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Took a break last week but now I'm back! I've been running a livestream on which I review and discuss fics. This is event 4 and It's been pretty successful so far!

Same thing this week: post up to TWO chapters of your fic and on Saturday at 3:30pm EST/12:30 PST I will review them live! I'd like to review as many as possible so keep your total word count under 8000. If you have one longer chapter or not many people post here, I'll be lenient with the length.

Stream: www.livestream.com/somethingabout20percent

Why should you have your fic reviewed on a livestream you ask?
1. Live reviews are very thorough. I will say every little thing that comes into my head that I think will be useful. I go over the chapter several times to make sure I said everything I could.
2. You can interact with me. Whenever I get confused or have a question, I'll ask. Whenever you have a question, I'll answer it right there. If you want to explain something, you can.
3. You can throw ideas around and have some immediate feedback on them! Last week the authors and I talked quite a bit.
4. You can learn from other authors as well! You can watch me review other fics as well and pick up on things I point out.

If you're worried about being embarrassed in front of a bunch of viewers... don't be. I don't do this for the viewer count, I do it because I can do the most good in the shortest amount of time. First week I did this I had 3 viewers. Last time it was 5.

I will stream as long as I feel like. The event I did 2 weeks ago was over 3 and a half hours... I doubt I'll stream longer than that as my voice starts dying.
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>> No. 87964
I'm afraid I couldn't get back in time to catch the end of your review for Onyx Origins. Do you have a link to the archived version of it, by chance?
>> No. 87966
Question: Can we request to be second or third in the queue? I've got arrangements until 4:00 EST, but I'd still like to try this out.
>> No. 87968
File 133057217525.png - (199.19KB , 900x1082 , surprise+cookie.png )
A-ha! Indeed I do. I wish Livestream would record these in the VoD library so anyone could see them on my stream page, but I think because I use XSplit and not their streamer it doesn't post.

Anyway, enough rambling. Have a link: http://www.livestream.com/somethingabout20percent/video?clipId=pla_e9f4d19e-3918-4c0e-a910-3b9a2566fa3a


Yup. Every time I move on to another fic I'll ask if the author is there. If not, I wait a couple minutes and then move on to the next if he or she doesn't show up.
>> No. 87969
Well, I had finally finished my editing, and then Cassius got at it, so, there goes that. Wish I had something else that was presentable.
>> No. 87996
well umm...i would like for a review but i don't know how long i can stay on livestream. Probably not 3 and a half hours
>> No. 88007
I'll be reviewing the fics in the order they are submitted to me. You only have to stick around for your fic really, and no one else has submitted theirs. Depending on how many words it is, a fic could take 20 minutes to an hour.
>> No. 88367
I'll bite, but I may not be available until 4:00, so if someone else wants to go first, that's fine. Anyway, here's the submission.

A Cloud Divided

Recent advances in the study of Equestrian history have lead to a breakthrough series of discoveries regarding the world before the era of the three tribes. The story of Equestria as we know it begins with the fall of the Western Powers, a cataclysmic chain of events set into motion by the ancient predecessor of Cloudsdale's re-enternce into the world stage, due to the war known to the ponies on the ground as the War of Southern Treason, but known to the Pegasus of Cloudsdale as the War of Cloudsdale's Division.

Folder: https://docs.google.com/#folders/0B4NYINW8ltDEMDhjMTI4OWUtNjJjYi00NWRhLTg5M2ItZGUyZDhlODZlMzNl

Thank you in advance
>> No. 88391
Looks like not many people biting. I got a fresh chapter that needs reviewing, though it kinda goes over 8000 words:

Making Things Write

Behind every great book is a great writer. Almost everypony knows of the intrepid adventures of Daring Do, but few know the truth about her creator.

This is the story of Opal Parchment, a young mare trying to finish the last Daring Do adventure before it's too late. Her quest lands her in Ponyville, where Opal gets the unexpected help of two of her biggest fans.


I should be there for the start, but I'll mention here if something comes up closer to the time.
>> No. 88424
Alright, why not. I warn you, this is definitely NSFW


I'm kinda new to Pony Chan, so I apologize if I've somehow broken any forum rules or anything in the like >_>
>> No. 88426
You have. You can't post explicit content here.

Suggest you erases this before you are banned. Sounds harsh, I know, but that's the lay of the land and we users aren't really going to fight it.
>> No. 88430

Oh bugger, I derped again

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PsPsQxQ1FoOuYfiyKH6sAiaP_CTp7ZQIDQJurN66LhM/edit

Really need to stop doing that
>> No. 88436
File 133074598681.png - (73.49KB , 570x479 , 570px-Surprise_by_takua770-d4jg48l.png )
I should have given alternate contact info seeing as clop/gorefics aren't allow here. My bad.

Delete your post and then email the link to [email protected]
>> No. 88446
Why do I keep throwing this unfinished, undescriptive draft around?

Anyways, this is short. Please review it, and the "bonus rewrite", which wasn't written by me. (I'm actually putting this here because of the awful rewrite thing, but I do like reviews, too.)

>> No. 88589
File 133082380731.png - (168.82KB , 600x600 , Surprise-Angel.png )
To all authors and other people curious about today's stream, here's a link to the video of it:


Good time was had by all. I'll be deleting this thread soon and posting a new one for next week's stream on Thursday.
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