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#Collection #Discussion
Here is a thread for people to post their recommendations so new people can get a general picture of the highlights of fiction in the fandom, or for people to ask for recommendations.

1.) No self-promotion, your work should stand for itself and make others want to refer to it.
2.) Provide tags and some small additional information for people to know what they are heading into.

1.) Do post on this thread and promoted works that deserve the attention.
2.) If you see people asking for recommendations, direct them here and ask them to delete their thread.

That is all.

Places to look for fics:
Old thread: >>43456
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>> No. 88531
File 133079743765.jpg - (19.06KB , 350x231 , 52733.jpg )
>> No. 88546
Scratch paired with someone that's not Octavia. That would be awesome.

The only fic that I can think of is a steamy clopfic by Liquid_Rainbows.
>> No. 88648
Hey, does anypony know of any good fics about the Cake twins, like them grown up or something?
>> No. 88649
File 133084228179.png - (104.70KB , 500x750 , 132311229646.png )
Feedback and its sequel by Kegisak. They're both on Equestria Daily. It's Scratch paired with an OC named Ziggy Stardust.
>> No. 88650
Ziggy stardust isn't an OC
>> No. 88651
He is AKA Twilight Sky
>> No. 88652
File 133084274723.png - (34.88KB , 195x171 , 132313130892.png )
Didn't know that. Today I learned. Regardless, it's a good fic.

>> No. 88653
That's the same Kegisak that made "My Time Among Clothes Hangers"?

"Feedback" looks great, thanks.

Remind me again why sad yellow guy is sad r.w. thread
>> No. 88654
File 133084368337.png - (167.68KB , 770x700 , derpy_in_the_rain_by_tess_27-d4n572t.png )
He's not sad. He's unamused. That's Yathzee Croshaw of Zero Punctuation.

>> No. 88656
I guess I'll keep going...

Pinkie shipping that's (a)straight, (b)has nothing whatsoever to do with Cupakes / Pinkemania / whatever, and (c) not a clopfic?

I'd love to see that. Thanks.
>> No. 88727
Where can I find some fics involving ponies entering the real world?
>> No. 88781

Where can you NOT find those kinds of fics?


*ba dum tish*
>> No. 88867
Does anyone know of any stories that are so bad they're good? Like, really cheesy lame stories that are so cheesy and lame they're funny? It doesn't matter if the bad quality is intentional or not, I can't get enough of those kinds of fics.
>> No. 88868
Anything riffed on by the MST thread would be a good start.
>> No. 88869
There's this one story that I recently looked it... I can't link it here, of course, but it includes the line:
>Rainbow Dash said “Mmm, a dirty girl. That’s what I like. I like it like orange soda. Nice and squeezed with carbonation.”

Which you can search for.
>> No. 88874
File 133093292423.png - (301.38KB , 725x524 , zzzzzzzzzz.png )
*pops knuckles*
Here we go. This is my list of favorites.

The Ballad of Echo The Diamond Dog HiE/Adventure/Comedy - Discord turns a guy into a Diamond Dog. He encounters Daring Do and hilarity ensues.
The End of Ponies Dark/Adventure - The last pony alive is given the chance to travel through the past before a cataclysm and live life, knowing there is nothing she can do to prevent it. It's well over 500k words in, and it isn't even halfway done yet! Personal favorite.
Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger HiE/Adventure - A human investigates a strange world of pastel-colored ponies. Really great story the way it is told.
Memory Pending Romance/SoL - Someone wakes up in a strange new body. Really great fiction, another favorite of mine.
Displaced (by LeafBug) Hie/Adventure - Someone gets hit by a truck, wakes up as a gryphon. Really interesting seeing as it involves the guy being turned into a gryphon
Equestria: Total War Dark/Adventure - Equestria is at war with the gryphons, and things are epic to say the least. This is by far and away one of the best fictions I have ever read. +9000/5
Name's Ellis Crossover/Comedy - Ellis from L4D2 appears in Equestria. Really funny story.
My Little Metro Dark/Adventure/Crossover - My Little Pony meets Metro-2033. Another great fiction. Highly recommend to anyone who loves blood.
Out of the Blue HiE/SoL - A fighter pilot is knocked out of the sky and crashes in Ponyville. Not that far in, but it has serious potential.
Article 2 HiE/Adventure/Tragic/Comedy - Astronauts try a slipspace jump, end up crashing onto Equestria. Only one survives, and he goes insane. Highly recommend.
Not My Destiny Dark/SoL - Twilight learns she'll be the destruction of Equestria, and there's nothing she can do about it. Short, but I love it.
Reading Rainbow SoL - RD reads Twilight a book. Really sweet.
The Wind Thief Crossover/Adventure - Skyrim and My Little Pony crossover. Anyone who's played the game will likely love this.
Over the Edge and Through the Wood - HiE/Comedy/Adventure - A hiker gets lost, somehow winds up in the Everfree forest. Still in its infancy, but it has potential.
My Little Dashie Sad - I shouldn't have to explain this one. If you haven't read do so now.
Equestria's First Human HiE/Comedy - Twilight accidentally brings a human to Ponyville. Hilarity ensues.

All of these can be found on fimfiction.net. Go read them.
>> No. 88881
File 133093400837.jpg - (62.07KB , 1680x1050 , 131351327834.jpg )
Call me crazy, but you seem to enjoy stories that involve people waking up in bodies that aren't theirs.
>My Little Dashie
>> No. 88882

3/16. Eh...
I do enjoy HiE, Dark, and Adventure, so there is that. More than anything I enjoy a unique story-line that isn't shit.
>> No. 88891
Considering how small that particular sub-genre is, that's a very large number.
>> No. 88895
File 133093621903.jpg - (47.70KB , 350x600 , Confused3.jpg )
>Countless Conversion Bureau stories
>Dozens of non-CB stories
Yeah, either it's not a small subgenre or there are more fictions out there than I thought.
You're crazy
>> No. 88898
I wish there was more HiE or similar type fics that deal with the David Cronenberg-style results that would happen if this stuff... well, really did happen...

I, for one, know that waking up in Equestria like that would probably end with something like The Fly (if I'm lucky). I'm not sure if I would descend into insanity from the sheer body horror, live a detached life like John Doe from Seven, or just eventually kill myself in some fashion. But those three would be the most likely possibilities.

I'd love to see that level of realism in fanfctions. Has anyone seen something like that?
>> No. 88899

see >>88874
>> No. 88903
On the one hand, that story looks promising. On the other hand, there seems to be a complete disregard of good story structure. I see huge wall of text paragraphs coupled with having the same ponies speaking in the same paragraph, a nasty no-no with me. I guess I like the story concept enough to wade through the text, although I wish authors would proofread and edit the damn things before posting them first.

Seriously, it does bug the hell out of me that most HiE or similar stories have such a weird idea that a human being would accept living in a place (even as transformed as a pony) that they are so unsuited for mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and so on. I guess I can imagine people making it the same way that Stephen Hawking lives on despite his condition he's been placed in, but still... hard to see authors that do it right. The "genocide of the human race" CB stories make me nauseous, but I guess some good stuff has been written under that banner. Oh, well. Thanks for your recommendation.
>> No. 88904
Why are these spoiler-ed?
>> No. 88966
File 133097221240.gif - (470.94KB , 300x169 , 131276665970.gif )
I could count them for you. There really aren't that many. Besides, there's a difference. Your picks are for stories where the character wakes up in a body that isn't theirs; TCB (mostly) involves purposefully doing so.
>> No. 88981
I'd rather see the ramifications of ponies ending up in our world..I dunno, maybe I secretly like Michael Bay too much?
>> No. 89143
>When you're a spy, you've always got to be prepared for any situation. Whether it's an assassination attempt during your lunch break or having to replace a bug before its batteries run out, you're not going to last very long if you lose your head over every little detail.

>#Fiona holds up a box with a baby Derpy inside

>#Micheal jumps back, clearly shocked
>"Fi, what the hay is that?"
>> No. 89144
File 133101439678.jpg - (41.27KB , 600x338 , 1301145645467.jpg )
>> No. 89332
Okay, weird question-

What's the best story out there... that's incomplete?

One of those that people HANG on, because really that seems a pretty good metric for quality of a story... Now, regardless to whether you agree with that or not, your thoughts /fic/? Best incomplete story out there?

My vote's going to fall with NickNack's Gilda continuation. I forget what he called it because it hasn't updated in FOREVER, but that just illustrates the point!
>> No. 89339
It's only temporarily incomplete.

For something that's truly incomplete and unlikely to ever be completed, I'd probably say "Fair Feathered Friend." It was a cute Dash story that got thoroughly plowed by Season 2's changes to canon, and the writer left the fandom because of all the porn.
>> No. 89342
Senator Lugia's Minecraft crossover from >>59797 comes to mind. I don't think it's the best, but it's the only one that I can come up with as of this posting.
>> No. 89348
I'll stick my neck here and put out Luna's Goodwill Tour.

Author puts out a massive 53 page first chapter(s) during May and another update sometime last October. Then he seems to have disappeared.

A shame, because I absolutely adore his portrayal of Luna (as fanon then), as well as his OC Royal Guards.
>> No. 89352
File 133109227518.gif - (19.91KB , 100x100 , erhgde.gif )
Administration is Magic.
One of the best-written stories in the fandom. An eclectic cast of characters drive the plot (Cecil, a mild-mannered politician with megalomaniac daydreams, being a favourite of mine). Much of the supporting cast's names aren't really pony, per se, but to allow such a trivial thing like that detract from the story as a whole would be most regrettable. If anything, their more-typical names fit the roles better.

Alas, it hasn't been updated in several months, and there is nothing on his profile that hints at its future. I can only hope that it is a temporary hiatus.

That was also a great story. One of the few ones that actually felt like an episode.

I can't remember much from it, but I remember enjoying the all-too-brief opening act.
>> No. 89395
Slywit's Paradise. I drop everything when that gets updated.

Same with The End of Ponies (>>78823).

Both of those are only temporarily incomplete (which is to say their authors intend to write more), thankfully.
>> No. 89927
Any good shipfics? Like, whats the best shiping ou ever read? Something emotional and romantic.
>> No. 89936
File 133127529457.jpg - (79.70KB , 800x500 , fov[fnrsfiov[hnrso[f.jpg )
In any case, pick one or perish.

Door #1 http://tinyurl.com/265hpgn

Door #2 http://tinyurl.com/86z4lm3

Door #3 http://tinyurl.com/6fvaqu
>> No. 89988
Nigga pleas!

I aint a part of yo system!
I will read them all!
>> No. 89990
File 133131652507.jpg - (8.23KB , 232x217 , images-34.jpg )
>> No. 89992
Door 1: loved it! read it a while ago and it was fucking amazeing.
Door 2: Fucked up my kindle tight. I think I have a trojen hourse but realy dont give a shit (aint my kindle).
Door 3: blocked by my McCdonolds wifi.

Yup, I think Ill go back to /meta/ and post a list of why I think fish should be baned from ponychan if I dont get some shipping to read to keep me buisy.
>> No. 89993
File 133131732729.jpg - (43.61KB , 500x852 , 98484 - Cupcakes it pinkie_pie tagme.jpg )
You should read this story called "Cupcakes". Has some hardcore super-angry clop material. Story pretty much made Dash and Pinkie the official fanon pairing.

>Dat file name
I don't see any clop in that pic...
>> No. 89995
I sead shipping, not clop.
And yah, I read all three virsions of cupcakes includeing the clop virsion. Cant say I loved the story, but its something evry fan should read for the impact on bronie culture if for nothing elts (same gose for watching Shed.MOV)

I want some good shipping romancey typ stuf. Thats my shit right there.
>> No. 90020
File 133132324589.jpg - (116.61KB , 700x700 , spoiler.jpg )
Only three versions of Cupcakes?
Huh, I would have figured you read more.
>> No. 90042
File 133132713992.gif - (24.33KB , 106x96 , 17912 - animated derpy_hooves.gif )
How about author recommendations? Any consistently decent authors of note?
>> No. 90043
uSea, Corejo, Cold in Gardez off the top of my head.
>> No. 90047
whatever genious that made My Little Dashie...

read that 7 times.
>> No. 90048
File 133133105688.png - (623.09KB , 1500x656 , 7078 - derpy_hooves Doctor_Whoof madmax sonic_rainboom.png )
>talkes about cupcakes
>post picture of psyco applebloom
>> No. 90051
As if the Doctor would ever say "goddamn"...

He hasn't, has he?
>> No. 90058
File 133133367954.png - (55.06KB , 78x125 , 132995005567s.png )
your right: he would say celestia damn
>> No. 90060
So you did read the version with psycho Applebloom right?
You know, the first one? Guess who's going to be a blank flank? But I digress.
>> No. 90081
no, I didnt.
>> No. 90089
Oh wow.

Maybe you younger types don't remember the Tyrantlestia/Molestia/Celestia kerfluffle, but THIS story was one of the few that managed to merge all those diffuse ideas. I LOVE this story's depiction of Celestia. She comes off as a supreme politician, but not unkind- merely doing what has to be done as the ruler of a kingdom. I think the treatment of Luna is lacking, but I'm willing to overlook it.
>> No. 90133
Has anypony read "within and withput" or something like that? (i dont know if i got the name wrong).

I was simply told to read it because a friend sead that it was (and I quote qirectly) "Some pritty crazy az shit that yo ass will be fucking down with"
>> No. 90154
"Within and Without" by Cloudy Skies, one of the first multi-part ponyfic I ever finished. I loved it to bits. It's good because of the way the author juggles the Mane 6, Luna AND a bunch of supporting OCs, os that nopony is left out too much. The character interactions were great, and canon didn't actually hurt Luna's characterization in this one all that much.
>> No. 90157
So Long And Thanks For All the Ponies is a well-executed crossover between Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series and MLP. If you like Adams' work, you should give it a whirl, it's a lot of fun.
>> No. 90169
I tryed to find the story on google but I cnt find it.

