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96676 No. 96676
So, after the travesty that was "Let's play a game" a new attempt is rising to write a fic as a united /fic/.

Link to the working document: http://goo.gl/TZEWd

This edition includes:
- Better organization.
- Majority decisions on where the fic is going.
- A complete lack of incest.

So, first order of business, we have 20 spots open for the taking. Each spot will have their turn to shine. This time participants have to write somewhere between 300-600 words for their part. Everyone calls a number between 1 and 20 that hasn't already been taken. We start at 1. They have 24 hours, strictly, to finish. They pass it on and 2 picks it up... etc. Once we reach 20, if we still haven't finished, the loop starts again and the process continues until a satisfactory ending is reached. If a writer misses their deadline we simply move on.

1) No gore or clop, at all. Injury is fine but we want everyone to be comfortable writing.
2) If an author writes a part and the majority aren't satisfied, not by quality but by content, then someone can call for a vote. If at least 8 members of the collab agree that they don't like where the story's going, then the author's work gets erased, and they have the chance to write it again.
> This seems rather harsh, but it's necessary.
3) Let's not make this a trollfic. Again, we're better than that.
4) No incest.
5) Let's not have anymore than three main characters. We don't need another convoluted plot.
6) If you have an idea for the premise, then suggest it before we start. Majority vote (largest number) decides what we go for.

Right, call a number.

I call 4.

We shall be commencing on the 15th April, 8:00am PST. That gives us a few days to get places filled and to select a premise.

Feel free to join.
Feel free to ask questions.
Feel free to admit that Twilight is best pony.

> Our motto is, "it'll be finished when it's finished."
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>> No. 96678
I'll take spot 11 then. This should be fun. :D
>> No. 96679
File 133427107889.png - (39.04KB , 96x125 , 133108640837s.png )
I have a feeling people are still bitter about last time...

Regardless, I'll take 9. I wonder if we could do something set in the Griffon Kingdom?

>> No. 96680
Always wanted to participate in one of these. I'll take 6
>> No. 96681
I'll do spot #3. I think that's what I took last time.
>> No. 96683
File 133427230545.png - (69.01KB , 443x443 , 132400582216.png )
I hope not...

So far...
4) Timefly
6) Silentblaze
9) StarmanTheta
11) Dublio

> This is the point where I go to sleep because it's late where I am. Goodnight /fic/
>> No. 96685
File 133427357420.jpg - (546.94KB , 800x800 , how_to_level_up_a_magikarp__lyra_tutorial__by_cradeelcin-d4sy9xa.jpg )
Hmmm... this looks interesting. It'll be a great break from what I'm working on now (and will hopefully cure my writer's block). I'll call spot #13.
>> No. 96694
File 133427807011.gif - (230.18KB , 300x220 , 4f7.gif )
I'll take spot 15.
For a plot idea...
When a wyrm from the Everfree forest threatens a small village, it's up to two monster-tamers to end its reign of terror! Shield Smash, a no-nonsense vetern of the trade, and his mouthy whip-wielding protoge, Tonguelash, are prepared for yet another encounter with the forest's super (un)naturals. However, things are not neraly as straight-forward as they were expecting..
>> No. 96696
I think that motto is the internationally accepted motto for all authors.

This sounds like a lot of fun. It'll help me flex my chops while I work on my story. I'll take #2.
>> No. 96697
This is a terrible idea.

I'm in.

In fact, I'll take slot #1.
>> No. 96698
File 133428010999.png - (245.18KB , 804x993 , spidercolt_by_zomgitsalaura-d4uoq5x.png )
I call #3

Terrible, but fun.
>> No. 96703
I'll take lucky number 7, looking forward to less incest this time. For plot, how about Pinkie pie gets kicked out of SugarCube Corner and has to find a new place to live? It's vague and easy to work around, but honestly anything we choose works for me.
>> No. 96706
I call slot 5. This will be my first collab, but I've been writing for a while, so I'm hoping I'll be somewhat above average.
>> No. 96710
3 is taken by 108Echoes

>> No. 96711
>- A complete lack of incest.
I love you guys too :3 I would do this, but I don't have the time between the few reviews I still have open and my own writing. Bonne chance!
>> No. 96740
File 133429379646.jpg - (172.79KB , 2413x2570 , Not Amused Trixie Avatar.jpg )
This is a rather amusing concept. Count me as a participant, if you would be so kind. A little writing project on the side is always good for keeping my typing fingers on their toes.

I think I shall take #8.
>> No. 96752
File 133430512189.jpg - (194.51KB , 900x900 , 132380257139.jpg )
1) Roger Dodger
3) 108Echoes
4) Timefly
5) Nicholas Taylor
6) SIlentblaze
7) Protractor
8) Coconutswallow
9) StarmanTheta
11) Dublio
13) OmniscientTurtle
15) Ion-Sturm

3's already taken Raharu. Roll again.

Fic ideas so far:
- Pinkie Pie gets kicked out of SugarCube corner and has to find a new place to live.
- When a wyrm from the Everfree forest threatens a small village, it's up to two monster-tamers to end its reign of terror! Shield Smash, a no-nonsense vetern of the trade, and his mouthy whip-wielding protoge, Tonguelash, are prepared for yet another encounter with the forest's super (un)naturals. However, things are not neraly as straight-forward as they were expecting.
>> No. 96753
Ahh, sounds interesting. I think I was 8 last time, but I'll go for 10. This ought to be at least as much fun as last time.
>> No. 96754
I claimed number two.
>> No. 96755
File 133430652535.jpg - (159.09KB , 840x994 , love_me_by_johnjoseco-d3fqo7q.jpg )
Sorry. :(

1) Roger Dodger
2) Jake The Army Colt
3) 108Echoes
4) Timefly
5) Nicholas Taylor
6) SIlentblaze
7) Protractor
8) Coconutswallow
9) StarmanTheta
10) <Warden>
11) Dublio
13) OmniscientTurtle
15) Ion-Sturm
>> No. 96777
File 133433291886.png - (136.50KB , 395x376 , drinking drinking DRINKING.png )
I'll take 16.

Is there a minimum/maximum word count per section? I'm unsure how much time I'll have the day of.
>> No. 96785
File 133433673751.png - (193.98KB , 1600x1600 , 131758052797.png )
14 please!

Although I might have to really rush it... I have some very big exams coming up :(
>> No. 96830
File 133435756207.jpg - (617.29KB , 1200x900 , 132892323995.jpg )
Between 300 and 600 words. That's an hours writing on pot and 5 minutes on LSD.

Pump out 300 words, shouldn't take you too long. Just don't do quantity over quality.
> Exams, I know that feel. :(

5 places to be filled.

Raharu, you still need to confirm a place.

1) Roger Dodger
2) Jake The Army Colt
3) 108Echoes
4) Timefly
5) Nicholas Taylor
6) SIlentblaze
7) Protractor
8) Coconutswallow
9) StarmanTheta
10) <Warden>
11) Dublio
13) OmniscientTurtle
14) Sparky Darks
15) Ion-Sturm
16) Vimbert
>> No. 96856
File 133437513594.png - (137.59KB , 893x894 , mlfw643_131279270519.png )
300-600 words? Pssh. Give me a way to shove Twilestia in the story and I'll have that in ten seconds fla- *is shot*

I swear I won't shove sudden Twilestia into the story.
>> No. 96858
File 133437602884.jpg - (207.12KB , 683x1024 , 3kLpV.jpg )
>One Twixie ship later
>> No. 96860
No Ion, that would be my job :3. I'll take 18 this time... since disregard studying.
>> No. 96864
Don't you have like AP tests and shit coming up real soon?

Despite me being totally awful at endings, I'll take 20.
>> No. 96866
File 133437859353.png - (785.93KB , 680x708 , do hoh hoh.png )
>> No. 96867
So what I'm reading from this is that you guys would like some first person Rarity?
>> No. 96868
Hi... could I join?
>> No. 96872
No... well maybe, but I have study times already set up, and still have a good bit of free time now that my grades are at a point where I mathematically cannot fail.
>> No. 96882

Vimbert loves Rarity.
>> No. 96885
What's that? I can write Rarity committing suicide in first person? HUZZAH!
>> No. 96888
File 133439390645.png - (69.07KB , 500x500 , 132388443495.png )
Yeah, pick a number.

Dis gone be good.

3 more places need filling.

1) Roger Dodger
2) Jake The Army Colt
3) 108Echoes
4) Timefly
5) Nicholas Taylor
6) SIlentblaze
7) Protractor
8) Coconutswallow
9) StarmanTheta
10) <Warden>
11) Dublio
13) OmniscientTurtle
14) Sparky Darks
15) Ion-Sturm
16) Vimbert
18) Kurbz
20) Filler
>> No. 96896
File 133440779993.png - (171.16KB , 787x770 , happy-discord.png )
I'll take spot 17. This looks fun!
>> No. 96902
Can I have slot 19?
>> No. 96903
File 133441934963.png - (2.12MB , 1600x1200 , badass_trixie_by_bluehaakon-d4is0hd.png )
Okay we need just one more person.

Also, we need some more plot ideas. So get suggesting. When we've got a few more we'll start casting votes for what we fancy.

