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96686 No. 96686
Geebus! I'm already on week ten?? What was I thinking when I started doing this?

For those of you who have not seen my threads, I do weekly livestream reviews. Details below.

Seeing as /fic/ loves its rules, I've got some of my own:
1) 8000 word limit
1a) If you have a 1-shot or there aren't many stories posted here, I'll be much more lenient with the length.
2) You need to be able to be watching the stream when I review your fic. I want to help you out as much as I can and part of the point of livestreaming is that you and I can interact! You don't need to stick around the entire time, just for your fic. I'll review the fics in the order they are posted and post the queue in chat.
3) I'm willing to review clop/gore fics, but since these are forbidden on Ponychan, you should email me the link at [email protected] You aren't required to post in this thread if you email me your fic, but I would highly recommend it.
4) If you do so wish to watch me review fics, don't put down other authors or their fics! It's okay to not like grimdark or shipping or clop, but you don't need to tease others for enjoying these things. Love and tolerate.
5) I've gotten to the point where I'm usually not able to get to every fic submitted each week, so fics I missed from the previous week (IF you repost it here!) and shorter fics will get preference. Fics may also be dropped at my discretion (mainly if you need a lot of grammar work and it isn't fit for a thorough review yet).
6) If you're submitting a fic, post it in here with a link and title. I would prefer if it was gdocs with comments enabled and I would like a synopsis/tags as well, but I won't reject it because you left those things out.

The stream will be on Saturday, April 14th at 3:30pm EST/12:30 PST! I usually show up about 20 minutes early to test my streaming software and connection, so you can chat with me then if you want.

Stream: www.livestream.com/somethingabout20percent

Why should you have your fic reviewed on a livestream you ask?
1. Live reviews are very thorough. I will say every little thing that comes into my head that I think will be useful. I go over the chapter several times to make sure I said everything I could.
2. You can interact with me. Whenever I get confused or have a question, I'll ask. Whenever you have a question, I'll answer it right there. If you want to explain something, you can.
3. You can throw ideas around and have some immediate feedback on them! Last week the authors and I talked quite a bit.
4. You can learn from other authors as well! You can watch me review other fics as well and pick up on things I point out.

If you're worried about being embarrassed in front of a bunch of viewers... don't be. I don't do this for the viewer count, I do it because I can do the most good in the shortest amount of time. Usually I get around 5 viewers.

I will stream as long as I feel like. It usually lasts between 2 and a half and 3 and a half hours. Come and go as you like!
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>> No. 96690

I've finished revamping chapter two, and I'm-a ready for a livestream!

Author: Jake The Army Guy
Tags: Dark, Human
Synopsis: Albert Pomeroy is a psychopath who has been terrorizing Houston for the past two years. Now, he finds his was into Equestria and decides to share his "work" with a world that has not known violence like that in centuries. Hot on his heels is Detective Robert Barlow, who is determined to stop this psychopath no matter what the cost. As the authorities refuse to believe that anything is amiss, it's up to The Mane Six and Barlow to stop Pomeroy. But not everything is as it seems...

>> No. 96721
Previous post deleted because loose censors are loose!

Previous text starts here:
Hey, I'm back after not showing last week -- but then I didn't even try to put myself in the queue last week, so hey!

For the record, this chapter is mostly stationary until I get further into the fic -- I've spent far too much time revising it to do any more heavy adjustments, however, I would still appreciate your opinion on it -- it will help with my second pass of revisions.

Title: Ponyville Eleven

Tags: [Normal][Crossover-ish]

Synopsis: Twilight Sparkle is put in charge of the newest expansion team to Equestria's one and only professional soccer league. The fact that nopony in town has any real idea what it takes to be a professional soccer player is only a speed bump along the road to the prestigious Equestrian Soccer Association Championship. It's time to take to the pitch, and play soccer with friends!

Current Length: ~7800 words

Chapter to review: 1

>> No. 96818
Okay, IRL intrudes. I just found out I have to work tomorrow. So could you move me to the end of the queue? I SHOULD be able to come in late.
>> No. 96853
File 133437403342.png - (24.27KB , 250x231 , tumblr_ly5ujtE4a41r2ulmeo3_250.png )
Noted. If the queue doesn't get any longer (as in, I have nothing else to do), I'll probably just leave the stream open till you show up and say hi, then do your review. My Saturday afternoons are pretty dull :|
>> No. 96895
Well, I SHOULD be off around 4:30-5:00, but it may be later. Basic Combat Training schedules changes minute to minute. Don't wait up. :)
>> No. 96927
Hey! I got off work, so I'll be there.
>> No. 96940
I sort of posted this here once some time ago, but the queue was too long and then I went and edited it a bit more... anyways.


Tags: Adventure, Comedy, PoE (The Conversion Bureau, though loosely)

Synopsis: In the Papuan Highlands lurks an unforeseen force, never inspected by ponies or humans alike. A scientist goes missing, and Celestia sends the Elements of Harmony to find her, but first they need a pilot -- one who's been there before. Follow Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash, as they face the jungle with its bizarre dangers, wacky peoples, multiple languages, tropical diseases, and incredible secrets; not knowing if the Elements are still with them after almost ten years of living in the human world.

The two chapters total 4500 words.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XaY4fngQDafkfhXkdcPF3R8ZWSJ55i21ijmx1z3YpC0/edit <--- comments enabled
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