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No. 88591
#Discussion #Random
What the hay happened to FimFiction?
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>> No. 88592

I don't know.

More generally?

Douches, I'd guess.

It'll probably be better by tomorrow.
>> No. 88594
>> No. 88595
I actually kinda like it...
>> No. 88596
It's probably best if we all preemptively change our passwords.
>> No. 88597
And it seems to be fixed...

Oh well, it would have gotten annoying eventually I suppose.
>> No. 88598

I don't trust anything like that.
Never know when someone might slip in an exploit or something and really bone you serious.
>> No. 88599
It's not fixed, just different.
>> No. 88600
Meh, w/e I don't actually use the site much anyways. that and >>88592
>> No. 88601
Yeah, but had fun for a couple of minutes.

Now to take >>88596 advice.
>> No. 88602
It's not over yet. Now EVERYTHING IS IN CAPS, and all pictures flip when moused over.

(The flipping is kind of cool)
>> No. 88603
Everything seems back to normal now, except for the picture at the very bottom advertising a gold account.

So, yeah, by the time I finish typing something out, everything will be in bold or it'll add a bunch of sprites on the screen or something.
>> No. 88606
And now story comments are randomly going missing.
>> No. 88611
Things still seem Discord-ed
>> No. 88625
Looks like that place is screwed.
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