Can I have a link :) preferably gdocs but anything will do as long as its not EqDayly because that just screws my kindle up.
>> No. 90182
File 133139495916.png - (88.19KB , 600x491 , 968.png )
I need recommendations for bedtime stories - not necessarily children's stories, simply ones that are lighthearted, short and with happy endings - stuff that lulls one to sleep when read or being read at.
>> No. 90199
I know Blood is Thicker Than Friendship is fixing up a new chapter. I was very "HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" on that story at first.

I mean, these days when I think "vampire" I think sexy pretty things who are too cool and deep for you and were just kinda "stock" monsters. The author's explanation, slight spoiler, that they were made by Nightmare Moon to live in her world of never-ending night, it made me go, "That... really makes a lot of sense actually."

Also the relationships are handled in a more... believable way. Like some are already together, some of the relationships are intentionally more shallow, and it even has some of the side/backgrounds in the story clearly have personal lives that were disrupted even when it doesn't go into detail.

Some of the descriptions are a bit clinical and dry, but the actions are well done and the dialogue is top notch.
>> No. 90200
You are in luck.
>> No. 90205
File 133141115042.jpg - (15.07KB , 157x179 , 133115905155.jpg )
"final dreams of a filly" would be great for you :D

You l;ove it. Skootaloo gose on a fun adventure with an alacorn and Rainbow Dash
>> No. 90223
File 133141509256.jpg - (45.01KB , 680x383 , 29d.jpg )
Its a fic where Celestia explains how she can go in a special place where all the dead ponies she met are under trees, sleeping while the live and waking up when they die. Ive been looking for it all afternoon but i cant find it please help!
>> No. 90225
File 133141561926.png - (171.45KB , 848x942 , 133140986797.png )
there was one fic that I read where pinkie pie falls madly in love with rainbow dash and sets on a quest to try to impress the object of her affection...
I think it was called "cupcakes"
>> No. 90227
File 133141665892.gif - (1.30MB , 300x340 , Interesting Pinkie.gif )
I rember the start of that fic. Celestia talks to Luna about her first night raising the moon and stars. Where she accidentally extinguishes half of them and so she gets help form the normal ponies to put gas in jars and light the gas.
>> No. 90231
"Half the Day is Night" by AugieDog.
>> No. 90232
That's replying to >>90227 and >>90223
>> No. 90239
File 133141940591.png - (148.07KB , 763x1140 , 133134937512.png )
None of these are complete, and I will try to give you a sense of the story without giving away any important spoilers.

Heroes and Allies: A small US military detachment explores through a stabilized "anomaly" to explore what's on the other side. A bunch of non-pony races attack several days later, not knowing of the humans' presence.

Whiplash: A US army veteran wakes up in Equestria in the future after humanity is extinct by some (later explained) magic lightning teleport thing. He plays a very important role in the survival of Equestria. This is actually very very VERY good, despite how cliche it sounds. If you haven't read it, give it a try.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Equestria: The Vogons come and completely destroy Equestria, but the similarities with the book's story line end after that. Very nice humor.
[comedy][crossover][adventure][alternate universe]

Lost Vector: Crossed over with the author's own homemade, original universe. A battle/colony ship escapes an enemy attack and ends up over Equestria. They send a few scouts/diplomats. The story is currently where they just met the ponies.

The End is the Beginning: An Imperial Guard battalion (WH40k crossover, trust me! It's good!) survives a warp storm during an enemy attack and end up in the Everfree forest. After setting up a base, a scout comes back with a couple natives... Violence, but not against ponies.

On a Whisper of Wind: Sequel to "On a Cross and Arrow". 'Nuff said.

Caramel's Light: Quite possibly the only shipfic I will ever truly enjoy, ever. Synopsis says it better than me: "Caramel can't seem to do anything right. When he finds he has a crush on a certain purple unicorn, this proves doubly true. "

Article 2: A US marine barely survives crash landing his space ship as the only survivor. Although resuscitated by the ponies, he's not exactly friendly towards them...

By the Emperor's Grace: Yes, it's 40k, but it's really good and worth reading. Synopsis says it better than me: "The peaceful world of Equestria is hurtled through a massive portal into the grim future of the 41st millennium. Engaged in battle beforehand, both an Imperium and orkish fleet are pulled down to the planets surface. Now not only must the Space marines of the Blood Ravens and their Guardsman allies struggle between their xenophobic ways and the disarming innocence of the planets population, they must also fight the ork invasion now taking place on the world. As the fight for Equestria begins, ancient, sinister powers begin to set their plans into motion..."

The God Particle: Human physicist comes into Equestria after an accident at a particle collider, lives with Twilight to learn about Equestrian culture. Eventually, he is admitted into the Royal Court's academy, and investigates an abandoned weather post with strange clues and radioactive activity... Then he returns and next chapter is due some time soon.

Of War and Friendship: Mandalorians crash land on Equestria, but are followed by a sizable force of Deathwatch...

As you can tell, I like sci-fi a bit...
>> No. 90241
I take you like HiE.
>> No. 90246
A bit.
>> No. 90467
I should probably actually LINK the story, huh:


First some backstory: It takes place about 2 years or so after their first Grand Galloping Galla and some stuff has been going on. Fluttershy got into a relationship that soured and put her in a funk that strained her relationship with most of the other girls, Pinkie's been trying to be her best fried to cheer her up, and Rainbow Dash and Applejack have been distracted by getting into a relationship with each other.

The Main Story:
Basically, a pony, Mahara, who was changed into a vampire type monster by Nightmare Moon 1000 years back is let loose and she ends up sparking off a lot of troubles. Not the least of which is that she tries to start a relationship with Fluttershy. It's a story about how sometimes folks can do the exact wrong thing without meaning to that really seems to be going places.

It can be really sweet and funny, but there's also quite a bit of sad (Mahara's story about how she fell in love with Luna and was rejected and then later used by Nightmare Moon is kinda tear jerk-y). There is some violence in here too, not a lot, save for a hydra rampage, but some.

Also, there ARE quite a few relationships in the story, some of them with OCs, but I like how their handled. This is probably the first instance I've seen where AppleDash isn't all about being tsundere for each other and Fluttershy's own insecurities about what is happening between her and Mahara is refreshingly different.
>> No. 90833
Hears my top favorite fics:
1) my little dashie
2) the games we play
3) I forget the name of ths one but it was a flutterdash shipping that I got in my review thread. The guy was actualy issed that I liked it; he didnt have a high opinion of his wrighting
4) Final dreems of a filly. I hated tis one actuly. But its one that evryone must read. Its the sadezt hing ever. So beutyful and pointless. hated it for evry manly tear shed my myself.

Ill cheak out some of he recomended ones hear but so far 80% of the fanfictions I read make my anus bleed. There is just so much crap out there.
>> No. 91132
>3) I forget the name of ths one but it was a flutterdash shipping that I got in my review thread. The guy was actualy issed that I liked it; he didnt have a high opinion of his wrighting
Fear of Falling by Eustatian Wings.
>> No. 91148
This is probably asking for too much, but are there any comedy fanfics with a sad or tragedy-esque touch as well? And any good short comedy pieces would be great - I'm thinking along the lines of Hiccups and The Cutie Mark Master.


Ooh, this looks interesting. It wasn't aimed at me, but thanks anyway!


Sturgeon's Law in full effect, huh? Figures.
>> No. 91188
R34 is grounds for banning. Go to Fimchan to ask this.
>> No. 91249
Dude, that isn't even true. Why would you just go around slandering the mods for no reason? I thought we were friends. :c
>> No. 91259
File 133187098554.jpg - (12.74KB , 212x159 , 2541462.jpg )

Friends? With a mod?


...you're serious aren't you?
>> No. 91260

For some reason, now I think you're Kim Fluttershy Dykas. It's probably just a coincidence.
>> No. 91263
I'm putting my bets on it being the samurai, it fits if you think about it...
>> No. 91265
File 133187313335.png - (1.21MB , 1680x1050 , 132496572890.png )
Umm, no, not in the slightest. That's just stupid.
>> No. 91266
No, hear me out:

1.) He barely posts any more.

2.) Derpy's error are all too constructed, like they are deliberately being dropped for some purpose.

3.) He has to get bored at some point.

Add it all up, and you get the funny possibility the samurai is having fun at others expense, being all nice must get old and he wants to be a bit stupid from time to time.

Also, probably wrong, but it's funny to think about.
>> No. 91268
Derpy! also regularly posts on /show/.
>> No. 91270
File 133187490493.gif - (1.83MB , 640x360 , 131931094377.gif )
If it was the Samurai, you would never know. He's too good, and considering he knows several languages, he could concievably make common errors from several languages.

Plus, as he's told me before, "I am not a funny man, [redacted]." He isn't the kind of guy who does a half-ass job of making a parody review thread, especially one as blatantly insulting as Derpy's.

I mean, yes, if it was him, that'd be funny, but the facts are so against said conclusion that I can't even entertain the thought.
>> No. 91277
File 133187767129.png - (819.74KB , 640x640 , Discord-Juicebox.png )
The old guy you refer to (Samurai Jack Anon) isn't very tech-savvy (from what I've gathered), so I can't imagine him using proxies.
>> No. 91285
Dude, wtf you smoking to even entertain the samurai as a possibility behind this "derpy" character? Clearly it is potent stuff, so I will ask that you destroy it lest it fall into the hands of those who would face harm from its use.

Also, I think it's about time this derail end... Have a fic I like: [Crossover] [Adventure] [Comedy]
Author: psychicscubadiver

A crossover between The Dresden Files and MLP. It does a good job of capturing the Dresden tone and is generally quite fun.

I think this was also the author behind that B.I.G fic from a little while ago too. That gave me a couple of chuckles as well.
>> No. 91301
File 133191181764.gif - (1.51MB , 200x200 , Worf thinks that is a load of bullshit.gif )
> derpy!46wqU4SUnc
> Samurai Anon
>> No. 91457

Yes, it's yet another Human in Equestria story. But get this: this one is actually entertaining!

...No, seriously, it is.

You want a good laugh?

Seriously, go read it now. Like, now.
>> No. 91459


It is, as the author puts it, a slightly more realistic take on the HiE concept.
>> No. 91468
File 133202288455.jpg - (19.06KB , 350x231 , 52733.jpg )

Read it. Didn't even crack a smile.
>> No. 91470


You're the first person I've recommended it to that DIDN"T enjoy it.

. . .

Sad face. . .
>> No. 91471
File 133202373612.jpg - (162.16KB , 604x453 , 1319249487772.jpg )
>> No. 91472
File 133202400260.png - (31.42KB , 572x324 , zero-punctuation1.png )

Yup, you heard me. Saw the title, saw the comments, read it, found no interest in it.
>> No. 91474
Well I thought it was pretty good. I've got it Tracked.

But it's hardly "more realistic," and it's not super hilarious or anything. I still want to see how it turns out, though.

I'd recommend it, but not with banners waving or anything.

SO - Now a request:
Inspired by recent episodes, let's have another try at good Spike/Rarity fics. Give me some recs.
>> No. 91495


I enjoyed this one. It's a nice, simple, easy read.
>> No. 91570
This is the first time I have been on Ponychan in months. What are the odds of me seeing your comment? Of all the thousands of threads and comments I could have glanced at, I saw yours.
Dude, I wrote that story.
>> No. 91575

...Well that's weird.

In that case, I really enjoyed your story! =D
>> No. 92656
Any good Rarity/Applejack fics out there? Read Swayback Mountain for the first time recently and wondered if there's any more of this awesome pairing.
>> No. 92702
File 133256788045.gif - (230.94KB , 300x168 , cupcakes+_a429f674dd429907dfbcde5896ac90e0.gif )
Found this looks good but it's not complete

Its a ship of celestia and luna who find a stallion

>> No. 92714
Looking for Humans in Equestria fics involving women being sent to Equestria, not another college-age man, or male of any kind.

The only one I've seen is Butterscotch Sundae's.
>> No. 92716
I'm not entirely sure what I'd like to read... It's a little vague to ask for "good" fanfic since that's a subjective detail but I just got done reading My Little Dashie and I was wondering if there were any other "good" fanfics like that one.
>> No. 93021
File 133271141034.png - (1.22MB , 2640x2466 , 131983124997_jpg.png )
Is there anything with Discord just getting depowered by the elements and forced to stay in Ponyville to learn about friendship?
>> No. 93026
Diamond in the Rough
Secret Admirer
Cloud 9

Three of my own personal favourites right there - and three that are generally well received. Rarijack fics are unfortunately few and far between it seems. People seem to think highly of my own attempt at one but I'm one who takes praise with a pinch of salt.
>> No. 93030
Does a story about Scootaloo loving music exist? That'd be a cool thing.
>> No. 93042
File 133271823843.jpg - (40.07KB , 483x352 , 1182_81ac.jpg )
If you want a shipfic, try this:


You will daaaaw your heart out. I guarantee it.
>> No. 93075
File 133273033705.png - (211.81KB , 769x1039 , Scootaloo.png )
can you play that again? By Pony of the Year features an unamed filly who you could pretend is Scootaloo.

>> No. 93081
File 133273323173.png - (2.61KB , 493x402 , ColonThree.png )
Such a good feel.
You're nice.
>> No. 93319
Thanks for them - pretty good.

Yours is this one, yeah? http://www.fimfiction.net/story/10167/The-Sweetest-Cider-is-Diamond-White
>> No. 93547
Happy to help.

That is mine, yes. I'd rather you hadn't posted a link to it (not sure whether many of the people here on /fic/ would deem it good) but what's done is done I suppose...
>> No. 93694
Eeeee it's you! Love that story, manages to bring slightly more mature themes like alcohol to Equestria while still seeming perfectly canon. One of my favourite shipping stories period. Please continue to write!
>> No. 93740
Recommending this.


