I'm against star ratings as a whole. This is just my completely uneducated opinion, but when I, I truly put as much thought and effort into it as possible, and it feels very disappointing to have your story summarized through the point of 4,5, or 6 stars. I'd much rather look at the comments instead, because that's what's going to give true insight into the worth of a story. However, people are shallow by nature, myself being no exception, and star tags immediately give us a first impression of the story. As has been said, too many good stories have been star-bombed simply for their controversy or just for the lolz. Someone said something about popularity stemming from "wish fullfillment", and I absolutely agree.

I don't know who said this, but it went along the lines of: "Give people what they want, and you'll be famous. Give people what they need, and you'll be talented. But rarely both."

Oh, and Seth's accidental 6-starring was also a bit of a bitter kick to the teeth for me. But I swear that has absolutely no affect on my opinion. At all. Honestly.
>> No. 91775
We're all bitter. Welcome to the club.
>> No. 91800
Yeah, I pretty much agree with you on all points. I'd really like to do away with the star system, but that might not be the best idea right now.

Also White Box was really good and it TOTALLY DESERVES 6-star. I guess people just can't handle colors. Which is unfortunate.
>> No. 91802

Personally, I wasn't able to read the story because my eyes aren't the best, and the strain of trying to read the first page (white text on black background) was too great.

Of course, I didn't rate the story, since I didn't read it. And it would be pretty petty to downvote something based on layout or typography or the like, IMO.
>> No. 91820
File 133218751717.png - (325.60KB , 780x1024 , Anon-One-and-Two.png )


Anon One of Two reporting in, Daffodil.
The fic is complete and submitted.
*salutes* I hope you enjoy it!

>Suddenly imagines Anons as white, blue-haired, red body-suit wearing "Things" from Dr. Seuss.
>Photoshops an image to this effect for the sake of it.

I'm Anon One! I'm Anon Two!
We write our fics for all of you!
>> No. 91826
I just saw it in our queue.

I won't be the one pre-reading it (to avoid bias) but I did read the first chapter. Not bad at all. Color me impressed!
>> No. 91835
File 133219620595.jpg - (58.12KB , 877x911 , i wub woo every day.jpg )
Thanks! It means more to me knowing people enjoyed it rather than living with star tags.

I realized that, so I actually went back a bit after posting and made all the text bold. Reading it is much easier now, I suggest giving it a shot!
>> No. 91847
Hey, for some reason I feel like I remember hearing something about pre-readers on this thread giving a fic a once-over before sending 'em to EqD?

Is this actually a thing, or am I talking out my ass?
>> No. 91849
I think you may have heard incorrectly. We'll answer questions related to fanfics or the pre-reading process, but we're not going to look over your fic before it's submitted.

That being said, though, if you have questions related to content or execution, we'd be happy to answer those. Just not, y'know, review your entire fic.
>> No. 91852
Yeeeaaahhh, that's what I figured.
>> No. 91856
Hey there pre-readers, me again. Now, I know that you don't do stuff with Gore and torture and stuff, but what's your stance on Psychological Horror?
>> No. 91857
I love it. I can't get enough of it, really, if it's used to explore the depths of a character and doesn't become "Hey, let's torture this character I dislike because she takes away too much screentime from pony X!"
>> No. 91861

Hmm, no, I'm more aiming towards the "Using Twilight's ambition and loyalty to shatter her Psyche beyond recognition and in the process destroy her friends will to fight back" dealio.
Not precisely, but the actual plan is way to complicated.
>> No. 91862
Would that be an appropriate kind of Psych Horror?
>> No. 91864
A lot of people hate that, but I enjoy it. I'm almost reminded of Ponies Make War, which had something like that.

Still, fair warning that most pre-readers will probably look very critically at such a thing.
>> No. 91867
That sound like it could be really cool IF you have the writing chops to back it up! It sounds like something that needs to be approached with a lot of tact and caution, but I would totally read it if it showed up.
>> No. 91868

Hmm, I'll keep that in mind.

Would it make a difference if the antagonist in question has been worming itself into Twilight's subconscious for weeks? 'Cause that was something that I was considering. You know, the "Descent into Madness" thing.
>> No. 91895
It's all in the execution, friend. Make sure it serves the plot rather than the plot serving it and you should be alright.
>> No. 91939
Have you guys ever "revoked" a story from the site? I.E. if the story looked good and you approved it but then future chapters were awful would you ask Seth to stop posting updates for it, or would you just have to grudgingly leave it up?

Also, how often do you get fics about Twilight's parents? I only recall seeing one ever one the site. Is that a result of the quality of those fics being low, or do you just hardly get them to begin with?
>> No. 91948
Ooh, ooh, I know this one! I'm not a prereader, but the answer to your first question is yes.


It's come up at least three times now, I think all in these threads.
>> No. 91949
Yeah, we've had a few fics that looked fine from the first few chapters but crossed a line later on. Hitlerjack was the first, and there was a HiE story more recently that we asked Seth to pull for the same reason.