1) Roger Dodger
2) Jake The Army Colt
3) 108Echoes
4) Timefly
5) Nicholas Taylor
6) SIlentblaze
7) Protractor
8) Coconutswallow
9) StarmanTheta
10) <Warden>
11) Dublio
13) OmniscientTurtle
14) Sparky Darks
15) Ion-Sturm
16) Vimbert
17) Golden Vision
18) Kurbz
19) Gobbeldygook
20) Filler
>> No. 96909
File 133442246384.png - (273.20KB , 500x500 , 131713659797.png )
How about Rainbow Dash breaks her wings in a tragic accident and she can't fly and stuff?
>> No. 96916
How about Fluttershy becomes a hors and Spike's a pimp?
>> No. 96918
File 133442473464.gif - (29.92KB , 455x362 , map.gif )
I'll be 12
>> No. 96919
I'll take that spot that hasn't been filled. I've been meaning to write something new as a break from editing.
>> No. 96921
Awesome that's everyone.

If you could go by a name just so we could recognize you that'd be awesome. Anything will do.
> Should we just call you map-anon?
>> No. 96922
For the record, considering my post length, I totally started writing before >>96918.
>> No. 96924
File 133442501101.png - (346.26KB , 572x429 , Pirate_map.png )
Map-anon is fine with me.
>> No. 96926
> Tough decision time.
Sorry, but he got there first. :(
>> No. 96928
Okay, idea time! Hmm...

-Pinkie Pie is chosen to plan the Grand Galloping Gala after Celestia gets sick of all the formalities.
-Celestia and Luna switch places as a prank
-Twilight invents the first major healing spell. Would certainly be a deeper and more complex story dealing with ethics and such.
-Octavia holds a grudge against Vinyl Scratch for inventing dubstep, which rapidly becomes more popular than traditional classical music.
-Rainbow Dash invents baseball
-Rainbow Dash buys a DDR machine and becomes obsessed with it.

Annnnd that's it for now!
>> No. 96929
File 133442732018.jpg - (118.29KB , 671x1191 , i__m_gonna_be_a_monkey_by_rocketknightgeek-d4vi2dd_png.jpg )
I've got two ideas.

#1: Applejack sees that Winona has become more lonely recently with cider season making the Apple family busier than they've ever been. She decides to get another dog so that Winona will have a friend to play with while she works, but soon learns that she might've gotten more than she bargained for.

#2: Spike learns that he is destined to turn into a type of dragon that hasn't been seen in over 10,000 years. A dragon so gargantuan and powerful that a swipe of its claw can destroy mountains, and in the time before Celestia, was revered as a god. How will the others react to this news, and what steps will Celestia take to make sure this doesn't come to be?
>> No. 96937

1.) The background ponies, annoyed at being left out of the spotlight for so long, get together to have a party! Unfortunately, they forgot to account for things such as Vinyl's Super Wub-Wub Sentai, the Weeping Pegasi, and Berry's newfound hot sauce addiction, among other shenanigans.

2.) The Mane Six are given the opportunity by Celestia to be leaders of the new Equestrian colonies on the borders of the nation: by the ocean, the Griffon kingdom, and the jungle front. Whichever colony does best will win acknowledgement from Celestia, and the competition is fierce. But whose leadership will lead their colony to victory— and can they withstand the irritation of the natives?
>> No. 96954
File 133444694812.png - (97.87KB , 894x894 , play_time_by_speccysy-d4nc1pj.png )
1) True story: my aunt ended up getting an Aussie shepherd thinking it would help her other dog in that exact same regard, especially because her son was often too busy with school / video games to take the dog out on walks and play with her. The new dog ended up wreaking havoc and causing my aunt tens of thousands of dollars in damage to the rental place she was stayed in, as well as to her own furniture/possessions. "I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so," my mother had said to her.

I could send you examples of the terribad things the dog did if you need some ideas.
>> No. 96960
File 133444924233.png - (91.98KB , 300x300 , 131713578752.png )
>> No. 96969
Sparky confirmed for Flutterbitch anon?

Another story idea: Fluttershy goes skydiving.
Alternatively, Celestia and Luna when they were fillies doing some sort of childish thing with their god-like powers. Lulz ensue, along with a ham-fisted aesop of some sort.
>> No. 96974
-A story dealing with how the Princesses came to rule over Equestria and dominate the 3 tribes
-[pony a] x [pony b]
-Fluttershy becomes a Wonderbolt before Rainbow Dash (Because you know, she worked really hard at her flying because she was so embarrassed.) RD learns shit and stuff.
-Something involving the death of one or more of the CMC? No? Just me?
-The rise of the Equestrian Mafia
>> No. 96977
>The rise of the Equestrian Mafia
Loosely related.
Skip to 3:10 (Does anyone know how you make those links that automatically skip to a certain spot?).
>> No. 96989
>3's already taken Raharu. Roll again.

That's cheap. I was going by the list in post >>96683 and I didn't even see post >>96681
>> No. 96995
File 133446365034.jpg - (93.20KB , 800x555 , lyra__s_last_stand_by_gsphere-d4etecz.jpg )
That sounds awful. I've never heard of an Australian Shepard going crazy like that. They look too cute to be little powerhouses of destruction. What kind of dog was the other one? I know that some breeds don't get along well with certain others.

I am familiar with exactly the kind of damage you're talking about though. When we first got our Australian Cattle Dog, he did some... similar things, though not quite to the degree of causing ten thousand dollars worth of damage.
>> No. 97000
File 133446780610.png - (150.64KB , 786x1017 , 61753 - Discord artist artist TheJrod cute sock.png )
They're hyper-energetic dogs, bred to work all day running around, and then play fetch with the kids at the end of the day. What happened was that this particular dog of that breed was kept pent up in a house with nothing to do for the better part of each day for five days out of the week, and an adopted, high-strung, not-100%-well-behaved mixed-breed (what looks mostly like Pharaoh hound) to keep it company.

Imagine, if you will, a river of puppy. That river was dammed by four quiet walls. The river of puppy swelled behind these constraints, building in tension, until eventually the puppy became a destructive force beyond reckoning. This was what happened many times when the puppy pressure was left to reach critical levels: floors blanketed in snow-like stuffings from fancy couches, extensive garden irrigation systems pulled up like earthworms by a robin, and holes, holes, holes everywhere from puppy teeth.
>> No. 97002
>Story Ideas
1. Rarity's shop burns down because of a freak accident. (possibly involving Spike?) She has to move back in with her parents while attempting to rebuild her livelihood. Or something, I'm only set on the burning part.

2. Shining Armor works his way up to become a captain of the royal guard.

3. In appreciation for their help protecting Equestria, Princess Celestia sends the mane 6 on a vacation to a hot spring resort near Canterlot.

4. When a book is returned to the library torn to shreds, Twilight goes overboard attempting to protect all the books in the library.

That's about all I've got at the moment. Though come to think of it, I may just use some of these on my own too.
>> No. 97007
I like the Shining Armor idea. There aren't enough stories providing a glimpse into the life of an Equestrian soldier, and it gives a good reason for there to be a solid action scene. The only problem is that there would be many bit players involved, unless he's being tutored.
>> No. 97009

I always enjoy Celestia and Luna backstory, no matter how cliche it may be. This has my vote.
>> No. 97011
Sorry man.

We're starting in 7 hours.

I'm up for the Pinkie has to move out idea, but because most likely no-one else will go for it, I'll go for Shining Armor idea.
>> No. 97013

When Applejack learns the location of the bandit who killed her father, she and the rest of the Mane 6 head out into the wild west in order to capture him, facing murderous thieves, desert heat, and a town of outlaws.

A thrilling tale of suspense and adventure in the pursuit of justice --- and vengeance!
>> No. 97022
As much as I like this idea, it seems like something that can't be finished in under 12,000 words.
>> No. 97023
File 133448143957.jpg - (9.52KB , 202x249 , burns.jpg )

There isn't a word limit, though. The cycle just repeats if the story is unfinished.

It can go on forever! Mwhahahaha!
>> No. 97028
How strict is the upper –600 limit?
>> No. 97044
File 133450068361.png - (247.31KB , 666x444 , 131713675258.png )

>Story ideas
>The rise of the Equestrian Mafia
If we do this, the title must be 'Goodfillies'. I was saving that one.
>Something involving the death of one or more of the CMC? No? Just me?


>1. Rarity's shop burns down because of a freak accident. (possibly involving Spike?) She has to move back in with her parents while attempting to rebuild her livelihood. Or something, I'm only set on the burning part.
1. Rarity's shop burns down because of arson. (possibly involving the Equestrian Mafia?) She has to move back in with her parents while attempting to rebuild her livelihood. Or something, I'm only set on the Mafia part.
And then they have to fight Mafia or something awesome like that. Maybe she owes them money or some crap.
>3. In appreciation for their help protecting Equestria, Princess Celestia sends the mane 6 on a vacation to a hot spring resort near Canterlot.
I like this. This plus >>96974 "-[pony a] x [pony b]" could work very well.

I got one: I go to Equestria and everyone falls in mad love with me. EVERYONE.

Best idea. Discussion over.
>> No. 97048
Ehmm... sorry if this sounds stupid...

What if we write about Derpy having a grand adventure, but she isn't aware of it because she thinks she is going to a theme vacation while ponies confuse her with the actual adventurer, her mother and writer of the Daring-do series, which used to be normal travel journls until a publisher bought the rights and spiced it up to make money.