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that even though only two chapters have been written so far, this is the saddest story I have ever read.
>> No. 93821
Thanks for the enthusiasm - I assure you I shall continue to write.

While I'm here, may as well recommend a couple of fics. Both are shipfics.

http://www.fimfiction.net/story/16983/Dissertation-of-Affections - 'Alliteration' by this guy was pretty good, and this is equally promising.
http://www.fimfiction.net/story/13572/Seeking-Beauty - A rather good fic looking into the later life of Rarity. Coming to an end soon unfortunately.
>> No. 94505
Okay, I've got a request. It's pretty specific, but I'm sure these types of fics are out there somewhere.

Can anyone recommend a mane six (or some of the mane six) adventure story in the style of Half the Day is Night or It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door?

To be more specific, an adventure fic that
- keeps fairly close to the tone of the show (or the slightly edgier tone that Faust's original FiM would have been), so no Grimdark.
- doesn't ship any of the mane six with each other (or with either of the Princesses).
- isn't a crossover with anything.
- doesn't have weird internet fanfic things as plot devices - i.e. no alternate dimensions, no genderflips, no transformations, etc...
- isn't HiE.
- is fairly well edited - I couldn't get through White Demure because of all the errors.

I don't have a specific problem with most of those things, but I know where to look if I want to find them, and right now I'm not looking for them. I'm looking for this. Help me out, /fic/?
>> No. 94506
OCs alright?
>> No. 94507
Yes, actually.
>> No. 94511
File 133329623205.png - (235.61KB , 710x469 , 132619874222.png )
sooooooo, any good emotional fictions like Final Dreams of a Filly?

and why hasn't anyone mentioned FALLOUT: EQUESTRIA yet????
>> No. 94513
Have you read 'Children of the Sun'?
>> No. 94516
Yeah, that was a great fic. I'm excited for the sequel.
>> No. 94517
whats it about?
>> No. 94519
How about 'The Moonstone Cup' or 'Your Best Shot'?
>> No. 94520
Celestia banishes Nightmare Moon and then seals herself off from the world. 5 years later and Equestria's breaking up. The story follows a group of ponies who are trying to get Celestia to come back out. It's a lot more than that but that's kinda the gist. It's an epic adventure sort of fic.

>> No. 94521
File 133329803919.png - (121.15KB , 304x321 , 132619975683.png )
>group of people

people or ponies?
>> No. 94555
>> No. 94564
File 133331152579.jpg - (28.21KB , 413x413 , 133330469367.jpg )
okey. Ill read it then =D
>> No. 94654
Hey, guys, how you doing? I cam here because I got a kindle recently and I wanted to get a bunch of pony short stories into the mix, but I don't want to have a bazillion different files. So, I decided to make a single document with a bunch of short stories (they can't be more than 30k) into a single document and I wanted to know which ones would you suggest?
>> No. 94675
File 133333807048.png - (112.24KB , 301x313 , 132619968743.png )
Ion-sturms good with short storries. Other then My Little Dashie and a few shipping short, I cant realy help you.
>> No. 94677
File 133333827567.gif - (860.43KB , 300x225 , 82NXh.gif )
>Someone recommending my work
>> No. 94680
Ehmm... who are you?
>> No. 94687
Only the most famous caustic bastard to grace this part of ponychan.

Don't worry, he'll grow on ya.
>> No. 94688
File 133333967179.gif - (1.90MB , 280x220 , 131364131242.gif )
>> No. 94699
I don't seem to remember any stories being attributed to an "Ion Sturm."
>> No. 94700
File 133334086154.jpg - (34.80KB , 209x210 , Anton_Ego_square__scatman.jpg )
You wouldn't. They're not mainstream.
>> No. 94703
So mostly porn, gore, human in equestria, fetish fics and Tialuna?

>troll face
>> No. 94706
File 133334217044.gif - (1.99MB , 419x253 , Grabbing_wasps.gif )
>Implying HiE isn't one of the most written/read sub-generes in the fandom.

Porn, gore and Tialuna all fall into the fetish categorey in one way or another.
>> No. 94716
Written, perhaps. But there's a reason it gets autorejected. ;)
>> No. 94717
>Has never had a fic rejected when submitted to EqD
>Inb4 "Has never submitted" (I've had three stories published on the site)
>> No. 94720
Only one was HiE, and that got posted on The Conversion Bureau, which doesn't get sent to the prereaders.

The CYOA and... whatever the third was... both seem to have disappeared from the blog entirely. Which is ironic, all things considered, when you're talking about "not getting rejected."

But alas.
>> No. 94722
I requested they be removed since I wasn't producing any more work for them.
>> No. 94724
Only reviews.
>> No. 94734
Have you seen me requesting any reviews for them lately? No.
Stop living in the past.
>> No. 94735

Only every other time a new reviewer thread gets posted. Given the quantity of those that there's been in the past month, it's hardly indicative of you "quitting" just because you haven't posted it in the three threads that started since the end of February.

Anyway, this is getting off-topic.

I'd recommend Twilight Snarkle's Kindness and TrelaTyraelis' Derpy's Bebop. The latter is a multi-chapter thing, but the first chapter is its own story arc.

>> No. 94758
File 133337144437.png - (9.96KB , 640x361 , scootalo_by_norithecat-d3gxp6l.png )
I'v always lovewd your work, you know that
he is the fucking KING of /fic/
bow befor him, for you are in the presence of royalty
cupcakes is labled as clop :( that makes me sad
get back into the game, man. give us some masterpices =D
>> No. 94760
File 133337686765.gif - (578.05KB , 160x120 , BuDSH.gif )
I would contend the use of a plural, since I only think one of my stories could even be passingly called that, and only from in the purview of the fandom itself. The fact that it has almost no pony makes even that doubtful.

I'll see what I can do. One of these days I might write something else.
>> No. 94763
File 133337764110.jpg - (232.82KB , 1000x1000 , Ion-sturm.jpg )
could you look at my new fic? please, it would mean alot to get a review from my hero =D

Its a single thread on /fic/

and I have more faith in you, Ion-sturm
>> No. 94765
File 133337783339.gif - (1.94MB , 324x180 , X6OeT.gif )
I'm, afraid I don't play favourites. If someone else hadn't already done so, I would have reported your thread. You need to read the sticky on proper presentation.
If your OP was any indication of the story, I don't think either of us wants me to read it.
>> No. 94767
File 133337849181.jpg - (12.74KB , 212x159 , 2541462.jpg )

Sturm? An hero?

*sarcastic applause*
>> No. 94768
File 133337903412.gif - (2.33MB , 400x225 , 9qXDS.gif )
I certainly hope I'm not an hero. I don't feel like killing myself just yet.

And you just jelly.

I'm thinking you're a troll or something at this point.
>hear you go
>not "here"
>> No. 94769
File 133337946449.png - (695.57KB , 819x1280 , 131820628117.png )
I'm pretty sure it's derpy!46wqU4SUnc.

At any rate, this isn't the place to request/give reviews.
>> No. 94772
File 133337980249.jpg - (37.47KB , 411x504 , disapointfluttershy-jpg_1814.jpg )
>> No. 94775
File 133338045015.jpg - (410.62KB , 973x733 , discord_by_kawaiipiepie-d4at0l0.jpg )
Thread title: Recommendation/Request General
Thread purpose: Here is a thread for people to post their recommendations so new people can get a general picture of the highlights of fiction in the fandom, or for people to ask for recommendations.

And, lest anyone call me a hypocrite by pointing to the shenanigans in >>75471: OP had already derailed his own thread by using it as a platform for his campaign against the practices of the FiMFiction staff.
>> No. 94779
File 133338085975.png - (258.12KB , 650x593 , My Chaos is Full of Fuck.png )
> I declar that the fiction posed in >>94766 is a recomendation of a fiction I realy enjoyed
> please give me a review.
>> No. 94782
File 133338187593.gif - (66.43KB , 333x333 , 133304233451.gif )
Approval denied.
>> No. 94783
File 133338208626.jpg - (30.59KB , 500x500 , 10817.jpg )
d-did you read it? D"=
>> No. 94785
File 133338237921.png - (529.16KB , 800x447 , 143784 - caption fluttershy Rick_Shaw taxi Taxi_pony Warhammer warhammer_40k.png )
I almost managed to finish the first sentence.
>> No. 94791
File 133338413243.jpg - (60.32KB , 375x300 , 7236163.jpg )

Is this what we've been reduced to in the fiction world?

*nuclear facepalm*
>> No. 94792
File 133338497656.jpg - (279.78KB , 800x1000 , a_sometimes_sister____by_iraecoal-d4fhgc5.jpg )
So I fed the names "Dinky" and "Sparkler" through the "find" function and found nothing, so I assume this is okay to post.

Does anybody know any good sister-fics about Dinky and Sparkler? I see Dinky and Derpy fics all the time but I never see any Dinky and Sparkler fics.

Incidentally, what's everyone's preferred headcanon about them; actual sisters or "big-sister" program sisters?
>> No. 94795
My little sweetie. Or something like that. It was on EQD, pretty good.
>> No. 94796
> After being adopted by Derpy, Sparkler can't help but feel unloved and unspecial in her new home, but Derpy is determined to show her just how special she really is.

I don't know, based on the description, it looks more like a Derpy and Sparkler fic than a Dinky and Sparkler fic. Is this the case, or am I just judging it by the cover?
>> No. 94799
He's an old troll under a different name. Don't take him seriously.
>Implying this hasn't been the case since the beginning of writing, moreso after Twilight came out
>> No. 94800
Hi guys, I am coming here because I'm looking for fics that are related to Butterscotch Sundae's work.

Like, they are continuations by other artist, just set in the same world, or anything like that.

I know for a fact there was one for "The Party Never Ended" or whatever it is called now a days (seen three very similar titles...) so I wanted to see if anyone knew?
>> No. 94801
File 133338587834.png - (397.94KB , 911x480 , yugo31.png )


Sparkler and Dinky origin story. It's good stuff, sad and heartwarming at the same time. Enjoy!
>> No. 94802
I think I've read that one already.

Don't get me wrong, I still thought it was pretty good.
>> No. 94808
If you're still interested, the fic >>94795 mentioned is below.

>> No. 94828
There's "Dinky Debates Dexterity, Destiny and Dinner", the sequel to "Ditzy Doo's Dismally Derpy Day". It's short and basically all about Sparkler and Dinky's sisterly relationship.


Or you could read any story with Twilight and pretend it's Sparkler whenever the author talks about a "purple unicorn" (I do it).

Will check those out. Thanks!
>> No. 95197
File 133359586684.png - (155.66KB , 427x413 , 133347876754.png )
heres a simple task for you all:

featch me a multi chaptered shipfic that dosn't suck

and if someone can get stonershy to finish blood is thicker then friendship that would be awsome

and is there any fics that involve skootaloo and rainbow dash? like, something where RD adopts her or teaches her to fly?
>> No. 95204

As with many fic-related questions, the answer to your question is Romance Reports.

I'm not allowed to link it here. Find it for yourself.

You may not consider it much of a shipfic because it doesn't have a single pairing, it's just a... what do I call this? It's an erotic romance... episodic... thing. It's very good.
>> No. 95207

I will have to go and say, no.

Romance Report is good in the same way that eating spam is good: it's more or less consistent, you can take in many ways, it easy to prepare to your taste, and I think I lost the metaphor somewhere there.

Point is, I couldn't really read that story without asking myself how in the world was this suppose to be IC at any given moment, with the whole set-up for it feeling like a weak excuse from one of the many porn films that are produced. The writing is not bad, I have to admit, but it's definitely nothing impressive in any shape or form, and I found myself wondering many times at many sentence structures, outright errors, and just a general feeling of amateurish sloppiness.

All in all, Romance Reports is the sort of thing you read in a lazy afternoon, when you don't want to give too much thought to anything and can't bother yourself with the simple question "wait, does this make sense?"
>> No. 95210
Yes it has pairings. It's good when it's an abusive Twiluna ship, because at least it has drive at that point. When it changes to "Cheerilee is Twilight's one true pony, because she gives the best fill-in-the-blank" it kinda falls apart. Needs more romance.

The sex is pretty good, though. The non-sex scenes are the most beautiful description in the fandom.

> outright errors
Are you talking about the dialog punctuation? It's different, but consistent and stylistic. You'd have to be fairly obsessive to mind.

To answer the original question, Where Earth Meets Sky is probably the best (non-clop) long ship I've read. Points for the unusual pairing, too.
>> No. 95211

I disagree with you on one point: That the characters didn't work out. I thought they were all well-defined enough so that they all had interesting and unique voices, and their interactions never seemed forced even though somehow half the town wants to bang Twilight.

A lot of people didn't like how Twilight was played, but I really liked her character.

I am not saying that I think you're wrong and the author nailed all the m6's canon selves. Applejack was off in retrospect, and I think the guy just had it in for Rarity. What I am saying is that the characters were distinct and I enjoyed them and also the quality of the writing was not distractingly bad.
>> No. 95213
While we're talking shipping, someone once had me read It's Always Sunny in Fillydelphia and although the actual pairing is a left-field crack ship, the writing is very good.
>> No. 95224
File 133360934084.jpg - (410.59KB , 964x1268 , 1277964055892.jpg )
You must have seen after it had been edited, if it ever truly was. I will not really revisit it to find the mistakes again (as you might imagine, I didn't take much enjoyment from it) but I assure you it goes beyond the mistakes in the dialogue (which is by no means stylistic, unless a stuttering pace of description of the speech verbs is what you want).

The sex? I suppose it was a much better fare than most. The rest? I cannot seriously support that statement in face of things like End of Ponies, Somewhere Only We Know, and many others. But everyone has their opinion I, so I will respectfully disagree rather than get feisty about it.