And no, we don't get many stories about Twilight's parents. I'd like to see more.
>> No. 91953
How bad is the backlog for stories these days? How desperate are you for other pre-readers? If I only had a couple stories published on EQD, would that be enough to relax the stance on authorship requirements? After seeing some of the questionable stuff that makes it through to EQD publication, how masochistic do you have to be to regularly read through the stuff that gets mooned?
>> No. 91954
-Our queue is currently sitting at ~15 fics in need of review.
-We're not looking for any more pre-readers at the moment.
-That requirement is more of a guide than a rule. You can become a pre-reader without any stories on EqD if you've proven that you know what you're doing. I got in by doing reviews in the TG, for example.
-I wouldn't call it masochistic, per se. I enjoy the job, even when the fics are bad. You should get some type of enjoyment from helping authors improve their work while maintaining EqD's high standards.
>> No. 91956
So I take it then that stories only get pulled by virtue of being objectionable, and not just because later chapters are poorly written?

Also, I'm planning on probably writing a one shot about Twilight's parents' first meeting soon, so that's good that I'm not just going to be throwing in another story to an already saturated topic. I'm sure it makes it more fun for you prereaders when you get some fresh topics every once in a while.
>> No. 91957
We've never pulled a fic because later chapters were of a low quality. The only way to make that fair would be to pre-read fic updates, which would triple the size of our queue.

And yes, it is nice to get something new. Hell, I'm happy with anything that's not a warfic or a februrary fic. Beggars can't be choosers.
>> No. 91989
Part of me wishes more solid warfics went to the TG. I really enjoy looking at those kinds of stories. But I'm pretty sure most of the stuff you get is gorefics.
>> No. 92108
Unfortunately, warfics have to be treated differently. Even before the introduction of the windigoes as a continual threat to Equestrian survival, I didn't like seeing ponies fight ponies. Now, you have to either set your story before the founding of Equestria or explain why they aren't being frozen to death before the first shot is fired. War is pretty much the antithesis of everything MLP:FiM stands for.

Now if it's ponies warring against something else, that I can maybe see slide. But again, it's another one of those things that people like doing often and poorly.
>> No. 92112
The second most recent episode allows for the possibility of a cataclysmic pony war breaking out, though. I believe Twilight used that exact phrase. Or something close.
>> No. 92122

I'd like to second this.

People do a lot of world-building (world-altering?) for Equestria in fanfiction, and it takes me out of the story. You need to make a compelling case for how this fits into the FiM world, or how Equestria came to that point. And war just seems unlikely.

People tend to write about ponies vs. griffons, but I think that Gilda and Rainbow Dash being friends, with no second glances from anypony, invalidates that.

I don't know what to make of Twilight's mention of a "pony war" in that episode. Her tone almost sounded like she didn't seriously consider it as a possibility.
>> No. 92206
"War" goes up there with "bullet" and "tank" as "a linguistic remnant of a time of war which no longer remains in present-day Equestria". I've been racking my brain to find an English analogue, but we still have wood-fired stoves and horse-drawn carriages, so it's not quite the same thing.

Twilight knows what a war is; it's a word. Rainbow Dash knows that bullets are fast and tanks are large, awkward, slow and hard to damage. This does not mean that these things exist outside history books.
>> No. 92223
I'm sorry, and I seriously don't mean to offend, but such view makes you worthless to review any war story beyond basic grammar and, perhaps, characterization.

You are basically saying "ok, ponies had armies and weaponry, still have standing armies, have had warfare it might seem like pie warfare is not that much, but I would have made hell if there had been gun for a meter-tall personal reason, and still have a clear martial tradition, but nope, no war here."

That frankly a bit naïve and very much utopic, something the ponies clearly aren't. Still, warfics are mostly stupid (sturgeon law on steroids levels of bad) and have no redeeming value, but if you have that view then, please, never pre-read a warfic.
>> No. 92245
Jerk much? That's why I don't read warfics. :V

Saying the ponies "obviously aren't utopic" has about as much validity as "My Little Pony is obviously about grimdark themes". It comes off as seeking something which is not there. You can overlay grimdark themes onto ponies, but you can't say the series is about anything but an idyllic land populated by happy ponies who like getting along. Well, you can, but you'll look like an idiot. Where they've come from is not as important as where they are.
>> No. 92248
>Where they've come from is not as important as where they are.
[citation needed]

How is this anything but an entirely subjective matter, left to any given specific reader to decide?
>> No. 92250
I'm sorry, point me to where in the show they have an army and fight wars against each other.
>> No. 92252
Where in the show have they said that they haven't had wars in the past (possibly distant past)?
>> No. 92254
That is a -terrible- argument.

Show me in the show where they've said that ponies aren't actually robots built by Celestia who is actually an eight year old child in a horse costume.

