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96732 No. 96732
I wrote myself a pony poem last night, and I looked at it in the morning and cleaned it up a little, and saw that it was pretty good. But I realized there is no place to publish short pony poetry, as FiMfiction has a 1000 word minimum, EqD (besides being overkill for a simple poem) doesn't run poetry in general, and any other avenues are not going to get the same kind of exposure.

So my options are: Write a good bit more, and publish a personal compilation, or see if I could round up any other unpublished pony poetry around here and run a compilation of that on FiMfiction. If it is themed and written well enough, possibly we could even get a compilation on EqD up for us.

I figured at the least I could ask /fic/ for it's opinion. And just maybe slip a blurb for my poem in the end, MUA HA HA Is anypony interested in participating in a poetry compilation endeavor? If we could stick to themes, that'd be great, but for a one time thing, just getting these in front of more eyes in general could be interesting.

We'd have to run some quality control, of course. (Don't want a couple of typo'd out poems bringing down the whole collection.)

Any thoughts?

tl;dr: Pony Poetry Compilation ideas. Wanna join?

My personal entry: <a href=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TJ3ASXq0IuXDLLSJBspES02Tw3kJs4uXJYqLZxsYWG0/edit>If, by Mudyard Hoofling</a>
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>> No. 96737
Only Haikus I do
They are painfully easy
They are not real poems

Yeah, kinda sad >_>. Used to be able to make a decent limerick, but not so much now. That creative flair is gone.
>> No. 96739
File 133429343974.jpg - (59.50KB , 700x520 , KEnLe.jpg )
>Open with six instead of five
God damn I'm awful.
>> No. 96767
There once was a colt from Neightucket
With a javelin so long he could chuck it
He threw it high
It fell in his eye
And a voice from the clouds cried "suck it!"
>> No. 96773
Whole seasons are spent
Mastering the style and form
None call it easy

>> No. 96869
They're easy to make (despite my terrible attempt at it. I seem to have lost my ability to gauge syllables over the years). I never said they're easy to do well.
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