I just have to say I didn't make that point, and will agree that internally the characters were stable and constructed from each other in not discordant ways. Granted, I still find issue with some of their reasoning at times, but nothing so serious I couldn't just tell my brain to ignore it just to advance the plot. As for forced, I will simply say that I didn't buy into the premise at first but thought that it was building itself out of that and then continued reading out of that belief until the very end, which I still found the whole thing off. As for Twilight, she was my canary in the mine to the issues I had with the story.

But, at the end of the day, would I suggest this to anyone? Not quite. Will I dare say it was bad? Not at all, but I will say it wasn't particular good either as far as I'm concerned, and I think this is the place to make such comments.

>mfw I didn't notice I didn't have a trip, apart from that, completely unrelated.
>> No. 95230
Any recommendations on a good Spike/Rarity fic?
>> No. 95237
So it's fairly obvious based on episodes like "Read it and Weep" that Rainbow Dash has some massive issues with keeping her reputation/not screwing up. So, are there any good fanfics that play off of those issues?
>> No. 95238
Only thing that comes to mind.

The Centerpiece Of My Collection might count? I don't even know really...

I'm starting to see what sort of stories you read. For al that is worth, I actually enjoyed reading Like Fine Wine.
>> No. 95242

Aw, that's not all I read. They just happen to have been the first fics that finally made me cave and give fanfiction a try.

Applejinx is still my writing idol. I mean apart from actual published authors.
>> No. 95243
Heh, that's a cute one.

Now this might sound like it's coming right out of left field, but does anyone know any good fics, besides "Applejack's Secret", that have Applejack secretly be Applebloom's mom?
>> No. 95270
I dont mind sex scene, but I dont want to read an all-sex hardcore clop.
wich one is it?
Where Earth Meets Sky

huuuumm, I'll cheak it out.
I dont know abput "secreatly" but I read this one fic on fimfiction a while ago where Applejack was applebloos mother but she didnt know it until she tracked down her own mother who explained it.

I forget what it wa called, but it was extreemly grimdark bringing in mature and touchy subjectls like rape and un-wed motherhood into the story. I never finished it but I'll try and go on and find it if I can.
>> No. 95271
File 133364048430.jpg - (177.67KB , 515x537 , 6448%20-%20scootaloo.jpg )
where earth meets sky

rated: evryone

shit...... I don't have high hopes for this alredy
>> No. 95278
I've read Centerpiece, as well as its sequel. Might be looking for something a little less bittersweet.

I'm assuming that there's a deleted post that recommended "Like Fine Wine," to which I respond A. I've already read it, and B. the request was for a "good" fic.
>> No. 95295
File 133364576244.jpg - (755.72KB , 3000x723 , 43754 - applecest applejack apple_bloom artist gorodetsky baby big_macintosh comic foal implied_.jpg )
Well, I suppose by secretly, I mean that only the Apple family knows about it, except Applebloom.

Sort of like this pic actually.
>> No. 95344
File 133365822183.jpg - (24.86KB , 450x321 , Capture.jpg )
yah, you wouldnt like the one im talking about. It has more to do with applejack finding out her past and ends with [?] her never telling applebloom about her being the real mother [?]
pritty morbid shit if thats what your in to
>> No. 95349
File 133365879054.gif - (1.94MB , 324x180 , X6OeT.gif )
lol fail spoiler.
>> No. 95350
File 133365909229.png - (389.74KB , 899x525 , 1303790391095reg.png )
Im sorry ion-sturm!!!!! Im so so so so so so sorry! please don't be mad at me
>> No. 95372
Probably not, but I think I'd like to check it out for curiosity's sake.
>> No. 96200
File 133402301687.png - (155.14KB , 564x436 , 132623441962.png )
Are there any fics in this picture's spirit?
Don't get me wrong, I adore Celestia. I just think it's cute when Luna is miserable.
>> No. 96201
File 133402314538.png - (254.91KB , 680x658 , a71.png )
Just about every story involving Luna has her being miserable as a plot point.
>> No. 96206

I mean a whole fanfiction like that.
A slice of life, only with Luna being miserable and trying to be happy about it.
>> No. 96780
Just prancing by, ain't see Eternal by device heretic being mentioned anywhere. Just finished reading that mother of bittersweet fics (over 150k words) and was crying buckets in the end.
The pace of the story might be somewhat slow, but it's immensely deep and absorbing. Alas, my poor grab of English doesn't let me fully describe this work, so I just hope you'll give it a try.
>> No. 98684
File 133521561597.jpg - (37.51KB , 556x544 , 75538_3752885269788_1506095910_33281685_875440236_n.jpg )
Just read The Last Crusade. A bit of a emotion-manipulator, but it's well written and is wont to make some people less apathetic than I am get misty-eyed.
>> No. 98831
File 133527006361.jpg - (227.24KB , 900x631 , 1_by_do_you_sell_crisps-d4wki0t.jpg )
It's Not a Cold Dark Place by Lucky Dreams
"Rainbow Dash has vanished! To save her, Scootaloo must confront her fears and sail to the land where ponies' dreams are made..."


Just read the first chapter. It looks like it'll be an interesting story.
>> No. 99179

If, in the past month, you haven't found it yourself. Here!


also, Cloudy Skies is actually tightening up the story a bit, over here

>> No. 99431
Hello, I'm looking for a fanfic that I read some time ago and would like to ask you if you could give me a link for it.

Theres somepony ( I thik was Rainbow Dash ) who went into a coma and wakes up in a dream world where there's different versions of her, in different colors matching her different personalities and desires.

Then she escapes by flying, on the last scene.
>> No. 99433
File 133550564708.jpg - (156.04KB , 700x950 , better_than_six_4_by_joeengland-d4ubyez.jpg )
I checked this out when it debuted on EqD and added it to my watch/favourite/whatever the bloddy hell it's called now list. Well written, and seems like it could go to pretty interesting places. I'll toss my lot into recommending this story.

You might want to provide more info on it. Is it a one-shot, mutli-chapter fic, where was it posted ect.
>> No. 99435
I read it months ago. I really don't recall that much...

What i remember was that i read it on docs...

She's faced with the idea of staying in this place, like her clones want, or try to scape...

There's a scene where she step on water of a lake or a ocean and it turns red...

The last scene she tries to fly highter and highter up the sky...


I'm looking for something that explores the subconscious of an individual on a near death experience, and that fic was a good exemple of that.

I also would appreciate if you give me a reference to something that talks about it.

In return I give this: http://dbanach.com/death.htm
>> No. 99436
File 133550689679.png - (183.35KB , 563x525 , bf6163897b523f3f93e36a22b170abd1-d3h93c6.png )
>My reply to which story that is

If you don't mind purple prose, Pascoite has a Scootaloo fic that might fill your niche.
>> No. 99437
File 133550755326.jpg - (70.02KB , 640x360 , mlfw609_130389652397[1].jpg )
Thank you, anyway.


In other news,
Yeah, not bad for social interaction, nor a first post on a imageboard. At least nothing exploded.
Pic related. It's me trying to be funny.
>> No. 99440
File 133550784950.gif - (670.72KB , 160x120 , tumblr_m0j93mBGI61rrnep7o1_250.gif )
You caught me after I'd already dumped the ire reserves. Make sure to read the sticky; second time usually isn't the charm with moi.
>> No. 99443

Is the best I can do. Other "Shattered Rainbows" or "Shattered Prism" stories didn't quite end the same way, so no clue.
>> No. 99582
Okay, so after messing up royally the first time, I'll try again, but please keep in mind I'm not a regular here at /fic/ and don't know how a lot of things here work.
Now that that's outta the way: Does anyone know any good fics focusing on chrysalis or the changelings?
>> No. 99586
The sticky says, in big, literally glowing letters, to read it. First time or not, you have to purposefully ignore that to not do it right.
And I already gave you an answer for that. FimFiction. No Chrysalis fics here to the best of my knowledge.
>> No. 99619
File 133559641177.png - (90.24KB , 250x200 , 22369_r.png )
Choose Your Own Adventure: Brony Hero of Equestria by Blueshift
[Comedy] [Random] [Adventure]
"After being sucked into the magical land of Equestria, YOU find yourself as the legendary Brony Hero in this exciting interactive adventure. Will you find the Time Orb and restore peace to the land? Or will you marry Fluttershy? Will you defeat the evil demon king Tirek? Or will you marry Luna?

"With 21 endings to choose from, only you can decide your fate!"


Just spent the last hour going through all the paths. It's full of delicious references, brony-parody and crazy shenanigans.
>> No. 99620
File 133559745034.jpg - (3.42KB , 160x114 , scootalove.jpg )
I always loved reading these kind of stories as a kid. It warms my heart to see that someone has created a pony version.
>> No. 99622
inorite, me too! The best part is that it's not the only one. You should also check out The Purloined Pony (http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/05/storygame-purloined-pony.html) – it's less zany (and so more similar to the actual CYOA book series). Definitely a great story/game/thing.

And then there was Onyx Origins and the Orb of Omnipotence, but I'm too lazy to find a link to that one.
>> No. 99637
Always happy to be of service (especially when it comes to hawking my own wares).
>> No. 99780
The "Big Three" of one-shot fics, but which one is truly the MLP fandom's finest, and why?


>> No. 99782
None of them, because the finest one-shot in the fandom is Airshipping is Magic by Blueshift.
>> No. 99789
Trixie's Favorite Pony by Blueshift is more of a "what the fuck?" experience.

And The Glass Blower is easily better than those three stories.
>> No. 99811
Vimbert the Unimpressive's Distorted Perspective blows all three out of the water.

>> No. 99970

So glad someone else mentioned Of War and Friendship. That one's my favorite, I'm surprised not that many people have heard of it.
>> No. 99972
In what front you mean? As in the best one shot of the fandom?
>> No. 99973
There's a phrase that Equestria Daily prereaders use nowadays: "February Fics." Basically, that means that, back in February, standards were a lot lower for fanfiction.

Similarly, the amount of fics has skyrocketed, so the relative chance of an "amazing one-shot," in that there's some odds that an amazing author will come write an amazing one-shot. Also, several writers in the fandom are continually improving.

So, while Vimbert's Distorted Perspective isn't the best in the fandom, it's not too much of a stretch to say that it's better than those three "old fics," and it's certainly possible that someone holds that opinion.
>> No. 99994
If you're into the kind of fics that insert ponies into established universes, then My Little Old Republic is pretty good.


It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Dash is the trooper, Pinkie is the smuggler, and the story is a cross between that of the game and one the author thought up himself.
>> No. 100209
is there a compilation of mlp fanfiction on audio? cause i can't find a way to read fanfics the traditional way.... thanks! :]
>> No. 100210
For fics with audio books, you can usually find them on their respective EqD pages. Otherwise, I'd suggest Googling "fic name + audio book". There's no fic audio book repository as far as I know.
>> No. 100297
File 133590752531.png - (60.97KB , 250x219 , 7526_r.png )
It's still ongoing, but Sweetie's Mansion is awesome. Basically, it's the plot to Luigi's Mansion with ponies, and Sweetie as Luigi. But it is so much cooler than what I just described. They bumb up the story big time, it's tense, funny, and scary as hay. Big recommendation from me. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/7526/Sweetie's-Mansion
>> No. 100301
Indeed. The best way to find audiobook versions of fanfics is to google or youtube the name of the story and "live reading" "reading" or "audiobook". If, that is, you can't find a link on the related EqD page.
>> No. 100323
File 133591873828.png - (150.66KB , 500x375 , tumblr_lxza22BDot1r3olt5.png )
> So i can ask for recommendations in this thread right? I hope so, because im about to drop something on yall.

I have a problem. Im not exactly a Trixie fan (in that i dont like her especially more than any other character i like) but whenever i even think about her i get very depressed.

It used to confuse me, but i think i know why now. Its because i know Trixie is a loveless, friendless, poor, petty gypsy jerkass who will never ever achieve her dream of being the most magical unicorn in the land. Her own cutie mark is in magic, yet she will never be able to succeed at it, because of course - Twilight (my favourite character) exists.

Essentially, even thinking about Trixie instantly causes me to think about the tremendous insecurity and inferiority complex she would develop upon being faced with a unicorn who also has a magical cutiemark but is also rich, famous, powerful, beloved, student of the princess, likable, blessed by fate, generally overpowered and now royalty. The moment she actually looks up who Twilight is is the moment shell just throw down her wand and say 'screw that - the fuck am i supposed to compete with that?'. I literally cannot comprehend any response to Twilight which wouldnt end in mind blowing depression for Trixie.

> So this is your challenge if you please /fic/.

Find me a fiction in which things actually go well for Trixie. Where she isnt just some abysmal failure. Revenge fics are instantly out, because ive never even understood that.

I dont mind any pairings or none at all, though id like to see some actual friendship with Twilight if possible. Bonus points if they actually have to get over Trixie's personality as royal jerkflank, as opposed to just having it disapear.

> Thanks for you guy's time in advance.
>> No. 100326
I have always held the belief that Trixie's main limitation to becoming the bearer was that she is a gigantic douche, not actual power-level.
>> No. 100328

That dont make no sense man.

Even if Trixie WAS nice, would that mean she would be automatically the element bearer? course not. Twi would still be it. Plus theres all the other reasons Twi is pretty Mary-Sue overpowered.

Anyways, i dont think >>100323 meant they want Twi replaced. I think they just want a fic where Trixie doesnt get completely shat on without totally sacrificng her character. Which is admittedly pretty rare. i cant think of one.
>> No. 100359
There's "Of Mares and Magic" found here: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/06/story-of-mares-and-magic.html

And "Hostile Takeover," which features Fluttershy: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/6893/Hostile-Takeover

One more for ya, "Showmareship": http://www.fimfiction.net/story/17490/Showmareship

These should give you a good start. I'd suggest Showmareship first since that's a one-shot and shouldn't take long to read through. Hostile Takeover isn't finished yet, by the way.

>> No. 100404
Can any one help me?