It would be a spoof of all adventure stories, a mystery story as they try to figure out the truth about the stories.

>> No. 97049
>I got one: I go to Equestria and everyone falls in mad love with me. EVERYONE.

Ok, better idea: a group of straight humans fall in Equestria and then a bunch of stallions feel the need to have them, body and soul. Have fun writing or with that mental image. Hell, I know for a fact some of you actually want that.
>> No. 97050
File 133450481652.jpg - (96.35KB , 724x709 , 83359 - Sweetie_Belle artist whitediamonds doctor_fantastic family magnum parents rarity.jpg )
So it's starting time and we haven't got a firm idea.
If we push it back for a few hours, shall we vote now, or just let Roger go for it?

Quite strict. Don't stress yourself if you go a little over, but don't go doing hundreds of words more.


I'll back up regularly as it's freely editable, but it would help if I could get a list of emails in order to set permissions.

First to go will be Roger:
1) Roger Dodger
2) Jake The Army Colt
3) 108Echoes
4) Timefly
5) Nicholas Taylor
6) SIlentblaze
7) Protractor
8) Coconutswallow
9) StarmanTheta
10) <Warden>
11) Dublio
12) Map-Anon
13) OmniscientTurtle
14) Sparky Darks
15) Ion-Sturm
16) Vimbert
17) Golden Vision
18) Kurbz
19) Gobbeldygook
20) Filler
>> No. 97051

Y'know, I actually really like that.
>> No. 97053
File 133450526775.png - (246.73KB , 620x490 , 131713620995.png )
>> No. 97054
My vote goes to number two. As a soldier myself, I'm excited to write a little about military life in Equestria.
>> No. 97055
My vote goes to number two. As a soldier myself, I'm excited to write a little about military life in Equestria.
>> No. 97056
File 133450761932.png - (485.21KB , 730x1094 , lyra_cello_collab_by_tetrapony-d4nfalg.png )
We should probably do a vote on which idea we'll be going with, seeing as we're all going to take part in writing it. How we go about that, I have no idea. I was thinking that everyone who suggested an idea picks their favorite one or two, and then we compile all those into one large poll. (Note: This idea probably has some sort of loophole or something that I am unaware of, and may or may not work. Just an idea)
>> No. 97059
This is what we're supposed to be doing.
> As you can tell I'm a bit crappy at planning.
>> No. 97062
I'm gonna have to disagree, simply because, sitting here and thinking about how I should proceed, I'm realising that there is no amiable approach to this. People are going to want to do different and pretty mutually exclusive things, and there's no way that I can accommodate closely enough to that while also inserting my own want. Even if we did a vote, I doubt there'd be much consensus.

If you want to write about a specific thing, then do it. Nothing's stopping you. The crux of this deal here is that everyone has ideas---there's already some 10+ listed in the thread here---so you might end up having to write about something that you're not comfortable with.

Use this as an exercise in making the little things count. Just because the plot isn't what you want it to be and you maybe aren't comfortable with the characters, doesn't mean you can't have your own little artistic entry in the story.

Anyway, because I'm such a nice guy, I'll write in American English, seeing as I know almost all of you are yanks.
>> No. 97063
File 133451024332.png - (27.34KB , 307x442 , sloppier_than_fiction.png )
Pause the video at that time, opposite click on the video and it is one of the options.

Is it weird I'm picturing this in a sort of parasitic-vampiric way?

>shining armor
We would want to wait until we have the canon on him so we don't fuck it up too bad.

List of ideas people said they liked, you didn't say it say it now.
1. The rise of the Equestrian Mafia
2. Shining Armor works his way up to become a captain of the royal guard.
3. A story dealing with how the Princesses came to rule over Equestria and dominate the 3 tribes
4. When Applejack learns the location of the bandit who killed her father, she and the rest of the Mane 6 head out into the wild west in order to capture him, facing murderous thieves, desert heat, and a town of outlaws.
5. Rarity's shop burns down because of arson. (possibly involving the Equestrian Mafia?) She has to move back in with her parents while attempting to rebuild her livelihood. Or something, I'm only set on the Mafia part. And then they have to fight Mafia or something awesome like that. Maybe she owes them money or some crap.
6. In appreciation for their help protecting Equestria, Princess Celestia sends the mane 6 on a vacation to a hot spring resort near Canterlot. + [pony a] x [pony b]
7. What if we write about Derpy having a grand adventure, but she isn't aware of it because she thinks she is going to a theme vacation while ponies confuse her with the actual adventurer, her mother and writer of the Daring-do series, which used to be normal travel journls until a publisher bought the rights and spiced it up to make money.

There, a list of the ideas people said they liked. Idk... vote? I like the Rarity's house is burned down because Mafia one personally. But that totally isn't because I'm all for kidnapping Sweetie Belle as a plot point. Nope. Not at all. And no ransom note either. With a lock of hair to prove they have her.

We could do it in 24k? Just repeat the cycle until finished.
>> No. 97064
>Is not a yank
Discussing potential plot points of the chosen story would be a good idea, though. The how can be left to the writer, but having a firm idea of where the hell we're going is a must.

The majority of people who've commented so far seem to have chosen the Shining Armor idea. We should still hold an official vote, though.
For the shippers, the story could also provide a peek into the beginning of Shining and Candence's relationship.

I highly doubt canon will go much more into his backstory than "He's Twilight's (previously unmentioned) brother who is part of the Equestrian army".

A piece of Sweetie Belle's horn would probably work better.
>> No. 97065
This didn't work out last time.
>> No. 97068
What didn't work out last time?

I'm not saying I'm going to disregard what other people would like. (In fact I will be starting from one of the ideas in here. I already write about my own ideas in my own time.) I'm saying that no matter how hard we try to do so, someone is going to be disappointed.

I think you confuse the failures of last time as being failures to plan, rather than failures of the contributors to not be complete trolls.
>> No. 97069
The reason that happened was because we didn't have a plan. With the playing field completely clear, people were able to do whatever the hell they wanted. The forced Pinkie-Twilight ship was the result of the writer thinking the story was just a ship-fest. If there had been a plan, that wouldn't have been a problem.

Besides, the exchange of some creative freedoms for an overall more cohesive and readable story is a worthwhile tradeoff, methinks.
>> No. 97071
That's all well and good in sentiment, but we're already eating into my time with no consensus.

>I like the Rarity's house is burned down because Mafia one personally.
I, too, like the "Rarity's house is burned down because Mafia" one, and unless anybody has some serious grievances with it in the next hour, I'm gonna run with it.

I don't like the idea of using Shining Armor because he's not even been in an aired episode yet.
>> No. 97072
Don't worry, we'll roll it back a bit.
>> No. 97073
Stuff it, I'll change my vote to the Rarity's house is burnt down. Don't want our story ruined from canon.
>> No. 97074
>I'm gonna run with it
When did you get to decide what story we write? I thought this was a majority decision, and so far the majority is on Shining Armor.
Or maybe not. Can we get some hard numbers on who's chosen what? We need an official vote now to settle this.
>> No. 97075
Okay, deciding between Rarity gets in trouble with the mafia and Shining Armor is a soldier malarkey.

1 vote for Rarity.
>> No. 97076
File 133451347286.png - (644.31KB , 900x636 , 4004154238-1_jpg.png )
Casting my vote for the Shining Armor origins story.
1 for that.
>> No. 97077
You're going to get a plurality at best, and the idea had already gotten two approvals (with mine makes three, making it equal to Shining Armor's anyway). And don't make it out like me "just running with it" is so unbelievably selfish when the other option is to wait around all day nothing.
>> No. 97078
Shall I flip a coin?

> I'm actually indifferent to the idea, I just wish we'd right something.
>> No. 97079

How much of a factor is time, really?

I would give a vote but whatever idea is settled on will be fine with me. Half of the enjoyment for me is rolling with someone else's idea.
>> No. 97080
I'm actually pretty heavily against the idea of an origins story based around a character that is literally going to be featured in the next two episodes, and about whom we know almost nothing. I mean, that just sounds colossally stupid to me.

But that's just me. I'm down with a democratic decision between the two choices. At least with two choices we might get some semblance of consensus.
>> No. 97081
Voting for Rarity. I'd rather not set ourselves up for canon screwing us over.

I also find origin stories boring as hell, but that's just me.
>> No. 97082
Same vote, same reason.
>> No. 97083
File 133451498017.png - (250.96KB , 900x903 , morning_lyra_by_johnjoseco-d49b9sc.png )
I vote for the Rarity story, partially for the fact that whatever we write with the Shining Armor one might in fact be proven wrong, but mostly because I like the idea.

Did we ever decide whether to use the Mafia or not if we do go with that one?
>> No. 97084
Well now, get feisty.

Actually, my non-double entendre was to make them fight for entertainment.
>> No. 97086
I'm tossing mine at Rarity's house burning down. It really was the one of mine that I thought would be the most fun for everyone too.
>> No. 97090
File 133451627804.png - (106.39KB , 270x350 , 131713594338.png )
Aww yeah Mafia here we come!


Also we must have a Joe Pesci pony. His name even sounds right with pony after it. THIS IS HIS PURPOSE IN LIFE. I CAN FEEL IT.