Except if I put that concept in a fanfic, you would call it stupid because it makes no sense with what we know of canon. The same goes for warfics. If they're explained well, fine. But if you expect the reader to just accept "oh, yeah, Equestria's been at war with the Griffon kingdom for years!" you're going to raise a few eyebrows.
>> No. 92259
Also: Windigoes. Totally forgot about those. The moment conflict breaks out, Equestria is covered in ice before a shot can be fired. Hard to have a war when everyone is freezing to death.
>> No. 92260
File 133239175420.png - (22.42KB , 600x329 , 130319313134.png )

Maybe they're extinct since things have been peachy keen for centuries, or they don't act that fast? I mean, they didn't show up in Appleloosa and that place was a goddamn powder keg long before the Mane 6 got there.
>> No. 92264
It was also relatively small-scale. Appleloosa was one town. The Windigoes showed up in Hearths Warming when entire tribes of ponies were in conflict with eachother.

I think that a full-scale war is much closer to the latter.
>> No. 92281
Sorry, but the ponies are obviously not a utopian society. They live in Equestria, which by definition is a place. A utopia is "no-place" and has no place in fiction. It's absolutely impossible to have an interesting story in/about a true "utopia" anyways because nothing ever goes wrong in a true utopia. Of course, I'm just being a donkey.
>> No. 92287
>> No. 92292
Question about images. I have a short one-shot story I'd like to submit, but no image after the artist I commissioned ran off with my money.

Do I need an image, or could I just go with a cutie mark or background shot? Advice?
>> No. 92297
Then general hurracaine must have had fun being pointed out as general after that drinking game.

The fact a general exist really, and I mean really, precludes this notion of no warfare (if you want to take that as undeniable fact that there are windigoes) and thus makes the point moot. There are armies, the windigoes were destroyed, you can't just sit down and say war is impossible just because you said so because you love peace loving ponies so much.

So, that brings the question, which pre-reader doesn't warfics without telling himself "I won't believe a word"?
>> No. 92299
I can totally see both sides. Most warfic's I've seen are terrible, and setting up the conflict is something they tend to be terribly bad at.

But, I can't understand a prejudiced belief that ponies have no fight in them. Every animal has a fight or flight response, as illustrated by one of the more influential essays I read growing up.

I don't have much interest in writing a warfic, but if I did, it would have to deal with it clashing with their good pony nature. I love how A Cup of Joe does this: military ponies' talents are for other things. They're supposed to be, say, brewing coffee, not killing, and it's a heartbreaking tragedy when they can't.
>> No. 92300
That the biggest thing and I can understand why must get reject on those grounds, almost all of them are basically "u did b4t, me kill you". Real wars aren't like that, they are huge and complex affairs where thousands of little details had to align for them to occur, even if people claim a single event cause the war. Seeing how most don't bother, rejecting them for that makes sense.

This, however, stating outright you don't believe ponies could fight each other and then pre-read seems to me like letting your bias affect the result, and that's just bad. Now, I'm off, big things are afoot.
>> No. 92339
Well, he did say he specifically doesn't pre-read war fics because of his bias. (Unless I read that completely wrong.)
>> No. 92340
There are actually all kinds of reasons why windigoes would not be around. Let me even suggest a few:

--Clover the Clever's burst of friendship magic didn't just drive them away, it destroyed them.
--Like you said, centuries of peace have rendered them inert or extinct.
--The Equestrian population has grown large, so conflicts have to be much greater in scale to summon the windigoes' wrath. Thus, a fight between two friends would go unpunished, but civil war is right out. It's all about maintaining a certain ratio of friendship to conflict.

The main point is, you have to take canon into account and give justifications when you ignore it. This goes for any canon violation.

Also, for Appleoosa, they were fighting non-ponies and the windigoes are only stirred by internal conflict. But that's of course my own personal justification and interpretation.

Well, if we're going to be pedantic, let's go with "idyllic". Equestria is peaceful, an ideal world that isn't totally perfect because, after all, conflict is what generates plot.

That was in the past. The argument over warfics deals with setting them after the founding of Equestria. Sorry if that wasn't clear, but I'm pretty sure I made mention of it.

I'd really love to know where you got the notion that I pre-read warfics. The anti-grimdark pre-readers don't read grimdark, the anti-shipping pre-readers don't read shipping, and I don't read warfics -- when they're clearly labelled, anyway -- because I am pre-reader #hateswarficsandtyrantlestia.
>> No. 92346
Derp, it's autosaging. New thread! >>92343
>> No. 92367
OK, so I just found out after checking the referral part of my story on FimFic that my story was posted to EqD, but I never received a response from the pre-readers.

Believe me, I'm not complaining at all; I was just curious about whether stories can sometimes get posted without the author getting a response.
>> No. 130760
File 140300418966.png - (288.53KB , 700x700 , 140221095506.png )
This thread hasn't been posted in for 2 years, and for some reason is attracting a lot of spambots, so I'm locking it.
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