I'm looking for two Fics that I'd like to read again.
The first is about a human working as a baker in Equestria who falls in love with Pinkie (yeah, I know how it sounds) Ponyville ostracize him, call him a pedophile, Pinkie tries to dump him in the rain to protect him but she can't do it. As gross as the premise is, it wasn't written really well so it came off as really sweet.

The second one was a shipping fic between Twilight and Fluttershy, where they go to a romantic dinner together but the mane 6's terrible advice ruins the moment, twilight then moves the stars to show Fluttershy her feelings.

Please if ay one knows what these are called could you tell me. Oh and please do t judge me.
>> No. 100502
not sure about the first one, but the second one is "Once Bitten, Twice Shy"
>> No. 101047
That's the one. Thanks so much, friend.

Still can't find the creepy/sweet one with the human and Pinkie. Any one else have an idea?
>> No. 101052
File 133623746605.jpg - (130.00KB , 516x640 , 3899821092_672137af78_z.jpg )
Hello, /fic/. Got a tough one for you.

I've noticed a lack of scary stories. "Cupcakes" spinoffs are a dime a dozen; I'm talking about genuinely frightening stuff -- from straight-up ghost stories to psychological horror.

Sometimes it's fun to be scared. So, what made your mane stand on end?
>> No. 101053

Definitely "The Silent Shore."


I haven't read many other pony fics that actually try to set up a creepy/unsettling atmosphere like this fic.
>> No. 101140

>This is one of the best adventure fics I've read
>> No. 101174
"The Star in Yellow" is probably the closest thing to a horror story I've read in this fandom so far.


We need more of them.

That's been on my to-read list forever. Thanks for reminding me about it.
>> No. 101878
File 133667817719.png - (98.31KB , 508x595 , mlp_haruhi_suzumiya_by_cardcaptorkatara-d4k2pif.png )
So, I was wondering if this kinda fic already existed, and if it does, is it good. Basically, Haruhi Suzumiya gets into MLP, and the Brigade find themselves the next day as ponies in Equestria, and Haruhi thinks it's all normal. Thought it was a good idea for a crossover, so I thought I'd ask the experts.
>> No. 101998
A quick search yields no result. Doesn't look like it. If you want to develop this idea for a fic, you might want to look at the Story Forge.
>> No. 102214
File 133688853992.jpg - (182.21KB , 1500x1500 , 133564293066_001.jpg )
Anyone know where to find the old (like, mid-season-one old) fanfic, "Interdimensional"? it's a Pony-on-Earth fic where the Mane 6 end up in Area 51, and eventually a full-scale war between a faction of humans including the Illuminati that want to basically rape Equestria and pillage all it's resources, and an allied force of ponies and the non-asshole humans.

Readers of "Article 2" will thank you en masse as we've been pointed to it a few times in the EqD comments.
>> No. 102244
File 133689495109.jpg - (14.68KB , 441x298 , HorseDomest.jpg )

Thanks, guys.


I remember that conversation, from when Article 2's first chapter went up. I checked out Interdimensional back then, and was less than impressed. But just for you, I did some googling, and only found this: http://demolandind.blogspot.ca/2011/05/story-interdimensional.html

All the links are dead, meaning it was pulled from Gdocs. Unless someone can find either the author or someone who saved the whole thing, I don't think we'll ever see it again.
>> No. 102247
I remember Interdimensional. I remember it being not that well written. I'd imagine the fans of Article 2 will enjoy it.
>> No. 102309

Um, ouch.
>> No. 103770
So I'm feeling in the mood for some foreign ponies. Does anyone know of any good fanfics that take place outside of Equestria; you know, places like Neighpon, Prance, Stalliongrad, etc?

I've read "Made in Neighpon" by the way. I couldn't get past the present tense presentation.
>> No. 104082
File 133808452642.png - (112.82KB , 475x444 , rdface.png )
I just wanted to proclaim how amazing this guy is:
Just last night I skimmed through his latest story:
Many lols were had. He is a master of the craft.
>> No. 105070
File 133865989325.png - (52.60KB , 320x320 , spoiler.png )
UNRELATED TO THIS THREAD RAWDGHSJS. Got your attention yet? I hope so. Good 'kay. "Request General" sounds close enough for the purpose of this post.

So some of you may remember Josh Meihaus from a while back. He's a fellow writer who spent a bit of time in the TG, but since has gone MIA. To quote Pony Fiction Vault,

"Josh Meihaus is looking for your signature to help stop a fraudulent lawsuit against his mother's small business, which has the potential to bankrupt them":


I did a bit of digging around and discovered that Eustatian opposes it, for reasons stated here: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/31982 and I'd advise that you take the time to read through it first so that you, dear reader, can make an informed decision.

This is a signal boost. I've signed the petition anyways, and I'm spreading this around on the principle that "do to others what you would have others do to you", and on grounds that he's a fellow, and was/is part of the /fic/ community. Acting less on sentiment and more on rationale, I believe that the petition may help to draw the attention of the lawmakers to potential loopholes, so that they can enact change as they see fit through the proper methods, to the proper areas, not necessarily those highlighted in the petition but with the same effect i.e. closing loopholes.

Further discussion would most certainly kill this thread beyond repair*, so I've included my email in the tripcode** if anyone really does want to have a go at me, wants to pick at my motivations, etc., etc.. Alternatively, Josh's own Fimfic blog is here: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/31512 so if there's any concerns you want to tell him, well, there you go.

Sorry if this comes off as, er, not level-headed. Trying to word the last part in a balanced manner was hard, and I need to get to bed. And apologies for, ultimately, posting this in the wrong thread.

*It was either this thread or the StoryForge. Perhaps we need a General General, bumped for announcements, emergencies and relatively important albeit non-fanfic related stuff, and submerged otherwise? I dunno. Why /fic/, rather than the other boards? Because 1) /fic/ is Again, email.

**It's an actual email, despite being "sincerely fake".
>> No. 105072
File 133866096903.png - (223.51KB , 572x620 , AJ-Aint-Mad.png )
Thanks for the heads-up. General threads do get used for important yet not-relevant topics from time to time.
> It was either this thread or the StoryForge.
Hell, why not. These sorts of things come up seldom enough to not warrant a thread of their own.

Linking a trite yet relevant Weird Al music vid because I have nothing better to add.
>> No. 105089
File 133867775742.jpg - (37.12KB , 492x369 , 496submit[1].jpg )
So back in the Season 1 era, there was that big old rumor that Faust had originally intended FIM to essentially be a magical-girl show. That is, after the opening two-parter, the Mane 6 would be using the Elements of Harmony to fight the monster-of-the-week. The Hoity Toity fashion show dress sequences were allegedly cannibalized from the original "henshin" sequences. Less spa visits, more weaponized friendship. Obviously, this wasn't the direction that the show took, and Faust eventually went on record to discredit these theories, stating it had always been her intention to mix episodes like "Dragonshy" and "Look Before You Sleep".

Nevertheless, were there any ever fics on this concept? Not a crossover like my image, but an alt universe adventure fic where the Elements fight against monsters-of-the-week?
>> No. 105090
Quick, get me five mares with attitude!
>> No. 105948
Been reading that story that was just published to EqD, Arrow 18. Perhaps it's because I'm a sci-fi buff but I'm quite enjoying the story, which details a lone human researcher as he studies and documents the pony race from an outsider's view. Twilight's obsession with him and the technology he brought is fairly in-character, and their study-buddies-seperated-by-language relationship is interesting to watch develop. Minor typos dot the story but its journal-entry style disguises them, since it can easily be passed off as the main character making mistakes. For people that don't mind the slighty-dry journal entries and enjoy developed First Contact scenarios, this is a story for you.
>> No. 105981
I liked that story too, but what I don't like was how the author posted a chapter of author notes that basically told the readers to suck it, and that the story was unimportant to him and we should all be grateful that he deigns to lower himself to write it at all.
>> No. 106214
File 133939946597.jpg - (30.16KB , 437x500 , Interrobang.jpg )
I have never finished a story before, but I have an amazing idea for a fic that would cast some of my own fanon light on the history of alicorns and why exactly celestia and luna have been around for centuries yet we see Cadance grow up in Twilight's lifetime.

I would just like to take a poll to see how interested you readers would be in such a fic.
>> No. 106215
File 133940069414.jpg - (36.13KB , 300x428 , MTG-ThreadNecromancer_3198.jpg )
I haven't seen this chapter. Is it deleted or something? I browsed the comments but didn't see anything particularly untowards on his part in them (then again, I didn't go through all ten pages, either).

You're in the wrong thread for this. Read the sticky and meander your way to the Story Forge.
Also, don't play coy. If you have an idea, spit it out. All you have now is a barebones plot that has almost assuredly been done three time over on FimFiction.
>Dat feel when your name is a self-fulfilling prophecy
>> No. 106216
You should probably ask that sort of question in the story forge thread.
>> No. 107003
Looking for a good political drama that IS NOT A PART OF THE CONVERSION BUREAU UNIVERSE.
>> No. 107007
Check out The Equestrian Spring, by Chocolate Milk.


There's also a group dedicated to pony-politics fics on fimfic you can peruse.
>> No. 107017
Thank you very much
>> No. 107116
File 133983252772.gif - (2.67MB , 533x300 , pinkierainboomaww.gif )
>mfw now
>> No. 107734
Trying to remember the name of a fic.

It was a human in equestria scenario all I remember is the protagonist having an argument with Twilight while on a visit to Zecora's and she makes a snide comment about him and Twilight probably going to end up dating.

Also, human chaperoning the CMCs.
>> No. 107743
File 134006617233.gif - (1.22MB , 540x360 , 130809470123_gif (540×360).gif )
All I'm getting are stories which are kind of explicit. And chances are they aren't even right. Do you have more information to go by?
>> No. 107758
File 134006921156.png - (241.34KB , 672x480 , ___.png )

Explicit is fine...
>> No. 107759
Not for linking on Ponychan, it isn't.
>> No. 107761
I just want the name.
>> No. 107784
Nevermind. Found it. It's called "Hands"

And it's teen rated.

>> No. 107821

Okay, it's teen rated in the sense of immature male teens :D

Lots of cute Risque' Business.
>> No. 107892
I wish to ask someone to extend this fanfic. It's an amazing premise and I don't think he will be continuing it.

>> No. 107894
I posted this idea ages ago DX. That's what i get for never taking the initiative, I guess.
>Dat formatting
>> No. 107926
I'm not the only one! I wish I had one...
>> No. 108014
Season 3 is long way off so I need to read some fanfic to keep me sane. My first fanfic I've read was "The Cold Hand of Mercy" and I love it.

But I've tried to read every other fanfics, I found them lame, doesn't interests me, unwanted genres. There's thousands of fic, guys if you can help point me direction to GOOD "sad" fanfic. I know about search function on fimfiction, but it doesn't give me what I want usually. Maybe I'm too picky about story quality.

I digs "sad" story.
Genres I don't want to read: human, crossover, shipping, grimdark.
I prefer fic that focuses on main 6 ponies, any of other 'important' character from MLP (ie Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, Celestia, etc) is OK. Background pony is not, interaction with them is OK.
OC allowed as long as not as main character.
Incomplete allowed (if it's active and almost finish)
No My Little Dashie, I've already read

If you haven't read The Cold Hand of Mercy -- read it there: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/10/story-cold-hand-of-mercy_27.html
>> No. 108042

/fic/ write-off. Find one named Never.

You're welcome.
>> No. 108336
He plans on extending it, but he has some other work to do so the fic is moving slowly.
>> No. 108389
Yours Truly by Thanqol (if you don't mind shipping)
White Box by Chromosome, this one isn't exactly sad. It all depends on how you interpret the ending.
I second the fic write off entry, Never. It's long, but holds your attention throughout the entire story.
>> No. 108394
why thank you, now I don't need my ipecac to vomit today!
>> No. 108395
Huh. Pedophillic torture war council. That's something you don't read every day.
>> No. 108399
this is disgusting, even for a gorefic
>> No. 108408
File 134058484384.png - (792.06KB , 1024x1010 )
>see following posts
>read synopsis
>image related
>> No. 108661
File 134074765990.jpg - (238.59KB , 750x750 , 123234235346436.jpg )
Requesting Alternate Interpretation

Any good fics based on episodes like Return Of Harmony or Mare In The Moon and others?

Also any fanfics where Twilight acts like a badass biatch? or Rainbow Dash like a cute prankster?
Same for a NightmareMoon with good characterization or a Luna acting like a laidback playful rebel?
>> No. 108711
1. Half the Day is Night and The Empty Room have much of that feel.

2. This fandom needs more prankster Dash, or pranking period. You might like The Cutie Mark Conspiracy. The Wind Thief for badass Twilight, though she's a little bit overshadowed by the OC in that story.

3. Tonight I Shall Be Laughter ... We can all pretty much pack our things and go home.

It actually occurs to me that I have never read a really good Nightmare Moon story. Huh.
>> No. 108890
Are there any fics featuring Kelpies or Gytrash creatures?
>> No. 108915
File 134098774519.jpg - (22.07KB , 360x252 , 130973161811.jpg )
>Alternate Interpretation
>Mare in the Moon

mffw I have to plug my own fic. Feels shitty pony
I believe my piece would qualify for that request.
>> No. 108958
File 134101888246.png - (531.53KB , 1000x1000 , popsicle_by_csimadmax-d3w8u6s.png )
It's okay to recommend a good story, no matter whose it is.
>> No. 109014
Be that as it may...
>1.) No self-promotion, your work should stand for itself and make others want to refer to it.
>> No. 109118
File 134108315500.png - (459.80KB , 1500x1000 , Rainbow Dash & Scootaloo 003.png )
Dear /fic/,

I'd like to be recommended the title of this story which I cannot remember so that I may recommend it to my other friends who have shown interest in reading the fic but we have tired to find it via google and the FiM fanfic website to no avail.