Now we must think of a cool cutie mark for battery.
>> No. 97094
File 133451807998.png - (159.70KB , 666x723 , 133136320818.png )
A pun for the title, and a good one at that? I can deal with it.
Joe Ponisci?
A baseball bat? Or how about a brass horseshoes?

A day isn't that long, and if you just "run with it" without regards to the other writers, then yeah, it is totally selfish. Just callin' 'em as I sees 'em.

However, that brings me to the point of how long a writer has to do their part in the story. One day to acknowledge it's their turn, and two for writing sound fair? If people can't at least check back every other day, then they shouldn't be participating in the first place.
>> No. 97097
It's 600 words tops. I write slow as hell and get that out in under 2 hours. People don't need 3 days to write 600 words.

>if you just "run with it" without regards to the other writers
It was an idea that wasn't my own and already had two vouches.
>> No. 97099
File 133451895702.jpg - (333.35KB , 472x999 , 19b.jpg )
Out of twenty writers.

No, it shouldn't take that long, although do note that I said it's two days to write it after acknowledgment, not three.
One day to acknowledge, and one to write, then? Missing two turns is grounds for being kicked (assuming we get into the second rotation). Single-misses could be filled by a guest writer or another contributor.

Yes, two people. Out of twenty.
>> No. 97100
24 hours from their starting point.
>> No. 97101
Why do they need time to acknowledge it? Look at your position in the list and use some basic arithmetic to figure out what day you're writing on. It's not rocket science.

>Yes, two people. Out of twenty.
Nineteen if you're excluding me. And I did say I only expected a plurality at best, and I also said that I was accounting for and considering the other writers but that a solution that everyone would be happy with is pretty far-fetched.
>> No. 97106
Shall we settle on the mafia idea, call this go, and stop the arguing. 24 hours from now, and 24 hours for every subsequent person.
>> No. 97110
If you guys need a backup writer, which you probably don't, I'd be more than willing to lend my hand.

Here's hoping this one turns out better, eh?
>> No. 97149
Do collabs even have backup writers? :P
>> No. 97152
File 133454414807.jpg - (177.07KB , 550x368 , 1_1287256000_lots-of-bees.jpg )
Anyone else thinking this is turning into a proto-clusterfuck?
>> No. 97192
File 133456492866.jpg - (71.09KB , 825x825 , pinkie-pie-surprised.jpg )
>> No. 97217
File 133459416699.jpg - (231.79KB , 1564x1600 , 70823 - ask_twilight_sparkle knife twilight_sparkle.jpg )
There we are. Clocking in at a cool 582 words, I think that sets the beginning of the story well enough. Now if somepony doesn't wake up with a bloody monkey's head in their bed...

Courtesy link to the working document: http://goo.gl/TZEWd

Jake The Army Colt is free to begin early if he wants, giving him about 28 hours. Based on Timefly's previous post which said "24 hours from now", I've assumed that the time each turn ends on is 20:00 UTC.

I suggest contributors give their email (in a comment in the document if you don't want to post it publicly on the chan) so that they can be added to the list of the document's editors.

The formatting of the document I believe I've got sorted. There's already spacing between paragraphs, so you only need to use one carriage return to get the desired space. I suggest we use tab delineated, centre-aligned asterisks for page breaks (unless you want to be a special snowflake).

For consistency I also suggest people use un-spaced em dashes, following spaces on ellipses (I... um... etc.), and American English.

Good luck. Let's make this work.
>> No. 97221

Late reply but I have to say that I never expected Vimbert to vote for Rarity-anything.
>> No. 97223

Late reply but I have to say that I never expected Vimbert to vote for Rarity-anything.
>> No. 97224
Im using the crappy mobile version, because DOD networks hate google docs. Please add: [email protected]
To the list of editors. I've already got some ideas floating...
>> No. 97229
File 133459605135.png - (457.63KB , 1000x1000 , 47264 - artist fiarel cute_overdose morning_ponies twilight_sparkle.png )
Link to the working document: http://goo.gl/TZEWd

All right, sweet. Added. Since you're next up, it should be safe to turn public access to comment only now.

Contributors: Comment your Google Docs email by your handle or post in this thread to be added as a contributor.
>> No. 97231
File 133459612875.png - (354.91KB , 800x720 , 131713542547.png )
I likey! Good job, Roger!

Things we must include:
-A ponified Joe Pesci who says the line: 'Do I look funny to you?'
-Winona's decapitated head or something. (No one likes any of the pets anyways.)
-"For justice, we must go to Don Ponioni!"
-Spaghetti. And noodles with tomato sauce.
-"Goddamn EBI don't respect nothin'."
-"Well, when P0N-3 was first starting out, she was signed to a personal services contract with this big-band leader. And as her career got better and better, she wanted to get out of it. But the band leader wouldn't let her. Now, P0N-3 is my father's goddaughter. So my father went to see this bandleader and offered him 10,000 bits to let P0N-3 go, but the bandleader said no. So the next day, my father went back, only this time with Luca Brasi. Within an hour, he had a signed release for a certified check of 1000 bits."
"How did he do that?"
"My father made him an offer he couldn't refuse."
"What was that?"
"Luca Brasi held a gun to his head, and my father assured him that either his brains or his signature would be on the contract."
-A royal armor chestplate delivered with a fish inside.
-"I don't like violence, Rarity. I'm a businessman; blood is a big expense."
(I'm only half-serious but this could be very funny.)
>> No. 97235
Thanks Roger. Good start.
>> No. 97236
File 133459717887.png - (79.43KB , 957x502 , 37282 - Unicorn filly meme sock_filly socks twilight_sparkle will_cause_diabetes_and_various_hea.png )
Link to the working document: http://goo.gl/TZEWd

I'm totally okay with this going gory. Actually, it'd be pretty hard to do a mob story without a few ruthless killings and bloody murders. Just keep it tasteful, guys—tasteful and cutthroat.

No problem. 'Twas a pleasure.
>> No. 97237
Me gusta, Roger! I have a great idea. I shall get to it as soon as the day ends. I had duty tonight, so this will keep me occupied. :)
>> No. 97241
File 133459999901.png - (51.10KB , 300x428 , the_chosen__chapter_two_by_garnot-d47ps76.png )
I think that, when possible, events like that should be altered to a more "pony" equivalent. Instead of Winona's head, it'd be the crown of Bloomberg, for example. "Sleeping with the fishes" would entail the tortourous experience of having to listen to sea ponies sing for days straight, which, naturally, would involve no sleeping whatsoever.
>> No. 97242
Oh, and added my E-Mail.
>> No. 97261
File 133461057212.png - (182.57KB , 1000x1000 , 1312175502851.png )
Link to the working document: http://goo.gl/TZEWd

Anyway, for clarity, the events so far:
>Rainbow Dash, with Rarity's aid, was preparing for an unspecified formal event
>Rarity was ponynapped by the mafia, and her Boutique was burnt to the ground

It was my intention that the cloud that Rainbow kicked the lightning out of was a clever bit of subterfuge on the mafia's part (i.e., a "sabotaged" cloud). I tried to imply this with "[Dash] hopped on the closest rain cloud she could find," but am unsure how explicit this was, or if it even matters. (I guess it shifts fault away from Dash a little.)

As long as it's thematic and not just plain silliness.
>> No. 97266
Weird. This thread seems to be on auto-sage.
>> No. 97279
File 133461901465.png - (77.79KB , 326x296 )
>> No. 97286
Whoops... I didn't mean to delete both your posts Ion, just one of them since it was a double. I must have clicked each one separately in between 504s and they eventually both went through. Sorry about that.
>> No. 97304
Okay, IRL is trying to end my writing career before it starts.

May I humbly request to trade spots with number three? Or at least get a 6 hour extension? I have to pull a 24 hour duty shift and then stay for a few more hours, so 28 or so hour shift.
>> No. 97312
File 133462572990.png - (275.19KB , 500x500 , e62.png )
Lol, I deleted them myself.
>> No. 97331
File 133462760011.png - (106.75KB , 497x472 , 133127494131.png )
I guess it's ultimately up to 108Echoes. You could keep eating into his time until he shows up, and if you're lucky he might donate some of it to letting you finish. If he shows up right now and does he part right away, I guess the prospect of you guys swapping times is there also.

However, I'm not a fan of pushing the times around, since people might then lose track of the date they're starting on. First rule of scheduling: don't change the schedule. Decision ultimately lies with Timefly, though, since I'm not actually running this.

Thanks. The "link" in the OP isn't really a link, though...
>> No. 97335
Just like to say that my two-day limit has been vindicated.
>> No. 97338
Guys, I REALLY am sorry about this. I'm really excited to take part in this. But hey, I dont call myself "The Army Guy" because it's catchy. Uncle Sam calls, I answer. I will do my best to make my time. I'm tracking it's at 1:00PM EST.
>> No. 97382
Time zones always screw me up (and I think ponychan's derping the timestamps on posts, too), but my turn runs out at 4:00 pm EST on April 17th, yes? Jake, feel free to use some of my time—as long as you're done before noon-ish EST, I should be able to get a decent scene in.
>> No. 97392
I'm going to drop out. Someone else can take my place.
>> No. 97404
I'll take that, if you're sure. I've yet to be able to get in on one of these.
>> No. 97412
EST is −5 UTC, so your turn that begins April 17, 20:00 UTC is at 15:00 (or 3pm) EST and ends the same time the next day.
>> No. 97418
Scratch that—EST is –4 in Summer, making your 4pm correct. Durp.

