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96549 No. 96549
#Author #Crossover #Random
Two of my favorites things mixed together. Hitman and MLP.


It's amateuristic, I know. But you gotta start somewhere.
Agent 47 (From the video game series Hitman) mysteriously wakes up in Equestria.

How will he react?
How will the ponies react?
How will he get back to the real word?
Does he even want to go back?

Set between Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and Hitman Contracts.
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>> No. 96550
File 133417306419.jpg - (28.48KB , 348x362 , RD 78.jpg )
>new thread
>single story
>on /fic/
>OP didn't read sticky
>> No. 96551
I did wrong what exactly?
>> No. 96552
You used #Author instead of #Single fic. #Author is for a collection of stories by the same writer. That aside, you didn't do anything wrong in your OP, but uh... Well, let me pull some things from your story.

>The man had a tatoed barcode on the back of his head.
>The man lay under a bunch of appletrees and even weirder, they looked....animated.
>"Irrilevent. I need answers."

You need to run this through MS Word or something.
>> No. 96555
Ahh, thanks.

And thanks for mentioning the misspells
>> No. 96558
Are you looking for a review, or are you just trying to get your story noticed?

If it's the former, I recommend deleting this thread and then following the instructions in the sticky (the one that says "READ THIS BEFORE POSTING).

If it's the latter, I wish you the best of luck, but don't expect much.
>> No. 96591
File 133419294360.gif - (209.51KB , 465x355 , 7e7_jpg.gif )
Other than me telling the OP about how poor his writing skills are.
>> No. 96628
I feel relieved that this isn't another Nigel gif.
>> No. 96635
File 133421161452.gif - (296.51KB , 400x224 , 231.gif )
Nigel, you say?
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