Genre: Sad

What we remember of this story: Starts with Scootaloo asking Rainbow Dash about stuff. Rainbow Dash tells a story. It was a story of her life. She had a friend in school, she was fond of her. They are best of buddies. Friend had an accident involving thunderstorm and lightning and crashed. Friend ends up in hospital. Friend ends up having some mild degree of memory loss and cognitive difficulties. Friend asks about her cutie mark. Rainbow Dash says it's because your bubbles bring happiness in other ponies lives (this was the twist in the story) Epilogue with visiting said friend who loves making muffins and having a job in the post office. Scootaloo is touched at the end.

Thank you, kind /fic/ in advance.
>> No. 109119
Well, the "friend" is obviously Derpy/Bright Eyes/Ditzy Doo. Beyond that I can't offer anything.
>> No. 109120
File 134108363727.jpg - (27.37KB , 500x500 , AdjDf.jpg )
I believe you are looking for My Funny Sister.

>> No. 109121
Yes, we know that... it was never mentioned at all in the story. And frankly was done in such a way that it wasn't so predictable (at least, 2 of us who've read it didn't see it coming till very late)

Thank you for your input. I still am looking for the title of the story
>> No. 109123
File 134108408963.png - (142.68KB , 774x800 , Rainbow Dash & Derpy.png )


By Celestia, that's the one! Thank you so very much. I don't know how to thank you Anon, so have a picture of Rainbow Dash and Derpy Hooves.

Now I can tell others about this story!
>> No. 109137
You probably already know this one but it's still the best I know:

>> No. 109858
While I've seen a few "synopsis" review threads, I've yet to see a thread that draws special attention to helping other authors create gripping, attention-catching openers in fanfiction.

More than 3/4 of the stories posted for review tank right from the beginning because their openers flop from being overly dull or too expository. But this simply isn't a newbie thing either. A proper opening is really hard to accomplish, and it takes a sort of adept level of understanding of the written word to pull off even on the smallest level of acceptably. A lot of new writers could learn a lot from simply getting their starting sentences fixed up before they embark on 60 or 70 thousand word epics.

If anyone's up to the task, this could be a great help to everyone who's looking into starting a story.

(The first chapter of a fanfiction should not be considered the "opener", if anyone is wondering. The opener to any story is most often the first paragraph or sentence - meaning posts shouldn't be any longer than a few hundred words.)
>> No. 110570

Does someone here know a MLP fanfiction on EQD, which includes Steampunk please?
>> No. 110573
Hello good sir, I refer you to these:

Post-apocalyptic, pseudo-philosophical, Scootaloo-centered, with good deal of steampunkness to spare. Check his other stuff, think there is a story or two that might suit it as well.

The author calls it dieselpunk, I'm not too sure about it, but hey, it's not that bad.

First one I ever heard of. Don't know if it's dead or not.

Those are all the ones I have from memory. There is probably more. I suggest looking for the Sci-fi tag in EqD and digging.
>> No. 110804
Thank you very much!! :)
>> No. 111642

This is the first chapter of a fic I have really gotten into. It's long and the author seems to think it still has a long way to go. It might not be for everybody because it's a dark fic about drugs in Ponyville. I think this fic is epic and just wanted to help get it out for others to see.
>> No. 112546
File 134290706446.png - (692.03KB , 760x760 , 262.png )
A fanfiction written about a particular subject matter that isn't absolutely fucking terrible:

It's not half bad. The characters are pretty well-imagined, and aside from a mild case of Lavendar Unicorn Syndrome it's somewhat well and convincingly written. I for one was impressed.
>> No. 112650
So, you guys know how Trixie only has the one white spot in her eye, while most mares have two, right? Well, I was just wondering: is there any fiction out there that takes advantage of this fact? More specifically, I'm looking for a fic, preferably romantic in nature, that deals with Trixie being transgendered.
>> No. 112652
Go away Seth, you're not fooling anyone.
>> No. 112693
Now I have the idea. For chist's sake, I just need to find a way to frame it.
>> No. 112713
Oh, you need a framing device? Well, how's this sound? Trixie returns to Ponyville in an attempt to recover her belongings after the Ursa Minor attack. When she returns, somepony (maybe Twilight, since she'd probably be observant enough to notice this) just asks "Hey, Trixie, what's up with your eyes?" And then the story takes place as a flashback.
>> No. 112743
File 134302049331.png - (112.50KB , 430x278 , 132847013026.png )
I'd like a recommendation on a fic of Daring-Do. Something adventurous and dangerous. I've named my character in Dark Heresy after her, and I need some motivation to go into our next mission.
>> No. 112752
Flashbacks are so cheap though... but I could do it... boy could I do it.

Those are two nexuses of Daring Do, but I think this came from one of /fic/'s residents: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/34183/Daring-Do-and-the-Accursed-Atoll
>> No. 112793
Let me know once you get started, then. You can find my email address in some of my earlier posts.
>> No. 113208
Whatever happened to Jetfire and his thred?
>> No. 113218
File 134325975566.png - (72.27KB , 285x315 , 1325755858785.png )
What fic was it, where if you took somepony's virginity, then their cutie mark appeared on your inner thigh?
>> No. 113240
File 134326983420.jpg - (50.25KB , 382x341 , wat.jpg )
>Pic related
>> No. 113269
File 134327547289.jpg - (6.73KB , 218x231 , ew creepy.jpg )
that's kinda creepy, and probably not allowed on this site.
>> No. 113270

I thought that was just some 4chan greentext.
>> No. 113273
File 134327744177.png - (463.17KB , 366x561 , tumblr_lskex6AgJC1qdxq5ko1_400.png )
There was a thread about that on /pony/ way back when, because people started noticing marks on the insides of pony haunches.

TL/DR it's just an animation glitch. Otherwise, Fluttershy lost hers to herself, and Twilight Sparkle lost hers to Photo Finish. Yeah, I'm not convinced.
>> No. 113280
It was some kind of fic the only thing I remember about it is some fanart from it was in a montage, Twilight lost hers to Princess Luna in the fic.
>> No. 113295
File 134328578528.png - (124.76KB , 388x390 , SO_IMPOSSIBRU.png )
>> No. 113448
Look, I think most of us don't read clop. Or maybe we do, I don't know. But whether or not we read it, we can't post the link here because it's against the rules. Why don't you head over to /mlp/ and ask around there? They're more likely
to know.
>> No. 114576
Any fics shipping Flitter, Cloudchaser and Thunderlane, in any combination? Good ones, I mean.
>> No. 114594
Could SOMEBODY please direct me to some good fics about Octavia. I've read Octavia Takes the Bus, it was awesome, and My Roommate is a Vampire hasn't been updated in a while so in the meantime I need my fix. Any help?
>> No. 114628
Fimchan's /fic/ is also an excellent place to look.
>> No. 114682
File 134408999648.png - (202.69KB , 744x608 , fluttershy bandage rd.png )
Got a bit of a request guys. Could someone please point me in the direction of a MLP short. Can't remember what it's called but it's a diary of a pony soldier who fights in a revolution against Celestia. In the end the sun goes down and never comes back and everyone dies.
Any idea what it is or where to find it? Thanks

Apparently it's a picture file.
>> No. 114838
File 134414261009.jpg - (375.68KB , 839x1616 , revolution-(n1298400662635).jpg )
I forget nothing.
>> No. 114839
Huh, this was one of the first stories I read when I joined the fandom.
>> No. 114843
File 134414495759.png - (235.61KB , 710x469 , 132619874222.png )
Wow. There's so much in this fandom I've never seen. That was almost as good as Bubbles
>> No. 114849
File 134414662989.jpg - (156.73KB , 500x500 , spellcard.jpg )
That was surprisingly good. Thanks for sharing.
>> No. 114851
Wow, I've never seen that one before. Bloody brilliant idea, but such a poor execution. It makes Twilight and Luna come across as blundering idiots and we have absolutely no build up as to why Celestia decided to go all tyrannical. Of course, this could be AU, but if so, it was poorly conveyed. It just feels like the story has holes in it, and not in a good, stylish way.

Blah, blah, blah, anyway, fascinating find.
>> No. 115080

This is what Ragingsemi did before he got into clop.
>> No. 115132
Write semi-crappy grimdark? Well, I guess it isn't so bad.
>> No. 115177
File 134431625229.png - (351.76KB , 2400x3100 , 132719846383.png )
Mare-do-Well stories would be cool. Like maybe even something like Batman:the Animated Series?
>> No. 115184
File 134432210295.png - (1.44MB , 1980x1562 , 132057993469.png )
Requesting link to the fic this is from. I believe it's called "Sabotage Valkyrie" but I'm not sure.
>> No. 115280
File 134439528153.jpg - (70.52KB , 752x1063 , 134050742638.jpg )
I really like A Game of Thrones. Any good recs based off that? Like something in the same spirit, with tons of court/political intrigue. Bonus points for everyone being relatively in character. Maybe even a crossover?
>> No. 115284
File 134439907995.jpg - (83.64KB , 774x1032 , discord_by_hoikarnage-d54q1ob.jpg )
> Any good recs based off that? Like something in the same spirit, with tons of court/political intrigue.
I'll echo this and thank you for sharing the ponifications of Danaerys and the Khal.

One thing though: I hope it isn't *completely* in the spirit of ASoIAF, because personally I don't think I could stomach a pony fic with loads of violence and a fuck-ton of fucking. The veiled threats and subtle posturing between Lord Varys and Tyrion Lannister would be interesting to ponify though. As in Dune and other stories that involve lots of politics and power games, subtleties embedded in every word and motion become absolutely huge in high places, where the fate of nations (or in the latter case, star systems) hinges on the words and decisions of individuals. That can make for some interesting fare.
>> No. 115289

No, but I have an idea for a Game of Thrones-esque fic. :D

It's set before Luna's banishment, though, so except for the princesses the characters are all OCs.
>> No. 115291
I'll be honest, I still haven't read A Game of Thrones yet (yeah, I know, there's no need to say anything, I know...). So I'm not sure what it's style is like. However, you mentioned political intrigue? Well I present to you:


You might have already heard of it, but I'm not taking any chances. That story seriously should be getting ten times the attention it is.

It has nobles representing their respective houses from throughout Equestria all making bids for power, with Rarity caught in the middle of it all. It has a very intricate, well thought out political system, and the author has done a splendid job of making it feel steeped in history and the events full of portent.

Now, it's not politics every chapter. There's a lot of time spent on developing characters and there's quite a bit of setup needed for the major plot points, with a fair amount of time spent in the perspective of supporting characters, but it's all interesting and necessary, and the major players get plenty of their due.

There's no excessive violence or sex. Once again, I haven't read A Game of Thrones, so I don't have a comparison there, but in my opinion everything was kept quite tasteful.

As intrigue goes, it's the best fanfic I've ever read and hopefully what you're looking for. In fact, if anyone knows something like it and on the same level, I'd love to know.
>> No. 115427
File 134448983285.jpg - (117.29KB , 900x1214 , Cadance unnecessary_crossovers__game_of_ponies_by_ponyrake-d4zba6r.jpg )
Seeing as how EqD refuses to post them, are there any good Shining Armor x Twilight ship fics?
>> No. 115537
I'd just like to second this recommendation and thank Mr. Coconutswallow (do try not to choke on it) for giving me the incentive to finally read it; I've been giving it second-glances for a while now and this tipped me over the edge. I'd should mention that reading the story that leads up to it is highly recommended in regards to both understanding the backstory and because it's no literary slouch in its own right.
>> No. 115539
On a side note, African or European?
>> No. 115540
This is probably the greatest literary work of our generation and many more to come. I recommend this to all who enjoy an epic tale of adventure and romance: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/34300/The-Inner-Machinations-of-My-Mind
>> No. 115541
File 134458152897.png - (255.91KB , 700x700 , 133669348891.png )
>the greatest literary work of our generation and many more to come
>title is a Spongebob Squarepants reference
>> No. 115634
File 134463816246.jpg - (8.49KB , 220x200 , fc,220x200,white.jpg )
You are quite welcome, good Ion-Sturm. Also, you are correct--


--is a must-read. I wouldn't think it necessary to understand This Platinum Crown, but seriously, you call yourself a reader of fanfics and you haven't read The Best Night Ever? For shame, dear reader. It's Groundhog Day with Prince Blueblood, with all the humor, lesson-learning, and romance that entails.

>see appended picture

Haha, no falling off the bridge for me, brigand.

>> No. 116652
Two requests, actually.
One, what are some good TwiLestia fics (that aren't Composure)? I'm up for anything from PG feel-good romance to some good, solid clop. (Tell me where I can find the story instead of directly linking it.)