Anyway, you should comment your email by your name (or post it here) so I can you to the document's collaborators.

All right, done. Seattle, same deal with you and the email.
>> No. 97432
There we are then. Do we... collab review as this thing goes on, or trust the idiosyncrasies to be intentional and play off it all as best we can?

So... my turn will be on the 27th, yeah?

>I'm so upset I missed the amusement surrounding rule 4. Somebody gimme a synopsis.
>> No. 97434
Yeah, I can't get into the dofemoral arteryil Wednesday, so if'n y'all could add me that'd be great. I can still write from here though so no worries.
>> No. 97450
File 133464040671.png - (233.73KB , 630x842 , 133136113896.png )
A few people made some helpful comments. However, it's kind of jarring (for readers) to read texts with big, yellow comments drawing specific attention to certain parts of the text, so after considering the comments, I marked most of them as resolved. They're still there (go to the "Comments" tab); I just didn't want them littering the document.

What I'm trying to say is: Reviewing the content already up is totally cool, and people have already been doing it.

It might also be worth discussing possible plot ideas or developments that people could go with from here.
>> No. 97462
Last one was started by Vimbert, I think. It was a shipfic between Celestia and Luna, except it was revealed that they were never sisters, but rather the idea that they were was the result of corrupted history. That was good enough, but another contributor thought it was a ship-fest and randomly made Pinkie secretly love Twilight. Shoe-horned ships, too many characters and a diluted plot killed the project, which is why this one is much more tightly controlled.
>> No. 97469
My scene will basically be an extension of the plot. Twilight being told of Rarity's kidnap and what she owes.
>> No. 97473
Email's in my trip.

I think Kurbz started it off, actually. Then writer 2 had something with Blueblood which never came up again, and I spent my bit on Twilight having a sexy dream about Celestia, and then it started to deteriorate even more.
>> No. 97479
Dash is gung-ho and a fast flyer at that. She'd try to chase them down before looking for help. Plus, you're bringing another character into the fold, which is one of the things we're specifically trying to avoid doing.
>> No. 97492
Okay. Since the intent is one scene per writer, a chase scene? Or would it be all right if I skipped to Rarity waking up in the mafia's headquarters?
>> No. 97496
If I were you I'd skip to describing what the mafia's business with Rarity is.

From a narrative perspective, Dash making chase seems pointless because she's destined to fail (on account of success prematurely resolving the main conflict).
>> No. 97497
Got it. He he, I gots me an ideer.
>> No. 97518
Sorry, I haven't been around more, my timezone plays against me.

Thanks to whichever mod did an edit to the OP.

Yeah, that works out.

We'll stay strict on the times unless the writer in front gives some leeway to the one behind. So, yeah 108Echoes letting up some time for Jake is fine.

108Echoes, if you want you can have a few hours of mine as I'll have no trouble finding time in the day to write.

Nicholas Taylor, I've gone ahead and added your email in your trip so that you can edit. If your actual one's different, just say.

After that, Kurbz, Map-Anon and OmniscientTurtle are the only ones we need an email for.
>> No. 97520
Okay, about to final up here. One question for the group: Do we want this to be a dark story, or comedic dark? Like, are they threatening to kill Rarity, or just mess with her life?
>> No. 97523
File 133467223100.png - (106.75KB , 497x472 , 133127494131 (1).png )
As dark as it needs to be, I'll say---no more, no less. However, no killing any of the mane 6 (unless there's a really good set up).

>Vimbert starts planning Rarity's bloody murder

The main question I've got is: what are the personalities in the mafia, and do we want any sympathetic ones? The real kicker with these stories is the inter-mob politics. Rarity's kidnapping should be more of a catalyst to let us see into these new character's heads. I think she should more-or-less be a plot device that gets herself thrown around into a lot of nasty stuff, but still coming out of it okay because, ultimately, killing her is never beneficial for the party that is currently "in the lead".

I'm thinking we need some character bios. What traits do we want from our major mafiosos?

How is the mafia in Equestria different from the Italian ones in the movies? What implications do pegasus flight and unicorn magic have on the whole mob trade?

That's my ramble, anyway.
>> No. 97525
Email in trip here >>97434

Nope. That was my half-crazy, half-stupid idea.
>> No. 97528
And BAM! Done, 600 words even, baby!
I deliberately left it vague as to the level of darkness so we can decide as a group.

If we want a more MLP level of dark, they could threaten to release a horrible, ugly clothing line in her name. Or, if we wanted to be awesome, do a Spaceballs/Princess Vespa thing, and threaten to give her back, "HER OLD NOSE!!!" Or something.

Or we could just cut her frickin' head off. Whichever, :)
>> No. 97530
Also, any fans of Animaniacs should appreciate my choice of characters...
>> No. 97549
File 133468360580.png - (177.35KB , 830x900 , 131766946782.png )
>> No. 97550
File 133468386788.jpg - (137.23KB , 1440x900 , Halle-Berry-201.jpg )
Awesome. Nice setup you've got going there.

I think we should keep it gritty but avoid gratuitous violence. It is still a pony story after all. :P

108Echoes is up.
>> No. 97554
>Old nose
Replace that with her old horn and we have a deal.
>> No. 97560
File 133468557324.jpg - (79.83KB , 640x960 , AlOUn2NCAAA-OvM_jpg large.jpg )
"Who is that?"
"This is Dr. Stitch. He's the best Plastic Surgeon in Canterlot."
"What are you talking about, I've already had plastic surgery. It was my sweet sixteen present."

I am so down, it ain't even funny.
>> No. 97621
File 133470596094.jpg - (100.64KB , 894x894 , sad_lyra_by_bloodwolvenl-d4qap5g_png.jpg )
Finally remembered. Email's in the trip.

I gotta say, the fic is starting very nicely. I just hope I don't screw it up somehow when my turn rolls around. The closest thing to any kind of mafia I've ever been exposed to is Katekyo Hitman Reborn (haven't even seen the Godfather). I'll try to have something better by the time my turn rolls around.
>> No. 97622
If you've got the time, go watch Goodfellas and The Godfather. They're pretty much the classics---in film, at least.
>> No. 97646
Tried to post this earlier, but p-chan was derpin' hard.

"Link to doc: http://derpy.me/BI9Wz


Anyway, my part's finished, if somewhat brief. Timefly up, Nicholas Taylor on deck."
>> No. 97725
File 133476518114.jpg - (166.66KB , 500x743 , detail.jpg )
Done, with a convenient 599 words.

Up next is Nicholas Taylor, who has both what was to be the remainder of my time, and of course his own 24 hours.

I left it open ended somewhat, hopefully in a way for the fic to carry on smoothly. I've introduced a new point of conflict but no new characters. I thought that Rainbow needed to be tied back in neatly, so hey.

> It was tempting to somehow kill Sweetie Belle but that pleasure can be saved for some later writer if they so wish. :P
>> No. 97728
> Also, sorry I didn't really have space to work in the thing with Rarity's hair very much.
>> No. 97738

Thanks, I'll do my best. I will admit, I am going a bit outside my comfort zone with this collab, so I hope I don't buck it up.

Also, does anyone else think it's odd that I use my real name on here?
>> No. 97740
Not really. A name's a name.
>> No. 97741
Oh, and link to doc.
>> No. 97750
>> No. 97751
>> No. 97812
Alright, my bit is done! I decided to give Rainbow a potential tie to the mafia and also just have some fun with her character.

>> No. 97852
Cool. I'll get to workin'.
>> No. 97853
Cool. I'll get to workin'.
>> No. 98015
Okey-dokey. My words are up, all 600 of them. Hope everyone likes what I've added, though it wasn't much story-wise.
>> No. 98018
I think you did great. Not so much a home run, but you set up the bases for a grand slam. I love the way you wrote RD. Just goes to show you can still be silly while being gritty.
>> No. 98057
File 133490011764.jpg - (6.02KB , 224x224 , images.jpg )
Well, you know. I try. I didn't have the fortune of a cool, action-packed sequence like you, so compared to that, yeah, this was kind of a lull scene. Wish I had another 600, so that I could have put in a neat plot twist, but there was no room. Maybe next time. :P
>> No. 98075
Protractor, your up.

Omniscient Turtle we need your email, stat.
Map-Anon too.
>> No. 98079
Aye-aye captain.
>> No. 98094
Please refer to >>97621
Actually, I'll include it in this one too. But it has been there for a while. I was wondering why you hadn't added me to the list.
>> No. 98108
Crap, I meant to bold Coconutswallow.
Let's try that again.

Coconutswallow we need your email address, stat.

> Much better.
>> No. 98109
Also, you are added, just not ticked.
> Fixed.
>> No. 98133
Oh my, late, late, late.

My email's in my trip.
>> No. 98149
Alright, so I'm done, looking forward to seeing this fic develop. For whoever's after me, feel free to have somebody shoot down the selling the elements plan immedieately if you want, thats the way I was sort of leaning for. Or not, really whatever you want is what I want.
>> No. 98166
And, Coconutswallow, you're up.

Coming up shortly; StarmanTheta.

Map-Anon, you're the only one we need an email for.
>> No. 98172
File 133496638984.jpg - (22.58KB , 308x329 , 130250266965.jpg )
Hnnng. I can't wait to get all grimdark as hell on this bitch. I feel bad for whoever goes after me.
Let's see... that will be... ah, the here-fore-to awal Map Anon

>Heh, Map Anon's face when it's his turn
>> No. 98179
Um, bro, I think we're all kinda aiming for a "gritty, yet silly" vibe. Dark? Yes. Grimdark? Not really.

That's just me though. I thought this whole thing was a group effort. Does the group want it GD as fuck?
>> No. 98180
Indeed. I reckon the current 'gritty, yet silly' is working out quite well. What does everyone else make of it though?
>> No. 98183
Personally, it's too dark, and started off too dark. It's less a slightly-more-mature episode as it is X mafia movie replaced with ponies.
>> No. 98189
I see your point. We need some hi-jinx. Maybe Rainbow can come up with some crazy plot?
>> No. 98190
File 133497139658.gif - (916.22KB , 245x285 , seh6p.gif )
Too late for that now. The tone is set. To back out would be mood whiplash in the highest regard.
There's a reasonwhy I suggested subversions and parodies. You get that mafia-vibe without moving the needle to the Grimdark end of the spectrum.
>> No. 98191
File 133497200768.jpg - (39.38KB , 536x350 , mlfw1454_please.jpg )
This is hardly dark, in my opinion. Though it is following the stereotypical mafia movie formula, it's far from anything serious, like, say, The Godfather. There hasn't even been any violence apart from forceful hair reduction.

Of course, "dark" is highly subjective, so don't take my sentiments as any sort of chastisement.

Alright, I'm up to bat next and it's quite the well setup field so far. Hmm...
>> No. 98193
Threat of murder, arson, extortion, disfigurment (I mean, this is Rarity we're talking about).
All things in relation, and in relation to the show, this is some dark stuff indeed.
>> No. 98194
Okay, point taken.

But I still think we could keep the mood light. You CAN be dark, and still be funny. Gritty, yet silly, like I said.
>> No. 98204
I think it works perfectly. If I had to choose I would keep it away from grimdark, but whatever works.
>> No. 98279
File 133503255370.jpg - (8.12KB , 259x194 , 131200142592.jpg )

>mfw I have been really out of it these past few days and am just now reading what's been written.

I really hope I can follow this...
>> No. 98280
Courtesy doc link:
>> No. 98326
And then there were mafia personalities. I hope no one minds. It was hard for me to pack a lot of personality in such a short space but I hope some sense of identity for each of them seeps through.

Also, I'm assuming the mafia gave an address to Rarity to some nearby hideout before they let her loose. It would make sense.

I'm also assuming the Element of Generosity was in Rarity's possession so they didn't have to go through say, Twilight or Princess Celestia, to get it. Though feel free to have one of them notice it missing and chase after it (though including Princess Celestia in this story would be all kinds of weird).

StarmanTheta you're up next! Keep up the good work, ladies and gentleman. This is awesome so far.
>> No. 98339
Very nicely done.

Hmm, now I kinda wish I had named the Don's translator. I was aiming for a Joe Pesci-ish vibe. If you couldn't tell, I modeled the Don after the Godpigeon from Animaniacs.
>> No. 98422
File 133510761166.jpg - (217.19KB , 1000x1000 , 6Bf3M.jpg )
Obligatory courtesy link:

I'm loving how this is turning out. Nice stuffs.

Been said already but whatever, Starman Theta, you're up.
Warden, ready your cannons.

Map-anon, we still need an email and confirmation you're not dead.
>> No. 98444
I think Roger wanted Map-anon out since he apparently tried to crash the doc by spamming comments.
Or perhaps my shoddy memory is acting up again.
>> No. 98494
Currently no proof that it's map-anon. Innocent until proven guilty. Saying that though, the whole email thing was about exercising caution. If it was map-anon spamming then having to have an email would probably discourage him enough so as not to bother.

On that note, we're going to have to find a fill in for map-anon at this rate.

Map-anon, are you alive?
>> No. 98496
File 133512739906.jpg - (106.20KB , 500x300 , facepalm.jpg )

Shit, I forgot I had a paper due tomorrow that's like 25% of my grade. I'll still try to get this done but I might be a bit slow--if that's unacceptable switch me with someone later on down the line. Had I known this would happen I would have asked to change spots with someone beforehand.
>> No. 98499
If he hasn't answered yet, he's out. All participants are expected to be at least trying to keep tabs on the thread. If he's a troll like popular theory says, then chances are he'll reply at the last possible moment, say he's doing his part, and then never do it so we end up sitting with our tumbs up our prosteriors for a few days waiting for him.
>> No. 98501
Okay, does anyone want to play the hero and jump in to swap with StarmanTheta?

I suppose, he's had like a week to check in and it's getting too close to his turn now. Let's call this spot open and ask if anyone wants to take the place of map-anon?
>> No. 98508
I can try hopping in 1 spot early and swap with you Starman, I just need to read the most recent section and come up with something. Assuming that works for everyone, I'll start up in just a couple minutes.
>> No. 98532
I'm willing to step in if consensus is reached.

Call 12.
>> No. 98564
File 133514650509.png - (1.13MB , 1600x900 , moustaches_are_magic__wallpaper_edition_by_acesential-d4q22xo.png )
Well, I finished up, so Starman's back up, but he's got plenty of time to get it done. We're also pretty far ahead of schedule with 24h cycles starting on the 15th.

Hopefully I didn't mess anything up with my quick meeting with The Don that didn't at all go according to plan. But seriously, one element? That's worth less than nothing. No mercy, foals. BWAHAHA!

Clearly the only solution is for Rarity and Rainbow Dash to fake their deaths and live the rest of their lives with Steven Magnet and mustaches. Lots of mustaches. They make the perfect disguise!
>> No. 98676
File 133521176636.png - (139.17KB , 500x281 , Gendo Ikari.png )
After taking care of some business, I am ready to start. I will try to have this done as soon as I can.
>> No. 98689
Courtesy link to working document...

Seattle_Lite, you're up after StarmanTheta.

We need a fill in for the part after next, any takers?
>> No. 98690
File 133521926306.jpg - (129.97KB , 500x375 , 13729746.jpg )
>> No. 98764

Yes. Myself: >>98532
or Bidoof (earlier this thread)
>> No. 98780
File 133524227992.png - (391.04KB , 801x481 , at_dawn____look_to_the_east____by_auraion-d3g03v3.png )
Map-anon, here.
>> No. 98781
File 133524287756.jpg - (19.82KB , 629x443 , tower.jpg )

My part is done. I hope you find it acceptable.

Seattle_Lite, may heaven grant you fortune.
>> No. 98782
File 133524339050.gif - (42.55KB , 250x250 , 9c8.gif )
You're out. Too bad.
>> No. 98795
Sorry, Map-Anon, but you just disappeared. Bidoof's stepped in.
>> No. 98848
File 133528564090.jpg - (184.43KB , 1024x576 , thats-got-his-own-05-1024.jpg )
Though I fail to see a problem (12th slot is not yet written, 12th writer is present and prepared), it's just as well; I wasn't looking forward to dealing with this story anyway.

That said, I would hate to leave you all thinking I'm some troll. My tardiness was not premeditated; I have been following this thread, but an inopportune, mod-assisted vacation and no-comment-allowed doc made it quite difficult to check in or provide an email address. Best of luck to my successor.
>> No. 98868
File 133529478701.jpg - (107.81KB , 712x960 , OWMOH.jpg )
Everyone but you provided their E-Mail. You could have easily contacted one of them to pass on the word. And if you were banned, then perhaps your contributions may have not been the best.

>I wasn't looking forward to dealing with this story anyway.
One day, a fox found a grape vine, but the grapes were at the top. No matter what he did, though, he could not reach them. Finally, after hours of trying, he gave up, expressing his frustration by saying, "I bet they were sour anyway."
If that's your outlook on it, you're definetely not wanted. Good day sir.
>> No. 99012
Well, Seattle_Lite hasn't shown up.

Bidoof, you ready?
>> No. 99017
File 133535405349.png - (179.39KB , 793x1007 , teen_cadence_by_biizzroni-d4xlwe4.png )
Seattle_Lite still has about 8 hours left, doesn't he?
>> No. 99030
File 133536994361.jpg - (85.21KB , 900x900 , 65446 - artist-john_joseco mortal_kombat parody rainbow_dash sub-zero.jpg )
Geez, this six hundred word limit thing is like, really hard.

By my calcs and your 40 hour estimate last we spoke Roger, whoever's next should have about 6 hours on top of their own allotment of time.
>> No. 99037
Sorry, my bad.

I'm a bit out of it today.
>> No. 99039
File 133537427314.png - (293.02KB , 1100x525 , leave_her_alone_by_sophiecabra-d4xjx3r.png )
Je vous pardonne, mon ami.

Who has the 12th place again?
>> No. 99041
File 133537569868.png - (414.54KB , 975x975 , 130253357058.png )
>Who has the 12th place again?
From my understanding of the thread, seen here
and here
Bidoof is the current replacement runner. Followed by Eustatian if Bidoof doesn't show. We should give him at least the six hour... now 4 hour lapse period to show up and take the slot, unless goings-on in irc have changed the situation.