Two: I remember reading a TwiDash fic where they came out to their friends, and their friends reacted in a lot of different ways. I specifically remember Rarity being very disgusted at the idea and Pinkie Pie actually joined in their fun. I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. Any ideas?
>> No. 116665
Here are some links for ya:

>> No. 116667
Once again, it would appear that whenever I praise a story, it finds some way to let me down. While Platinum is still good, I've found its quality to be dipping in the latest chapters, namely after the duel's climax. You may see me posting a review on his page within the next few days.
>> No. 116754
Have you read through to the latest chapter, then? You might just be repeating what you're going to put down in the review, but I'd be curious to know what issues you had with it.
>> No. 116763
File 134540208586.png - (877.49KB , 533x1300 , 1cc.png )
Of course. The story is becoming diluted with all of the side-plots and the thing that really endeared it to me--the political intrigue and dynamic between Blueblood and Rarity--has been pushed aside for a thin story thread between fight scenes, a trend that doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon.The duel was great because it was the culmination of several chapters of lead-up and marked Rarity's rise to power. He could have ended the main story there and would have been left with a strong climax for the conclusion. Instead, it's dragging its feet and insists on throwing battles at me while frothing at the mouth and screaming "ISN'T THIS COOL?!" I can't help but feel as if he looked at his World of Warcraft story and decided this one should be more like it.
>> No. 116787
Do you guys know crossovers with Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion or His Dark Materials, please? I don't think they exist (yet?), but you never know.
>> No. 116819
This is a brilliant piece writing and I enjoyed the writing very much.
>> No. 116820
File 134545043101.jpg - (63.27KB , 499x344 , otRoR.jpg )
>Both are anonymous
>Dat feel when you think it's the author trying to sell his story through puppets
>> No. 116849
Still looking for the second request: I remember reading a TwiDash fic where they came out to their friends, and their friends reacted in a lot of different ways. I specifically remember Rarity being very disgusted at the idea and Pinkie Pie actually joined in their fun. I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. Any ideas?
>> No. 116851
No idea.
>> No. 116854

Do you guys know crossovers with Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion or His Dark Materials, please? I don't think they exist (yet?), but you never know.
>> No. 116855
File 134549009984.jpg - (16.47KB , 540x540 , hdTRQ.jpg )
Can't say I've seen any like that. Google is your friend, though.
>> No. 116859
Oh, I used Google, but he couldn't help me as well. Thank you anyway.
>> No. 116864
No, I've read Flying High, Falling Hard. It's not the story I'm thinking of.
>> No. 116871
well, more details?
>> No. 116886
It was short. All of the Mane Six were involved. Rarity and Applejack were both particularly homophobic and bigoted, Fluttershy was... Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie actually kissed and otherwise fooled around with Twilight and Rainbow. I honestly don't remember much else about it, because it's probably been around a year since I've read it.
>> No. 116887

Reminds me of "Merciless" but that can't be it cause that story was deleted.
>> No. 116890
This makes me want there to be a guy who saves every single story the fandom makes, and you can always ask him for a story, no matter what. It would be like the fountain of knowledge, but of all pony fanfics.

Also, what's Merciless? Who wrote it?
>> No. 116982
http://www.fimfiction.net/story/5082/A-Bluebird%27s-Song ?

(God this is long)
>> No. 117042
File 134561286439.jpg - (68.30KB , 576x750 , Hideyoshi Sitting Larger.jpg )
Is there any good fanfic of Spike traveling? Any kind, maybe one were he just runs away from home for a while, or when he is old and he has to go.
>> No. 117148
Uh, I'd like to read a good PinkieSpike fic, and/or a good story using MMDD that ISN'T TGWP.
>> No. 117156

What do MMDD and TGWP stand for, please?
>> No. 117164
>What do MMDD and TGWP stand for, please?

Mysterious Mare-Do-Well.

AbsoluteAnonymous's The Games We Play.
>> No. 117220

Nice one, man.
>> No. 117253
>> No. 117406
Do you guys know good stories where ponies get superpowers? For example, CRISIS: Equestria.
>> No. 117428

No on either of those? =/
>> No. 117658
File 134609306397.jpg - (27.96KB , 287x483 , mlfw1088_4zyTJ.jpg )
As per the subject line, I'm recommending the [Comendy] known as The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo.

There's only the one chapter up yet--and some of the mechanical errors are eye-watering--but it shows promise and iz gud fer a qwik larf.

>> No. 117662
Maybe Cap'n Chrysallids' Warcraft crossover. I'm not sure if it falls within the purviews of "superpowers", but all of the main six do have special abilities (as is befitting their class),
>> No. 118413
Can anypony recommend a fic with some solid fight sequences, in terms of being fluid and engaging? One of my readers pointed out that my own fight sequences read like a dry checklist of "she used this move, but then he countered with this move", so I was hoping to learn from example.
>> No. 118415


An old one, but still one of the better stories in terms of fight sequences. They're engaging, don't drag, and have plenty of characterization, so it never feels like you're just reading a list of combat techniques. Also, it does a good job of staying pony-toned, which lots of stories with fight scenes have trouble with.
>> No. 118601
Hey everypony

im after some Twalicorn fics!
i have finished
http://www.fimfiction.net/story/7845/5 (exoectations)
and of course, Spark

any others out there? ideally not sad or grim (but apparently 'expectations' is both sad and grim and i quite liked it)
>> No. 118602
>Not sure if troll
Dat grammar.
>> No. 118662
File 134695782373.png - (1.18MB , 2400x1700 , misread_signals_by_brutaldeeds-d4ofk0w.png )
I'll make this quick. I'm looking for a shipping story where Rarity becomes romantically involved with somepony. Anypony, really. Stallion, filly, other, I don't care. What I want to see, however, is a story that explores how this effects her relationship with Spike. Got anything like that?
>> No. 118887
Hey, bros, I have a question: does anyone know whatever happened to the "I'm pregnant and it's yours" stories? I remember there being a google docs to collect them all, but I don't have it. Does anyone have it?
>> No. 118952
>hat I want to see, however, is a story that explores how this effects her relationship with Spike.
There's a subplot of this with the Rarity x Blueblood fix This Platinum Crown (which is a very good story IMHO) by Cap'n Chrysallid (I may not be spelling his name right).

For Spike x Rarity, I would suggest the Birthright series by George P, found here ( http://www.fanfiction.net/u/288767/George-P ). They're short stories with a central theme, although you don't need to read them in any particular order.
>> No. 119016
the only fic i currently read is Unmarked. it's really good, though not as popular or well-known as others, unfortunately.
it's on-going, and a bit long, but i'd be really happy if it got the attention it deserves. :3
(first post, btw, so i'm a bit shaky on how things work around here. please let me know if i messed up too terribly.)
>> No. 119442
File 134774303571.png - (369.53KB , 900x1125 , twily_studying_astronomy_by_mamandil-d5cscmo.png )
Okay, I've searched high and low, but just can't seem to find it. Somepony help me!

So yeah. A fanfic. Based on the "Summer Skies" by Fongsaunder is what i'm looking for. The link: http://fongsaunder.deviantart.com/art/Summer-Skies-300563957?offset=290#comments

Cute Twily to get your attention ^^ Appreaciate the help.
>> No. 119490
I'm looking for good stories where ponies either encounter human technology or team up with a technologically advanced human society.

I'm sure I've read most of the main ones, but if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them

The Dread Chitin
The Thessolonica Legacy
Heroes and Allies
Project Sunflower
TCB: Option Gamma and it's prequel
The TCB stuff by Cloudhammer
>> No. 119538

I so don't understand TCB at all. FoE is at least well written; TCB is just bad bad BAD. Like, there is almost nothing elevating it above How Darkshadow Ravenblood Bladewing the Alicorn of Assassination Saved Equestria And Then Married Fluttershy in terms of quality. It is BAD! And people write legitimately good sidefics of it!

Why don't we have Background Pony side-stories? The ground is fertile; Lyra changes lives even though she is forgotten soon thereafter. She also might not be the only one with the magic songs.

Why don't we have Romance Reports side-stories? Or stories about great tumblrverses like Friendly Twilight or Fractured Loyalty or Ask Velvet or fuck even Lil Miss Rarity if you're weird like that.

Sorry just wanted to let that out
>> No. 119541
File 134783224447.jpg - (235.68KB , 1250x838 , 47076__safe_human_canterlot_shadow_artist-tm.jpg )
Those stories that you listed are on a much more personal basis. TCB was a world-wide event and, chances are, its poor quality actually helped spur on the side stories by invoking the "I can do better than that" effect (I know it did for me when I wrote my sidefics). There is simply far more wiggle-room for writing your own story in that universe than there is in something like Background Pony.
>> No. 119545
File 134783427030.png - (195.19KB , 900x611 , PonyRaspberriesVectorPart1.png )
Basically this. Also--at least in my case--if it ain't broke, don't fics it wa-wah.

I know you're confident and skilled enough to add to Applejinx' world, but I'd feel like a bull in a china shop if I tried to write in Sleepless' or Carni's worlds.
>> No. 119547

I agree that the original TCB story was cringe-inducingly awful. However, I do like the alternative universes where humans and ponies are on more equal moral footing. I'm pretty sure thats why very few stories are actually written in the original TCB universe.
>> No. 119548
That pun was bad and you should feel bad.

A lot of the original run was a bunch of "Humanity sucks I wanna be a pony!" self-insert fics that were largely indistinguishable from the mountains of furry fics that followed the same basic idea. There's a more even distribution on the "Who's the bad guy?" scale now, but things still fairly heavily favour the ponies. Chantoyance's stories are quite good, for example, but damn if they don't frigging beat you over the head with how awesome ponies are. I still remember that flamewar in the old TCB thread when her story said that humans didn't have a soul until they underwent the transformation.
>> No. 119550

TBH, I've never actually done anything more Chantoyance's stuff. The only two TCB universes I follow are the Gammaverse(Option Gamma and it's prequel and the Cloudyverse(In Duty's Name, TCB: The First Year, etc...).

My main interest is in the political and technological upheavals on both sides, rather then the actual conversion process. Basically, what happens when a magic based race, and a technology based one cooperate on projects.
>> No. 119552
File 134783651575.jpg - (13.58KB , 268x265 , 1340607203278.jpg )
1.) There are quite a lot of very good Conversion Bureau stories and the concept was, and remains, a great breeding place for good stories. Chayotance's and Midnight ones are very good, and I enjoyed reading Yellowstone. There are a couple others about, but you need to look for them, just as how you have ton of crappy FoE sidefiction.

2.) That's not quite right becuase most of the allure of the thing is the personal crisis of Lyra, but in the end, if you take a moment to wonder what it is, I personally arrive to this conclusion: it is a giant list of awesome things that happened to be glued together by mostly pointless philosophizing and an underlying plot of finding a way to stop people from forgetting her and stop being so alone. Unless you can somehow work both of those in there (and good luck not crashing with the main story) you won't have a side story.

3.) Because it's a clusterfuck of bad plot with good scenes attached? No, really, all of those you just said are just giant clusterfucks where someone had an awesome idea and then had to figure out how to make them work into a plot and half-assed it. Writing a side story for those is like asking to write a side story of My Immortal.
>> No. 119561
>I know it did for me when I wrote my sidefics

Which ones? I'd be interested in reading your take on TCB
>> No. 119562
File 134783782796.jpg - (43.69KB , 599x600 , sweetie_belle_srsly.jpg )
>all of those you just said are just giant clusterfucks
You know, I don't get you.

It's not that you like different things from me; different tastes are just a fact of life. I'll never convince you that Romance Reports was lovely, and you'll never convince me that it was rubbish.

The bit I don't get is where you're so saddle-sore about these fics.

I've read fics I hated too, but my response is low-key: I just move on. I don't bring them up. If I see a bunch of ponies talking about how great a rotten fic is, I leave them to their fun. Hay, if directly asked my opinion I respond Honestly, but Kindly too (or as some call it, tactfully).

I simply don't get the mindset of ranting about somepony else's hard work.
>> No. 119563
I think they're on the EqD compilation post. I'm not really proud of them, though, despite people (Midnight Shadow and the Samurai, namely) telling me they're good. My first one ended up becoming a preachy self-insert of the worst order wherein I (attempted to) use the main character as a tool to express my belief in the way the world should be run. The second is in need of, at the very least, a retooling of the opening scene since it operates as a giant, shameless info-dump.

I think his beef is with how people hold them up as shining literary examples for the drooling masses to follow as their adopted prophet. As much as I enjoyed Fallout: Equestria, for example, it could never match what professional authors like George R. R. Martin, Peter F. Hamilton or Terry Pratchett can make, never mind the bygone writings that escape our generation's short attention span.

I mean, don't you want to slap the people that say Past Sins is the best story, like, ever? Same rule applies here.
>> No. 119573

The short answer is this one: >>119563

The slightly bigger one is that it seems that any given group of people have become too attached to the stories they think are good to look at them like rational human beings, and become more than willing to ignore problems they invariably don't forgive in other stories when the question "what's the crappiest story you have read?" crops up.

Past Sins(/My Little Dashie/put the hate punch bag of the week here) has been bashed so many times I can feel safe to not have to listen to the drone of people trying to jam down my throat that I am some sort of human abomination for finding Nyx to be the combination of Navi and a toothache, all while they blatantly ignore the idiot balls which everyone drags around like convicts. These descending and frank opinions of the work are refreshing, simply because people are more than willing to put down those constant attempts of telling you that if you think it is bad you simply didn't get it. (As a side note, fuck you twatheads for changing the story and making me have to hear debates about which version Nyx was cuter, yet somehow managing to miss the point that it doesn't matter one single twinkie/cheeto.)

In the case of both of those I mentioned, even imply that they might not be the greatest stories of their genres in the fandom, and you seemingly are discussing with your 6th grade English. No, it wasn't a bildungsroman, and no matter how in-character you made them after hitting the thing with the fucking idiot wrecking ball—hey, what do you know, that one fits quite well with the subject—you have already made a bad start if you have to become Bob the Fucking Builder so that everyone doesn't go screaming "fuck, everyone is out of character" and being part of the crew that saw it being made from the beginning, those that stayed originally weren't doing it for the characterization which was being called out even then, but mostly stayed for the promised of lots and lots of pointless, unexplainable sex; no, the superpowers don't matter and the justification as to why the easy way wasn't taken are just stupid to a degree that only a complete ignorance of the events on the show could have possibly given (just for example, the episode where Fluttershy had the carriage happened months before he began to write, or better yet, there was a carriage on the first fucking episode).

So, if you are going to tell me they are somehow perfect and then act like an idiot about, you can only make me a very angry nerd.
>> No. 119576
File 134784273574.jpg - (98.69KB , 816x979 , crookedtrees_new_blog_fan_art_by_johnjoseco-d4l9c6m.jpg )
Are there any good grimdark askblogs or fanfics that don't have excessive sex in them, if at all? Some shipping and blood is okay, just no sexytimes. More psychological stuff preferred.
Stuff like that Luna blog crooked trees had for a bit, or Pyroshy.
>> No. 119579
Do you have an Email that I might reach you at?