Courtesy link to doc-
>> No. 99060
As a reminder, Bidoof you're up.
>> No. 99075
File 133538905260.jpg - (7.64KB , 210x200 , bridge-to-nowhere-210x200.jpg )
>And if you were banned, then perhaps your contributions may have not been the best.
Might this call your own offerings into question? At any rate, pchan ban history is far from the best predictor of writing skill.

>I wasn't looking forward to dealing with this story anyway.
It seems like you misunderstood me. This was not intended as a spiteful response to exclusion, but a vague explanation of my feelings regarding my would-be duties as writer 12.
Here, have a more detailed explanation:

Initially, I volunteered on a whim, but as topics were suggested and the story started, I became a bit more enthusiastic about the whole thing. However, after seeing some of the comments on the sections and the direction that the fic was taking, I was considerably less excited. I have written several stories (shipping, comedy, SoL) in the past, none of which were even close to this in terms of content. Add to that the fact that I can barely stomach a single negative word about my work and it should be easy to imagine why I would find it daunting to write dark for 19 people. The only reason I didn’t drop out on my own is that I would only be vindicating those who thought me a troll.

In short: I don’t know the material and my skin is too thin.
>> No. 99077
Fair enough. If you aren't comfortable writing this stuff, it's better to avoid it.
>> No. 99080
tip o the hat to ya mate
>> No. 99259
File 133546633637.jpg - (273.00KB , 1366x768 , 41735 - rainbow_dash strut upside_down.jpg )
Okay guys, the hells going on here? Are we past the point for Bidoof AND Eustatian? If so, let the next batter swing.

This being the first time I've contributed to one of these things, I'd rather not see it die right after my contribution. The implications are damaging to my poor, sober ego!
>> No. 99274
File 133546945373.png - (9.45KB , 404x408 , 131958485364.png )
>changes document font-face to Comic Sans
>expects anyone to read it
>> No. 99275
File 133547016541.png - (220.07KB , 442x500 , 1302772750825.png )
>casting aspersions of blame
>foolishness that way lies.jpg

Granted, when I opened it, my eyes started to bleed, so I can't begrudge you the reflexive recoil.
>> No. 99276
File 133547036748.png - (490.09KB , 449x401 , 132961328327.png )
>he doesn't know about revision history
>> No. 99280
Joking aside, I wasn't the one who changed the font. Let's move on, shall we? Is OmniTurtle up, would ya say?
>> No. 99283
File 133547172628.png - (140.67KB , 945x945 , 133093690399.png )
I think we're actually a day ahead of schedule. I started on the 15th, so starting dates are 14+n. Position twelve (Bidoof or Eustatian) should start on the 26th, which is now.
>> No. 99289
File 133547307486.png - (111.70KB , 348x362 , 130225377890.png )

>(Bidoof or Eustatian)
Gentlemen, step forward and make yourselves known!
>> No. 99293
Whatever we decide we need to be consistent, which given how the whole thing's going so far, probably waiting is best.

But being strict on schedule is a must.
>> No. 99300
File 133547566581.jpg - (119.48KB , 467x700 , the-great-ghastly.jpg )
Maybe the curse of the twelfth spot got them?
>> No. 99366
File 133549287631.jpg - (165.23KB , 835x957 , lyra_heart_strength_by_jotacepece-d4sfny5_png.jpg )
I'm ready to go at any time. Just let me know when I'm up, and I'll get started. I don't want to invade on anyone else's time.
>> No. 99510
Well, OmniscientTurtle, I guess your up.
>> No. 99645
File 133562935725.jpg - (764.56KB , 1330x1330 , 105865 - artist scruffytoto Bonbon candy chocolates Lyra.jpg )
And I am done with my part! It was really difficult to decide what to do. I really hope I didn't screw the story up in any way.

Sparky, you're up bud!

Complimentary link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16uHl3iLZ6wWnSUsTsQzU_X0dLkCjtmUiH7ZfQJo9E78/edit

[?]And please don't cut off my mane for going 46 words over the limit![?/]
>> No. 99833
File 133572308882.png - (250.96KB , 900x903 , 131760271351.png )
Sorry I took so long, things are pretty crazy over here x(

I hope I didn't make it too dark...

Feel free to change my part, I don't really like it myself xD I just felt like upping the ante a little.
>> No. 99845
File 133572772972.png - (205.60KB , 900x903 , 132899037257.png )
Nicely played Sparky, Me gusta.
>> No. 99849
File 133573021438.png - (253.26KB , 425x558 , 131719354710.png )
yays and hugs :D
>> No. 100021

My internet's died the death so I'mk not really going to be a round here for a while.

In the mean time Ion-Sturm is up
>> No. 100050
Ah well, here we go, delving into the realm of madness.
>> No. 100306
File 133590969592.gif - (285.90KB , 500x309 , HvLeV.gif )
Let's see where you guys take this.
>> No. 100309
File 133591378297.png - (23.25KB , 467x340 , LSHoQ.png )
Oh, and here's a courtesy link.
>> No. 100320

Silly Sturm, you don't need Trigonometry for 30-60-90 triangles.
>> No. 100414
File 133597491805.png - (507.18KB , 800x800 , 153706 - stalkerloo.png )
> My internet, it works.

Vimbert, you're up.
>> No. 100479
This story continues to go in a fascinating direction. Bravo folks!
>> No. 100659
> Bump.

Vimbert, are you there?
>> No. 100757
File 133608346777.gif - (1.63MB , 300x209 , tFQZh.gif )
Vimbert isn't here, he's now a day overdue. If someone else wants to take his place, I say go for it. Hell, I might take it myself, since I have some ideas for the mafia side of things.
>> No. 100759
File 133608397409.png - (15.11KB , 185x185 , 185px-Shrugpony_dr_whooves.png )
Well, I'm up next. Shall I just go early, then?
>> No. 100760
By all means.
>> No. 100780
File 133608860568.gif - (309.49KB , 500x339 , so much studying.gif )
Sorry, guys. Like an idiot, I forgot I had finals next week, and so suddenly I'm saddled with several 10+ page papers, as well as revising the current draft of my 20k original fiction novella I've been working on all semester. This has left me precious little time for ponies.

Much as I was looking forward to writing a character I actively dislike, my studies have to come first. Sorry if I held things up.
>> No. 100793
Hey Vim, no worries. I hope you get everything worked out and ace the fuck out of your tests. Cheers man!
>> No. 101036
Golden Vision seems to have disappeared.
>> No. 101039
Sorry; I wasn't sure if I should go or if a replacement would. I'll be starting now—done by 9 EST tomorrow morning?
>> No. 101042
>> No. 101046
Done! I hope 656 is okay.

Kurbz, you're up!
>> No. 101058
I'm going to try for tonight.
>> No. 101312
File 133637063746.gif - (233.88KB , 500x290 , 01e.gif )
Any word on this?
>> No. 101317
a) I hate that .gif
b) nearly done with what is in my Word document. I'm going to run over it in first period tomorrow and drop it in.
>> No. 101342
File 133640434213.png - (192.95KB , 400x299 , 1333160845890.png )
Done, you fascists.
>> No. 101343
File 133640639545.gif - (1.92MB , 421x237 , 07e.gif )

Right, that means Gobbeldygook is up next...
...which is someone I've never heard of or seen before. Do we know if he's around?
>> No. 101367
File 133641972345.png - (151.76KB , 441x396 , 131689850812.png )
Cannoli cannons to gore...

Interesting choice!

Doc link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16uHl3iLZ6wWnSUsTsQzU_X0dLkCjtmUiH7ZfQJo9E78/edit
>> No. 101377
Hey everyone, I'm going to be on vacation if the story gets back around to me, so you can skip over me. Sorry!
>> No. 101401
Hey, I've changed my email address. it's now [email protected] Please update the access list. Thanks!
>> No. 101437
Ehmm... hi?

I am here to ask you guys who far more do we want to continue this? I was thinking of a couple of ideas, but some of them involve expanding the story a tad further rather than bringing it to conclusion.

What should I do?
>> No. 101438
> Our motto is, "it'll be finished when it's finished."
>> No. 101439
Yes, but I don't want to write something people don't want and mess the whole thing...
>> No. 101448
As long as you have good intentions, I'm sure it'll be fine.
>> No. 101502
I know it is terrible... I just thought it would be cool... sorry...

>> No. 101514
File 133649533743.jpg - (81.47KB , 680x680 , 26f.jpg )
I am enacting the veto motion for this chapter. In fact, I'm enacting it for the last two chapters. This is just getting stupid now. I'm not even sure if this will get any other voters since nobody seems to be paying any attention to the story now in the first place.

I said this idea wasn't going to work unless it was handled with care, and now we have people trying to shunt in plot points and 'effing firearms into this like they were stuffing a turkey. The very first chapter started on the wrong foot.

Gobbledy's comment rings bitterly true:
>I just thought it would be cool
People chose this because they thought it was cool, instead of its potential to make for a good story. If this thing limps on to another round somehow, you'll need to find someone else to fill the holes; I'm out.
>> No. 101530
File 133649994922.png - (88.64KB , 450x600 , RD_shy.png )
I'll tell you what I see wrong with it. The tone is inconsistent. The "mafia" doesn't act like a mafia. It can't decide if it is a comedy or grimdark. The mafia suffers from stupid villain syndrome. As such, so do the main characters. Characterizations are flawed. Narration is fragmented and choppy. And that's without getting into grammar and phrasing issues.
>> No. 101544
Yes, precisely.
I spent half of my portion fixing plot holes and setting characters straight, and then it goes blown all to hell, along with the mafia's headquarters. It's more of a long-winded RP than a story at this point.
>> No. 101607
I'm sorry... I didn't mean to ruin the story...
>> No. 101693
Shall I wait?
>> No. 101698
It was ruined long before you rolled along.
That said,
>I know it is terrible
If you know this, then don't submit it. Say you're unable to meet your standards on the story. The fact that you made that portion showed that you hadn't been paying attention to all of the preamble before the story began, specifically the part regarding how, under no circumstance, should the story develop a major sideplot or tangent. The fact that the cast quickly ballooned to be several times larger than it should have also shows that most of the writers hadn't bothered to keep the stipulations in mind.

If this is done again, it'll have to be tightly controlled just to form something cohesive from it, which defeats the purpose of it. I don't really see anyone bothering with it again, or at least, not with the same system.

Like I said, it's doubtful there'll even be enough people to pass the veto. I'm surprised someone else other than Gob responded, in fact. Do whatever you want.
>> No. 101721
You have my vote for veto.
>> No. 101726
In no way reflecting the writing quality of the newest segment and based solely on the content I'm behind a veto. It's too late for a new turn in the story. Last time somebody introduced a new idea at around chapter ten and that was too late.
>> No. 101728
Looks like I'm waiting, then.
>> No. 101752
To be clear, this is a vote to rollback the newest update (about Griffins and such, by GDG)? Or more than that?
>> No. 101758
File 133660979656.gif - (1.30MB , 300x225 , cmt-medium.gif )
Yours and Gob's. You directly retcon my portion, and Gob's is just... ugh.
>> No. 101759
I'm unsure how I retconned your bit. From what I see, it's perfectly reasonable for them to infiltrate the mafia headquarters, whether they succeed in doing so or not. The only other thing I could see you objecting to would be not addressing Celestia and/or Twilight's study fund, but I really don't see any conflict of plot in this area. I will admit that Gobbledygook's could have been done better, and that we really should have more firmly agreed on tone (Comedy vs. Grimdark), but that's a variable issue and not specific to any one session.
>> No. 101761
File 133661055461.gif - (3.27MB , 300x169 , cmt-medium2.gif )
You even commented on how your portion ignored mine. I shouldn't have to spell this out. That's besides the fact that going for an all-out assualt is stupid in the extreme and should have been immediately apparent. If you wanted shit to go down, have them be discovered or something, but don't open up with them laying siege to the place immediately after my portion very clearly stated it was supposed to be a stealth operation. It's like slapping me in the face and saying "No, THIS is how it's going to be!"
>> No. 101767
I realized my mistake immediately after finishing my section, and suggested to the next writer how it might be fixed. If you continue to object, then it's entirely possible that you did not manage to see my suggestion, which is completely understandable.

I will be the first to admit that this fic isn't perfect. But really, if we wanted it to be perfect, then we should have nominated one author alone to write it. I was under the impression that this was an exercise in amusement and skill, rather than a momentous piece of literature.

I can't say I've found any incest, rape, or even plot tumors (barring, possibly, Gobbledygook's expansion of the mafia plot), so I'm unsure why you're so irate over this project.
>> No. 101768
I just realized that this might come off as arrogant, so I'd like to say honestly that I really am sorry for retconning your bit. I don't think a complete veto would be necessary, though—perhaps an additional scene could be fitted in somewhere (that is to say, retconned in or added retroactively) by an upcoming writer? I'd trust Filler's skill with it.
>> No. 101770
File 133661231389.gif - (1.68MB , 216x216 , DSHdn.gif )
Then you shouldn't have posted it and re-written your part. Simple as that. Half of my post was plot-patching, and then the person after me says screw it and ruins everything I set up and makes more holes while they're at it? Yes, I am mad.

The story is bi-polar. A theme was never properly established, and my argument about how it not seeming pony at all comes to mind. Throwing some bones like Rarity getting a bad hair day in lieu of a smashed face doesn't balance the equation when you have the likes of death threats and arson on the other end of the scale.
>> No. 101774
>have them be discovered or something
To be fair, I did try and address that in my section while giving the next authors some space where they might be able to draw this to a conclusion.
>> No. 101775
File 133661445861.jpg - (15.22KB , 400x380 , YeiKj.jpg )
I'm confused here. Are you Golden? You said you part is done, yet in the doc, Golden says he's taking the part after mine.
>> No. 101791
Golden was after you. I was after Golden. Gobbly was after me.
>> No. 102124
So... news?
>> No. 102128
File 133684443152.gif - (492.59KB , 500x278 , tumblr_lnaxxiThkQ1qb7lwy.gif )
>> No. 102134
File 133684643768.jpg - (47.73KB , 500x404 , tumblr_m3d44gwiz41ru5991o2_500.jpg )
Well, no one has contested the veto, per se, so that's settled. At the very least, Gob's must go, although the entire battle scene, IMO, should also be dropped.
>> No. 102649
File 133712587502.jpg - (123.79KB , 894x894 , suspicious_holes_by_lyralicious-d4u4yry_png.jpg )
It has been a while since anyone has done anything to this story. That is a major shame. I really think we should do something to continue on with this. I do think that the story lost its flow somewhere in the last two chapters. However, I really want to see the conclusion to this story. It has potential. We have hit a roadblock, sure, but that doesn’t mean we can’t recuperate. I really want to see this through till the end, no matter how long that is.

I am behind the veto. I feel we should give the two authors second chances, though. GobbledyGook, Kurbz, if you could let us know that you aren’t dead so we can sort this out, that would be great. If not, we’ll have to take matters into our own hands.

I’m fairly certain Sturm will have something very acidic to say about my comment.
>> No. 102650
I'll second this. Feels like a fair deal.
>> No. 102651
File 133712630036.png - (272.20KB , 600x458 , neutral.png )
I have no strong feelings one way or the other.
>> No. 102665
Of course I'm alive >.>. Shit, I post daily or near daily. And I wasn't aware my section was in question. I was under the impression it was only GobbledyGook's.
>> No. 102711
Well, someone needs to bridge the gap between my portion and Golden's, sicne there's still a huge hole with my part specifically stating it's going to be a stealth mission, and then Golden promptly going Micheal Bay all over it right after that. If people want action, fine, but do try to have it make sense.

Refer to:
>>101514 (this should be last three chapters, BTW; I hadn't realized you'd made a part in the story yet since you didn't mark where you began in the doc)
>> No. 102796
It's kinda hard not to see the jarring transition. I just forgot to include Golden. Though, the beginning of his part isn't necessarily bad; that part actually flows with yours quite nicely. The sudden action part is out of place, but I was thinking of a way to possibly make it work. What if, now just go with me on this, the ones "attacking" the mafia isn't them at all, but rather just a distraction set up to draw their attention away from the Mane 6? I kinda have a feeling that's what Golden was going for, but by throwing in explosions and bullets it threw everything off.

Either way, we're going to need to change something. Golden, if you could somehow edit your part to make it fit better, it would be very much appreciated. We'll figure out what happens after that.

I didn't really mean that as a "are you alive at all", rather a "are you still aware that this story exists". My apologies.
>> No. 103236
Bump again. What's happening?
>> No. 103240
File 133747677257.png - (203.36KB , 362x342 , Celestia.png )
> "element of _____" in name
Oh not you too. Please let this be one-time and tongue-in-cheek thing. I can't bear that irritating, pretentious fad.
>> No. 103247
It's a tongue-in-cheek thing.
>> No. 103295
File 133750296068.png - (106.75KB , 497x472 , 133127494131 (1).png )
Attention: We are now accepting new authors for the collab. See details below to join in.

All right, since we're getting to a whole load of nowhere right now, I am assuming direct control.

Modus Operandi
1. The first round of writing is considered to be finished.
2. We need to figure out who is still working with the collab and who isn't. A new list of authors must be constructed.
3. We need to figure out how many sections back we are going (how many sections we are deleting).

To deal with these issues, I have devised the following spreadsheet: goo.gl/zMneA
 – Enter your name in the "Author" field
 – Enter your desired new position in the "Pos." field. If you wish to vote on removals but not to participate in Round 2, enter N/A. (Only authors from Round 1 may vote in this manner.)
 – Cast your vote on whether to keep or remove section's being considered for removal. Sections must be removed in order: if you remove Kurbz's section, you must also remove Gobbledygook's; likewise, if you keep Kurbz's section, you cannot remove Golden Vision's. (The start and end points of each author's sections being considered for removal have been marked by comments in the working document: http://goo.gl/TZEWd)

If you want to be added as a collaborator, put your email down in this thread and I will add you to the spreadsheet and working document.
>> No. 103298
The spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnHXbqCmEN--dHZ2WTktN1NkYnVxLWhMbHNnLWpJN2c

You must fill in your name and choose a new position if you wish to continue working in the collab.
>> No. 103504
File 133765611971.jpg - (90.57KB , 685x960 , 166272 - artist-The_Average_Brony pinkie_pie uncle_sam.jpg )
We want you to be a collaborator for the /fic/ collab.
We need more collaborators, and we need 'em now!

See >>103295 for info. All you need to do is read what we've got so far to know what's up.
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