'Erm, Fallout: Equestria? I mean, it has the whole lesbian "sub-plot", but you can just use the tried-and-true method of skip-the-dirty-bits; that's what I, forever prude, did.
>> No. 119581
If you want grimdark psychological ponderings, I think you might like End of Ponies. I do warn you, it's incredibly long.
>> No. 119596
That reads so hard it's sludge. Good sludge, if you don't mind feeling the need to claw your eyes off every once in a while, a good sludge indeed.

Have an email.

I am wondering if Pony Psychology series would do the trick, and I heard good things of Silent Ponyville, but I haven't read it.
>> No. 119604

Yeah, sometimes SS&E's word choices in EoP drives me up a wall. The random philosophizing isn't as bad as it is in Background Pony, but it can still drag. Still though, its a great read.
>> No. 119617
That's quite the Email you have there, son.
>> No. 119747
File 134794287894.png - (273.62KB , 600x600 , tumblr_lx62dmSkCG1r8gxelo1_1280.png )

I looked into that, but I'd rather read a fic with characters I know and love and want to see miserable.


I've been reading that. A bit slow at times, but great story.


I've read a lot of the Silent Ponyville stories and the Pony Psychology series and love them all.

The recommendations are wonderful and much, much appreciated! But please, sir, may I have some more?
P.S. I also enjoy Flutterstalker and Crooked Tree's Pinkamina blog. I like the claustrophobic, cozy feel they have if that makes any sense.
>> No. 119752
Well, there are flashbacks to the main six, including when they die, if that's your sort of thing.
>> No. 119757
File 134794747231.png - (252.45KB , 600x600 , tumblr_lx9n68wzdC1r8gxelo2_1280.png )

Ehh, not so much into deathfics. Thanks, though.
I more like the voyeuristic feel of a story about a character struggling with psychological issues/menatal illness.
>> No. 119761
Well, that happens, too. The way they begin to distrust their friends, wondering whether ponykind has lost its way... And for a more personal struggle, Littlepip battles addiction, depression, and the piece of her that's slowly becoming more savage and bloodthirsty.
>> No. 119904
Thank for the spoil.
>> No. 119905
File 134807984796.jpg - (33.87KB , 494x358 , 354lw0.jpg )
The story is like a year old now. It's like being angry if someone told you Solyent Green was made from people or that Darth Vader is Luke's father.
>> No. 119908
File 134808242270.jpg - (14.24KB , 500x375 , iCIO9.jpg )
>> No. 119909
I didn't start to read Fallout: Equestria because I waited for its translation in my language, which took a long time, as you can see. We don't all read fanfictions the day/week/month they come out.
>> No. 119923
File 134808899677.gif - (1.96MB , 297x174 , xKqAC.gif )
As any author can tell you, something is lost with every translation (think faxing a paper multiple times). You seem to have a solid grasp on the English language, so why you waited for an (almost assuredly) inferior product when you were perfectly capable of reading the original is beyond me.

Besides that, the story is set some hundred years in the future. Of course they're dead, if only by natural causes. It's not like I said how they die or mentioned the several exceptions to that.

Here, have some spiders.
>> No. 120051
To be honest, I don't think I have such a "solid grasp on English language", it's not because a few of my sentences in English are more or less correct that it implies I'm good enough in this language to fully understand Fallout: Equestria from beginning to end. A translation is often worse (even more in my language), but I can understand all the words used, all the expressions. But thank you.
>> No. 120194
File 134830019891.jpg - (304.02KB , 848x724 , b749cb4678de919a3c171a096a43bc50.jpg )
Just out of curiosity, are there any Human fics that involves a female or a young girl (i.e. the actual targeted fanbase of MLP FiM) discovering Equestria or mingling with ponies? Quality doesn't matter, I just need a point of reference for a fic I'm working on.
>> No. 120196
This is the only instance of it I can recall. It ended ceased updating after two chapters.
>> No. 120640
File 134861559284.jpg - (122.10KB , 900x913 , 15528 - artist-john_joseco book dexterous_hooves twilight_sparkle.jpg )
Hey /fic/,

I'm thinking of writing an episode-style story with Twilight and probably Spike in the lead roles. Got any recommendations for me on stories with well-written show-style Twilight that I could refer to as a good starting point? Philosophical Twilight, if such a thing exists, is also acceptable, but only if it's not pretentious or overbearing.
>> No. 120769

can I just say how happy that picture makes me? It really is one of the sweetest, most heartwarming things.
>> No. 120792
File 134876646605.jpg - (134.30KB , 1198x905 , e0dc8fc24cbd0196a068d7405b0a686a.jpg )
I guess the most obvious reference point for show-style Twilight would be My Faithful Student, episode-style sequel to Sunny Skies All Day Long


Memories of Those Friends Who've Gone Before Us also has a well-written show-style Twilight, and it's a fandom classic.


And I'll also want to throw in Twilight's Best Friend and The Star in Yellow because they're dark stories that make small, believable-in-the-light-of-the-circumstances extrapolations from show-style Twilight.


The former is a richer source of Twilight characterisation.

While I'm here, I may as well recommend Chris's new fic, Letters From a Senior to a Junior Changeling. Read it a little earlier today and thoroughly enjoyed its exploration of the changelings. It's a frightening read, but not in the horror sense.

>> No. 120797
File 134877117613.png - (438.45KB , 600x600 , 169858 - artist fajeh twilight_sparkle.png )

Much obliged, Ezn. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

Incidentally, I'm also intensely interested in that Screwtape Letters parody, now that you've brought it to everyone's attention. Will definitely read.
>> No. 120893
Hello, boys and girls. I come before you with a humble request. I need help in finding a fanfic that I once read sometime last year.

Useful things:
* Story is a one-shot.

* It was written before 2012.

* Vinyl Scratch is the protagonist.

* No Octavia.

* No mane6

* She works in a factory by day and, by night, she DJs to win some extra cash. Needless to say that her life is pretty shitty.

* I remember her wearing a latex costume in one of her gigs.

* Vinyl meets a stallion in a bar at the ending of one of her gigs. She takes him home, fucks with him (it is NOT a clopfic) whilst wearing her latex costume. On the following day, she goes to work in the factory without getting out of the sex-smelling costume. It is revealed near the end that the stallion is actually a part of her imagination.

So, has anyone ever read it? I'd like to have the link to it or its name, if possible.
>> No. 120895
Two Beats, by Nicknack. It is on EQD if he hasn't deleted the document. It isn't Scratch, but an OC named Crossfade.
>> No. 120896
Or >>120248, actually.
>> No. 120897
He deleted all of the "official" versions of his work. There's copies floating around of it, though. Garnot is working on an expanded version or something, so maybe ask him.
>> No. 120903

Oh, thank you so, so, so much!
>> No. 120928
File 134892447675.png - (484.92KB , 900x731 , tangled_up_by_inuhoshi_to_darkpen-d5ecu3r[1].png )
Okay, not acceptable that this hasn't been recommended yet. Fixing that posthaste.

Title: The Life and Times of a Winning Pony
Author: Chengar Qordath
Tags: [Comedy][Romance][Drama] (especially in the later chapters)
Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/28239/The-Life-and-Times-of-a-Winning-Pony

Disclaimer: The main character does make frequent allusions to "banging", and indeed this is a core point of the humor and drama. However, the most we actually see in the chapters is [Tender] to use the SFG scale; everything else is allusions and discretion-shots. I'm assuming this to be safe for Ponychan since CiG's Naked Singularity has been linked on these boards, too. But if raunchy Teen-rated humor isn't your cup of tea, you might want to skip this one.

This started as a side story to another of Chengar's fics, http://www.fimfiction.net/story/25698/The-Incredibly-Dense-Mind-of-Rainbow-Dash , a RainbowPie romantic comedy that is recommended-but-not-required prior reading (and also quite good). At the start, Winning Pony focuses on Cloud Kicker (essentially a Charlie Sheen expy with a wild romantic life) and her easily-embarrassed PFF Blossomforth, in a delightful little RomCom.

The horseapples hit the anemometer when one of CK's flings starts building into a full-blown romance, and she's forced to reconcile her lifestyle choices. Stir in a love triangle, a lot of old wounds with a few of the Mane 6, everypony feeling justifiably wronged yet acting slightly jealous, and heaps of romantic drama, and the whole situation is a powderkeg.

While CK is portrayed as being a tail-chaser, this trait is not portrayed as innately immoral (until the full-romance becomes too large to ignore), which is somewhat refreshing. She has a strong sense of ethics, yet also a large number of flaws, and in many ways the story serves as an extensive character study of her. Everypony has a reason for deserving a happily-ever-after ending, yet the situation is becoming increasingly bleak as tensions run dry. IMO it's a very tense and engaging romantic drama.

If I had to lob any complaints, by Chapter 10 it's getting borderline soap opera, though the author is indicating that the situation will start improving. Kicker's first person narration can be a little chatty at times, but since her character study is important and since she's not a completely reliable narrator, that doesn't really come across as overly obtrusive. Overall, it's a fantastic piece that's been very well-received by other commenters as well.
>> No. 120963
File 134894972185.png - (733.56KB , 825x638 , SummerEscape.png )

So, I just read My Faithful Student. And I'm... disappointed, to put it mildly. I can't believe prose this dry got 6 stars on EqD and 4 stars from Chris.

It wasn't even very good show-style. The characters were bland, and Rarity especially was a caricature. The dialogue was rambling and unconvincing, scenes dragged needlessly on for ages, the conflict was underdeveloped... boy oh boy, this story did not agree with me at all.

As for the Twilight characterization: the story seems to have predated Lesson Zero by a couple of months, so I can't exactly criticize it for retreading canon ground, but I don't feel that I've gained any new insight into Twilight's personality from having read it.

Oh well =/
>> No. 120989
File 134896681318.jpg - (29.33KB , 500x350 , spoiler.jpg )
Does anypony remember that fan fiction that was written by somepony who actually was mentally retarded? I remember being linked to it by BaldDumboRat following my harsh criticism of Bubbles, but I've since misplaced the link and I'd really like to know the title. I want to say "Flowers of Ardor" but that's not it.
>> No. 120994
File 134896996703.jpg - (187.40KB , 350x954 , cl7l4.jpg )
Flowers for Agernon.
>> No. 120995
File 134897005144.jpg - (65.49KB , 500x638 , i_question.jpg )
>> No. 120996
File 134897015872.png - (330.06KB , 960x786 , 70's pinkamena.png )
That's the one. Thanks. Ion
>> No. 120998
File 134897052065.png - (106.03KB , 479x356 , 600080_348349665241085_172704558_n.png )
Funnily enough: it's not a fan fiction; it's a journal. Fancy that.
>> No. 120999
File 134897311070.jpg - (13.94KB , 500x375 , dave.jpg )
It's fiction written in the style of a journal >_>
>> No. 121002
I know, right?
>> No. 121006
That's not fanfiction...

Also, new thread?
>> No. 121011
That's what I said: fiction. No "fan" involved as a prefix to that. Bleeding's post made it sound like it was real by not including "fiction" and the dismissal of "fan fiction".
Me getting uptight about semantics, in essence.
>> No. 121013
File 134898430861.png - (247.29KB , 1029x900 , 170018 - artist-mutanthound derpy_hooves lineart.png )
The great thing about this board is that threads take forever to die >>104115.

On that note, here's a link to the text of the short story. It's a pretty quick read. There was a novel too, but I haven't read that.

>> No. 121016
I read the novel version, although admittedly I skipped large swathes since it tended to linger for far too long.
>> No. 121693
File 134966777576.jpg - (15.85KB , 197x275 , 132622063705.jpg )
I'm looking for a fic, i had it bookmarked to read later, and i lost it.

the main character is a dragon-pony hybrid (named gem or something) and is the daughter of rarity and spike. i wanted to read all of it but i can't find it.

anyone know the name of it?

pic unrelated
>> No. 122481
Here's a few stories I've been enjoying recently, thought some others might as well.

Faith and Doubt - http://www.fimfiction.net/story/51867/Faith-and-Doubt
Dark tag. Alternate version of the changeling invasion and aftermath. Mostly a psychological thing.

A Rainbow in the Dark - http://www.fimfiction.net/story/56013/A-Rainbow-in-the-Dark
Romance/Comedy. TwiDash ship fic. Updates pretty frequently if the past week is any indication.

Mirror's Image - http://www.fimfiction.net/story/26961/Mirror%27s-Image
Sad/Dark/Adventure. Twilight suddenly is changeling, but with surprisingly low levels of mental breakdown which I find refreshing. Twilight panic attacks get kind of old after a while.

Five - http://www.fimfiction.net/story/55657/Five
Dark/Adventure. This one hasn't gotten too far, barely touching on the main plot yet, but from what I've read, it looks like it's going to be really good.

Just a few random stories I've found some interest in recently. Just thought I'd drop 'em here.
>> No. 122778
I'm going to make this quick here. I've heard The Conversion Bureau is some kind of big deal in this fandom. I've been wanting to read it lately, but unfortunately, there are too many side stories. I can't tell where the original is. Can anyone find it for me? Thanks.
>> No. 122779

Here ya go.

>> No. 123144
File 135113294188.png - (28.90KB , 165x168 , 131164638517.png )
I'm not so sure a request of this nature is allowed, but I'm really desperate to find this fic again...

I am looking for the fic titled, "When We Were Young" by lordtetanus. It was a clopfic (yeah, I know >.<) I read last year involving Spitfire and Sheriff Silverstar, and I am very interested in rereading it. Unfortunately, the Google Doc link on both heroku and an old FiMchan clopfic thread has been deleted, and any instance of lordtetanus's online presence seems to have been wiped. Google has turned up nothing, and so now I come here. Would anyone happened to have saved this fic, or is it lost forever? I'd be forever grateful if anyone could supply me with a copy!

If it helps, the author also wrote under the alias, "Stinger-VXR42".
>> No. 124843
>Do you guys know crossovers with Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion or His Dark Materials, please? I don't think they exist (yet?), but you never know.

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